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ah ah ah ah, this is deedee of new news live from berlin, ukraine's president says his country faces a historic week voted damira zalinski warrants or russia will likely intensify its attacks against his country. this comes as to european union prepares to announce its decision on ukraine's application for membership. french voters deliver
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a stinging blow to president emmanuel, not call just weeks after he was re elected as president. he loses his majority in the national assembly as leftist as far right parties surge. placing his reform agenda in doubt and an african icon begins to journey home, belgium holds a ceremony to hand over the remains of patrice rhumba to his family more than 6 decades after the congolese leader was assassinated. ah, i'm pablo foliage. welcome to the program. ukrainian president, bowler de mer zalinski, says other european countries should also brace for potential hostile activity from moscow. he said ukraine faced a historic week as it awaits
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a landmark decision from you. leaders on it's paid for candidate status, but that, that this could prompt russia to intensify. it's aggression against ukraine and it's western supporters. a russian missile plunged into ukrainian soil in the city of lazy chance. no one is safe across the river. the city of several on yet has been reduced to rubble by fierce fighting as rush as offensive in the dawn, beth's reading grinds on the fears, at least chance is next to that. most residents have fled to them, but some are stuck. when we fix up to him, but we have nothing left, everything was burned down. the most important thing is to get my sick father out. that's all that matters to me. i don't know how long he can survive, but i don't think this war's going to end soon. you know,
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they live in sellers to increase their chances of survival neither bracing for a predicted escalation in russia's campaign of destruction or to live mon sean. this week, we should expect greater hostile activity from russia and the early against ukraine, but also against other european countries. li, pontine sure. we are preparing modeling. we are ready. ah, zelinski believes that russia will react to the european union's decision this week on whether ukraine will become a candidate for membership even considering ukrainian membership is a dramatic shift in the youth position and runs counter to do cremins efforts to pull ukraine into its hold. it by force german foreign minister and alina babel, on monday, voice her support had of a meeting of e. u. foreign ministers for you not to say what i got was on conway, is
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a special meeting. the appointment was we are gathered ahead of a historic moment. that was smoking. we all have to realize that the membership countries have a special responsibility when yawn in. none of us want to look back at this or mention a few years and think how could will not make use look this opportunity to use advice and stay long near the promise of europe. hope for you, crane, and it fight for survival. was the job you correspondence? rebecca ritters is in keys, and i asked her if there was any indication of what we can expect from russia. well, as you heard it there from president lensky, he believes that we could see arise in hostilities both here in ukraine, but also in europe. now, i suppose what he's really talking about there here is of course an intensification of attacks on the battlefield. and also in other cities, you know, we know that when a un chief antonio terrors, good terrace, excuse me,
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visited keith, there was a bomb attack here, many people, suspecting that that was a little signal from president putin or from russia. and that they were kind of expecting something similar when the 3 a you ladies came and visited last week, but so far, nothing like that has happened. so president zaleski wanting that this week is obviously important week ahead of that vote for candidate status in the council. and that president putin or russian soldiers, russian forces, could trying to intensify attacks here on the ground. but also that they might try and put pressure on europe or, you know, try and use what they can and what they have at there at the disposal is of course the gas supplies. and we have seen them turning off, or at least slowing down the flow of gas to some european countries. you're heavily raising the prices for those countries. so that's really one of the, the main tools at their disposal and prisoners lensky morning that the potentially this could be the wake when things start to happen. they're rebecca, moscow is claiming that the ukranian army hoods suffered heavy losses. what keep
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saying? well, they don't often confirm or deny what the russian military puts out in their statements. yesterday. they came out and said that they had a successful attack on a meeting of army generals, ukrainian army general, that they were 50 superior generals killed in that attack. they also said that they had a successfully bombed a warehouse with about about 10, how it says in them. now, i mean, that hasn't been independently verified. ukraine certainly hasn't come out to confirm that, but it does seem unlikely. it seems unlikely that 50 superior generals would be in one place at one time. and of course, all those weapons stored in the same place. i mean, they generally split up for this very reason that they can't be attacked in one single shot. so, you know, the russian army saying that they've killed hundreds about 450 ukrainian soldiers today. but we think huge losses on both sides. and let's not forget that this is an
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information war and both sides trying to boost morale for their side. their domestic audiences in this fight, rebecca ritter's in keys. thank you. will top ukrainian officials say they need a massive increase of military hardware if they're to drive russian forces out of their country. right now. western allies have supplied ukraine with just over 100 howitzers. only 110th of what ukraine says it needs, and no rocket launchers have arrived even though ukraine has asked for 300 of them . dw nick conley reports from the front lines in the southern mich alive region where ukrainian forces are making some advances. despite a shortage of equipment, russia may be making gains in the dawn best, but it's a different story here. 600 kilometers to the southwestern mich alive. ukraine is pushing russian forces out of villages like these. closing in on the russian occupied city of hudson b, ukrainian commanders where their advanced comrade of steam be stopped or even
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reversed. after more than a 100 days of relentless fighting, their supplies, weapons, and ammunition, running dangerously low healdsburg. we meet victor and his crew some way behind the front lines. when will broke out and they were all working abroad. all of them decided to give up their lives in safety, in poland and germany, to return home to fight. victor found the little had changed since his time is a recruit and the soviet army decades earlier. well, there are 13 can 1st the so this how it is just old. it's way past his prime little don't you? we be making the most of it. but what can you expect from a weapon built almost 50 years ago? we have much when i come up with a mozilla since his 3rd bottle duplicate of replacing it to something new and more powerful is of the gods for now. but even carrying on fighting as they have been in recent months be a challenge. ukraine supplies of soviet ammunition are almost exhausted. western
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produced shells on compatible with russian missile strikes, a constant threat, producing weapons inside the country is near impossible. even ukraine playing for time while it waits, both western artillery and the shells to go with it. north fillmore to fla portion, we have cues of people wanting to sign up to fight roughly a little. we have more than the army can take on it through the program, but we just don't have enough weapons to equip every one who wants to fight. richard. a former bullet daughter of judge knew me personally when her mother it was liberal. an army ukraine is in europe's very own interest. victor tells us, he just can't understand why this seems to be so little urgency. see with the little ones that are what does a favourable weapon fighting for all of you are p other 4 is robert baldwin. putin won't be satisfied with taking ukraine with them, or if he wins here, he'll carry on an attack. are those a field where you can be there?
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neither sort of with the growth, with grain is already paying a high price for being out guns with daily casualties running at several $100.00 a day. or the profitable victor tells us of a call he had to make recently informing the parents of the youngest member of the unit. then 19 year old son had been killed to sweeps after he got different lines. he doesn't want to make many more clues like that, and he's convinced will western weapons. the answer in france, voters have delivered president emanuel my claw, a major set back. his coalition has lost its governing majority and parliamentary elections. results show, my cons block will still emerge. with the biggest number of seats in the new national assembly, but without the 289 seats needed for a majority, the french leader may have trouble enacting his reform agenda. when french
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president manny m a crock, cast his vote on sunday. this clearly wasn't the result. he was hoping. 4th newspapers were clear on the scale of the setback, calling it a cold shower and even a slap in paris, some voters seemed uncertain that mackerel would be able to put together a governing coalition. this was lay honestly, don't see how he could put together a majority, even if he does rope in a few left wing and right wing m p 's. frankly, it cannot work. it's impossible and unlikely to provide macros with any support is the new pan left alliance moves. lead by veteran let this john lute metal show, his coalition is set to become the biggest opposition grouping in parliament. cooperation with marine la pens far right. national rally, which surgeon to 3rd place women, 11 fold increase in seats is also not on the cards for macro. on monday
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le pen said the presence agenda was dead. he okay with you. yeah, i scurry. mm hm. when a manual makram be able to do what he wants, no, the answer is no. i think that retirement at 65 is it buried reform, as well as a whole series of other measures that he wanted to put in place. and which in reality would toxic for the french people get poorly forsake. that leaves the conservative leg republican party as the likely partners less. but they're also adamant that they'll stay in opposition to sit on issue with no clear path forward . and parliament france could well be set for political gridlock from across a man who once compared his own top down governing style to the roman god. jupiter sunday's result represents a crushing return to earth. oh dw lease louis is in paris, and i asked her earlier what the loss of the absolute majority in parliament means
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for president michael? well, it will be incredibly difficult. this is a major setback for him on my call. polls were predicting that he might lose commitment his majority in parliament. but for these polls also showing that he should get more see that than what he got. now, he's more than 40 feet short of a majority. he will have to compose with political forces on the right on the left, and try to find a compromise on a case by case basis. really. and certain reforms that he has been planning might not be able to get pushed through such as the pension reform, where you want to push out the pension h from 62 to 64 or 65. and that is now all up in the air. now, lisa, does a micron have to govern in this situation? for the next 5 years? he has a choice between trying to govern,
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or he can also actually solve the national assembly. now, there is a discussion on going between constitutional experts. if he has to wait a year or a k, he can actually dissolve the national assembly right away. but dissolving, it also bears the risk that at the results might actually even be worse for him. so he might in the 1st place, and that's what i'm hearing here. try to find a solution with the current result. possibly form a governing block with the center right party the center right party, little be bigger. is the split a regarding this question, but i think the government is trying to find a solution to set up a stable majority. nonetheless, in parliament, in the coming days. lisa, we're going to see any change, of course, with regards to foreign affairs. foreign policies. i say normally at the president's domain, he can decide by himself unless
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a law is needed. and that is the case if he, for example, wants to change treaties, treaties on international trade, for example. then he will have to go to parliament and get the go ahead with a law that is vacated through but in general, it's still the president that will be negotiating on an international level with the leaders. oh, with nato, for example. however, he will certainly be slightly distracted by chaos that, hey mo, by at least a difficult situation in, in france here in parliament in the coming 5 years did of you corresponded lisa lewis in paris. thank you. here's a roundup of of their stories making use this are serious defense ministry says 13 people have died in an attack on a bus and northeastern rocket province. the civilian vehicle was carrying government soldiers. human rights activists blamed the so called islamic state. the extremist group was defeated in 2019,
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but sleeper cells still operate in parts of the country. former gorilla fighter, gustavo petro, as at one columbia's presidential election in a landmark victory, he said to become the country's 1st left his leader after narrowly defeating millionaire and former mayor rodolfo. in on this, petro has vowed to launch wide reaching social and economic reforms. cruise and spain are battling wildfires as an early season heat wave maintains its grip on parts of western europe residence in the countries north were evacuated as dry conditions and gusting winds found. the flames. temperatures in spain, soared above 40 degrees celsius last week. well, people in bangladesh and northeastern india are struggling to access, drinking water and food. i made heavy monsoon rains, authority say at least 25 people were killed after the reins triggered landslides
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and lightning strikes. millions have been left stranded on homeless by severe downpours. the army as being called in to carry out evacuations. i'm very water and food too, if you need well for more, let's go to dw correspondence. many are a treasury who is in delhi force hyman era. good to see. so millions have been left stranded by the floods. what can you tell us about the conditions people are facing? well yes, what i can tell you is this is really going to be in fact of massive law, one of the government officials that has dr. laws as it was that actually have to go, well, if you talk about the region me, which is the northeast region of india, and that has to be a lot of destruction and devastation because of planning this. i'm a good last, a good man's life. as you said, williams have been late. this plays them, villages have been swept away. the houses have been so much they have lost their
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crop. they've lost their lives there. from that they have the reports over rode the light it and also all the national heidi be given because last night and there are no one will be dying because of this desperate indeed. so many era why does this region face floods like this? well, it indeed is an annual calamity. i can call it that every yeah. when the bombs and season arrives, it's the same story, this heavy rain or you're going to see everything because every year now they can be many reasons. there is a mix of natural in man with the devote of the of the region and the fact that it really the criss crosses what a good reason it makes it more and more or less because it doesn't seem extensive pool area. if you talk about many reasons, then yes,
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once you open planning a station on the launch, butte do are just going to increase the risk of lighting and the vision from the back to with it's not like the country, but considering the need to know this region of was the risk increases and while planning happens every year in the region, there are reports of the official saying that some areas have been receiving unprecedented b a which is making risk. recently dw corresponded to my narrative to re in delhi. thank you. belgium is returning the remains of patrice. moved by the icon of con, goes anti colonial movement to his family. and official ceremony is underway in brussels. it's believed a single tooth was all that was recovered of his body following his assassination in 961. remember,
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it was congo 1st prime minister after it gained independence the year before. of this report now, from our correspondent christine window on the life and legacy of patrice number. in this odd studio in brussels stands one of the greatest figures of the african independence movement. this larger than life size, statue of patrice luma, is attribute to him from the congolese community in belgium. lamar played a significant role in the transformation of the congo from a belgian colony, into an independent republic. a veteran moon baffled foul to freedom of his country . and he was killed for that, and the country never really recovered from that love until to day, patrice, remember, became the congress 1st. prime minister afterward gained independence in 1960. but he was only in office for a few months before he fell out with the country's former colonial ruler, which led to him being ousted in a qu, imprisoned, tortured,
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and later executed. ludo de victor is a belgian author who wrote a book about lumen best murder. the book reveals the belgian government's complicity and details how lumber and 2 of his associates were executed in the forest and how their bodies were disposed. it was done during the night, so there was a lot of villagers worm were very suspicious. and so very quickly yom or belgium and cover he's decided to dig up the brothers and 2 of the body completely destroyed. and so they got them into pieces and took this, sold them into a barrel of farm. and oh, so for us it's a belgian officer who was involved later confirmed the books account, including the part about him removing, remembers tooth and keeping it as a trophy. after the release of the book in 91, a parliamentary commission of inquiry concluded that belgium had, quote,
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moral responsibility for the members. killing. activism has continued here to force the countries of fully recognized and atone for its brutal colonial past. that led to the deaths of millions. in the d r. c. there's been some progress. after years of activism and debates, the brussels municipality opened the square named after and in honor of patrice, lamar already said that the symbolic gesture was intended to reflect belgium's colonial past. acts of his now used the space to tell people about countries remembers life and legacy. the main thing that he was assassinated for was to erase in politics and to erase his memory. so having de square is a, a way of for reviving his arm. his memory, patrice remembers, tooth is all that was left of him after he was killed. belgium,
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returning it to his family, is been welcomed as a 1st step. we hope it to be the beginning of the recognition death. colony alias was something wrong, was a crime against humanity. and that we can start to install a kind of politic of reparation. it's taken decades for the truth about the circumstances of patrice, remembers murder, to emerge congolese people at home and abroad. hope it will take less time for their nation and their hero to get justice. world swimming, governing body has effectively banned transgender women from competing in women's events. fin up members widely adopted a new gender inclusion policy and a vote that only permits swimmers who transitioned before age 12 to compete in women's events. the i o. c has given individual federations the right to make their
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own decisions on transgender athletes. swimming reached its decision based on research that says once a person has been through mail, puberty, a physiological advantage has been gained that cannot be equalized by hormone replacement therapy. it is a policy that is based on science. it is a policy that we need to introduce in order to protect the competitive fairness of our, of our event. however, i completely understand that this is a policy which will not be supported by some of our transgendered athletes. the debate intensified in march this year when university of pennsylvania swim. leah thomas became the 1st transgender in c, double a swimming champion in the women's 500 shout freestyle. and i don't want to make li thomas the center of this conversation on the world stage. but lia thomas has
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reportedly entered now she's been on hold with barbara for 3 years. her olympic dreams are gone. it is my hope that young girls all around the world can continue to dream of becoming a lympics and well champions in a female category. prioritizing the competitive cornerstone of fairness. however, it is also my hope that a young gender diverse child can walk into a swimming club and feel the same level of acceptance. the new policy received 73 percent of the votes at the feeney congress and will see an open category established for athletes who has transitioned male to female after the onset of puberty to formula one. now, red bull driver max for stop and has claimed victory in a thrilling canadian crown pre after holding off a late challenge. ah mac 1st step in started in pull position and
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made sure it would stay that way. attains last 15 laps for the red bill driver nearly threw this race wide open with ferrari's carlo st. launching a late attack, but for staff and managed to keep this found yard at being put on a i'm not sure you could. a are us working on a you burn. i was amazing. withstood the old prussia, brilliant, brilliant drive. the dutchman has and i, 15 of the last 6 races was really exciting at the end was giving and everything i had, of course, call us doing the same. you know, following is tricky on here. but i could see was pushing, charging, pushing. but of course that you on your, on the rest of it easier to charge so yeah, the last you left or a little for stuck then has tightened his grip at the very top. bleeding the driver standings with 46 point ah,
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you're watching dw news coming up next on d, w. news, asia. we'll look at the protests across india over a military recruitment bill. why the violence and what's behind the military thinking? plus the dispute in india over whether to establish hindi as the national language . that a more in detail you news asia with melissa china after a short break. and hopefully we'll be here from the top of the next hour. and don't forget, you can stay up to date on all the latest news on our website, d, w dot com for me in the team here for them take care of. thanks for watching. ah ah, with
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awe with not just another day. so much is happening all at once.
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we take time to understand this is the day an in depth look at current news. events was analyzed by experts and critical thinkers. not just another new show. this is the weekdays. on d, w is the end of the pandemic in site. we show what it could look like. return to the normal and we visit those who are finding it difficult with successes and in our weekly coping 19 special every thursday con d w. ah, leonardo da vinci's,
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mysterious masterpiece. this perhaps the greatest leonardo masterpiece and the collection of the louvre and no, it is not the mona lisa. it is the virgin of the rocks, 2 versions, multiple copies, and a hidden drawing. was there another symbolic meaning to this beautiful painting that perhaps we just don't understand? a search for answers starts july 7th on d, w. ah, you're watching d. w. news asia coming up today. angry young men protest across india. unhappy with the new military recruitment process, will the moody government back down or push ahead with the changes despite the violent disruptions.


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