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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  June 22, 2022 4:02am-4:31am CEST

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that's d w dot com. ah, is the russian military gaining the upper hand an eastern ukraine or ukrainian force is holding the line and beginning to push back russian troops? well, we simply do not know ukrainian forces say that we should brace for an eminent counter attack against the russians in the south of the country. but those same military officials admit that it will be weeks before their soldiers have weapons powerful enough to push the russians into reverse and may be to lift the fog from this war. i'm bri, gotham, berlin. this is the day. ah, this is an evil that can only be defeated from the battlefield we got against if during the special military operation web proud that our font is active courage,
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professionalism, like real heroes. there's been more fruitless salts in the done bus, not them by simply just those 3 days that the missiles have been flying back and forth here. i mean, we will continue to develop and strengthen our armed forces. we will continue to support ukraine with weapons for as long as ukraine needs our support also coming up to the vicious of civil war in northern ethiopia with new reports of mass killings and ethnic violence. tonight's a d. w special report from the conflicts. so, as you can see, the destruction is systematic. every house on this road has been damaged. but to grind fighters went from door to door, looted and damaged everything they could find. went to our viewers watching a p b. s. in the united states, into all of you around the world, welcome. we begin the day with a warning to civilians in russian occupied eastern ukraine. get out while you can,
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bombs and bloodshed are on the way you is. military is preparing an attack to win back territory that is still occupied by russia. the messaging for civilians is frightening and it's meant to be that way. but military analysts say the warnings could be an over abundance of caution. mixed with some wishful thinking. ukrainian forces are not able to launch a major attack because they are still waiting for weapons. delivery will take weeks were told. in the meantime, russian troops are expected to inch their way forward with no lead up in the fighting. consider the words of the governor from the eastern region of lou hunts. everything that can burn is on fire. around 95 percent of that region is now under russian control. several don't ask is a focus of the attacks amid fierce fighting ukrainian forces say they have held
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a chemical plant in the city were about 500 civilians. a fault to be sheltered. the lo hunter, governor, as also warned that russia is preparing an even bigger offensive in the region. the western countries have been delivering increasingly heavy weapons to ukraine to help it fight back against russian aggression. and those deliveries include heavy field artillery multiple rocket launcher systems have also been promised among other equipment that germany is providing 7 high tech mobile artillery units to ukraine. ukrainian defense ministry says those have now arrived in foreign part of the country's arsenal. it's no surprise, no news. germany has faced criticism for perceived foot, dragging over cindy weapons to ukraine. german chancellor, ola sholtes again today, underlined berlin's commitment to supporting ukraine whilst lance on russia's relentless war of aggression against ukraine is
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a fundamental blow to peace in europe. and the blatant breach of international law, this internet is non forecast. it represents an apocalypse evil in europe, around the world, and on book and attending point for all of us and its site vendor films. the integral ukraine belongs among us from a belongs to the european family. i know that a milestone on this pre conditional european path has a status of an exception candidate. the member states will be discussing this in the next few days, but germany is in favor of a positive decision in favor of ukraine. and i will push for a unify position at the european council dogma. and it's quite clear that we will continue to support ukraine event. we will continue to support ukraine with weapons for as long as ukraine needs our support been, you know, understood. so been my 1st gift to 9 to knows both worlds of ukrainian diplomacy and ukrainian big business alexander share, but is a former ambassador to austria from ukraine and is currently chief advisor to the
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ceo of nato. gus that's ukraine's state energy company. he's also the author of ukraine versus darkness. that's a collection of essays based on the 2 and a half decades that he spent as a career diplomat and speech writer for ukrainian leaders. mr shepherd, good to have you on the program tonight. let me ask you this question on gas. if ukraine wants to prevent russia from earning money on gas exports, why is it ukraine preventing russian gas from transiting across ukrainian territory? or is that the case? thank you for having me. oh, well the answer is very simple. because so we know that 2 countries like germany, austria still need the guess become when his policy and the company's position. and
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the positional matthew menu, our co workers, quite frankly, is clear russian guess. so this will be, i guess, in our home and poland, barbara, but we don't want to be long who just cut through. i will, we need to need to, johnny was and other countries to do it on themselves on their own. and i think they're approaching the right decision introducing guess embargo. and then of course ukraine will play along in let me ask you to mr. chevy. just to clarify, for our viewers, i'm, is ukraine still receiving transit fees from russia when that a gas or oil crosses its territory? i mean, are you making money real surrealism farms? yes. if correct. so we are both doing our contractual obligations.
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a country between russia and the european union, they're not taking and buying a russian guess. since 2015 has been, but we are renting the russian guest. that's correct. we know that ukraine is paying a huge price for its sovereignty and its its freedom right now. casualties in defining are, are, are huge, is the military aid? is it getting through? so, i mean, sufficiently mean, are you convinced that western countries are committed to helping ukraine when this war when meliss apartments in the west, sir, we are confident that they understand the nature of this war, that we are fighting for our freedom. and we don't know the weight,
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but to keep fighting because we know what will happen once was taught the will, didn't know your grand lube know you bring your language. there will be no our freedom. the was actually a rather remarkable article published in moscow and spatial this war. it was titled what we should do with the grain. and then he sent very clearly a genocide of ukrainians in spoke about on the grains collective guilt and collective banishment that the deserves for at least one generation. so we have no other way. but to find what i like over foreign minister said, even if we don't get the weapons, we'll fight with space. well, a, an article in the new york times to day reports that us officials are briefing that the weapons ukraine has received or is receiving will help it to hold on to its territory. do you agree with that?
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i mean, is that enough for your country in terms of, of ending this conflict satisfactorily? oh, yeah, lendlease program on the part of the united states is open ended. oh, so reasonable clear limits as to what to bring her needs are receiving will receive . i hope we indeed will receive whatever it takes. we know that what was already read form is a lot and it can make a huge difference on the front line. the problem is it hasn't, for the most part, it hasn't come yet from the united states. from her many european countries, including unfortunately, john, although up to date was the huge news. and finally a arrived. don't forget the thing from the ballpark. when
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asked you about perceptions of russia, i'm french president emanuel macaroni. he has been reminding people, particularly last week that ukraine will have to negotiate with russia in the end. is there a rift between the ukrainian perceptions of russia and how western countries such as france see russia? well, i think everybody said, changing their perception of russia after this war, everybody who had any kind of trust in russia now it has to rethink and reconfigure the way you thought. right? so rush last couple of the gate. so only great part i can say, as someone who was enemy aggression rushing me like for many, many great,
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and it will never forget whatever good was connecting our 2 countries. so nation, it has been destroyed in this remarkable by been almost warmer burberry war . but yeah, chrome, right, so we'll have to negotiate on the we'll put in fort worth when you're in moving the work. and that's my take a while. right. what's your take on what we continue to hear from some german law makers and policy makers? that europe, germany should not push vladimir putin too far because we still want to be able to negotiate with them when this war is over. are they guilty of giving an
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aggressive russia a future free pass? absolutes them, they are new to their guilty over allow him good to grow and to become this monster guilty. i'm not listening to what ukraine was saying for years about players. they are guilty. we're selling the soul of europe to this monster in moscow and embracing him while he was planning this war. and they're saying right now that we should be careful about the emotions of this insane as cynical evil person in moscow than once again, be a guilty big deal to be either foolish or greedy or are not courageous enough. and despite all that, mister share with the european union is expected this week to grant ukraine
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candidacy status to one day become a member of the you. i mean, given that this process is likely to take years, sometimes you can take decades. why is this official recognition? why is it so important for your country? because this war is about freedom for freedom. oh, to be $1.00 to $1.00, to be and to want to be was europe. we want to be like europe. we want to be a success. like euro and just to be recognize, just to have bizarre, wish officially recognized by the european union knowing how this from europe was wrong. that when just wants to go, just it means the law is the right symbol at the right moment to the right concrete, the right nation. i know that you had worked with ukrainian leaders since
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independence 31 years ago. how would you describe president low to me? zalinski is leadership at the current time. i mean, he is a wartime president. no, we're mostly proud of him like her. like her graham american journalist. well, i just love that song said zalinski the hero. when you answer here, said the joker, she tweeted in jokingly, but indeed president laskey is a hero ho many, many people. how many ukrainians like myself will now forget the day of february 24th. when we went to beth hearing these lands rushing planes flying over to you and not knowing or to which kind of really to wake up tomorrow and then waking
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up next day and seen president zalinski a sending this message. hello ukrainians. i'm here i say i dont need right, i need her m and that was the moment when you started really, really go in recurring well is under shaver, we've covered a lot of territory tonight, but there's still much more to talk about. we hope that you can join is again here on the day. thank you. thank you. ah rushes foreign ministry have summoned the european union's ambassador to russian over what moscow calls a blow blockade on goods transiting through lithuania to the russian exclaim of clinic gra. that the way nia halted the rail transit of goods including construction material, metals, and coal. after a new package of e u sanctions against russia came into force late last week. as you see right there,
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coline ground is wedged between nato members, lithuania and poland. if a more now joined by a correspondent constantine anger, he is in lithuania, constantine, it's good to see you again. this enclave of coline grub. it's russian territory. and it's as a border with the waning this is where russia and nato meet head on. what's your sense? is moscow signaling to the world that it is willing to let the situation escalate into something more than a diplomatic rel? well, i think as usual, the criminal likes the world think it's so crazy that everyone has to rush and pacifies. but i suppose that's in such circumstances that will be a see live suicide mission. cleaning route is, as you're right, he said places natal directly borders only 2 countries, both native members,
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poland and lithuania. and frankly speaking, it is a very important military base for that is also very fertile because of its geographic location. i, i think that are actually the, the, the transit that they find it blocked out according to the you direct it which stand from the sanctions. not because russian is this kind of transit that has nothing to do. for example, military shipments that continue to go violate, went into canadian rock. it has to do with basically, for example, something like steel and various metals that are banned from terms of the you territory. so i think that it is on the one hand at traditional kremlin bravado. but all the other hand, i'm sure that people in the graham and know it is this piece of land on the baltic sea coast leading rock is in
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a very precarious situation. so it is essentially completely surrounded by nature. yeah, you know, a year ago many people thought that a russian threat to invade ukraine was also bravado. and we know where we are tonight. what about the way of how concerned are people there that the situation could escalate into a ukraine to point out runs. conversely, yes, no uncle, the book is going to invade, but also no one thought that this invasion going to go so haywire. so i think back with regard to the 20th, it is a completely different game. moscow leadership understands that it is nato territory in stockton. nothing that we have confirmation yet again from july that america is going to fight and he's going to is going to basically live up to its expectations of collecting defense on the, on the north atlantic treaty people in lithuania, brent ward ever since 2014,
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ever since the annexation of the crimea, people here considered may need to be a frog lines. they, that's what they say here, including officials. but on the other hand, i've spoken to some people who has been in government. and they told me today that they think that this particular all the best of a moscow irritation and rage is more propaganda than fact actually, apart from actual military action against the great, that is not much that the government can do to the planet are giving us excellent analysis on what is going on surrounding the enclave of coline gra cost and he thank you. thank you. ah. went to east africa, where the death toll from a massacre in ethiopia is oral region has risen to at least $260.00 is the latest atrocity and ethiopia of nearly 2 year old civil war, the began in the northern te grey region. government forces are fighting the t gray
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people's liberation front. there dw correspondence, mario mueller visited one town on the border of the degree region shattered by ethnic boy deserted and destroyed in december last year to great fighters, loyal to the t gray people's liberation front or t p l. f. attack the border town of abala and they left their mark. a ballet used to have a mixed population of ethnic grounds and afar. in the days leading up to the t belief attack witnesses tell us. fighting had already broken out along ethnic lines between afar residence a far militia and local to grounds, causing many to leave. as you can see, the destruction is systematic. every house on this road has been damaged. the ground fighters went from door to door, looted and damaged everything they could find was to he has sent the mayor as a bella has since returned together with armed men. an attempt to reinstate some
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sense of security on the cylinder. kubat tomasetti calling of the shelling was relentless, smell like rain more than 225 people died in what all manner they killed the elderly in their homes and others while they were escaping. good mother followed them as, as shortened as was yos and killed them on the normally in with america. they also raved several women. he says the t p l f and the government declared a ceasefire. it's fragile that it's been in for since march. in late april tpl f i t as withdrew from abala and other territories in the afar region, little allowing aid convoys into the tea gray region. but ballast may r t i s n, says the t p a laugh never really left or for the less than a long way say we're fully withdrawn from a thought a little, but they haven't really fully left of level the hill that you see. there are there up there now. don't is girl come back once they have received enough food aid as
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warrants, they had enough of it, they will use it that a warrior looked at a nearby cemetery. we meet muhammad hussain a local health official who has helped very close to 60 bodies. among them were several children. he tells us, but among capital i have a heavy heart nicholas my little, i'm lost for words by them made this has left a scar in my life. if al and i'll never forget this little mother's home. but it's not just lives that have been lost. local infrastructure lies in ruins as well. citizens vocal that they destroyed the hospital with everything that's useful. the x ray machine, the cam lab and the laboratory i was, they took everything and they broke the rest of the roof and encode. the fighting has caused a rift between the 2 communities. both now accused each other of massacres, destruction, and looting. we found signs of t p laugh actions, but to grind witnesses also made claims of a foreign militia aggressions. they say they're targeted and killed several to
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ground residence before transporting several 1000 to the regional capital samarra. the head of the u. n. h. c r. 's field office in samarra confirmed that around 8000 people have been held at a government run camp meant to accommodate about 1500 people this on ah, national and international standards that remote, that's, that, that she'll be living community living human conditions. he says, among those detained are about 1200 children, many suffering from malnourishment. we tried to gain access to the camp, but were denied by local authorities who also refused to grant us interviews. we did, however, managed to hear from one of the people in the camp. he sent us these pictures. he told us via fawn that people are suffering from diseases like scabies, diarrhea, and pneumonia. that there is not enough food and no medical care. he says 70 people, including 5 children,
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have diet since december due to lack of medicines and food. no one knows when the border towns residence will return or if they will ever get to call a balla their home again. an unprecedented auction. the money youre marked for an unexpected group. russian journalist dmitri mural donated his nobel peace prize metal. and the top bid more than a $100000000.00 will go to children. refugees from ukraine. oh boy . oh, really? voice. it was a special kind of auction initiated by this man. do you me to remove that off russian discipline journalist, a nobel peace prize winner. on the block, the nobel prize metal he was awarded just last year. he's pledged to proceed to children affected by russia's invasion, ukraine, a movie, reductive because of houston. we felt a sense of helplessness at our newspaper,
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actually because the war started. people were dying and my country was involved in all of this. if i'm with just with my us, dana, our country am, and we didn't know what to do. that sense of helplessness that we felt on the 24th of february onwards. it's familiar to many mclaughlin in the face of moscow's increasingly draconian press. laws were right off suspended publication of his novi . i guess that on newspaper now, he's found another way to make a difference by helping children traumatized by the conflict with what can we do? so the future is not ruined and swept away like that, demolished cities. i i have a ah, over $100000000.00, either does even matter what it is over a $100000000.00. been ladies and gentlemen done. oh, the amount raised exceeded expectations and turned the peace prize into
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a fund that will alleviate the suffering of war. see you tomorrow ah ah ah, with ah me glaciers ah provide nourishment in baton for both body and soul. ah, but climate change is threatening this balance. ah,
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the blues are adapting to the shift with innovative strategies. over $3000.00 are on d. w. for wildlife to touch in her wanda, these kids belong to a club that wants to protect it, glove. it's part of the government's educational program because for one does unique flora and fauna is threatened. initiatives like this should help raise awareness is the idea working eco africa. in 60 minutes on d. w. o. and co mike speaking, how can this passionate hatred of the people, the explained
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a gold hon. go? a history of anti semitism is a history of stigmatization and exclusion of religious and political power struggles. it's a history of slender of hatred and violence even 77 years after the holocaust hatred towards jews is still pervasive. oh, a history that he semitism starts july 2nd on d w. ah ah, ah ah, welcome to global 3 fountains drying out people in eastern germany are becoming increasingly concerned about drought.


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