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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 22, 2022 3:00pm-3:31pm CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah ah, this is deeply news live from burden german chancellor, all up schoultz addresses lawmakers in the buddhist her after his recent trip to keith and i hated case summits later this week. it's likely the war in ukraine will
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be the top of the g. ah, i'm anthony out walking to the program this hour. we're bringing you special coverage of a government statement by german chancellor left shots. the war in ukraine is expected to be a major focus with arms deliveries and ukraine status as an e u. accession candidate. very much in the spotlight. these the live pictures from the german parliament in the capital berlin was shot his duty to address lawmakers in the next few minutes. i know fargo, well, while we're waiting, let's bring in d w. political correspondence, simon young is with me here in the studio. i, son and, and d, w chief, political editor, mckayla christner at the german parliament, the bonus tag, mcculla want to start with you. i'm wondering what kind of speech you expect from
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the chancellor to day. how is he going to use this occasion to convey what message? well, he has to do both. he has to deliver the big picture and that has big theme is how to bring the global south together on the side of democracies. and what is clearly seen as a competition of political systems in this war between russia and ukraine, also dummies, finance minister just who's walking through the picture behind me in a moment has of wound that to a dummy expects. an economic crisis in this is ridi german, seeing the pinch of what is a new war in europe, but also an energy stand off that has led to a whole host of other problems. the supply chain still trying to recover from the pandemic and energy prices going up with inflation really being felt in german pockets. so it is a very, very big arch indeed that we're expecting him addressing the german parliament at
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the in the upcoming scenario of the g 7 meeting and also the native meeting, but also demons. very posley who are feeling the crisis hard. mcallister, with summon young to you in the studio here. yesterday, the government published a list of weapons that have been delivered to ukraine. and furthermore, a list of what is to be delivered to ukraine from place where secrecy is very much the norm. what's behind the publication of such a list? well, i think if you can assume that i hated these upcoming big summits that are sholtes, he's heading to the summit, the g 7 summit being held here in germany, and then the nato summit as well. and he really wants to sort of change the information policy and be able to say, this is what german has been doing. because of course has been so much international criticism of germany suggestions to berlin to hesitant to actually deliver that. are the concrete military support that ukraine has been asking for? i mean, from the german perspective, they said, well, you know,
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it's not necessarily a smart thing to do to tell the enemy as well. of course, what, what exactly you're sending and where you're deploying your resources. and i think also berlin has been worried about, you know, say, having it documented what might be perceived as a provocation of russia because they sought to have dialogue as far as possible. but this is now changing the information policy clearly to show you know, ok we are there, we are concretely involved and nobody can say that we're not. michaela simon raises the, was the word hesitancy. there's another phrase that come up a lot to little to light. now members of the opposition, but also politicians from shelters and ruling coalition have used that fries to little to like when it comes to weapons deliveries. they choose shots of hesitancy . are they right? what we just saw, actually,
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a general defense vanessa christine lam. place being put on the spot this morning, he said that germany is going to the brink of what is still responsible as sharing of actual hardware, this, against the backdrop of those german, how it says, the 1st pieces of heavy weapons, so called heavy weapons. now, having been confirmed to have arrived after training here in germany, we saw a pledge of 2 and 3 mas multiple rocket launches, also from the defense minister to day. but if you set it against what the united states has delivered at what poland has pledged in terms of proportion of its own, g p at germany is not ahead. and particularly when it comes to weapons deliveries. germany is slow. having said that, it's military is in a deplorable state, are also struggling to fulfill its nato commitments. and that was also the counter argument throughout with the german government pointing firm the at the defense industry,
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which is very large here in germany to actually deliver em. but from the ukrainian perspective, it has been very little, it has been rather late, but now that the heavy weapons are coming through, there's also signals of gratitude. and i think that list being published also helped in people actually getting an overview of thousands of surface to air rocket launches, in fact, that had been to develop that did make a difference in those early days of the wall. okay, i look at the bonus tag and simon young here in the studio. i believe we have a delay to that speech from all left. schultz, and we'll come back to that later when he approaches the dice, letting on and more than a 1000 people have been killed in an earthquake that hit eastern afghanistan overnight. hundreds more, a wounded. the 6 point one magnitude quake struck partake of province. a remote area near the border with pakistan,
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a local official posted on social media that 90 houses were destroyed and dozens of people i feared trapped beneath the rub. rescue operation is on the way and helicopters are being used to reach the engine. the disaster comes at the time when afghanistan is battling a severe humanitarian crisis. worsened by the taliban. take the end of your correspondent, france, maddie and cobble has more force. so official college bon rounds, state news agency just reported that the death toll has over 1000 and over 1500 people 100 alone into this shakes indiana in bar mall in hockey call. that said, that should be kept in mind that these districts are don't have that much of a population. so these numbers are very, very significant. and 1st responders had already in the morning reached the area for of nearby cities are. there's full touch off of helicopters,
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learning that were also om confirmed by local sources. so 8 has reached a place. and, but of course, given to the scale of the devastation, are not sufficiently yet, and it takes time to bring more 8 material excavators on site front, where the conditions, the relative violation of the bridge and all make this difficult. i wonder how much assistance are the taliban government equipped to offer in an emergency on a scale like this? what the taliban government can offer is most likely limited. they already before struggle to provide public services because the government is on the funded. so they have already before been dependent on international aid. also today they called on 8 organizations to step in. so much will depend on how false aid organizations are,
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can react and can get aid to these rather remote areas. stereos are accessible by road and it's not, they are not the best roads on paved often. and i, it takes time to, to shape um, whatever is needed to such places that rival own take several hours. so it is a logistically difficult friends muddy in afghanistan. thanks so much. only 5 months into the war, germany has to live at its 1st heavy weapons to ukraine. it runs defense ministry says it's received 7 self propelled how it says the german armies, most modern artillery system. and has he cronyn cruise trained and they use the linux based criticism for its initial hesitation in supplying heavy weapons to ukraine and for its perceived slow delivery of the for ukraine. the weapons cannot
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come soon enough and it says it made many more. russia continues to my gains in the dumbass region in a grinding ball of attrition. everything that can be done is on fire. that's how the governor of ukraine's the hands gray gen described the situation here. russia is intensifying attacks in ukraine's east ukrainian defenders incubator denounced, still holding out in the besieged as a chemical plant there last stronghold in the city, hundreds of civilians, a sheltering that and the russian troops withdrew from her cave last month. the shelling has started once again. this footage shows what was once an educational building, now in ruins. oh was blue and there were no armed forces, all representatives of territorial defense from all the national guard and in this
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building when it was hit ok. so this strike was solely directed as a place of city infrastructure. in order to intimidate the civilian population, monumental wolf legal that intimidation takes the form of words as well as weapons . without directly mentioning ukraine, russian president vladimir putin announced that a new nuclear, capable of ballistic missile system, known as sam matt would be ready for deployment by the end of the year, new year was it was ruth, in addition to the new weapons, already tested on the battlefield, where the troops began to receive s $500.00 m missile defense systems. so unlike any other, the heavy intercontinental ballistic missiles, sar, matt was successfully tested based on what it is planned, that the 1st complex will appear on combat duty at the end of the year. you would use also, oh ukraine hopes that a boost to its military arsenal. in the form of long awaited how it says from
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germany may help it pushed back against the ration of salt. but keith says it's received only a fraction of what it needs. not long after they were delivered. this was russia's response footage, released by russians defense ministry, which they say shows the destruction of how it says sent by the u. s. and e u, but ukraine's morale and will to defend itself is proving much harder to destroy. so a significant moment for germany as it finally delivered its 1st heavy weapons to you, crime, following months of criticism. but how significant is it for keith? i put that question to our correspondence in the ukrainian capital, rebecca british. well finally, really being the key word there, anthony and the word actually that the ukrainian defense minister used when he tweeted the confirmation that these how it says when now part of the ukrainian arsenal. he said, i'm happy to finally have them part of the asa pod with the arsenal. i mean there
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has been a heavy criticism on germany as we know just that they haven't been a doing enough. be doing it fast enough. and while of course, all support is welcomed here and met with open arms by their ukranian government and the military. and there is a real sense both in government circles and on the street that really this is just about time germany a, it's a fraction of what they've promised as you've just been reporting, but what else they've been promised it bye bye in way of heavy weapons and germany says won't make it here until at least the end of the summer, even on the autumn. and that is just, you know, really quite not fast enough for ukraine when they're watching at least 200 soldiers die every day. they're still heavily out guns, and we're just it, we're seeing them really struggling to hold the fences in the east, in the don bass. and so you know, all to might just be a little too little too late. they say. so of those weapons that have arrived to, we know with the new german and western weapons will be deployed. and as any one
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they are expecting that they will make a difference in a place like severe that in it. well, that information is awfully obviously very tightly held. we don't know exactly where they're going to be deployed. they, they try not to make these kind of announcements so that they are not destroyed by giving away information to russia. and it's very unlikely that it will make an immediate, an immediate effect on what's going on at the current frontline to comp current epicenter, which as you say, is in the don bass. and several of the nets and the sister city or the twin city on the other side of the river. listen chance. we know that russia more or less now to weeks of street to straight fighting and pushing you craig forward now. really does control most have several genetic except for the small hold out of ukrainian soldiers and civilians in that as a chemical plant. but it is, you know, now likely of all the russia will take that city then are pushing towards alyssa
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chance from the south of the east as well as that is thought that they will be quite successful there. that this won't be this weapon, these weapons won't come in time to really turn that around. but they have been doing a really good job in tying up russia in that area. and they're hoping that by the time they do get more of an arsenal, that they then will be able to completely push roger out of the territory. that is the hope, at least the deputies rebecca written reporting from the crony and capital. thank you. a diplomatic dispute between russia and lithuania is escalating. the baltic state has blocked the rail transit of sanctioned goods through its territory to the russian ex clave of colleen and grat. lithuania says it's just following a you guidelines that moscow is threatening what it calls. serious consequences bound from russia to russia. this strain is bringing goods from russia's heartland to x, x clave of colin and gret. colin and gret is separated from the rest of russia by 2 countries,
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lithuania and belarus. could while bell roosters letting all russian trains transit its territory, lithuania has started blocking all trains carrying sanctioned goods within your doing anything. it's our european sanctions that are started working from the 17th of june. coal metal cement would building materials and high tech goods are among the items on the sanctions list. they account for up to 50 percent of all goods bound for colleen and grad. moscow has called the parcel transit band, a hostile blockade, and is threatening nato member lithuania. you see brazil chevy, mac afraid traffic, between the kellen in grad region and the rest of russia's territory is not fully restored in the next few days. what russia retains its right to take measures in watching the w news live from berlin. we're about to welcome olive shops, the german chancellor to the dyess at the german bonus tag, and have
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a listen to his address. the german harmony was evolutionary laid the ground of a new situated to the south. yaga, zach told on the for loop, we committed to a lot of the special fancier for the german. unfortunately, the bonus tag, every one who supported that, i would like to say thank you. good is this one lemon towards the g? is most fundamental. thomas is a split estate goes to its citizens and this promise has been renewed in the face of the russians, like more of aggression on ukraine in view of the turning point in history. ladies and gentlemen, the german armed forces would be equipped so that he can protect our country and our allies against any attack that is the standard for the normal cumberland us. they are filled with order and others are soldiers will finally get the support
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that they deserve. for their important service to our country. and for this i hope i speak on behalf of everyone. thank you. lou, begin the new orientation of our security policy. it has received recognition from my colleagues and allies in the world. they have understood, i message in the biggest security challenge of, in europe for decades. germany looked old as the most densely populated country and the largest country, the european union was i doing justice to its responsibility, taking responsibility, not for its own security alone, but also that of its allies. 2 weeks ago when i was in the baltic states under, i made it clear that an attack on the baltic states would be an attack on all of us and words and moved about. i'm not enough how good through the as soon as the war started, we really ticklish a pin, showed that additional soldiers and capabilities were sent to the eastern. on the
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dim little heart of the country public, i'm whales read lithuanian, looked all our president, bless it out at all, i have it was, it wouldn't be promised that there would be a robust blunder. swear brigade present there have we will have navy and will there craft president awesome or gotten in the area to him and we are sending soldiers lakia you in order to help slovakia to protect its air space as well. and all of this is somebody will emphasizes what i said on the 27th of february here in the german class, upon the bonus that we will fight for every centimeter of the alliance territory. what do i need to speak to this and good luck for my own history. we as german us. no, so good luck that. so there's a commitment we've had from our allies is important. and our nato allies can now rely on germany in law. in this commitment,
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we are going to the nato summit of next week. and because other allies are coming to specifically commit or to their auto group contribution to defending lawson, nato, i am sure we will be speaking with one voice speaker from when we come out of that summit with a new strategic concept from nato will be adapting to the challenges of the future was viola relationship to russia on a future will play an important role to proper to say clearly a partnership with russia fulfilled based on the strategic concept of 2010. that was, our aim is in no longer possible and not possible for the foreseeable future. as bruton expands in his imperialist manner. google goals kind of pushing, he but we mustn't draw the wrong conclusions. english situation. it would not be wise on the base to ensure that the founding act of nato and russia be
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disbanded that would just play into pollutants propaganda hands. the very principles that putin has gone against would be devote, are the ones we need to pursue. we need to maintain all of the sovereignty of independent states, and we must remind, put in that these are the international rules of play, the other we more than ever before will fight for an international i was structure based on the rule of law with our partners he didn't allow you ability to publish and then we had more. i believe that sweden and finland will soon be among our allies in nato. i think many of us believe that as new allies, sweden and finland would be a real gain for nato. and for europe as a whole legal league really colleagues, emission tottenham, is
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a woman named best buy from in when in the next few days. i am at the european council meeting with the g 7 summit and the nato summit with the west and balcony countries. my implant impressions from ukraine will stay with me, epin destroyed and devastated by war. i cannot forget the fresh graves the bond, residential blocks, the destroyed bridges, the cars, bomb to pieces. they speak with a clear language. russia is waging and merciless war against ukraine, against hot with innocent women and children. it is a barbaric crime you discretion. and ukraine has every right to defend itself against this attack. and it is our duty as it's european by neighbors,
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as defenders of justice to support ukraine has pressed ok. which didn't love. europe has joined ranks, but with ukraine. fortune. and this is the clear message that emanuel my con man, no. io to hagi and myself said when we are in cave and i assure to presidents and get the time that we will continue to support ukraine financially, economically humanitarian lee and politically and in the delivery of weapons. as long as ukraine needs are, support the old little community, a little training european soldiers on the leopards or can be of our tanks is running on them. and we are beginning further training up in the next few days as the i s t underfoot anti aircraft. system which can protect entire cities
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has been agreed talking to a few days ago. the 1st 3 way exchange with check republic is can, has started and we are continuing other negotiations with other countries. and also, as we heard yesterday, the tag howitzers, in which we have trained ukrainian soldiers on more very intensely recently have arrived in ukraine new brooklyn ukraine is getting the weapons that it will most urgently nieces in this phase of the war. and i have talked about these very weapons with the president landscape. we'll continue to deliver them to date and in the future for and so that and on the basis of facts, we can discuss this. even on the german government has decided the call to list all of the weapons, little that have already been sent to ukraine as many of our allies have already done. why the gone,
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ladies and gentlemen were killed in cities like epa and butcher or cities or of atrocious crimes, but the other liberated, seduce, give us some hope. you will hope that it might be possible if we all join forces to push back the russian aggressors and this remains our goal to them. and this is why with presidency lensky. we'll continue to debate about future support for ukraine without nato ever becoming a warrant party. and another thing, as we assured president landscape when we visited cave, kiev, ukraine, and ukraine alone will decide in the possible negotiations with russia. what is important and right for them, we will not go over the trans had in this matter. we wanted the school isn't that isn't, you know, negotiations between ukraine and russia lie in the distant future because putin is
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big top continues to believe in a piece dictated by a gift on russia. it is important therefore, that we stand the course with our sanctions, with our remote internationally agreed weapons deliveries and with our financials or for ukraine as long as it takes until putin finally recognizes the colossal error of his waist, gun level. and for that, we need to be in it for the long haul. ladies and gentlemen, and i think the reconstruction of ukraine will take a generation with an amendment social. some was all in the ruins of the buildings in open. this becomes so clear the launch a scale of destruction is huge with the big dr. i or, and many others, are reminded when they see these images of the destroyed kicks german cities after the war. and like then, europe in ruins, needs a marshall plan equivalent for reconstruction 1000000 router districts of the billions that have been spent on ukraine have had
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a major contribution from germany. but there will be many more for billions required for the reconstruction of ukraine. and that over years and years to come, woman, why it can only be done if we're unify our forces together with the international financial organizations and the major donor countries and other international organizational the civic incidence. i said to for the animal and get on to president's lensky when i and invited him to the g 7 summit, that this is the case apart from the financing. but another thing is crucial. we need to agree with the council of experts and economists as to what kind of martial plan equivalent we need for ukraine and how we can coordinate it internationally. how we can decide together what investments will help ukraine fastest on its path to learning you cancelled, and together with the commission president. oh, but old person rob at the european council and elsewhere, i will be advocating
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a higher ranking conference of international experts within the framework of i g. 7, presidency closely coordinated with our international partners with youth path into the e. u and ukraine was the key issue. when i visited kia or an emmanuel, my con, close to 100 mario dragon, myself, made it clear that ukraine belongs to the european family ervish, british michelle for help. and this is why at the european with other law counsel tomorrow and the next day i will be advocating that the entire e you said yes, with one voice. 27 member states saying yes to candidate status chron. boards in the pool. did you bench idle rings?
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overdue germany is in favor of a positive decision for our moldova as well, kind of hustling off. and there's no better place than care to make this clear. clinician, president light are standing more side by side with the ukranian president and with old and new e. u member states from east and from the west of the commission has now supported our view, but at the same time, but it has set out clear reform stamps that are necessary to quote the guiding principles are the copenhagen. alrighty. a 100 questions of the rule of law, of all crucial, as well as any judiciary combating corruption and protecting minorities no business ukrainians? no. as well. that the path to the e. u is phil gibbs with prerequisite senior until been curdled. but they want to go that path. they want less of the influence of oligarchy, less corruption,
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more democracy under stronger economy dusty hoffman. so this is the hope that we also share with ukraine on its path to the e. u. and in this way to we are support claire with the organ. this is june for georgia who's perspective z e o we want to support as well. at the same time, we're well aware of the fact that the e u must prepare itself aside for the obsession is a new member states. that means that our internal structures must be reformed. the severity and this is why i'm advocating in the future that more decisions are made with a qualified majority, say in foreign policy, all appears from the european union has to be the support and ready to take on new members. this requires institutional reforms. we should use for his reforms to


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