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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 22, 2022 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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ethan 77 years after the holocaust hatred towards juice is still pervasive. a history of anti semitism starts july 2nd on d. w ah ah, this is dea, do use live from berlin? an earthquake and afghanistan leaves more than 300 people dead. hundreds more are injured and rescuers are heading to the remote mountain region where the quake struck close to the border with pakistan. also coming up more russian attacks and eastern ukraine. keith says to lou has region is being hit hardest with relentless
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russian air strikes, and ukraine is still waiting for more heavy weapons from the west. and you elvis movie has fans all shook up gentlemen. i play the film tells the story of the king of rock and roll, but critics are split whether it does in justice lou spicer, welcome to the program. and we begin with some breaking news. at least 300 people have been killed in an earthquake that hit eastern afghanistan overnight. hundreds more were wounded and the death toll is expected to rise. the 6 point one magnitude quake struck pac teak province a remote area near the border with pakistan. a local official posted on social media that 90 houses were destroyed and dozens of people are feared trapped beneath
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the rebel. a rescue operation is underway and helicopters are being used to reach the injured disaster comes at a time when afghanistan is battling a severe humanitarian crisis. worsened by the taliban take over, corresponded france. marty in capital has more. i spoke to certain people in the region a one dr. young said that at least several 100 people were killed. but that sex figures are not available because many of these are still on the roughly expect it figures will rise a area a little bit told me that he's 3 times every culture and he landed and we're all
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way ma'am years. hospitals the region accessible by role, but it's usually a while on one can drive there. and can you tell us a little bit more about pac chica provinces? what other kinds of challenges rescuers might face and in getting there and, and helping the victims. but the cut rollers even worse than standards remote, it's a comparative you large. most of it is mass mass or heavy area area there except for the main total fairs. roads are not pay you. so even with cars and best conditions, it takes several hours to reach you. yes. as you can bomb all that were the most hate. but these are areas are before the end, it's remote,
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i have visited these places 6 months ago. i did take several hours or, or roll, switch them and especially populated. so houses are, are distributed around the large area. and so it's difficult to reach everyone. ok, friends, marshy reporting for us from the afghan capital capital, thanks so much. the bottle continues for ukraine's eastern industrial heartland, russia as making advances in the don't bass. ukraine says, russian forces have captured several more settlements and now control almost all of the loo hands region. some heavy weapons have now arrived from germany, but ukraine says they are just a drop in the ocean of what is needed to push the russians back. everything that can then is on fire. that's how the governor of ukraine's hans
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region described the situation here. russia is intensifying attacking ukraine's east ukrainian defenders interviewed or denounced. still holding out in the besieged as a chemical plant. that last stronghold in the city. hundreds of civilians, a sheltering that and the russian troops withdrew from her cave. last month. the shelling has started once again. this footage shows what was once an educational building, now in ruins. oh was blue and there were no armed forces. all representatives of territorial defense in all the national guard and in this building when it was hit ok. so this strike was solely directed as a place of city infrastructure in order to intimidate the civilian population. monumental wolf, legal that intimidation takes the form of words as well as weapons. without directly mentioning ukraine, russian president vladimir putin announced that
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a new nuclear capable ballistic missile system, known as sam matt would be ready for deployment by the end of the year, new. when you were also, in addition to the new weapons, already tested on the battlefield, where the troops began to receive as 500 air. a missile defense system was so unlike any other, the heavy intercontinental ballistic missiles, sar. matt was successfully tested to pick them up. it is planned that the 1st complex will appear on combat duty at the end of the year. you would utilize o ukraine hopes that a boost to its military arsenal in the form of long awaited houses from germany may help it pushed back against the russian assault. but keith says it's received only a fraction of what it needs. not long after they were delivered for this was russia's response footage, released by russia's defense ministry, which they say shows the destruction of how it says sent by the u. s. and e u,
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but ukraine's morale and will to defend itself is proving much harder to destroy. earlier i spoke to our correspondent in keith nik connolly, and i asked him how the delivery of equipment from germany was being received in ukraine. obviously they are very welcome right now. anything that can be sent to those front lines in the hands, screeching, the dumbass will be welcomed, but this has been a very long time coming as we've all been following the last few weeks and months and heard that report. and indeed, the question is about the scale right now, just to give you a sense of how modest these deliveries are. the u. s. has already supplied over a 100 how it says of the m 777 type. and in slovakia, country 5000000 people 15 times smaller by population than germany, is also sending 8 houses of its own production. so these are not massive deliveries . lots of the more high tech weaponry that germany has promised or initiatives to
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be sent to ukraine. basically by the late summer or early autumn, so really they're not in any kind of horizon that can really make a difference to ukrainian forces. now, and, you know, i think the biggest emotion, the biggest response you get from people here in ukraine right now is of surprise. most people basically had given up and were pretty convinced that these deliveries would just stay on paper and never really be seen on frontline tyranny. crane ok, well now that they're happening and other web western countries continue their deliveries to ukraine. is there any chance that they'll change the situation around soviet, or the nest and the fighting in the east in general? you know, in time to tip the balance, i think it might be bit late for the city of said over the next city that's basically been on the verge of being taken by russian forces for weeks now. and it does, nan indeed seen that russian forces are advancing towards the navy, st. lucie shouts from the south. so from 2 sides now. so it's pretty come to late
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that city. but i think that has been the ukraine stress. she all, along to turn the cities into a 2nd marable as it were, to turn this to a pyrrhic victory for the russians. forcing them to spend huge amounts of time, energy, and manpower on capturing the cities that overall don't have that huge a streaks difficult to basically play for time. ukraine is convinced at times, working in its favor, that if it can just force russia to slow, it's advance and to lose the most number of people it can then long term ukraine will get that support probably not from germany, but from the u. s. a forbidden european countries, european countries who are more proactive on delivering weapons and that it can then turn the tide, wants rushes, base exhausted itself on the battlefield. katy w. c. connelly reporting from keith. thanks so much. a diplomatic dispute between russia and lithuania is escalating. the baltic state has blocked the rail transit of sanctioned goods, through its territory to the russian. ex clave of kalynne and grad lithuania, says it's just following e u guidelines. but moscow is threatening what it calls,
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serious consequences bound from russia to russia. this train is bringing goods from russia's heartland to x, x clave of cleaning grad, kalynne. and gret is separated from the rest of russia by 2 countries, lithuania and belarus. quit why a better route is letting all russian trains transit its territory. lithuania has started blocking all trains carrying sanctioned goods lightly through near doing anything. it's our european sanctions that are started working from the 17th of june, coal metal cement, wood building, materials, and high tech goods are among the items on the sanctions list. they account for up to 50 percent of all goods bound for cleaning grad. moscow has called the parcel trends, had been a hostile blockade, and is threatening nato member lithuania, usually militia, chevy,
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mac afraid traffic, between the kellen and grad region, and the rest of russia's territory is not fully restored in the next few days when what russia retains its right, to take measures to defend its national interests, to slay, not only hinted as russia insists that international freight, transportation agreements must be respected and is accusing lithuania, violating the human rights of its citizens and killing, and read that you has rejected moscow's criticism and is in turn accusing the russian government of exploiting the partial trans had been for its own eds thorpe orgasm. i think they could have expected this. the russian side knew full well that sanctions will limit the transport of goods and are now using this as a weapon. in information war on the passenger trains from russia continued to pass through lithuania without any problems. however, travellers are not allowed to get off the train back here at the station in venus.
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in order to get around the blockade. russia now wants to use c roots as an alternative. in the meantime, for years or growing that moscow could try to further escalate the stand off. let's take a quick look at some of the other stories making use around the world. a commercial plan caught fire after lanny miami international airport on tuesday. authority say the front landing gear malfunctioned upon touch down a 126 people were on board jetliner, which was traveling from dominican republic. the aircraft was safely evacuated. no serious injures were reported. the u. s. senate has taken a step towards passing the country's 1st major gun control legislation in decades. senators voted to speed up the passage of a bipartisan bill to toughen federal gun laws. the senate is expected to vote on the measures this week. the proposals follow to recent mass shooting. i believe that this week we flood waters have inundated more of bangladesh. after days of
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intense rain, from access to a central has been cut off in the still at region, which is seeing its worth flooding in more than a century. united nations as water born diseases are on the rise. a new biotech, telling the story of american rock and roll singer elvis presley. it's movie theaters this week. presley scandalized nations with what were suggestive dance moves in 1957 and became an overnight sensation. let's take a look at what's in store. ladies and gentlemen, i played austin butler is elvis, the young actor went to great lengths to get his put try. all right, so was just being a sponge in a reading. every book that i could get my lawn watching everything and every image that i possibly could find trillion like a detective. and then also working with number of different folk coaches on singing and working on that cause voice, a song corn with tom hanks praised presley's controversial manager, colonel,
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tom parker. no, i don't know nothing about music, but i could see in that girl. so he was a taste of hook, they didn't he couldn't eat. i he was my destiny. i have to say you can not take your eyes off austin, but no matter what the scene was, whether he is up on stage performing, singing full on full pill, the close to the rest. dedication was impressive right off. the movie covers the milestones, and the thing is life leading up to his tragic early death, but fails to dig deep. it's a visual face in the familiar past, dorman directorial style view as loved it and hated it. now cinema towers can decide before we go, he's a quick look at our top story this hour. at least 300 people have been killed in an
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earthquake in eastern afghanistan. hundreds more are injured. the great hit, a remote region close to the border with pakistan. rescuers are on the way with the deaf toll expected to ah, that's all for now. up next, our documentary losing sleep. why it happens, and how to fix it to make spicer things to watch. ah, leonardo da vinci's, mysterious masterpiece. it is perhaps the greatest leonardo masterpiece in the collection of the louvre. it is the virgin of the rocks. was there another symbolic meaning to this beautiful painting that perhaps.


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