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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 20, 2022 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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we shed light on the opaque world who's behind benefits. and why are they a threat to whistle o peak world this week on d w a ah, this is dw news live from berlin, ukraine's president says his country faces honest storage week. below to moore's lensky warned that russia will likely intensify its attacks against his country. this comes as a european union prepares to announce its decision on ukraine's application for
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membership. french voters deliver a stinging blow to president a manual back home. just weeks after he was re elected as president, he loses his majority in the national assembly as left as far right party search. placing his reform agenda in doubt, also coming up or looking at live pictures as an african icon begins, his journey home. belgium holds a ceremony to hand over the remains of patrick luma to his family more than 6 decades after the congolese leader was assassinated. ah, i'm nick spicer. welcome to the program. hello to ms. lensky says, ukraine has begun what he calls an historic week with fighting raging on, and the don bass, ukrainian president, has predicted that russia would likely intensify it's attacks in the coming days.
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his warning comes as kiva waits, a landmark decision from european union leaders on its bid for candidate status. let's listen in to what's lensky had to say. what shall, in the short of this week, we should expect greater hosted activity from russia and the or against ukraine but also against other european countries. li proteins. we are preparing. we are ready . but what might greater hostile act, hostile activity, just look like and put that question to d. w correspondent rebecca readers in keith? well, i think in ukraine he's talking about an intensification on the battlefield. something we have seen in the last couple of days that he may also be referring to other random attacks on cities. not on the front lines, perhaps keith. oh, you know him perhaps where there was a similar attack. when antonio harris, the head of the un visited some weeks ago, now there was a, a,
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one off strike here in cave. and every wanted of took that to be a bit of a warning strike from russia. when the 3 leaders are of germany, france and italy came last week, many were expecting something similar here in the capital that didn't come to fruition. so there's this perhaps something that president vilicki is also referring to being possible this week in particular. we know it's an important week when it comes to this e u candidate status vote happening in the european council. but he was also of course, referring to a tax on europe. now, when it comes to that, you'll no doubt be referring to a tightening of the gas supplies, which we've also seen, or russia doing in recent days or weeks or on european countries making the price of gas saw. that's really one of the only weapons he has against the west at the moment. but one that he's very prepared, as we say to use you're talking about the attacks that didn't occur. one thing that russia is doing is making claims about ukrainian army suffering heavy losses and in
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considerable detail. what more do you know about that yet? well, russia has come out and said that it had a couple of successful attacks. one on a bunch of army generals, it said that they were meeting for a meeting and that they were successfully attacked by russian soldiers and 50 casualties believed or reported by russia. they also said that they had in arms deposed, taking out quite a few of the international weapons that have been said. but actually that hasn't been independently verified. and the ukraine certainly hasn't come out. acknowledge saying that. so we really don't know. that's true. it seems unlikely. though the 50 generals would be collected together at once l, all that the, all the arms would be stored in one area. they stuff tends to get split up for situations just like this so that it's not all able to be taken out in one strike. okay, rebecca ritter's reporting for us from keith. thanks very much. in france, voters have delivered presidents a menu and mac or
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a major setback is coalition has lost its governing majority and parliamentary elections. results show that michael's block will still emerge with the biggest number of seats in the new national assembly. but without the 289 seats needed for a majority, the french leader may have trouble and acting his room of reform agenda. a emanuel mac, ron faces an uncertain 2nd presidential term. his centrist alliance on psalms, has lost its parliamentary majority in his voters, turned away from mainstream parties. let's see you as your unit. the situation is unprecedented to something as to the national assembly has never seen a configuration of this type in the 5th republic said situ. assume this situation constitutes a risk for our country and view of the challenges that we have to face in several of both on the national and international levels. good is should until next year now. but we have to respect this vote and consider its consequences to speak. do
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they want to do the consequence ensemble will retain the most seats in the national assembly. a new alliance of the far left, the socialists and the grains is set to become the main opposition. the new coalition is expected to make it harder for macaroni to implement his domestic agenda, which includes tax cuts and raising the retirement age. ah, that do you. but you get all the total difficulties of the president's party. there is no majority. we have achieved the political objective that we had set for ourselves in less than a month to bring down the man who, with such arrogance, had twisted the arm of the whole country who had been elected without knowing what 4 of your dog you're bogged b board so we'll start to pick what they are. ah,
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the fall rides national rally party also surged in the polls and is projected to increase it seats 10 fold. it's biggest ever results. lead a marine le pen said her party had achieved its goal of making macros. a minority president le pen los out to mac, ron in last month's presidential election. but sundays results shows strong support across france, who parties at the political extremes w's. lisa lewis is in paris. i asked her what the last of the absolute majority of parliament means for the president. it is a crushing defeat for a president. in my call here in france. obviously, polls were predicting, he might lose his majority in parliament, but not add at that reserves we did. it's less seats than expected, then predicted in any of the polls here in france. and what he means is basically that in my call, will have to compose with other political forces. now,
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that is something that at the, that french politicians are not really used to, as opposed to politicians in germany. and he will have to gather support from, you know, left wing, all right, being politicians and is really up in the air, is in my, my call will be able to push through all of his reform agenda, especially in a pension reform he's planning to push up the pension age from 60 to 64 or 65, that might be really difficult to push through in this current cur parliament. and does this result in legislative elections bring about any change, of course, for france as regards foreign affairs. foreign for his policy is actually the domain of the president. so he can do, you know, he can carry out foreign policy on his own. and also when it comes to, you know, the international interventions, the government can send soldiers, it to fight somewhere else without having getting the go ahead from the palm and
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only 4 months later, 4 months later, they need to check in with parliament. however, it'll be a lot more complicated for my car on a domestic level to govern. and that might make it more complicated for him to be actually active on the international level because he need to. he needs to take care of what's happening at home here. and that will certainly involve a certain amount of chaos. yeah, it sounds like it's going to take up a lot of his time. does he need to stay in this situation for the next 5 years? is he bound to this kind of an uncomfortable cohabitation? he could, in theory, dissolve the parliament to put this on the, the, the national assembly. now constitutional experts are not really don't really agree if he can do that right away or in a year's time. however, that also brings with the the risk that the result might actually even be worse
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than today's election. last night's election results. the other option would be to try to form a stable alliance with one of the other parties and parliament such as the sent to right party, the people, the car. however, that party has already said that they want to stay in the position. so in any case, it will be a rocky road for him on my car in the 5 years to come. all right, did abuse lisa louis from paris. thanks for insight. here's a round of, of some other stories making use of this. our authorities in ethiopia, se gunmen have killed more than 100 people in the or a mere region. the massacre which targeted mostly ethnic, i'm hora, happened west of the capital, addis ababa officials blame the rebel or m. o liberation army. but the group has denied any involvement. monsoon floods and bangladesh have triggered lance lies and lightning strikes, killing at least 25 people. millions have been left stranded and homeless. a severe
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rains pound the countries north east. the army has been called in to carry out evacuations. in ferry, water and food, the former gorilla. gustavo petro has won columbia's presidential election in a landmark victory is set to become the country's 1st leftist leader. after narrowly defeating millionaire and former mayor rudolph hernandez, petro has vowed to launch wide reaching social and economic reforms. belgium is returning the remains of police luhan, but the icon of congos anti colonial movement to his family an official ceremony, is underway in brussels. it's believed a single tooth was all that was recovered of his body following his assassination in 1961. lamar was congos 1st prime minister after it gained independence the year before. this report now from our correspondent on the life and legacy of petri slumber. in this art studio in brussels stands one of the greatest figures of the
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african independence movement. this larger than life size statue of patrice lamar is a tribute to him from the congolese community in belgium. lamar played a significant role in the transformation of the congo from a belgian colony, into an independent republic, a veteran. the moon baffled foul to freedom of his country, and he was killed for that. and the country never really recovered from that love until to day, patrice, remember, became the congress 1st. prime minister afterward gained independence in 1960. but he was only in office for a few months before he fell out what the country's former colonial ruler, which led to him being ousted in a qu, imprisoned, tortured and later executed. ludo de victor is a belgian author who wrote a book about lumen best murder. the book reveals the belgian government's complicity and details held. remember,
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and 2 of his associates were executed in the forest and how their bodies were disposed. it was done during the night, so there were a lot of villagers worm were very suspicious. and so very quickly yom or belgium and cover he's decided to dig up the brothers and to after the body completely destroyed. and so they got them into pieces and took this, sold them into um a barrel of farm. um oh, so for us it's a belgian officer who was involved later confirmed the books account, including the part about him removing, remembers tooth and keeping it as a trophy. after the release of the book in 91, a parliamentary commission of inquiry concluded that belgium had, quote, moral responsibility for la mon. best killing. activism has continued here to force the country to fully recognize and atone for its brutal colonial past that led to the death of millions. in the d,
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r. c. there's been some progress. after years of activism and debates, the brussels municipality opened this square, named after and in honor of patrice lumen back. already said that the symbolic gesture was intended to reflect belgium's colonial past activists now use the space to tell people about patrice, remembers life, and legacy. the main thing that he was assassinated for was to erase in politics and to erase his memory. so having the square is a, a way of a revising he's a, he's memory, patrice remembers, truth is all that was left of him after he was killed. belgium, returning it to his family, is been welcomed as a 1st step. we hope it to be the beginning of the recognition death, colony alias was something wrong, was a crime against humanity. and that we can start to install
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a kind of politic of reparation. it's taken decades for the truth about the circumstances of patrice, remembers murder, to emerge, congolese, people at home and abroad. hope it will take less time for their nation and their hero to get justice. this is dw news live from berlin up next our documentary about libby as migrant detention camps, controlled by malicious smugglers and corrupt authorities. unexplained her thanks for watching. thank god who uses your thoughts? i will grade you.


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