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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 22, 2022 12:00pm-12:16pm CEST

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right, expert and critical thinkers. not just another new show. this is the weekdays on d, w ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin. an earthquake in afghanistan leaves at least 920 people did. hundreds more injured rescue was a heading to the remote mountain region where the quite struck close to the border with pakistan also coming up. ukrainian troops holding on as russia stepped up its attacks in the don bass. heavy artillery from germany has finally arrived,
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but keep says it needs more weapons. and fox and the new elvis may be his fans all shook up gentlemen quietly. the film tells the story of the king of rock and roll, but critics a split over with it. does he just ah i'm anthony. how'd walk into the program? we begin with some breaking news that being that more than 920 people have been killed in an earthquake that hit eastern afghanistan of not hundreds more, a wounded. the 6 point one that magnitude quake struck petite province. a remote area near the border with pakistan local official posted on social media that night he houses were destroyed, and dozens of people are feared trapped beneath the rubble rescue operation. as under white helicopters are being used to reach the engine. the disaster comes to
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the time when afghanistan is battling a severe humanitarian crisis. wisant by the taliban. take up a bit of france. marty is a freelance journalist in kabul. welcome to your friends. what more do you know at the stage? as you said, the taliban government announced that the casualty numbers are much larger than emotionally reported. so also fietta did, could further rise. i spoke to a man in your district, one of the districts in poverty called province. that was, it's the most local people there or been already burying that, that wide search for survivors multiple, these is still ongoing. he mentioned to me that rainfall has started in poxy call, which apparently impedes search it for it's an old. so the burring of that that
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i couldn't figure out how much rain, how difficult the situation is as the line telephone line broke down. and helicopters have arrived from caldwell and this man in question went overland from the provincial capital to his home and beyond. so responders have arrived, but it remains difficult and it is that it was a devastating earthquake. all with a lot of damage and the whole of casualties. you speak to, to the where the conditions, friends, what about the region itself, particular in terms of excess ability. how difficult is it to deliver the help and in turn get the injured at the region is even for us. and sandra, it's remote, it's not inaccessible. park, the car is mostly mountainous, sometimes also area hills. and it has roads that are most horrible. so um, as the mandate i talk to will to manage to go buy a car to, to,
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to hate to regions. it's just that it's usually large distances and the way from the very few main roads, the roads are on paved. so even with good vehicles, 8th takes you from the provincial capital or the next bigger city. it takes about 2 or 3, sometimes 4 hours depending on which part of these remote districts we are talking about. helicopters have reached the areas falster, but they are limited because the taliban have owned a limit to their capability. and of course, all the things like logistics with, with excavators have in, for example, bar moll arrived and to, to take away and some of the debris on. but this whole takes time. france muddy in afghanistan. thank you. or nearly fought months into the war and germany has delivered its 1st heavy weapons to ukraine. it runs defense
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ministry says it's received 7 so propelled how it's, it's the german armies, most modern artillery system and has ukranian for is trained in they use berlin as fights, criticism for its initial hesitation in supplying heavy weapons to ukraine and for its perceived slow delivery of them, after you find the weapons cannot come soon enough and it says it needs many more. russia continues to make gains in the dumbass region in what has become a grinding war of attrition. everything that can burn is on fire. that's how the governor of ukraine's blue hands region described the situation here . russia is intensifying attacks in ukraine's east ukrainian defenders in chaverra de netscape still holding out in the besieged assault chemical plant. their last stronghold in the city. hundreds of civilians are sheltering their
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and their russian troops withdrew from her cave last month, the shelling has started once again. this footage shows what was once an educational building now in ruins. oh, bruno, there were no armed forces, all representatives of territorial defense from all the national guard in this building when it was hit ok. so this strike was solely directed as a place of city infrastructure. in order to intimidate the civilian population. also legal that intimidation takes the form of words as well as weapons. without directly mentioning ukraine, russian president vladimir putin announced that a new nuclear capable ballistic missile system, known as sam matt would be ready for deployment by the end of the year, new. when you was moses, in addition to the new weapons, already tested on the battlefield before the troops began to receive s 500 m missile defense systems. so unlike any other,
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the heavy intercontinental ballistic missiles, sar, matt was successfully tested, give a settlement. it is planned that the 1st complex will appear on combat duty at the end of the year. you would utilize o ukraine hopes that a boost to its military arsenal in the form of long awaited how it says from germany may help it pushed back against the russian assault. but keith says it's received only a fraction of what it needs. not long after they were delivered. this was russia's response footage, released by russia's defense ministry, which they say shows the destruction of how it says sent by the u. s. and a u. that ukraine's morale and will to defend itself is proving much harder to destroy. let's bring and d, w, 's, rebecca, written from keith of rebecca, heavy weapons from germany have finally arrived in ukraine as a significant moment from berlin's perspective. is that
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a significant moment in keith? well finally, really being the key word there, anthony. and the word actually that the ukrainian defense minister used when he tweeted the confirmation that these how it says we're now part of the ukranian arsenal. he said, i'm happy to finally have them part of the asa pod with the arsenal. i mean, there has been a heavy criticism on germany as we know just that they haven't been a doing enough be doing it fast enough. and while of course, all support is welcomed here and met with open arms by the ukrainian government and the military. and there is a real sense both in government circles and on the street that really this is just about time germany a, it's a fraction of what they've promised as you've just been reporting. but what else they've been promised that by, by in way of heavy weapons and germany says won't make it here until at least the end of the summer, even all the autumn. and that is just, you know, really quite not fast enough for ukraine when they're watching at least 200
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soldiers die every day. they're still heavily out guns and we're just it, we're seeing them really struggling to hold. the fences are in the east in the don bass, and so you know, or to might just be a little too little too late. they say. so of those weapons that have arrived, we know with the new german and west and weapons will be deployed. and as any one, they're expecting that they will make a difference in a place like severe the net. well, that information is awfully obviously very tightly held. we don't know exactly where they're going to be deployed. they, they try not to make these kind of announcements. so that they are not destroyed by giving away information to russia. and it's very unlikely that it will make an immediate, an immediate effect on what's going on at the current frontline to comp carmen epicenter, which as you say, is in the don bass, in several of the nets and the sister city or the twin city on the other side of the river, listen chance. we know that russia more or less now to weeks of street to straight
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fighting and pushing you craig forward now really does control most have several genetic except for this small hold out of ukrainian soldiers and civilians. in that as a chemical plant, but it is, you know, now likely of all the russia will take that city been out pushing towards alyssa chance from the south of the east as well as that it is thought that they will be quite successful there. that this won't be this weapon, these weapons won't come in time to really turn that around. but they have been doing a really good job in tying up russia in that area. and they're hoping that by the time they do get more of an arsenal, that they then will be able to completely push rusher out of the territory. that is the hope at least the devilish rebecca richards reporting from the crony and capital. thank you. are i, let's take a quick look at some of the other stories making headlines. this, our moscow is warned, its response to a ban on the rail transfer of certain goods to the russian exclaimed of in and read
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will quote, not being exclusively diplomatic. neither member lithuania says it's only following you guidelines with the blockade. leningrad belongs to russia, but is waged between lithuania, poland, school in you voted texas were a gunman killed $21.00 people last month to sit to be demolished. the cities masses announcement came hours after an official called the police is response to the shooting, an abject failure which put the officers lives ahead. what the children, gender boy u. s. senate has taken a step towards passing the country's 1st major gun control legislation. in decades ago, senators voted to speed up the passage of a bipartisan bill to toughen federal gun laws. the senate is expected to vote on the measures this week. the proposals follow to brace, i believe massachusetts will pass away 5 orders of, inundated more of bangladesh after days of intense right or access to a centrals has been cut off in the beat select region, which is seeing it's worse flooding in more than
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a century. the united nation says water born diseases and now on the rise some news from the world of entertainment and a new biopic telling the story of elvis presley hits movie theaters this week. firstly, scandalized, the nation with his swinging hips back in 1957 and became an overnight sensation in the us. let's take a look at what's in store. ladies and gentlemen, i played austin butler is elvis, the young actor went to great lengths to get his portrayal. rights, a soul which is being a sponge in reading every book that i can get my lawn watching everything and every image that are costly, fine. trillion like a detective. and then also working with the number of different focal coaches on seen working on that because voice a song one with tom hanks. praise presley's controversial manager, colonel, tom parker. no, i don't know nothing about music,
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but i could see in that girl. so he was a taste of it and he couldn't eat. i eat was my destiny. i have to say you could not take your eyes off, austin, but no matter what the scene was, whether he is up on stage performing, singing full on full tilt the close to the rest. dedication was oppressive right off. the movie covers the milestones, and the thing is life leading up to his tragic early death, but fails to dig deep. it's a visual face in the familiar past. dorman directorial style review as loved it and hated it. now cinema towers can decide sports news before we go, and serena williams has returned to the court after a year away. the u. s. athlete hasn't played competitive tennis since an injury led to her early exit last year's wimbledon. 23 times major champion,
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marked to return with the devil's victory at the east on international. the 40 road is still chasing margaret courts all time record of 24 majors. this year she'll be competing wimbledon as a wildcat where she could come the 1st unseated woman to win the toner and some soccer trance venues. germany world cup here, mateo gets a, has returned to the bonus lager and join. he rode the lake when his entre frankfurt by munich are also expected to confirm soon that they have signed liverpool. sadie amana franklin tweeted that goods a signed until 2025. having resurrected history into seasons at psv eindhoven in the netherlands. he was previously in the buddhist legal with bursey adornment. and of course, by meeting and before we got his a quick look at our top story, they sell at least 920 people have been killed in an earthquake in eastern afghanistan. hundreds more injured to quake hit remote remote region close to the
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border with pakistan. rescue was arriving with the death health expected to rise. that is all the news finance risk. cobra is up next with business news. stay with us for that and don't forget a website as therefore the latest news at any time has to be found at d, w dot com. you can also find us on twitter and instagram. the handle you need is at the d. w. news for now, i'm anthony. how'd chris standing by? stay with us for business news and we'll see you again at the top with a new tag a this says starts in gemini, a d w a streaming, wherein mm.


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