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tv   Eco India  Deutsche Welle  June 20, 2022 4:02am-4:31am CEST

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from berlin, as always, there's more on our website. that's d w dot com. ah, ah, ah, blistering heat for days that stretch in 2 weeks. scientists say this springs, devastating heat wave, and south asia was made more likely by climate change and offered the region a glimpse of what's to come down to prepare for the future of such intense heat. that's what we'll dive into today. hello and welcome to eco india. i'm sunny thought i'm india is no stranger to hot temperatures, but this struck earlier last longer and heat record highs in wide parts of the country and neighboring pakistan. increasing resilience to keep stress is key to saving lives. we visited one hot heat city to see whether mitigation measures can
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help protect the well known about a damp just stopping 40 degrees celsius in the shape for weeks on end. a major challenge, even for residents of hemoglobin, accustomed to heat the city in good hirata state is home to over 5000000 people. and as elsewhere, it stows into cities buddhist eddie as us of a most like here in the bribe or the neighbor. extreme brother, conditions of verse and or the last decade and this year the heat has been broken, homes and slums are often built so close to get the fresh air consequence to making stifling conditions even worse. and it took it normally, my little girl is always outside that she can't bear the heat in doors. look, we can't stay in the house during the day or visit i go outside to had can like,
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and i had that, well, i don't go my. i only came back here just before you came. cities with a lot of road traffic on airports, are particularly prone to heat waves with the warm exhaust fumes, pushing temperatures on the ground even higher. the prolonged spring heat wave is already claimed. dozens of lives in, in this past march was the country's hottest and over 120 years, it was followed by a series of heat. 3rd is affecting around half of the federal, the states, scientists blame global warming for the excessive temperature. the a and this and then the, the at once that is a good evening. ah, and by order very short period of time, last year's b contribution is over a 1000000 to more than one bank. so carbon dioxide, another global warming gases act as r, e in india. and then,
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or they'd be set up by the better after a spell of record breaking temperatures in 2010 that killed more than 1300 people. i'm at about pioneer to set of missions to reduce heat stress and prevent debt to just show works as a help officer for the local authorities and is the chief coordinate of the cities heat action plan. so the heat action plan was developing initially to make sure that there are people gras rude people will be bugging in casenita as be by working people living in slums with dean robes. if they're aware that a particular kind of an ard is going to be there, then what needs to be then christine use newspapers and social media to keep the cities residents updated on news about heat is. at the same time, the local government tells the power and water company to ensure supplies are not
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interrupted during the hottest periods of the day. the authorities didn't set of temporary water stations across the city, while also ordering parks to be kept open so that people can find some welcome shape. the system also involves medical care services, the cities, ambulances and emergency rooms, the store sizeable quantities of water in ice, and also have a special kit for people suffering from dehydration heat. we've always see a steep rise in the number of emergency case. so normally vieza linger around 30023500 emergencies, but in these time, a $150.00 emergencies is increase around $150.00 emergencies. increase the he plan organizes also focused on prevention. we are assisted here by a number of bottom, including the marilla housing, civil crust,
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renal de la viper maud is among the residents of the emb rival, the neighborhood, but can now cope somewhat better with deed. 3 years ago, she acquired a new roof with the help of the house and trust it's a mod roof named after to model a system that enables it to be easily taken apart and be installed elsewhere. at the same time, the individual panels are recyclable, made from god, god waste and coconut fiber. they also helped to keep the heat out and have a waterproof coating. come out of thorny. we had seen more delays roofs at our older brightest residence, 3 years back. and we heard good things, ma'am. now then we talked about installing it in our home. we have a big, open space in our house. so we installed it, damn, it got to be joint my la bank. and they gave us a loan of $1445.00 euros sandy. rena de la by berman says the roof has reduced the temperature inside by around 6 degrees. residents also turn to other matters to be
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the heat, such as white washing the roofs to reflect the sun's rays. these solutions are affordable and eco friendly for any havoc hula, but we don't use it like us. the house on radical, our when to later. sorry, nothing. the house interest has been operating in the slums here for many years now . focusing in particular on assistance for local them. it launched a mod roof project in 2030. i'm never end of ard is the 1st city to introduce a cold roof initiative with the help of the mahala housing trust me on right now, it's in the pilot phase. neither data in the city and its partners have set up this policy. and after a short period of time, it will be implemented fully. perfect. so far this is the goal from the heat wave in the body. and local authorities are now following the lead of the 50 pilot project. over a 100 cities have long similar action planned to come back. the heat projection
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show the climate change is alone going to make heat spelled more frequent and more than 10. luckily, it's become easier to fork off extreme better events. but as i next report shows, warnings alone onto enough to keep people sick. in october 2013 and cycling fell in late land full in india. that extremely severe i. chronic storm had wins over 200 kilometers per hour and was following a path striking the similar to a $191990.00 fight loan. in the bay of been goal. $999.00 pike loan cars, millions of dollars in damages and some $10000.00 lions. but the dep tolten ellen has been estimated to be as low as $22.00. despite the similarities between these 2 events. so what had changed and the 14 years between the dorm by
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2013, where the prediction in india had hugely improved. and more importantly, these improvements were being put into action. warnings were issued far and wide, and over a 1000000 people were evacuated. this is the power of early warning system to capture the planets current weather conditions. meteorologists use weather to patients on location combined with a fleet of satellites that observe the weather space. the data from these observations can be fed into computer models that simulate the physics of the atmosphere and ocean. these models, what by dividing the world into a grid in each grid, bulk be model, simulate the physical processes that are crucial for understanding the weather. from the flow of gases to the variation and condensation of water vapor. and by simulating these processes, the models can estimate what the weather will look like,
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hours and days in advance. early warning systems don't just protect people from storms. they save lives from everything from wild fires to heat wave india's heat wave action plan saves lives by providing water and rescheduling work hours. warnings can even reduce the damages from longer lasting events, like droughts, by giving farmers the chance to prepare, as well as protecting people. the systems hugely reduce losses to property, even 24 hours warning can reduce damages by a bird, by giving people a chance to move themselves and that possessions out of homes way. so why then do some weather does after still catch us out? a 3rd of the world's population have no access to warning systems. these gaps are often in the world's most vulnerable countries in nations like these that already
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often hit the hardest by extreme weather. to make matters worse, global warming drip, and primarily by emissions in wealthier countries, is ramping up both the intensity and the frequency of these disaster. some global weather services provide forecasts of large scale weather systems without any warning systems within the country. these predictions often don't filter to where they're needed. this may be about to change. on the 23rd of march this year, united nations secretary general antonio gutierrez, made an ounce meant early warnings and action save lives. united nations will spare had new action to ensure that every person on earth is protected by early warning systems within 5 years. which begs the question, how, how can we get early warnings to be billions that don't already have them in just a few years. meet your logical offices,
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count worn about what's going to happen if they don't know what's happening now. and there are big gaps between what higher and lower income countries have at that disposal. getting more weather stations, measuring things like rainfall and wind speed, right? where they're needed can be expensive. but there are ways of bringing down the course. providing 3 d printers to countries allows local communities to build their own weather stations, which also brings down costs, where a conventional weather station could cost upwards of $10000.00. these devices cost just a few $100.00. filling in the gaps in observations is just one part of the story. after all these data on much use, if no one is there to make sense of them. and yet again, that is often a big divide between higher and lower in common nation. so some that services may
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have, you know, 100 employees, but some that services may only have 2 to 3 employees, but what uses with knowledge? if you can't get this message out, there's no one size fits all here. getting the word out means using any and own means of communication for cycling, fell in ok. example b, india meteorological department, shad detailed updates using f. m. s. tax email, telephone television, radio websites and other social networks. where was spread from national doherty's right, the way down to individual districts. getting clear information out to everybody is a challenge the world over. and you have to do what's right for people on the ground. is it, you know, facebook? or is it a notice on their committee board? or is it through the radio? is it through the tv or the other channels? you know, just because the country has more money,
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doesn't mean they're better. bangladesh outperformed germany in protecting people from floods. for example, by training, thousands of local volunteers go door to door with warning. we can't stop disaster striking. in fact, events from heat waves to droughts will continue to get worse. as long as we keep heating the planet. but we can take action to protect ourselves and the morning systems offer incredibly powerful protection. one, estimate adjust, but every one don't know we spend on warning systems saves $10.00 in damages. the countries that the most from extreme weather, often the ones that are missing the system. if we're going to protect the planet with the warning systems that's going to take the transfer of both climate funding and skills. but if the united nations is going to achieve its goal in just the next
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5 years, that won't be a moment to soon. india is just one of a string of countries that have happened grappling with life threatening heat before summer even started. as affected agents try to remain livable city that assigning specifically designated officials to the task of heat we response, we met africa was heat officer in sierra leon. my role is to work lead, unseat the leaders and local leaders, both at the local and see to level to build and drag response plan to heat for free town and to ensure that people are most vulnerable have the opportunity to adapt to heat and rise and temperatures the temperature, the 40 degrees celsius are not unusual in freetown for years now sir williams capital has been getting hold to it. eugene, a combo jump to find solutions. he is free towns, chief heat officer,
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one of just for worldwide. and the 1st in africa, women, traders of the markets exposed to the sun all day and suffer badly. so that everyone who lives in the poor quarters the most vulnerable people, people live in, in an informal settlement. people who and below a dollar a day and cannot afford the resources to buy coolant systems such as a seas and find the population of the town is more than double over the past 5 years. and that migration grew up in migration has been driven by climate change in climate effect. eugenia carbo wants to provide market shape coverage for women, selling agriculture produce that reflect the sun and doesn't heat up like a greenhouse. 2 thirds of the people in sierra leone depend on farming for their livelihood, with women making up to 70 percent of the agriculture will work for. another goal
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is to provide public spaces that are clean, safe, and cool. this used to be one out of town, many legal downsides, and what have done as a tv to watch for the community members to clean this area and plan. she said it's one of several garbage sites, not being converted into a public garden. the bushes and trees good, beautiful. and have a cooling effect that all may dump inside off before. what now you can see now we are very nice. we didn't see my god in night view. just like a box. that was very nice. you've got, you know, we've got a lot you can draw us regina carbo certainly has her work cut down for her. but the mel free sounds as a job is vital. yeah. yeah. one of the most important things about keith is that
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nobody talks about it at the moment, it's a silent killer. there's just under the radar. the idea is to ensure that there's a focus, a very deliberate focus on the issue of heat, extreme heat and its consequences. eugena carbo was a former banker as an entire department working under her one initiative as a tree planting campaign. hold free town. the tree town. it aims to reverse deforestation and reduce the threat of flooding. a landslide. the aims to plant a 1000000 a plant and grow a 1000000 trees by 2022. we've already planted about 600000 trees. the want to get the whole city involved. if successful, the project will increase the city's green coverage by 50 percent and help stabilize local water sources. welcome to the good madame in freetown. this is one of the areas where we're planting trees. and it's very important that we plant trees because trees help to call the atmosphere and help us to adapt to
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rise in temperatures. the project has created over 500 short term jobs focusing, especially on exploring young people. these are the community workers. they are the growth and all of their work is been tracked on the app, the just a click of a button. you can know where the trees are, how many trees are live and who is walking, and growing those trees. i am as uncommon. i oversee the tree planting here. let me show you how to use it's. he took a hop, you can snap a sieve the photo and upload it. and you can see incentive for the t planting preview to every registered tree generates a digital impact token. glances can sell or treat them to get micro payment of the people of businesses can buy up tokens to offset their carbon emissions. it's hope
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this digital marketplace will generate revenue to form the planting. but it's not just the tree coverage that's in focus. $60000.00 more man grooves now protect the cruise lines, helping to support visual relation. eugenia compos committed to finding ways to make life in the city pleasant. despite the heat, extreme heat can heightened the risk of other types of catastrophes. creating dry conditions that lead to white fires. for example, india, sca smith is the pricing for flash floods after the spring heat. we've hastened glad you're melting in the himalayas. wollen to us are rolling up their sleeves to steve off danger. lake cushion. cider is one of the many bought of bodies in the mountainous territory of genuine cashmere. it's channels have repeatedly buzz their banks in recent years, spilling over into the city of selina. they're located in the himalayas. it's known
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as the city of lakes, missouri. my van will used to be a prominent business man. now the 70 year old is better known as an environmentalist and social activist. he founded the organization as us to clean up the cities part about youth just one year back dis, leak was completely in shambles. you would see dead animals for the tim burks. people were walking on this. so when we're talk this issue here under a mission. i sauce people who live here. i mean the stakeholders, the loft or on us. but he didn't let that laughter stop him. he knew clearing the waterways would help relief flooding, and he was certain he could convince locals to help him in the beginning, we would just my cell, the parent to be cousins. when we started off to just hardy tindy's,
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the stakeholder to start coming toward us us and start helping us. $960.00 off muck were lifted from dis meltwater from the glaciers, which lay at around 5000 meters above sea level, reaches the valleys and lakes by the mountain rivers. it causes water levers to rise, particularly in summer. average temperatures in the region have risen by on 1.5 degrees celsius. over the last 40 years, the heat is causing the glacier ice to melt even faster and the rivers can no longer hold the large amounts of water. scientists astounding. the alarm is the largest regional jan warren kashmir. the toast surround burleson pleasures and most of these glaciers except for doors and got i got on region automating or to loudon beast. no, as compared to other the glaciers in the in the ocean, montana region. while i, which is the largest to glacier of kashmir,
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has been retreating north. bah, i know very fast pace, and it is one of the fastest mental melting leisure in the, in the local shimmer lindgaard graham region. this means a lot of water will continue to flow into the valley. it's a problem for sienna. the city is expanding into the wetlands, which need to stay free to allow for flooding. and what's more, garbage and mud deposits, fill the waterways, making them less able to absorb the water it's had devastating consequences. like during the floods of 2014 in the kashmir valley, they caused damages estimated at around one trillion repeat, so, or 12000000000 euros. around 300 people in the region lost their lives. more than 1200 homes were damaged, like mustang m at home. it's built in the wetlands since then. he's been involved
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in the restoration of the floodplains. he located all flood channels and wetlands that capture water from overflowing givers. he also called on the government to halt construction of residential structures and shopping malls in and around flood plains to curb the threat of flooding your fully some redman. this was all wet land with warehouses had been constructed by this is a spillage channel. i requested that the authorities clear this will know we frequently experienced flooding. we wouldn't get flooded if the spillage channel were clear, dollar or ted. this causes the alarm. the government says it is working to improve flood control measures. a jazz emma is an executive engineer employed by the city. he says his department is trying to boost the water guiding capacity of kashmir. main river. the gym as well as its spelled channels do amadi. we're extending the width of the spillage channel and carrying out some dredging that will increase the
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area and capacity of the channel for basic as her pose on goose eggs holder, we've identified flood prone areas that will be declared, no construction zones was medically kind of stuck something you would all be doing about madison because i was out with his regular cleaning work. montalvan was inspiring local precedence to look after the water bodies themselves. he believes it's the only way to combat the valley's flag problem and more than that, but local support, he aims store to store the regions ecosystem and it's relevant. i wouldn't want to sell burgess it we're trying to me cute as it was or i don't put to your spec. you would claim, oh, golden, precious inducing. you would have lucy. oh students. i'm in boys. so minion, diesel, and, and the thought is to scanning from all over the world,
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they would see the board functioning, and they would go to onshore to live. oh, why she caught up on these? oh, from dis india. re establishing the hoshal side of that lens will take persistent effort on the back of locals and the government to be off could be huge, diminishing the impact of the flood as well as revitalizing the regions breathtaking water scape shown in india. temperature saud close to 50 degrees celsius. this spring, a warming planet, like we just saw, would have a domino effect. our sustainable auctions to be, however small, could change the course for the better. our future generations would thank us. if you chose to commit to them. i'll leave you with that and see you again next week from all of us in india and germany. good bye. and thanks for watching. ah
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ah, ah, with in good shape and be kind to your summary of what it's doing well. it's a true super organ. when it's feeling bad, it can get really angry. all about the stomach
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and how to take good care of it in good shape. next, on d, w. gigantic, modern, and sustainable. the new national museum in oslo for museums combined into one a mega project and possibly the new cultural hotspot in europe. euro macs, in 60 minutes, 5 d, w. ah, with leonardo da vinci's, mysterious masterpiece. ah,
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this perhaps the greatest leonardo masterpiece in the collection of the louvre and no, it is not the mona lisa. it is the virgin of the rocks, 2 versions, multiple copies, and a hidden drawing. was there another symbolic meaning to this beautiful painting that perhaps we just don't understand? a switch for answers starts july 7th on d, w. yet, i guess straw skipping many people find having a chill put down a thread. really unpleasant is an absolute must be you should watch the w's help. so before deciding, today will be looking at the stomach. why does exams try spring on stomach cramps? how can you combat heartburn.


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