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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 22, 2022 5:00am-5:16am CEST

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who's behind the benefits and why are they a threat to whistle open equals this week on d, w ah, ah, this is the w news lied from berlin, more russian attacks in eastern ukraine. the governor of hans says everything that can burn is already on fire. as russian missiles, rain down ukraine is still waiting for more heavy weapons from the west. a diplomatic crisis escalates between russian lithuania. moscow demands that the nato
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member to lift a rail blockade, and sanction goods to clean and grab an anti demand anti semitism. rather controversy overshadowed germany documentary art show organizers decide to remove one of the artworks after it. triggers, fierce criticism ah and tilden, welcome to the program. we begin with the battle for ukraine's eastern industrial hardwood russia is making advances in the don't boss region. meanwhile, ukraine says, russian forces have captured several more settlements and now control, almost all of the con, screeching, some heavy weapons have now arrived from germany. but ukraine says that they're just a drop in the bucket of what they need to push back the russian assault. everything that can burn is on file that's how the governor of ukraine's blue hands
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region described the situation here. russia is intensifying attacks in ukraine's east ukrainian defenders. inch of yellow de netscape still holding out in the besieged assault chemical plant. their last stronghold in the city, hundreds of civilians are sheltering there and the russian troops withdrew from her cave last month. the shelling has started once again. this footage shows what was once an educational building now in ruins. oh was blue nixon. there were no armed forces, all representatives of territorial defense from all the national guard, and in this building when it was hit ok. so this strike was solely directed as a place of city infrastructure in order to intimidate the civilian population. also, wolfe legal that intimidation takes the form of words as well as weapons. without
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directly mentioning ukraine, russian president vladimir putin announced that a new nuclear capable ballistic missile system, known as sam matt would be ready for deployment by the end of the year. new. when you were always, in addition to the new weapons, already tested on the battlefield, where the troops began to receive s 500 air. a missile defense system was so unlike any other, the heavy intercontinental ballistic missile. sa, matt, was successfully tested. yep. is that what it is planned that the 1st complex will appear on combat duty at the end of the year? you were years old. oh, ukraine hopes that a boost to its military arsenal in the form of long awaited houses from germany may help it pushed back against the ration of salt. but keith says it's received only a fraction of what it needs. not long after they were delivered for this was russia's response footage, released by russians defense ministry,
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which they say shows the destruction of how it says sent by the u. s. and e u, but ukraine's morale and will to defend itself is proving much harder to destroy. earlier we spoke to chris dorothy, a weapons and defense specialist at the center for a new american security in washington d. c. we asked him how significant the 1st delivery of germany, heavy weapons is for ukraine in of itself, not terribly significant, but as part of a larger pattern of western age the ukrainians. i think it is quite significant. i think what we're going to see increasingly is ever more capable ukrainian forces operating western rather than former soviet equipment with higher abilities with more effective targeting, with longer ranges with better communications capabilities and in theory that should allow the ukrainians to offset russian advantages in total men,
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our number of armored fighting vehicles in the number of artillery tubes. diplomatic dispute between russia and lithuania is escalating so much so that the u . s. says it's nato commitment to defend lithuania is iron clad. russia has threatened lithuania for blocking some real shipments to its ex clave of clinic god found from russia to russia. this train is bringing goods from russia's heartland to its ex clave of kellen. in grad, kellen and grad is separated from the rest of russia by 2 countries, lithuania and belarus. but while belive versus letting own russian trains transit its territory through ania started blocking all trains carrying sanctioned goods. partly senior doing anything. it's our european sanctions that are cited working from the 17th of june. co metal cement, would building materials and high tech goods are among the items on the sections
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list. they account for up to 50 percent of all goods found for killing and grad. moscow is called the partial trans, at banner hostile blockade and is threatening nato member lithuania, museum militia, really afraid traffic between the kellen in grad region and the rest of russia's territory is not fully restored in the next few days. what russia retains its right to take measures to defend its national interests. why not, sally hideous. russia insist that international freight transportation agreements must be respected and is accusing lithuania, violating the human rights of its citizens. and colleen and grad. the u has rejected moscow's criticism and his in turn accusing the russian government of exploiting the partial trans at ban for its own ends. don't walk out with it. they could have expected this. the russian side knew for well that sanctions will limit the transport of goods and are now using this as a weapon. and in information war,
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passenger trains from russia continued to pass through lithuania without any problems. however, travellers are not allowed to get off the train, like here at a station in vilnius. in order to get around the blockade, russia now wants to use c roots as an alternative. in the meantime, fears are growing that moscow could try to further escalate. the stand off did of his konstantin anchored is following the developments from lithuania, capital, villainous. earlier we asked him how worried lithuanians are about possible russian aggression on their doorstep. given that invasion of the crane caught many by surprise. yes, no one told me you're going to invade, but also no one thought that this invasion going to go haywire. so i think that we've got to the 20th, it is a completely different game. most of the leadership understands that it is nato territory and spoke for nothing that we have confirmation yet again from joe biden
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. that america is going to fight and he's going to, it's going to basically live up to its expectations of collective defense on the land. 3 people in lithuania warded ever since 2014, ever since the expiration of the crime here. people here consider going to be a problem and said, that's what they say here, including officials. but all the other hand, i've spoken to. some people who's been in governments and they told me today that they think that this particular old best of moscow irritation and rage is more propaganda than fan. ready actually, apart from actual military action against the graeme, there is not much that the government can do till the 20th one can front in the conflict around ukraine is the struggle for energy. russia has got gas applies to europe, including its supply to germany through the north stream. one pipeline. moscow says
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it's due to technical reasons, but many analysts believe is retaliation for western sanctions. germany is now looking at postponing the closure of coal fired power plants. a tough decision for a government with green credentials, less russian gas, the needy is getting through to germany right now. that is prompting worries about what might happen this coming winter. people need gas in their homes and industry relies on it as well. to make sure there's enough gas when demand is highest, the government wants to build up its reserves. one way to do that is to burn more coal instead of gas painful step, especially for germany's minister for climate and the economy. a green politician. mission, we did not do this, we run the risk, but by the end of the year, the storage facilities will not be full enough and then will be open to political
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blackmail. that means ensuring the reserves of full is the top political imperative board. burning coal is not good for the environment. it produces about twice as much c, o 2 as gas. the german government has set itself the target of ending coal burning by 2030. but under hubig plan, some most bold coal power stations could be reactivated for a limited period. at least germany would burn more of its mass, live night reserves, and also import hard coal from abroad. a drastic step. but according to her back part of the way, the confrontation between the west and russia, which is this is a kind of arm wrestle where initially poochie and has had longer. this doesn't mean that with increased effort, we can't develop a strong ground in stock and become can. the plan also foresees paying industry to reduce its gas consumption. and perhaps even encouraging germans to endure low
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temperatures in their homes. the one idea is not on the cards, extending the life of germany's 3 remaining nuclear power stations. they are still due to be switched off that the end of this year. let's take a quick look now at some other stories making headlines at this hour. texas public safety chief has told a state senate hearing that the police response, the you've all the school shooting was a quote abject failure. last month, the teenage government killed $900.00 school children and 2 teachers. their police waited over one hour before storming the classrooms containing the gun in ecuador protest, or has died in violent clashes of police, according to reports by human rights groups. thousands of ecuadorian have taken to the streets for a 9th day of protests over a high can fuel prices. the protests are led by ecuador. indigenous people are disproportionately affected by rising inflation. an employment poverty. a
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jury in california has found entertainer bill cosby guilty of sexually assaulting a teenager, the playboy mansion in 1975. after 2 weeks of hearing, the victim was awarded $500000.00 us dollars in damages since 2005 more than 50 women have come forward to choose cosby of sexual assault. or a non german art shows are moving to one of the works on display over anti semitic imagery. the controversy are on the pieces overshadowed the opening of the document, a modern art exhibition, which is held every 5 years in the city of castle politicians and organizers have condemned the artwork a pigs face labels with the word massage. there's railey secret police for many documented visitors. this cliched and derogatory reference towards jews is a clear example of anti semitic art. if, if guns class is anti semitic, antique railey and racist, and with that being so obvious,
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it is inexcusable that the city of castle is making public space available to these people. as the state castle is really a liberal, an open minded city. so something like this doesn't fit on the head of documentary issued an official apology on behalf of the indonesian artist who created the work good minds on that one cool thought one grouper the artistic team, the artist, and i promised that there would be no anti semitic content at document 15 physicians, i'm via and that we would intervene immediately if there were these as hush, we did not ship this promise and that should never have happened yonder before the opening, there were talks about the possibility of anti semitism at the event where my head if there had been a willingness to listen, there were certainly enough warnings that should have been taken seriously before the event. there were concerns about anti semitism and if they weren't able to take
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a closer look at the exhibits in advance and it feels like it's because they didn't want to to have my off meeting. john boy, following the up were about the controversial exhibit. it was covered up and removed, but the controversy about anti semitism, a documentary isn't going anywhere. and onto a piece of soccer transfer news, germany world cup hero, moto good. so as returned to the buddhist, legal enjoined europe, league winters. i'm talk time. foot by munich. are also expected to confirm soon that they have signed at liverpool cider. money fog for tweeted that group has signed until 2025 have been resurrected his career and 2 seasons at p as vi eindhoven in the netherlands. he was previously in the bundis league with rural was here, do i don't want and by and before we go, here's a quick look at our top story. at this hour. russia is making advances in ukraine's eastern, done by region. the crating says, russian forces have captured several more settlements and now control almost all of
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the items cubes as it has ordered. as only received a fraction of the heavy weapons, it needs to push the russian assault back. all right, you're up to date. stephen beardsley is up next with all your business news, and don't forget, there's always our website if you need more news at this hour. that's d w dot com. but of course we're also on twitter and instagram, and d, w. news there and talking to bill and thanks for watching the world over information. they provide opinions. they want to express d. w on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch. follow us. mm.


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