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tv   The 77 Percent  Deutsche Welle  June 22, 2022 12:30am-1:01am CEST

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ah, this perhaps the greatest leonardo masterpiece and the collection of the louvre and no, it is not the mona lisa. it is the virgin of the rocks, 2 versions, multiple copies and drawing. was there another symbolic meaning to this beautiful painting that perhaps we just don't understand today? search for answers starts july 7th on dw. hello, and welcome to a very special edition of the 77 percent. i'm excited to show you a new series that we've been cookin jest for you. we call it dig in deep. i am michael o t and i am glad to have you here. with this miss shaw s. about education and the lens that some young people go. so yes,
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what's coming up in our new series? dig in deep, we'll find out why northern cyprus is so attractive for african students. and will also uncover this come exploitation and human traffic in some of the students have to endure. and we'll get into the mind of a human mental calculator in many african countries or foreign degree could improve once life significantly. that is why more africans are chosen to study abroad. the traditional destinations have always been bureau, north america, and china. but lately, a lot of africans are going to this tiny island, specifically each year about $20000.00 africans school to the turkish republic of northern cyprus, a country that does not exist. so what is this place, and why isn't it a real country?
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said buck for a quick history lesson. ah, the de facto states of the tech has republicans not in cyprus, must not be confused with the republic of cyprus in the south, which is part of the european union. the island of cyprus was divided in 1974 after a series of conflicts that resulted in turkey occupied in norton house. in 1983, the north unilaterally declared independence, which is only recognized by turkey. to day, the north is largely populated by turkish cypriots and a south by greek cypriots. the capital city is divided into nicholas c, i in the south and left kotia to the north. they night admissions maintains a buffer soon to avoid any further house till it is between the 2 sides. it is illegal to cross the border without a valid facade due to its defacto status, and force in human rights in the north is hot. regardless in the last 2 decades,
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the law has seen a spike in international universities. as of this year, around $20000.00 africans study in that not because education is relatively cheap. some of the students have however, been racially profiled on discriminated against. recently the mafia has reportedly made northern cyprus, it's backyard. so why do many african still study here? the reason could be that sub sahara africa is witness in a boon in demand for tertiary education because of its young population and invest in degree could mean a better paying job and possibly a better life. so when i saw this well produced but ambiguous video of a student agency that said, study in cyprus, a world class education center that promises employment in the u. i got curious. so i trouble there to find out what's happening on that island. and what i found out
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is that, well, all that glitters is sign off for yourself. oh, come with me. behind a hot of left cushion in the ancient city in northern side force. this mediterranean island office, not just history, but also international education. and as a reason why each year several 1000 african students show up on this island looking fun international degree. so, what makes it so attractive? we find out us of this year between 20 and 30000 african students study in northern cyprus, given an overall population of less than 400000 inhabitants. stocks quite and number no one that they become a pillar of the northern south cross economy and economy. the housemaid, struggling since a turkish cypriots declared independence in 1983. after years of war and crises.
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in the early 2 thousands, no university program started to our truck international students with low tuition fees and affordable accommodation. the growing number of students keeps the economy running around 20 universities in the small defact of territory are wound potential graduates. this must be students have in them to find out more. i met with, oh my in a room who is a student, an editor of a trouble magazine. so besides education, what do students get out of this place? it, as you know, cypress has a lot of terrace locations. so we organized the tories places and then take students there. their response is always like, oh, when is the next one happening? ways to happening puts me on your broadcast list. so i can be getting notification . so yeah, that sounds amazing. but stood and life cannot always be blissful when i asked
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about potential problems. oh, my insists so far. you cannot have everything in everyone's you days. always going to be somebody new somewhere. bought it the when you checked the bad news compared to the positive aspects. of course you would find a bit of a higher ground for the positivity with this talk about bad news made me suspicious. so i decided to do some begin of my own. and what i found was disturbing i've seen stories and leases in discrimination and even the death of some students is this the same modern cypress? there must be something happened in year. i want to talk to some students to find
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out if there's another side to the northern cyprus story. on the outskirts of left kosher, i'm about to meet brutus cleaned up as students up near east university. as president of the library and students association. he said a lot of complaints from other students who came to the island by agents recruit us, who promised them easy work and affordable accommodation. but a reality is, is connell's difficult. currently, i have are more than almost 10 students who are just popping partially with france because they came and in accommodation, some of them why the agent told in the price and other stock the os as college at an bookish stay low at mount. why the international students be high amount for garcia? we students this blues, us or have a job? why shouldn't be like an as plot? yet?
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it is completely addiction. you feel it ethics, my, he has blocked asian as location, but no prospects for whack. and under financial pressure, some students choose desperate measures. one of my bread us left thea with me. i do do the same mist information he got from the it in like did his work. so when he came, he went to school the 1st semester and the 2nd semester opponent, biggest to wish him, he couldn't be his to wish him. so he decided to finter to the soft. he got arrested and he was sent to jill brutus himself faces severe financial difficulties because his agent did not tell him the truth. it on top of all that, just recently his landlord arbitrarily increased the rent. and how are you going to money? well, that's a tough question. well, actually, it's probably 2 of the historically,
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i work up to the $189.00. why? i'm not going to, i'm not, i'm not working. i don't have the money to pay aside the story. the bluetooth have just said they are some of the students who the mean been deported for things that we will not even close to a crime. and this gave me a glimpse into education in northern cyprus, high volume. you also mentioned that education events can be found everywhere. the help many international students find the right to me by city, no place to see. also in the t r and see there are events who have done a fantastic job, giving some students a good experience. but others whose mission presentational fox has some students in a really difficult position. so i went to find someone who knows a bit more about these events in man, all actually if a ph, d student and co founder of voice shot for voices of international students in cyprus,
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one of the largest student organizations on the island. and here is what i asked him. a critical part of this recruitment process is the use of agents by the senior cities. talk to us about how that works. if i went in, for example, the apple for university, i have an understanding of the university. that's what every student i drink. so northern part of cyprus, all right, i get paid and what? $500.00 to $600.00 by the university. i also reserve the right to ask for a feed from the student i'm bringing and so suggest to understand that the agent able to take agency fees from the student and also paid consult feed from the recipe for bringing the student actually sort of the and i think the really bad thing about the whole agency issues. it's not regulated. in fact, we do know from some of those studies that we've done. that's a huge, almost 2 percent of students. that the gen misled them. and i to them,
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when you said the misled them, what, what, what are some of the things that agents told them, though one or 2? i mean, i'm, we've heard cases as bad. all right. as well. not mention in that you would come to the northern part of cyprus, just say in cyprus, and you may be asking the question, move all the technology information. how are these phones are not able to find the yeah. mission and we did ask this question to some agents on what they told us was we, are we really are, we contact the parents, they will not go to the internet and start searching for information about type a. so it's easier to mislead that way. but of course, we also know that some agents will not talk about your comments suppository. well, your chemistry has been part of cyprus, but they don't give you the full picture. you are told, for example, well, you can get a job when you come here. you can get a scholarship when you can buy students. come on the, i know jobs, the legal we, the vast majority, i work in the unregulated us, illegal workers, scholarships, well, it's gonna shapes our shannon scholarships are not exist that it looks like the
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agents system is not regulated at all. how is this even possible? i would know that the very short answer i would tell you is that it's by design. in fact, it is no longer misleading information. it is trafficking and the institutions and the administration is beauty. i've been a part of this. so the entire system is benefiting from the general practices they formation a manual gave me was not only disturbing, but backed by hot fox voice did a survey of $800.00 students with 79 point one percent of them being african modem . half of them had bad experiences with the agents on an island, with little to no student jobs become an agent, could be lucrative. the entry barrier is low. the missing regulation leads to a large number of misled and often for mobile young people easy pre for launch shocks and all sorts of other exploitation as for sale,
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or soon as you wright's lawyer tells me. so you are telling me about a mill students who also end up in the construction sector. explain again how that works. so what they do is that sometimes they try to find jobs, they can't. so they fail to pay the university as they become passive students. so they become irregular, they do them at the same time, and they can go back to their counselors, for our variety of reasons, either because they're scared that they will be judged by their parents because their parents have paid a lot for their child to go up road, you know, especially in some african cultures, is a very, very valuable thing to send someone up wrote and did, they don't know what to what to do when they go back to their counselors without even a degree. so they still have a hope that they can work and in the future, once they save money, they would complete their studies. basically, this is the major motivation. and they, they work in construction size. we see young,
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especially african men to work in the construction sides. and to work in that culture in the family, especially mean of course you know how to mission. that means. but are there specific examples of human trafficking that you have personally dealt with? yes, yes. i mean, actually many cases and they are recently monster related to trafficking of young african girls into and they're forced into sex at work basically by personnel traffickers or sometimes criminal groups. and they deceive them. and when they arrive here they, they meet with them in the airport and they take them to private apartments. and the few days later, they start telling them that they need to engage in prostitution. and that they have depth to that traffic or so we called it dep on dates in the literature of human trafficking. so they, they say that they are not allowed to leave home. they're not allowed to go to the university. and if they resist, most of the time,
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they are physically abuse or say politically manipulated by the traffickers. so this is a very typical sexual exploitation case in the market, the impact of psychosis and kenesha, some light on who these groups are. these criminal networks with the abuse of the student visa type of trafficking. we see a lot of porting kind of traffic, her groups being that and their numbers are getting higher and higher each year. basically, i'm trying to understand when you see foreign tropical groups, what are some me so in that in the exploitation of young african goes, we see african woman and african men engaged mostly. but also they have collaboration with some locals as well. i mean, it's just horrible and to make matters worse because their t r n c is a de facto state. it is really hard to enforce human rights on when groups like fizzy was rescue some of these girls. it cannot directly talk to some government in africa because this part is more recognized. and really their quest for education
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should never lead to situations like we've just head, although investigations are ongoing. what i found out is that many of these cases never make it to the attorney general's office for prosecution. the police officer says it is conducting more investigations, investigations that really never end. so i confronted ben lawton, south ross, minister of education, with these problems. some of a lot of international students are facing challenges with regard to discrimination issues to do with russia, profile in universities. as a result of the competition selling programs that sometimes are not exist or agents represented in restless in a way that is not accurate. ah, what is a plan to deal with these issues regarding the international students? her face will drop off your bay. i sure am. our people are
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not inherently discriminatory by. we cannot allow or isolated incidents to generalize their whole takesha community in limerick. a couple of them to the gym as well thought total globule. james, build it to them. been here, but despite all of this, um, they are issues with misrepresentation and students getting here and finding out that their reality i'm is not what is actually on the ground. and this is regards to destiny de invest. he's, you seen agents, how is, are these agents and they, their equipment, leasing recipes. supervised a generally in risk to learning kim, the with sure that all the universities are in communication with the student solar eclipse. but with regards to the agencies, we are preparing a legislation, b. yes, awesome. the agents have to be accredited by the ministry of education. if they
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want to bring 4 in students who are the ones that are not accredited, are not able to bring students to the island, wouldn't you? larry was shaken and also dos edge and so mislead students will be penalize her all, even if minor incidents happen. but also then cult michelle of dollars from now they will be held accountable. and hankey rode in japan, burly bill she, katie, all much that chalk, matthew, that bird a be all i all will show sabrina on that go to nick ish mit other. now, a jim for letting me let him become an occur figured in a state where corruption is rife, get injustice is a slow process. still, lawton, psy processed great universities. the of them round in the times high education list, but for your own safety, facility soon has some advice. don't rely on an individual to come to the non competitive cyprus. try to rely on institutions. try to make your research in way
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you can don't trust the people that you meet online. don't trust the world. so saying that you will easily find the job here because it's not true. we have an economic crisis here and it's going to get verse. and there are basically almost no job opportunities, no decent job opportunities. i may say 4 seasons here. so probably even if you find the job you will be exploited and you would not be able to to seek justice after that. so and plus, make sure that you are financially sustainable enough. and so that if you have any problems here, you wouldn't be in a position financially thing. on average, the semester fees in the north, in cyprus, it's about 1000 years. and this is very cheap compared to europe or north america. and because of this, northern cyprus will continue to be a hub for those who are looking for a cheap degree. but you need to understand that it is not europe,
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and it is not the republic of cyprus. and more importantly in need to listen to the advice that physio assist given. if you've had any experience in northern cyprus, getting talked with us by our social media and also via email 7 to 7 at dw dot com. you can also watch the full version of our new series begin deep on youtube tunnel from africa. students who are trying to get an education outside a continent. let's meet this teacher who has a fascinating brain. michael de la b does not need a calculator to find out what is 100000000000 minus 3 multiplied by 5 divided by 2 . he just does it in his mind. let's find out how his mind works. they call him the human calculator. turn up michael jewelry is legacy must with kid in seconds. he can crunch big numbers. an odd, obstruct divide,
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find square and cube root. he's fierce. see his cube as a superpower. but for tele, it's simple. we got to my been as the magnet and maybe the question, just like i don't get up. it's been attracted to immediately. it thinks it's in. it says in mind because i needed a geographer by profession. taylor has always been good at mathematics, but he doesn't rest on his laurels. he's obsessed with improving. this is my battery. i travel much as what was going on as it contains number, not in numbers alone on. i can get that that we things i don't not to do before when to 30 year old is not putting or using his math skills to well crowds in lego . teach you to, to, to, to let himself graduated really a year ago. he's already a celebrity at lego state university. on michael, you knew mentored me for 3 years now. when, when he left for com,
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i'd be calling to know more about development. now, my friends, tennis cube often leave his p as in all, but the good natured boffin takes it in his train. if you see me with my give not be an ordinary here, even when to get to know about me before the see what i can do, then i'll call them you can do these ordinary to do these out of these ward and send those abilities are starting to pay off, even lending him a scholarship for software engineering for an i c t college in or you can, i mean you divided by and i mean. 2 you don't sleep on this much, we with he's abilities and he's definitely want to watch what's there? square root off $25.00 minus 3 times $24.40 me. i can't thus while be keeping an eye on to a lady because this kind of ability,
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it's truly magical and hay. talking about magic, les had to kept town in south africa for more than 30 years. the college of magic has been teaching young people everything from clever tricks to spellbinding illusions. and i thought only about wizardry and fun. so, come along. let's step into this magical welt. ah hi everyone and it, yes, and welcome to the college of me. oh, hello, what is your name? what's the, what's posted? r g reason. see that the kind of magic is where young people will come. and then the ad skill of magic, the order of extra mural activities, leg juggling. oh,
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i've been the college of music since this each. so the been using it because it's huge. i was 12, i'm one of those of us as of this school year of warner. lots of prizes here. the college of magic changed my life in the really positive way was i wouldn't say i excelled it school, but i, i quote that confidence of old from whenever we are doing or an exam. so i would go in friend in have that confidence. okay. yeah, i'm in front of him. well yeah. where is out before the joining the college of music. i was just that shy pissin who was sitting in the corner who could even approach people to make friends magic and jacqueline. yeah. then at the corners of badge and like magic a night. so someone and later i see you back
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to this is going to see that this is the, did the israel rim would nation, we have people from different communities, different religions. and he says, yeah, and now we don't judge each other cause we are here for the same chord, which is magic. so if you have given me the same code in one place that is very powerful, ah little you can. it just keeps speaking king of speeds. no, please conquer the king of speed because the king of speed has been here long time . oh, so now you know that hogwash is not the only magic school out there. that's our show for this week, and i'm glad you're still with me till the end. we'll be back next week with a brand new episode of 77 percent. and now we have
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a musical treat for you. here is somebody great with her song, final form, enjoy and until next time. thanks for watching with a, with a, with
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a threat to us all this week on d w? ah ah, this is d w. news line from berlin. more russian attacks and eastern ukraine. the governor of hans says everything that can burn is already on fire there. as russian missiles, rain down, ukraine is still waiting for more heavy weapons from the west. a deal that a crisis escalates between russia and.


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