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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 21, 2022 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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of the holocaust hatred towards juice is still pervasive. a history of anti semitism starts july 2nd on d, w. mm ah ah, this is dw use live from berlin, ukraine's president says russia is getting nervous over ukrainian activity as moscow pours resources into 2. it's don bass offensive. hello to miss zalinski calls rushes aggression. an evil that can only be contained on the field. also coming up is really, voters faced their 5th election in less than 4 years. prime minister natalie
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bennett's 8 party coalition says it's dissolving parliament as the country face is another long spell of political gridlock and germany's premier global art show. the documentary covers up one of its works after complaints of anti semitic stereotypes . ah, i'm nick spicer. welcome to the program. president vladimir zalinski says moscow is growing nervous ahead of an e e. u summit. later this week where lawmakers will decide whether to grant ukraine candidacy for the block. if that's approve, it would be a triumph for keith. although the path to membership would like to take years, ukraine says russia is stepping up. it's attacks in the eastern don bass region with ukrainian troops doing everything possible to hold their ground. authorities
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said rushes advantage in arms and equipment was making the situation very difficult . but in his nightly address on mondays lensky remain defied. yet. yeah, he put it, but russia is very nervous about our activity. remind that'll there's been more showing of hot given odessa of this, there's been more fruitless souls in the done bus. i mean, not done by see, this is an evil dot can only be defeated on the battlefield. kicking a bullet where defending the see chance goes each and save your internet's kind of been a school with this whole region is the most difficult. the some neighbor had the hardest fights and for more on this, let's bring in a nic connolly from keith. nick russia is acting nervously considering its gains in the bass. and recently, what does moscow have to be nervous about? well, i think the scale of those gains and the costs inflicted by ukraine's army on russia is grant, are different grounds,
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fort notices in moscow. if you think about where this school started with russia trying to take the whole of ukraine and expecting to take the country in a matter of days and now having to basically sell gains on the scale of a couple of streets. a couple of 100 meters gained every day within the steep severed of the network as a success. that definitely is cause for concern in russia given you know, that the world thought this was the world's 2nd most powerful army. after the american army are going into this war, so the scale or the relative lack of scale of gains is called concern and also now ukraine's weapons deliveries coming from the west to rocket launcher systems. going from the u. s. and t ship missiles coming from other countries. those definitely are weapon systems that will give you crane the opportunity to shift the balance of power on the battlefield and potentially make it even harder for us to make gains in the weeks and months coming ahead. so definitely reason in moscow for concern they are making gains, but it is coming at huge costs in terms of lives and equipment. and nick, president zalinski has been calling as an historic week because the european union
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is to decide on whether ukraine can be a candidate for a membership or what impact would being a candidate have on the country. this is a massive deal. yes, this would take potentially years for ukraine to join the you. but this is a kind of commitment that ukraine has never been able to receive from western countries even after basically having a revolution in 2014. that was all about joining the you and other western clubs. the revolution of dignity is it called here. ukraine is the only country people have gone on to the streets and faced bullets holding european flags. so the fact that europe has now finally said yes, at some point we are going to let you in, if you fulfill all the criteria that is a massive psychological boost for people here. it gives people really an understanding and understanding of what they're fighting through, where this country is going to go. and it basically gives you great sense of indication that, you know, they are not going to be kept to some kind of limbo forever. that they are gonna be
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given a basically a roadmap towards joining a european club that has, you know, in terms of poland in terms of the neighboring country. the baltics, which shown that it gives these forms communist countries a real path to economic and also other political development. even in the years leading up to membership, that status will be a huge economic boost. it will give investors coming in to ukraine. certainty that they will be able to protect their money, their investments, and that really will have an impact on ukraine's economic rebuilding of this war in the immediate impact in immediate a couple of years even before. mm hm. sure. okay, thanks. nick t w's. nick connelly reporting for us from keith since the beginning of the war, volunteers across ukraine had been doing their part for the fight, some returning to recycling to help save soldiers lies. d w rebecca readers has more. this all junkyard is a junkyard. no more. when war broke out,
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volunteers took over the space and turned it into a military workshop. steamer is a sound engineer and voice of the artist. now he makes flak, jackets moves across number, little of it, really fully profess were requested from google. so we decided to try make some a small number from 30 pieces. we wanted to raise 47000 her if near for that's sure, people wrote so connected that we raised 150000 in the 1st 3 to 4 days or so. we made 3 times as many of the your morsbow brothers were due. so far they've sent more than $700.00 of the vests to the front lines. places like hunt, keith, china, his and mc alive, there's recycling involved and the work looks aren't, isn't all that the product is military grade level certificate. this mitchell is certified 8 millimeters thick at 1 o'clock. this rubber from a conveyor belt is glued on top of its liam. it acts as an anti fragmentation layer where this robert traps or splinters from the bullets we through my of c. or of
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course, if you call it the metal and rubber a bound together in strong tape, and like holy cross. ne, if a joke, after 2 o'clock work fireproof material usually used to make sofas, forms the out, a shell of the vests, just pop the plates inside these purpose built pockets. and hey, presto, westfield pretty good, once you get it on it, quite comfortable and much lighter than you might expect, much lighter than some of the press fest i've even had to wear in the field. but the real test, of course, is going to be whether or not it can stop a bullet. the plates deflect shots from an a k 47 standard equipment for the russian army. what's, what's equal, oh wow. or to then city it with his outside,
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he shows his old track to wheels that will go in to some of the vessels. soldiers arrived to pick up some for the comrades. they learn what kind of bullets their new body armor can stop with a quick trip into the shop to take what they need. then they're off to the front lines. we get to save lives made in ukraine. israel's 8 party government coalition is falling apart. it's members say they plan to dissolve the parliament, which would mean fresh elections as early as october. the coalition has been in office for just one year and suffered a setback in april, losing its one c majority in thickness it, it survives to know confidence votes earlier on monday, prime minister natalie bennett is expected to step aside with foreign minister. yeah. rapid taking, replacing him in a caretaker road until a new government is swore him a buck b land come. earlier we asked he
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w jerusalem correspondent tenure cramer if the dissolution of natalie, bennett's government came as a surprise to israelis. well i have to tell you, i think it didn't really come as a surprise to many israelis. there were signs in recent months and weeks at this coalition was not lost, it's full term. so both the prime minister in of tal dependent and a foreign minister, yella pete ah, who's also the on his also the alternate prime minister. and they realised that deborah had run out of options to hold this coalition. together. mister bennet denied highlighted the achievements of this government, but he also said it was a tough decision, but was the best for the country also in light that this government had increasingly no problems to pause actually legislation and thickness it. most recently, the government failed to pass to extend actually an emergency law that pertains to is ray law. in settlements in the occupied westbank, the both mister bennett
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a miss le pete had, as said earlier in his statement that they had agreed to dissolve the kinessa. and that mister lupita will take over as care take her prime minister until the next elections, which will most likely take place in october. according japan has upheld a ban on same sex marriage is constitutional. 3 same sex couples had sued for compensation, sang a right to equality and for union was being violated in a blow to l. g. b t q writes the court rejected their demands, anger and disappointment. for the theme sex couples in japan who petitioned for their right to maddie the all thank god, district court ruling has come as a shock he really hung get to the level only. i think it is a database of ruling deed was that it just wants to do sna that people are being discriminated against for their sexuality or something. they cannot change
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a hotel. i am extremely furious and i am very disappointed. he go yo contadino. the court rejected the petitioners claim that a ban on same sex marriage is unconstitutional. and against that i do equality. it admitted to the need for public and parliamentary debate on the rights of same sex couples, but stopped shy of taking a stand in favor of them. the ruling, surprisingly, dan counter to that of another district court in 2021 which had found the ban on same sex marriage on constitutional japan is the only g 7 nation that does not recognize same sex marriage. does some municipalities support limited rights. couple still cannot inherit each other's assets or have bad into
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rights of each other's children. white conservative attitudes persist in japan. opinion false sure, that the majority favor theme, sex matter, china moment from lives. the court should acknowledge that the bands and wants to do tional, japanese society is becoming more open, but things are still different. yos, it makes me pink. what's wrong with japan? we hope that i think japanese people nowadays have more interest in edgy me to q issues. that but that a still discomfort here when compared to other countries. i personally hope that will change must get along. these petitioners won't be giving up any time soon. their next stop they see is the osaka high court every 5 years. the document of art exhibition in the german city of castle showcases modern and contemporary works from around the world. but the courage show one of those works has now been hidden from public view. a giant banner depicting anti semitic
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stereotypes to portray jewish israelis has been condemned by officials and organizers. this is the image that is causing widespread controversy. a hooked nose fangs, and bloodshot eyes, paired with the side carls traditionally warned by ultra orthodox jews. the image is part of a work of art by the indonesian collective tart, p 80 i. it took center stage at the document to holland castle. these, this building does is he had skate. this illustration clearly has anti semitic imagery. there's protection against anti semitism, as well as protection against racism and any form of misanthropy of fundamental human values, ones was, and if those values aren't respected, then the freedom of expression in art has its limitations. lie hud isla gunther in the same work of art, a man with a pigs noses depicted as a member of masada, the israeli foreign intelligence service. this too is an anti semitic stereotype.
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the israeli embassy reacted by tweeting documentary promotes global style propaganda. mary mandel is the director of the anne frank educational center. he's equally appalled and demands that the artwork be removed by the ship. we also need to question exactly how such a picture was created in the 1st place, and then how it was allowed. such a prominent place in the exhibition or the enzyme home and entered dots in there. i watched him in the lower part of the art where are depictions of massacres and genocides. the holocaust is notably missing. the central council of jews has been highly critical of this. they said, documentary organizer is guaranteed there would be nothing anti semitic in this year's exhibition. clearly, the organizers have failed when it comes to the topic of anti semitism. the exhibition has denied any connection with anti semitism and apologize for any hurts caused the controversial artwork will remain at document up. however,
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it will remain hidden from visitors from to day onwards. behind huge panels of heavy cloth. that's all for now. stephen beardsley is up next with the business use and don't forget others, our website all round the clock. if you want more information at dw dot com were also on twitter and instagram at the end of the news. let me spicer. thanks raj. with what is a homework of civilization.


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