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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 19, 2022 10:00pm-10:16pm CEST

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this week on d. w ah, [000:00:00;00] ah, the city to be news life from berlin, french votes has sent a warning to president emanuel mcclung. just months after he was re elected as president. projections office today is parliamentary elections show him on course to lose his absolute majority in the national assembly will get the latest from paris. classmate as liter says, rushes war on ukraine could go on for years. as thought amused lensky visits troops
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on the front flight in the country south, the ukrainian president tours mich alive with soldiers fighting to prevent a russian advance. and colombians had to the poles in a presidential election that's bound to make history, whatever the outcome, both candidates, all political unknowns, who say they will shake off the country. ah, am hello mohammad. welcome to the program. in france, president emanuel microns alliance has lost an absolute majority in parliamentary elections. that's according to early estimates projection started coming in after the polls closed. as counting continues across the country, early results show a crohn's allies still emerging as the biggest party in the new national assembly. but without the need,
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an absolute majority of $289.00 seats. the french president is expected to face challenges and pushing his reform agenda forward. his men rivals a new left wing alliance lead by is on look well shall fall short of 200 seats according to early estimates. but earlier i spoke to teacher please, lisa lewis and paris, she explained what the loss of an absolute majority in parliament would now mean for my. com while i'm on my call will have to change his policies. really, it is quite certain that certain of a sudden reforms that he is planning, such as for example, pushing up the retirement age from 62 to 6465 will be very difficult to get through parliament. he will have to compose with other forces on the left and on the right . and if he wants to form a stable alliance with other parties in parliament, that could even mean that he will have to, you would have to proceed to a reshuffle of his government at least
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a partial reshuffle to build another stable group in parliament. what is for sure though, is that the governing road will be rep, very rocky, for him and my coin, the coming 5 years. so what kind of compromises would he have to make in order to execute his reform plan? while a, what is for sure is that the voters to night today actually they have shown that they want him to carry out more ecological measures put in place more social measures, you know, take measures to help those that are struggling to make ends meet. that is really what the new the left wing lines on the far left leaders wanted. millen shaw has put in their platform or they want, you know, they want to help those that are struggling really here in france and voters here. even though many of those that i have been talking to over the day, they told me we don't necessarily want the far left or the laughing lines to win
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a majority in parliament. but we want to show the government the president that they can't just keep on carrying out more market liberate market orientated reforms . he and france for the coming 5 years. they need to take into account our opinions or otherwise phase more protests such, you know, the yellow respirators that disrupt that france for years of all 4 months and months on end, or during the far past 5 years and power of a my, my cause and you mentioned the left did put up quite a tough challenge this time. just talk us through that and how they performed well, the left was really trying to gather support, you know, against him on my course market orientated strategy. there were saying, you know, you really a does not have any consideration or for those really that are struggling every day for workers at that are trying to get together everything i have money to actually make ends meet. but if you look at, when you look at the resides to night,
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there is also something else that is really striking. and that is that the far right has gained a lot of seeds. it is predicted to actually have, you know, obtained between 70 and 100 seats in parliament up from 8 seeds during the last legislative elections 5 years ago. so that is quite significant. really. my car is under pressure from the left and from the right to the obviously st. louis in paris . thank you so much. lisa ukraine's president, study me. zalinski has visited troops on the southern front line while his army battles a russian onslaught in the east. and don bass region, ukrainian forces are also fighting off a tense. i russia to take more territory near the city as of mc alive and odessa, and with little taint on the frontline positions. the head of nato yen sultan bug says, the war could go on for yes. it's russian cruise missiles
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like these that are pounding targets in ukraine. moscow claims to be carrying out precision guided attacks and ukrainian military infrastructure and command positions. but the soaring civilian death toll and seemingly indiscriminate damaged to residential homes and cities refutes those claims. on a visit to the southern front, ukraine's president saw the destruction for himself. you publish a lot of houses were destroyed severely, logistics were disrupted, and many social issues have developed. i've instructed that more systematic help. we offer to people who have lost families. and everything that has been destroyed will be restored. there not enough missiles and russia to weaken our people's will to live casanya sid. eastern ukraine is also being pummeled by russian artillery. the city of lucy, sions has endured fierce shelling and now soldiers are digging in to defend the
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city street by street for civilians that survived the shelling. it's high time to leave. so even hilliard tillery this cup of clothes in rounds, and people understandably get nervous. they're worried about the dried out of here, so it's a constant and it's constantly trying to reassure people. oh, you know, anyway, we take them as can be better than here was i we're leaving everything behind everything that we've here for 70 years. and we don't know where we'll go. the sun, ukrainian troops in the z chance aren't just on the defensive. they're now firing at russian positions and 70 done yet so tenaciously refusing to give up the fight. hm. the w's manual. a chest went to the suburbs of kids, which has seen a lot of distraction during the war. and we asked her what those places look like.
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now, 2 months after russian troops pulled back exactly has been to mom's daughter, the russian troops have retreated from those villages around kia. and what really struck me for us for us when i left here to go there, where the number or sign post are signs are saying darts are. people have to be mindfully early by forests about the minds, because not all areas have been d mind, and that's the case in most of the country where russian troops are where station this will take years. to get to get the mind, then you have all the residential areas which has have been shelved and you can see really there the indiscriminate shelling of visited, some are some apartments, some locals, just so me there was the camera or was the team and i asked could you please come and see what so you know the state of things in our flats and they showed me, you know, broken windows,
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they're still shattered glass everywhere. does some roofs which have been completed is troy demanded. let's do the water leaking. so even in places here in ukraine where russian troops are no longer there and are the key of re during these very much a dot right now, it feels like peace time. almost here you see people in the streets, been people going to the restaurant. but even there, you can feel the war is still everywhere. there are still people who are suffering a greatly from the impact or dose of 4 months of war, hard data. that is what i saw, the extent of destruction in the region all around q. and the russian military is claiming that it's making significant progress and ukrainian forces us offering heavy losses. what more do you know about this? well, of course, this would be a war off wired or of course, the russian side as the ukrainian side or would do, would, you know, emphasized a lot their gains wider, done, their losses of the russian army have,
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has done so has made some progress, some minor progress, i would say in early areas, around civil de niro, around hockey, but so did the ukraine on forces, especially in the south of the country, new harris. so new as supple reach out. we've seen also reports in a rush and media of a major strike, which would have killed a lot of high ranking ukrainian officers. these hasn't been corroborated independently by depressed, by international press or by the ukrainian side. but of course, there, there are heavy losses on both sides, both of your coin inside and the russian side. russia has a really majorly increase. it's offensive, especially into lou haskell region. and some report, some intelligence reports, as se dots or even russia has a place. all of these reserves are there in low hands in order to caleb this offensive in the coming days. t w's emmanuel,
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a chest reporting from keith. thank you so much. or his luck of some other stories making headlines round the world. moldova held the pride march in support of l. g b t writes. it took place under heavy police protection because of threats of violence. moldova is a socially conservative society that has come on the growing influence of the orthodox church. surveys show most mold irvin's have a negative view of the l g. b t community hundreds of people have protested. intimacy is capital against a referendum. unconstitutional changes called by president k said, critic say say it has been extending his paragraph after dissolving parliament in march and also sacking dozens of judges earlier this month. and residents living in villages in the southwest of germany's capital berlin have been told to evacuate their homes. a forest fire has been burning there since friday,
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caused by an intense heat wave. and strong winds and military helicopter was called in to support the firefighters. colombians are heading to the pole to decide who will be there next president. whichever of the 2 candidates wins it could be historic, as neither as part of the political elite that dominated the war torn nation for decades. the dublin you had ramirez was that polling stations in the capital book letter and sent us this report. as soon as the polls open, hundreds of people rushed both across the country for them, this simple actions key to a shaping the change kilometer meets. pelican is waiting for the boundary quicker. the election is very important because our future and the future of our children is at staging. whether it is important to use this right, that we have a citizen, the same with school going as you're not going with your own this getting. if we
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all want to change in our country, we have to go out and cast our vote, otherwise will not see any change on look at that i scenario instead of abstaining from not voting for any of the candidates, none of those people should at least vote blank video, but we have to participate and we cannot wait for others to vote or elect for us as im of both imported usually up. what is colombians are casting their votes. after a highly polarized collector i campaign, which has divided the country between those who support rodolfo hernandez, a wealthiest center, right? businessman, who defines himself as an outsider, and a gustavo petrol, a former glory, yet, who with his left wing of palaces, promises to break. they continued to whether it's rebel fernandez or gustavo petro, for this 2nd round of colombians, traditional parties are out of the presidential race. that shows how tired
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colombians are of the stylish ment. last polls offered to almost not difference between both candidates. anticipating a technical tide. in any case, as well as tackling the countries biggest problems like gain security fighting drug trafficking on bolster india economy, the great challenge for the next president will be to unify a deeply divided society. historically election results in columbia are not controversial since society trusts the electoral authorities. however, both sides have already claimed alleged prod, groups close to gustavo, federal have said that if he losses, they will take to the streets to protest. and before we go, he has a quick look at our top story. fresh vouchers. sand of wanting to president emanuel la han, just once after he was re elected as president, projections off to parliamentary elections. show him on course to lose his majority in the national assembly,
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across may now face stiff opposition to his reform program. in watching dw news live from berlin, reminder you can find much more news analysis and video on a website that is d w dot com up next is doc for, i'll see soon, take care, bye bye. mm hm. and with that he wanted to know what makes the germans did. he just did john love and batting away from that, but i'm not even know how to work my own car and everyone with later holes and everything today. first getting, are you ready to meet the german can join me, rachel stuart, and d. w. blue. nor do davinci mysteries masterpiece,
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or this perhaps the greatest leonardo masterpiece and the collection of the louvre


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