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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  June 21, 2022 9:30pm-10:01pm CEST

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and violent is the monkeys from then on. the jews were considered servants of evil . they simply told you about the most atrocious chapter undone. within 6 years, a 3rd of our people were exterminating 6000000 jews, like microbes to be annihilated. even 77 years after the holocaust hatred towards jews is still pervasive. a history of anti semitism starts july 2nd on d w a . i feel like we're capable and we did it and we're so proud of ourselves with
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we are living during the most extraordinary time in history of transport. we'll go pull the electric with rev the auto and mobility show and saudi arabia. women are now embarking on new terrain in the world of motor sports. driving is so new to us. it's only been a few years. you know that we've been driving and saudi party drives a cab on the roads. and papa new guinea, which are dangerous for more reasons than one that's my life with we also take a spin in a superlative maclaren supercar. it's simply crazy. you can really flip it real on that one. and i don't want to how loud it will be in that car to go $330.00 and we
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look at germany's new cut price, public transport ticket scheme. i have to catch the train. thank you. talk a lot for an awesome adventure right now on red blue . me to give you that towards coffee with ladies and jan's. welcome to the raft. check. there are cars out there that you will see every few minutes on the streets. for example, v w's golf, and then there are costs that you will see every once in a while, for example, band plays are expensive porsches. and then there are cars that you will see once a year, or maybe even less often. and one of these, if the mclaren 765 l t spider mm
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l t stands for long tail, and i tend to 5 microns most extreme driver oriented models. of course, then you need to check out when you have a car with that much power is the acceleration. let's do that right now. mm. it's simply crazy. you can feel that slip is real on that 12.8 seconds from 0 to 100 kilometers. now a little more than 7 seconds to go from 0 to 218 seconds from 0 to 300. the top speed, by the way, 330 kilometers an hour. this is incredible. i mean, i don't wanna imagine how loud it will be in that car to go 330. probably you won't
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even understand what i'm saying anymore. the 765 is based on the maclaren 720 s by adding horsepower, removing weight and making other adjustments. the british company made this race car ethan sports. yeah, i thought you can tell right away is rather loud in that car. of course they made lighter windows which then lake city just here. busy the stone that you hear hitting the underbody every once in a while, you hear everything in that car, but on the other end you're very close to the road. you can feel the connection to the asphalt. and it really gives you that sports car feeling because of the loudness inside because of the way it handles in curve. and of course, because with
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the custom carbon fiber body is shaped to increase down force and improve cooling of chorus, that much power also needs to be stopped. and that's why the $765.00 l t hasta breaking system off the hyper swatca mclaren center. and that will make the car stop from 2020 in just 110 meter. below it front suspension unwind, attract, provide even better handling the price of sound of the v 8 by turbo located behind the passengers is enhanced by the quote exit full titanium exhaust system. maclaren 765 l t spider has a secret compartment that is hidden right here and you can open it and then you will see it's pretty small. under the hood, you'll find enough the 2 mediums, 2 cases,
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interiors reduced to the essentials, so that nothing distracts the driver from the driving experience. a small place indicates that production was limited to $765.00 units. there's a 7 speed, automatic transmission. you can also use the paddles behind the steering wheel to shift manually. oh wow. as this by the version you can of course open the rule up to 15 kilometers an hour while you're driving and that is pretty good because the car does not have an air condition standard of course to save some weight and make the car even faster again of course all of that off, totally. but the re
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a spots going through the will just live with the heat in the car in the summer. but for me, i will close it again now because it's already loading up in that car and having the roof open will not make that any better. for those not interested in convertibles, the still the co pay version of the $765.00 lp or anyone who really likes to take everything that the optimal price it has to offer. you can get an electric chrome roof and when the press of a button it will turn dark. and that's. busy for a really nice price, it's more than $9000.00 euros in germany. real ball game. too much optional equipment will quickly make you put back the 80 killers. the
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denise managed to take off the $720.00 s base model. this car is definitely not made for everyday driving because the consumption we should not talk about it, but you will not be able to drive below 50 leaders. and if you decide to step on the gas and enjoy the sound and the acceleration, ah, then we'll talk and weigh about 2025 leaders. yeah. so not only is the car expensive, but also driving an owning it is expensive as well. despite its incredible power, the mclaren $765.00 l t is we a wheel drive? special $305.00 millimeter wine to rally p 0 tra, for our tires. we'll provide you with plenty of great. most of the time. as you might have guessed, a car like this comes at a very special price, $369000.00 euros in germany is the entry level price. and then if you add some
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options like this car has, you will go way above 500000 euros. now, even if you think, oh, i just wrong 500000 euros in my pocket. you will not be able to buy such a car because all 765 units have already been sold to some of the crown 765 l t spider is far from a sensible car, but the fun you can have with this power house is pretty much unmatched, but it is a very ram and expensive sports car, but only few can afford with germany has introduced a new 9 jojo ticket that it hopefully to have the use nice public transport across the country. i hope that it will motivate people to take the trains and to leave their car where it is. i think it could get crowded on the weekends. i think is
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a good, a good opportunity for all of us who endured germany. we often doesn't go through their me classes, public transport price and with the name 190 degree. is this the earlier public transportation revenues and, and can germany become a model for the rest of the way to emulate? there is at the berlin have been up to find out exactly that for 3 months, june, july, and august. a public transport ticket in germany will cost just $9.00 your or a month. it doesn't matter if you're a german resident or a tourist, the 9 euro ticket will allow you to use all types of local public transport in cities across the country. but is it really revolutionary? and why does it exist at all? energy prices in germany have skyrocketed since the war in ukraine began. the 9 for
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90 ticket is a bit to reduce dependence on russian oil, decrease fuel consumption and increased climate friendly travel. the government hopes the spoken winds, more people to ditch their cars for public transport for good. i think it's a great opportunity for people not to get in their cars. like use the railway system that is already really good here in berlin. i think it's a good idea. i think the 9 year old tickets together with the high prices for petro can be some sort of the motivation for those people. still deciding whether they need a car or not. others believe the government should get rid of delays and cities and reduce poor connectivity? andrew related as well. i've, i mean our cast vendor shopping via the lot of is all canvass mid to a bottle damage and events i tell you won't lend lease into it. does this thing visit off auto? i'm give you a go that's good had to my kid and i was bought
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a few seconds ago and hadn't key in germany. cars still lead the way only 26 percent of all commutes are done on public transport. and the pen demik certainly put a lot of people off public transport with the annual commuter numbers dropping by 300000000 in 2021. getting more people to literally hop back on board could be the key to cleaner and green cities. but existing problems need to be addressed. from fisher most large from the got enough good. also, the often does want to come. germany is not the 1st country to try and subsidize public transport. back in 2020 luxemburg became the 1st country in the world to introduce completely free public transport. the and the other cities in europe where all or some public transport is completely
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free of cost. the 9 your ticket still does have a surprise in store other than saving you money on your daily commute. you can also use this ticket to travel between cities, provided you avoid drafted long distance trends that are plenty of slower, local, and regional trains that could get you as far as hamburger even the body to create an attractive proposition for people planning to explore germany, especially if they have time to spare elia and we can lower the germany, so it is good to meet and you think that was really good. so what do i think of the 9 your ticket. okay. said the go from yeah. yeah. and back everything that it was me 60 auto and now it's going to cost me $90.00 auto for the entire month, which i think isn't too bad. so does the 9 you order ticket for germany at the
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forefront of innovative public transport solutions nor but it's a step in that i did action one that's making some people happy. i have to catch the train. thank you. hi my with i don't like telling them that during tax, in fact, they're expecting you to find out with this my else a need sometimes in the night. so now with i'm wanting a
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for going to and build up later to get up and said that they begin to do is i don't know if you're lucky. i leave them on a website with total number was with with the night. we have all these little that on them. sometimes there that i do
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a robust lazy. that's my live here. i did it with with and he what is a lot we are going to ask about our ability. we have a little bit of a buffer in 3 lines ring and beat them up. and oh, oh, special about it's really, it's been a really don't over see. and i think there are so many with people that made them, you know, i know with the offer that money. okay. but price will have to pay for the family and the pipes over again.
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this one is a bit of not leather. they are not meant with this video, not see a tech see when you jump on about that you'll get a chance to read them off. anyhow. we have a $5.05. you'll pay $50.00. yeah. everyone is coming close by and whining, playing yeah. that's, that's my favorite, dropped a much more information to watch these old men. but you know, you want the blockade you by doing a police like a 16 year old in the future with
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one person who can readily at the moment. it's triggering out $51.00 black. believe that much more then let me run really. i've read ones that i almost go that in there is the i do have the goals to one of those bust of them. they're very funny. the bus goes there with calling a little de la ones are bullish, gets in, we do a one not right. it's wanted to one can. but for some, some like really for example, from, for me,
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i have every week bills. it's a little router that's gonna give up. all is gets done well that i give them a lot. okay, that's the end of my system. i got to the i don't i have to go. no, it's already time. so my see fancy in june. good. bear with me right on here. and so putting all the numbers in arrows can be bewildering for beginners to look at your ladies simone as schooling to budding racing drive rule
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on the art of binding your bearings and the desert. so it's a bit easy to, to hit and we studied the manual yesterday. so everything sasha come all in l. hom . alcohol are newbies to the world of motor sports and are preparing for their very 1st race, which is an historic one. the 1st ever women's rally events in saudi arabia, driving is so new to us. it's only been a few years. you know that we've been driving and saudi, but you know, the off road is, is our backyard, literally that we, you know, we've grown up racing and having fun on the weekends. so it kind of comes naturally to us. and we're excited that it's finally like an official. busy legit event on the final training before the big race and l hom. 32 is at the we'll just go on my job to look at it and focus. i thought my co pilot, sasha, 34 loves the adventure. even if not the navigation, we're at $1200000.00 reality. they were jolla, they simone, a from motor sports, crazy italy, preparing the 2 friends for their race is a labor of love and also
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a challenge. because the made up as soon as they set me up the caution. this is sheila, but what's difficult here is he can't train year round because of the weather school. plus you don't have the number of garages you do in italy funding. so there are more challenges and yeah, but on the plus side and we have the most beautiful desert on a world here, guys, a demo disaster bellowed warned me, a new era has dawned in saudi arabia. traditionally roads here were strictly reserved for men only until 2018. this was the only country left on the planet where women were barred from driving. before a major political, you turn the kingdoms all male leadership headed by crown prince mohammed bin solomon introduced vision, 2030 a set of economic and social reforms including limited freedoms for women. but the regimes, human rights record remains anything but visionary lotion all how long was among the activists who bought for women's right to drive. but who have since
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a government crackdown on descent? she's currently subject to a 5 year travel ban on sasha and joyce. the recent changes in the country she chooses not to wear a head scarf or western style of dress is now permitted in public but still, there is a long way to go for equal rights and opportunities for women here. issues with divorced women like how to take care of the whole situation with children. there's issues with a higher treated in the workplace. you know, women in business where a minority, even in sports like it's, it's very new to saudi, but universally, it's been a difficult thing. but the obstacles to progress, she says, are not only from the men. because some of the women like because they didn't do it in their generation, they feel like they shouldn't teach their daughters to do the same thing. so for example, my mom wanted me to go into ballet or something, gurley, early,
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per se. but my message is that there is no gender when it comes to sports, breaking down societal norms and traditions takes a huge effort. men and women can work out together at this gym in the capital re on, on thinkable back when sasha and l ha were still kids annual membership costs of princely, $13000.00. no problem for the 2 business women now more eager than ever to stay in shape. their big race is just around the corner. it's just before 6 a. m, as the sun rises over high in a city, in the north of the country. man, the host of the country's 1st rally event for women. over at this mosque, local men ponder the changes under way in their nation opinion is divided while some have reservations. others welcome the idea of women at the wheel
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we. we really encourage that leading could, is that and we, we are standing beside that is too fast because, ah, we are, we are, we consider us as we have on television. we have on clay tedium with not far down the road. there's a flurry of activity in and around the parking lot as 68 drivers fine tune their vehicles, while some also record that vital instagram video just to competitors have yet to show up. i check on the those and see whether or not you already and now there is is only 10 minutes. yeah. it's ok bye. so the time is good that but he that but their team chief is relieved when they
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finally turner. it's a particularly proud moment for sasha and l hom, as they get to apply their names to the car together with the saudi national emblem . after a quick photo in just minutes to go, sasha gets down to her principal job for the race, navigating their way through the road book. on that will free the race takes competitors through the ruby alcholay, the largest sand desert in the world. sasha l. home and their car have put in a good performance and they crossed the finish line 6. 1. 0, oh was amazing. the landscaping spectacular. sasha banged her head at one point along the at times very bumpy ride. at one point when i was dizzy,
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she had to call race and drive at the same time. and you know, this is of these type of experiences. really test your partnership. i feel really like happy that we're taking responsibility and learning ourselves. i feel like we're capable and we did it and we're so proud of ourselves and all the other girls, to be honest, the headache will soon fe, unlike their pride in delight, women who have written a new chapter in the history of motor sports shot before way to go jonas next time, the moon ref 9 to purve, we waited for you. i was like, well, you so
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much frustration and so few fish, british fishermen are furious. many of them supported brag it and believed the promises of their government. but instead of more fishing rights,
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they now have less income, troubled waters, british fishermen, and brags it close on 90 minutes on d. w. o. ah, leonardo da vinci's mysterious masterpiece. and it's perhaps the greatest leonardo masterpiece in the collection of the louvre. and no, it is not the mona lisa. it is the virgin of the rocks, 2 versions, multiple copies, and a hidden drawing. was there another symbolic meaning to this beautiful painting that perhaps we just don't understand? the search for answers starts july 7th on d,
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w. well go to the dark side where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings. there was a before 911 and an after 911. he says, after 911, the clubs came off where organized cry, rules and genuine use a global network of companies, banks, and operators. we will provide those services to anyone operation, the criminal economy. where conglomerates make their own laws. they invade our private lives through surveillance. hidden, opaque, secretive work through what's vague, it doesn't matter. the only criteria is what we'll hook people up. we shed light on the opaque worlds who's behind who benefits and why are they
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a threat to us all opaque worlds this week on d w? ah, ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin tonight more russian attacks in eastern you crate. the governor of lou hunt say everything that can burn is on fire. as russian missiles, rain down ukraine is still waiting for more heavy weapons from the west. also coming up tonight, a diplomatic crisis escal.


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