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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 20, 2022 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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he's in 77 years after the holocaust hatred towards jews is still pervasive. a history of anti semitism starts july, 2nd on d. w. ah ah. ah. this is deedee of the news live from berlin. french voters deliver a stinging blow to president emanuel mack hold. just weeks after he was re elected as president loses his majority and the national assembly, as the leftist and far right parties surge, placing his reform agenda in doubt, we'll get the latest from parents, ukraine's president says his country faces an historic week, followed him as
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a lensky warner, that russia will likely intensify its attacks against his country. this comes as a european union prepares to announce its decision on ukraine's application for membership and columbia elect a new president. in an historic vote, a former gorilla will run the country after decades of right wing rule is promised to shake things up with an economic and social reform. ah, i'll make spicer welcome to the program. in france, voters have handed president emanuel michael, a major setback. his coalition has lost its governing majority in parliamentary elections, results show my calls block will still emerge with the biggest number of seats in the new national assembly. but without the 289 seats needed for a majority,
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the french leader may have trouble enacting his reform agenda. emanuel mac, ron faces an uncertain and 2nd presidential term. his centrist alliance on som, has lost its parliamentary majority. as vote has turned away from mainstream parties, let's you assume, you know, the situation is unprecedented. assembling as to the national assembly has never seen a configuration of listen height in the 5th public citrus jo, this situation constitutes a risk for our country and view of the challenges that we have to face and several are both on the national and international levels that he should until next year now, but we have to respect this vote and consider its consequences to speak to the on to really consequence ensemble will retain the most seats in the national assembly . a new alliance of the far left, the socialists and the grains is set to become the main opposition. the new
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coalition is expected to make it harder for macaroni to implement his domestic agenda, which includes tax cuts and raising the retirement age. ah, that do you. but you get all the total difficulties of the president's party. there is no majority. we have achieved the political objective that we had set for ourselves in less than a month to bring down the man who with such arrogance, had twisted the arm of the whole country who had been elected without knowing what 4 of your dog, your bod, b, blood, samples are sick, what fair? ah, the fall rides national rally party also surged in the polls and is projected to increase it seats 10 fold. it's biggest ever results. lead a marine le pen said her party had achieved its goal of making micron
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a minority. president. le pen los out to mac, ron in last month's presidential election. but sundays results shows strong support across france who parties at the political extremes and for more on this t w's. lisa louis joins me now from paris. lisa, what does this loss of an absolute majority in parliament actually mean for my call, it is a crushing defeat for a president in my car here in france, all the polls were predicting he might lose his majority in parliament, but not at that result. it's less seats than expected than predicted in any of the poles here in france. and what he means is basically that in my, my call will have to compose with other political forces. now that is something that, at the, that french politicians are not really used to as opposed to politicians in germany
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. and he will have to gather support from, you know, left wing, all right, being politicians. and is really up in the air. if in my, my call will be able to push through all of his reform agenda, especially in a pension reform he's planning to push up the pension age from 62 to 64 or 65. that might be a really difficult to push through. in this current parliament and does this result in legislative elections bring about any change, of course, for france as regards foreign affairs, foreign for his policy is actually the domain of the president. so he can do, you know, he can carry out foreign policy on his own. and also when it comes to international interventions, the government can send soldiers to fight somewhere else without having getting the go ahead from the palm and only 4 months later, 4 months later, they need to check in with parliament. however, it'll be
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a lot more complicated for my car on a domestic level together and, and that might make it more complicated for him to be actually active on the international level because he need to, he needs to take care of what's happening at home here. and that will certainly involve a certain amount of chaos. yeah, it sounds like it's going to take up a lot of his time. does he need to stay in this situation for the next 5 years? is he bound to this kind of an uncomfortable cohabitation? he could, in theory, dissolve the parliament to put this on the, the national assembly. now constitutional experts are not really don't really agree if he can do that right away or in a year's time. however, that also brings with the risk that the results might actually even be worse than today's election or last night election results. the other option would be to try
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to form a stable alliance with one of the other parties and parliament such as the center right party, the people, the car. however, that party is already said that they want to stay in the position. so in any case, it will be a rocky road for him on my car in the 5 years to come. all right, did abuse lisa lewis from paris 6 for inside volota. mir zalinski says ukraine has begun what he calls an historic week in a video message, the ukranian president warned his people that russia would likely step up its attacks on their country as it attempts to strengthen its hold over territory in the south and east cave is also awaiting a landmark decision from the european union on its bid for candidate status bmw. it's russian cruise missiles like these that are pounding targets in ukraine. moscow claims to be carrying out precision guided attacks on ukrainian military infrastructure and command positions. but the soaring civilian death toll and
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seemingly indiscriminate damage to residential homes and cities refutes those claims. on a visit to the southern front, ukraine's president saw the destruction for himself with about an issue. but a lot of houses were destroyed severely. logistics were disrupted, and many social issues have developed. i've instructed that more systematic help we offer to people who have lost families. and everything that has been destroyed will be restored. there are not enough missiles and bushes to weaken our people's will to live. but right now my eastern ukraine is also being pummeled by russian artillery. the city of lucy, sions has endured fierce shelling and now soldiers are digging in to defend the city street by street for civilians that survived the shelling. it's high time to leave. you can hear you artillery this cup of clothes and around some people
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understandably get nervous. they're worried about the dried out of here. so it's a constant and it's constantly trying to reassure people. oh, you know, anyway, we take them as can be better than it was i we're leaving everything behind everything that we've had here for 70 years and we don't know where we'll go. this i'm ukrainian troops and this is chance carney just on the defensive. they're now firing at russian positions, and 7 are done yet so tenaciously refusing to give up the fight. ah, lets go now to do. w corresponded rebecca betters who's in the capital q four's ukraine's president. vladimir zalinski said on sunday he expects russia to intensify attacks at what do you think he means by that? that's right. nick in his regular nightly address. sir, president zalinski did. it did say that he said that it wouldn't just be
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a tax against ukraine, but the whole a you, he's of course, talking about retaliation from russia that could come from a the recommendation from the european commission. that's ukraine. be granted candidate status when it comes to joining the e. u. also in the wake of this high level visit from france, germany and italy last week, as the president salenti said he, it could very well be likely that we'll see retaliations exactly what he means isn't clear, but you know, we have been seeing russia turning off the tap the gas tap or at least turning it down for many european countries, causing the price of gas to soar in many of those countries and across the, across the continent. and so, you know, it remains to be seen interestingly, in response to this news about the recommendation that the be grounded candidate, status rushes, president credit president putin actually said that he doesn't mind what ukraine does when it comes to joining the you. that isn't really in line with other comments he's made in the past,
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so we'll have to see what this week holds. but either way, president tonight, he has called it in historic wake. you're just talking about what president putin was saying. russia is also claiming that the ukrainian army has suffered heavy losses of late. um what, what are you hearing about these claims? yeah, that's right. russia has come out and said that a tax on sunday, on a meeting of ukrainian generals that was successful in that they took out 50 general. they also said that they've taken out a weapons depo taking up many of the international weapons that were being stored there. that hasn't been independently verified ukraine hasn't come out to confirm either of those attacks. it does seem unlikely that 50 generals would be gathered together at this time and those weapons being stored altogether. it does him unlikely. they tend to be separated for this very reason. so that they can't be attacked all in one go. and so i have no more information on that. but definitely we have seen an optic in attacks from russia,
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certainly on the battlefield. and also elsewhere in the country. some missiles hitting the south of the country also are more more bones in khaki or d w's. rebecca readers reporting force from keith left his presidential candidate. gustavo petro has one columbia's presidential election by a narrow margin. the former gorilla and current sen edged out his opponent, the former mayor and millionaire rodolfo hernandez. petras. when march a drastic change in presidential politics in the country. ah victory. historic moment, the columbia, as it votes in its 1st ever left his lida former rebel, gustavo petro, has vowed to launch profound social and economic change. only story annoy. we are writing history at this moment. archy,
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a new history for columbia roy, for latin america, less dos, and for the world. jonas the elect. dorothy a new history because undoubtedly what has happened to day with those 11000000 voters as a change hasn't come. what is coming is a real change, a key of fundamental change. yes. oh, come be over that old gambiola al petro defeated another maverick candidates. former ma'am and millionaire rodolfo hernandez. hernandez had gone a lot of support for his candidacy on tick tock, promising to reduce wasteful government spending, and to go after corrupt officials. his concession speech implored petrow to do the same. let's say well doctor was fy. hoped that, gustavo petro will know how to lead the country, that he will be loyal to his words, against corruption, and that he will not disappoint those who trusted in petro has
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a tough task out of him. he faces a divided congress likely to complicate his implementation of the fiscal and social reforms. his supporters are counting on. did these are hand, ramirez has been following the election in bogota. he told us the new colombian leader has his work cut out for the next president of gustavo better will face many challenges saunders, he said ministration 1st to unify colombians after a very polarized electrolyte campaign. then tackling insecurity fighting drug trafficking on bolstering the economy after the crisis provoked by the pandemic. and last but not least, to align his office with the left, this governments off the region to redefine the diplomatic relationships that colombia will have with their james self of venezuela, nicaragua, and cuba. but avoiding any conflict with united states,
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the country's main ally in the region. this is deed of you news live from berlin up next on world stories. we meet the colombian specialists training ukrainians to clear landlines. don't forget you can get all the latest news on the website at d, w dot com or also on twitter and instagram at d. w. m x. pfizer. thanks for watching. ah. people in trucks injured one trying to flee the city center. more and more refugees are being turned away families the reason for these critical illness with administrative.


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