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issues and share ideas. ah, you know, are the channels we are not afraid to happen? dealt with because population is growing. and young people clearly have the solution. the future belongs to you. is 77 percent every weekend on d w b o, here in ne england, the fishing industry overwhelmingly supported breaks it. fishermen were keen to take back control of u. k. waters and become independent of brussels. almost 70 percent of voters in the region wanted britain to leave the
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e u. but now that's happened. they feel let down. i almost feel embarrassed about it out. i wish i could stand by the blow the with the promised as the sap the overly way off. now we on the west or from before with grimsby, a poor town by the north sea. yeah. oh, going to so 10 minutes you aware that i to us there in canyon is one of grims these last working fishermen, while he waits for one of his fishing boats to return to shore. he's repairing his lobster pots. he's been working since the age of 13
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ah, these days it's mainly the younger fisherman working for his company who head out to see his labs as he calls them. darren takes care of everything on dry land. he learned his trade from his father. they used to spend weeks at sea every day, but in the 19 ninety's, the used common fisheries policy took its toll on the family business offices. the company switched its focus. the shellfish brought nails in the coffin as we've gone along. but i think we're getting to the end of a now we're, we're getting down to the last root nails in that say, you know, and it's true ardie it's, it's, it's really odd with the rules and regulations to keep going. we'll just keep putting more more goals on yet many local fishermen have long since given up there and still has 3 vessels manned by 3 cruise. he's managed to keep his business
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afloat, but like many here, he'd penned his hopes on breaks it. he thought he'd be free from brussels bureaucracy and e, you fishing quotas. one politician in particular had promised fishermen that breaks it would revive their fortunes. boris johnson visited grimsby on the campaign trail . martin boyer is his chief executive of grimsby fish market, a british institution for the last 80 years seafood, destined for restaurants and fish and chips. shops across the country is sold here . a daily auctions overseen by the boss himself. one of the, one of the faces of the industry in which way find hearing grimsley isn't as follows. emotionally to the vote is
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a very high profile subject coverage with emotionally. that's exactly what boris johnson took advantage of the region as part of what's known as the red wall. the british constituencies that have traditionally voted labor. i visited in late december 2019, just a few days before britain went to the polls in a general election. i incumbent prime minister theresa may was bogged down and exit negotiations with the e. u. and rex it hard liner, boris johnson was determined to unseat her. here in grimsby, he pulled out all the stops. i joey and recently made a great story because he came out with the future.
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so anytime any of the politicians wants to project, the fisherman visible the human he's always been ah, therein is getting a boat ready to go out. he uses crab scraps as bait for welcome looking back, he realizes that bracket was used as bait in the last election to in this town. here, we've always voted labor. when boris came down to grimsby and then everybody changed the opinion, he's going to hell bows in this on the over. so. and everybody voted conservatives, especially in grimsby morris. johnson's pledge to help the fishing industry take back control of u. k. waters and increase catches helped him win both including darren's, believing that better times,
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lay ahead. he bought an old trawler. so we've, we've done about joe, the officials have been here and left chic to along as we go, we going free stages. so they've done all our and not one of them have said anything. he spent a year renovating it, using up all his savings. he's invested half a 1000000 pounds, over half a 1000000 euros and the new vessel was the low. yeah, i draw, it's all new pipes. everything's over on new. zoe. the engine obviously is not new . darren bought the 30 year old trawler from the family of a fisherman who died. but after doing it up, he was in for a rude awakening. because the trawler hadn't been used for 2 years. it was classified as new by the fisheries authority and lost its fishing quota.
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my argument is its been fishing the fe to years and then suddenly again go fishing . i could probably go back fishing. bullet told me that after by about half a 1000000 pound for the quota, so it will, will just dead in war. we've got to get rid of it somehow. now we're going to sell it. the government had promised to cut you red tape, but darren says it's worse than ever. the company's cold storage, lobster pots and shop are just across the road. darren's wife jenny, takes care of orders and deliveries. she likes working in a family business. her son in law dean is in charge of packaging. her daughter laura process as the shellfish. but when the business is struggling, there's less family time. her they all thought that breaks it would take the pressure off. that's not how it's turned out.
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ah, we don't have a lie with love to do something different and not think about going down here. the money wasted on restoring the old fishing boat, left them financially worse off. it weighs on all their minds. hi sophia, and he'll eat on sleep at night, worrying about that kind of play. it will sell hopefully. darren's foot the trawler up for sale for $400000.00 pounds. a lot less than what he paid for it. every day they check to see if anyone's interested. well, the trouble is, every one here knows that breaks it has left the fishing industry, real english with new equipment, tricks, grow, feel really let down, really let down. we're. we're west of them before i say. so it's been, cho,
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was the john for the was fishing a darren tied. he's up the dock while one of his boats heads out. ah, ah, john steele and a young apprentice are off to catch wealth in the humber estuary. ah, he's also angry about broken bricks. it promises and thinks boris johnson sold the fishing industry down the river. spanish and french boats are still allowed to fish in the u. k. exclusive economic zone. 12 miles from the coast. the government failed to change this in its negotiations with the e u. f. the fishermen, holland dozens of these white plastic traps, wealth are a delicacy in france,
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south korea and china with regards to may 20, 30000 pound the ad on a good. yay! 50000 pounds on the body, aka may 10000 pounds. we where night consolidate. it was one to me, what's in control of that? read how the government say anomaly. john steele isn't employed by darren. like all the local fishermen, he's self employed. they're paid according to what they catch. that means that if things go badly, they can be out on the boat for 3 days, but only earn a few pounds. but they love the freedom of working on the water. apprentice, scott bly has been working with john for 2 months now, and hopes he'll be able to earn a living as a fisherman, despite the challenges. will think change, right?
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i feel a little changed from, like i said, a funding people in training cause suspicion is holes, you know, whole thing, what, you know, the big ways or the question. well, today with official industry filica making blind, even though he's got a great grandma marine commanded is a lot what we also common people think about how long ah, a few days later grims be fishermen used to bring their catch directly to the dog at the fish market these days, the biggest sellers are con and havoc used in fish and chips explains martin boilers. the bidding process is almost imperceptible, the blink of an eye, a slight nod of a head, 99995. ah,
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melissa is on the beach market has been landed by myself. is all mobile on all of this makes it easy on the market and i all of this here is icelandic valley. seasonal in house, mainly for iceland, very high marketing. boyer is blames. ocean warming pod and had it migrated to colder waters off iceland, greenland, and norway. that's where british trawlers fished when britain was part of the e. u. common fisheries policy. boris johnson promised to negotiate better terms, but the u. k. government failed to strike deals with these countries, and fishermen are now facing financial ruin. if the fisherman, a thought about the budget, the race was in the 1st life that were devoted to stay in the you role this whole from the common vision policy was a system in place. so now will the u. k. goldman figure is doing
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a written gauging what was there in the 1st place, negotiating with no way about reciprocal arrangement on the not getting them though negotiated with iceland, about access to walters on the got go in it. and the whole thing has become really mess. so all of the people that thought about leave in and it would also be rosy. it doesn't happen. growing unemployment in the humber side area is one result was the city of whole is north of the humber bridge. karl malone works at cape street fisheries. a traditional fish and chip shop. he's also feeling the cold winds of bricks. it it's early in the morning and he's taking delivery of today's fresh fish. now that britain doesn't have any of its own fleets and sub arctic
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waters, it has to buy fish from norway and iceland. jake, for example, this box of this year would be $1100.00 volts you found prior to breaks it. that fish now today is 2 at 220 pounds. so obviously the absolves our profit. we cannot pass that. so the customer as their wages are not increasing. so that we subsidize the price to the customer, making it non profitable. 2182 before 8 to the i over paid last week. right. so 2000 ford, nate. yup. karl malone has had his shop for 38 years, but he's struggling in the wake of breaks it. hole is one of the poorest places in britain, fish and chips is the national dish classic working class fair. but these days, it's too expensive for many. again, in the past, i would have sold people would buy a lot sized fish. now that are the money to pay for this fish on all the us to be
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go through the smaller fish, because then they'll pay the price for the smaller fish. is becoming a luxury for the wagon month. mm hm. he prepares his ingredients every morning before the 1st customers start arriving around 1130 there. mushy peas. that just generally all local people like down. but even the price is for please have risen since britain left the e. u. he's here 20 pounds back this time. last year there was them pound a bug, pull massive buff double in price because there is no east european whackers coming over to pick the piece in the field. so obviously the novice did and the
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market is always reduced which increases price. so again, major problem when carl opened his shop in the 1980s, beverly road was a part of a vibrant neighbourhood with shops and pubs lining, the st. ah, 68 percent of people and whole voted for brakes it. they thought it would help turn the economy around sancho works at the shop. carl tries to take things in stride. these today are for a promotion for cheap booties which is chips inside the bottom. normally would be to pounds $85.00 today special off a warm pound. my fear is a pound is better than nothing. so let's take
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a pound awesome. about an hour until opening back in grimsby some 50 kilometers away. darren canyon needs some new equipment for his boats. he still haven't found a buyer for his trawler. luck place. these days, this fishing supplies door relies on online business. there aren't many customers left here in grimsby shop owner simon monday helps darren in the big coils. hey frank, i will come out on dogs. yeah. that's leaded, letting him know site. that might be a bit. take that satellite. they switched off. all technology come from you
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direct. yeah. well, i tweet well, you know, new stickle not full to yell to go, but god, god, set out for ting, but this he's good enough for tow in it to go to darren has been coming here for years, but he's told simon all about the trouble with his boat and how no one wants to buy it. he's just had an idea though, right? he's going to write to his local m p with the troll simon at the moment, or a bit stokes. so i'm going to write to the am pay. it may be the fishery minister just as a saddle to melissa, so explain why. a bowl to fishing license was doing the bow joke to talk, speck, and of turn around and said, we can even go fishing with it. and i much believe you spend who spends a lot of money, a lot of money to get to the end. so he's absolutely diabolical.
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right. 2 sets of 14 gauge ropes and new gloves for one of graham's bes, last fishermen. it's 1130 and the 1st customers are here. lauren long with. macy also works for coral. lunch times can get busy. 3 pounds and 15 pence for a lunch of 2 chip buddies and mushy peas. the
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specialty is fish and batter, but times are tough. and most customers order, chip buddies. these days cornel malone. cells, shellfish in extra large regular and small portions me personally. i vaulted out on, regretted it within 24 hours. i have children, i have 2 boys and underwear things just go in the things was getting told this was a politicians on the news and i just saw for the children's future my grandchildren feel chance maybe it would be better for them. we was only all the information we paid in. we will control that. we received anything back. we assumed
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we was the highest pain and country in europe and received nothing. obviously, they told us the funding with gus van. it just hasn't vain and are on the dentist foot to get my 2 sons a checkup cuz have not been checked since before cove. it because it closed everywhere. and they said a 3 year waiting list for the dentist. so a 3 away to be seen or i think place in the borderline. it breaks it is hitting families hard here with among them. yes sarah and keith harrison. they have 3 children, harvey, tia and sky chips are correct twice to them that the smell comes up
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and the kids get chip buddies for lunch once a month for a special treat. i say they can't afford a large portion of fish and chips, the drivers they, you know, alum, basic with furniture. but i really enjoy and go to photo of the harrison's are struggling to make ends meet. after keith was made redundant, they had to move into social housing. he used to work for a frozen fruits company, but his employer was another casualty of rex. it. there were difficulties and delays with imports. whether beverly were
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stella, no vomited madness by another channel that encounter this they can't afford to let harvey and his little sisters join sports clubs and a lot of youth clubs that used to get you funding have had to shut kids are left glued to their screens at home, or getting up to no good on the streets. bother any trouble as well, though it does not leave her to no longer alike for no usa as no for him after school clothes is there, but you think? oh kid still nowadays you don't want to see him pat player and all that are in the box in that window. now i can go with. 2
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juvenile crime is a problem in home. young people have few prospects and nothing to keep them busy. many turn to drug dealing and work as careers to earn a bit of cash. i have like serious kids. i'm saying if i fail once, once you join their flight through stuff your life i've been used one about was a kid. she was like not, but yeah, i thought about i'm with him because i made some actual good friend. mm. harvey's meeting up with one of those friends later. it's been a month since darren sent his letter. neither his local mp nor the fisheries ministry has been in touch. and he's still waiting for someone to make him an offer on his trawler. there were bug situation and we were people don't want to invest
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really, i suppose. the way the climate, you know, with the way the fishing is obviously, ah, the family depends on the shellfish business, remaining steady. well my wife, she's always moaning about the boat that will never change just tried it. came for very efficient into grimsby and to keep a few of the logs kate doing it. so the can't really work for bigger companies where the need laptops and that, you know, i can't really explain it but not very educational and, and there is gaps fur further than you know for young lots like myself years ago when we're not the brightest book, we can work with these wealth are destined for cool storage
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to, to promote studio of the machine. so to make some beats, then you can do that. he thought for the come people, his parents can't afford the bus ticket in the town this when a so once a week in harvey gets picked up by steve arnett, who runs the beat bus project. he had a tough childhood here in hull and now works with disadvantaged kids. the project helps youngsters gain confidence and broaden their horizons through riding and performing rap music. if you people can add money normally on the need to end money, then the can win money and some of away our projects is about given these young people aspirations and belief in the self and to look up music and the acts as a, as a serious korea and some for may could do with their life rather than making the
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wrong choices and going down the selling drugs, getting involved in a gun culture life. and it came in be harvey's, been a part of the beat bus project for 4 years. so the kids don't have to pay anything to join but the free project is now at risk. so just have a look now. ah. when we 1st started out, we got business support that was funded by the european union. and now that's nonexistent as well. that's totally finished. steve arnold has spent a lot of time looking for sponsors to keep the project going. he is given up expecting any kind of support from the government in london, free for it or not. yeah, i move fast man. life won't speak when he did speak here was i i all the time one.
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yeah. and now is yeah, he stands on on stage a beat boxes in front of hundreds people and it makes it proud man makes very proud . so kids like the same thing. i can do good, might get some places in life once a since they always said that been keep going and going on off with darren's lads are on a break. the next boat will be setting off tonight. it's finding a hard battle. we'll keep trying, but you know, it'd be a sub day if i had to buckle fully, you know, big. it took a long time for me to do that. but there is a lot against those. ah
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ah, the co india, a killer heat waves are hitting record in india, a community seems to have found a solution based on the early morning. how effective is it? ah, and can it be implemented in lower income countries? eagle india? 30 minutes on d, w. ah, with
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this is dw news live from berlin. an earthquake in afghanistan leaves more than 250 people debt. hundreds more are injured. rescuers are heading to the remote mountain region where the quake struck close to the border with pakistan. also coming up more russian attacks and eastern ukraine.


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