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tv   Art. See. Asia  Deutsche Welle  June 23, 2022 8:30am-9:01am CEST

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ah, listen carefully. don't know how those things you miss today. ah, feel the magic discover the world around you. subscribe to d w documentary on youtube. indonesia is a fast archipelago countries that consists over $17000.00 islands and its capital city . yeah, gotta look at it and jump island is one of the most dance places on earth. yeah . got back his go rapidly and with this comes commuter problems and
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a population of almost 11000000 people. i'm alex alba. i was born here in jakarta. i'm an actor and a self, a visual artist, i believe, part payment it's life and so vice versa. in the next 48 hours, i'm going to find out how and what contemporary artists are doing to help the community improve its standard of living. her mom to move on my journey, i hope to learn how art is communicate in sanctioned through art. what is their process? why did they choose this way? i think only then can we really recognize their are their intention to help the community to help people and the environment change for the better. i'm on my way to meet cecilia up at the see out with audio at bunger. alecia wants to show me how
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highly fragile are by 3 fia, is recognized as the only female counter. but any glass artist in indonesia or artwork examines the relationships between the domestic, the personal and the societal experience. they have great private spaces and public spears in indonesia, new york, venice and the netherlands from miniature artworks to large size installations. this is my artwork for red it. what's it called? hang on. now was the id from the marriage? and because they give that will to the new to the right. it's beautiful. thank you . i want to see i want to know how you've got them. i want to know how you blow these glasses. where do we go from here? my city, let's do, let's go, okay. wow. so this is it?
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yes. wow. it doesn't look like what i think it is, but you know what? if you can do it here, you can do it anywhere. so this is my new project. so you're using broken glass. yeah, i want to return this into the beach just because my father is from i'm from many years ago on the sand there. mining a really sad thing. yeah, we need to save this. that's all we have. yes. so now i want to return the sam. that's a good idea. how does it look like you call this project pressure trasha. that's a nice ring point. yes. rush. sure. oh yeah. i used to live when they see like yeah. oh oh, sure. with what i think it is. yes. shelly,
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it's gonna move. what do you want to say? what i want to communicate about 2nd thing to me, we don't. that's a terrible thing, right. so it's about 3 products in. you don't have to be talking about sex. your children, i want to learn how to communicate. my feelings, my like you, especially about this. i can't believe i've been holding this. do you want to make this? i don't know if i want to, but i want to learn. ok. i will challenge you. challenge me now, i'll give you some. this is the ice and apparently, all right. we know some way to he did it and when it's right, i'm going to blow it. yeah. ok. yes. now. ok. okay. what are you trying to create? now i want to make like one
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yes. oh, oh wow. ok. now you do this really strong now, right now with and now i use this thing with all this family and only k is this your 1st glass? oh my god. a nice worry. so
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what i call you are loud as you carry. wow. yeah, it does look like a glow. it's amazing. i really had time and i learned so much a lot about blackboard. art is not mentally just about passion, but also about feeling emotions and how you want to reflect towards the surrounding . and you just did. right. with that. thank you. they care that's one of the most among many iconic form of transportation in indonesia called and called but what is it from india doesn't have a meter. so me and the driver we have to will read on a price. let's see k m o m m block from a button. and then at that ok, ban or kayla? or you ever gallon by
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the blue by j is a lot more environmental friendly as it uses natural gas, compared to the audience or yellow color by j that uses oil. c spy, and always a portrait artist in indonesia, his murals and social criticism artwork are also commissioned by private collectors and museums, as well as exhibit it in indonesia, singapore, greece, turkey. anti one says yeah, with the legs up by 3 months. i see. thank you. i go expensive just in my last, you know, long take it up and to see me kind of up, really them, but they do see loose my nothing but the me complex for why am problem. callaghan?
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brody's all with one me. you've been a mark that's crappy ball column, but i see what about what i see the see me area. look you sent what it says you do, gerry. back on the east. so see all the big source. yeah. i dance wilson unit a, could i before? i mean, you know, lot with leap about how to do nothing about it. or, you know, it's one of the heroes of the epic, paul, of ancient india, the my hub. but i don't want to let you know in the budget in 3 other japan domains that i do know, nobody can a month
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with the so well i got up got to go with. so seattle give the mom mother elizabeth very own, but it will become bless a while it any of our by and you know, what is that about it from a young grandma probably will better represent you and that's what part of the machine i got to do i don't my shark. i think it ended up a couple years ago with my son because of a day in my see a book why, why is it a more force just say a house to to newman is newman. thank you somebody. well i yeah. some do it. yeah,
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here i am in the southern part of banga. so this is our south jabard camino with this 3 d digital artist being 3rd north zillow knows it's multi skilled from the traditional, the 3 dimensional brain thing technology from bamboo weaving to monumental installations. but it is his background in 3 d animation and architecture that has manifested into hybrid characters and digital art influenced by his side by imagination. if exhibitions in china, switzerland, and all over indonesia are well with, this is the find the douglas link. it is a kinetic, they're actually moving randomly randomly bought, i been here and there it was actually made the validate paddles and the night
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people missed that. so let me make it key madison and ends on the daytime. that makes it accessible. why do you choose this kind of fortune? first find a douglas is near flower of this area. if you know the or kid, yeah, i panels and then they've facing forward my funding, douglas, have 2 panels that facing up with it. so you need, i really wonder how actually you made them. how do you do it? let's go to my studio. are we close? like we are closed of go, i still it digital art, somehow it became something that is more real than the thank you both. think about it, we're out in the environment, shifting all the mails from the tangible to the digital. so there's, there's no more weight, at least we do it, you know, true. and then really also he just paper or we just the can 1st i see them. and
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resolve the thing, the digital world, you know, in the digital files come to think about it. yeah. it is. then yes, this is a i heard that you were actually for more like recording our illusion. heritage that is that still? yeah. the government wants to recreate the statue of the actually employers. so people of, from around indonesia, especially students, can learn about it and look at it from a different perspective because all the us that's fatuous tall and then high and, and now they'd be able to turn it in and look in all the detail. and again, this is the one with any particular statute that you're working on at the moment. but, but danny, it's in the heart of duck. i've done that. yeah. and that statue was made in russia
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. i mean, it was a gift. do they look any information at all about me in with any they actually really in the gym. yeah. the one who made it was russia. yeah. you did a good job. oh, i can tell that, you know, you painted that. you know, this is, you are looking at the, i mean, this is bloody part. here are. so this is actually to have the medical student and nurses and doctors to practice a surgery a. so i sculpted in 3 dimensional program in digital form. and then after that we printed in a printing machine, we printed the mall, and then out of the small, we cast this silicone. going to try to make the a. can i get it? yeah, sure. can i just draw and then suddenly it's done. let's do it. all right,
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let's try he can push this shift button. so the process of doing it, digital and move is the same thing. yeah. yeah. okay. so actually me can details and then it's and then i look, i love you did a great job alex. i hope so. i mean for timer, it's randy for printing really yet. all right. they don't, it's done. i did this. you did it really. i didn't need a good job. so i saw there are 2 parts here. ways that because when we print it,
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you have to make sure that the shape. yes, it's in that the printer have way like wars. we eliminate the support and then phone itself and faster to print and less weight. so thank human. anytime. well, i want to move on. now i want to be there you go. okay, uh huh. 008. you dow today i've seen artists, they choose to save the environment, how to use waste materials pent up cycle it to become something that's valuable for everyone. and i've seen a lot of artist is going through this path to see digital as hard as an art. so that it will save the environment. why? because we don't use a lot of materials. now i wonder how our would change the community. i guess i'll
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find it up tomorrow. it's day 2 in jakarta, the capital city of indonesia is also in economy and cultural hub. i am making my way to nadia natasha studio in south jakarta since 2008 to nadia natasha, or famously known as not teal, has become one of the most popular female that the artist in indonesia. she put high attention to detail, especially on condo, but an art blind work to point elisa, an illustration with scholars or art has been exhibited world wide. how do you spot and when did you start? i started tackling the sense housing and by alice had. so 1st and i'm so curious to learn about how to miss wanted that that was your father's and 5. yeah. why were you curious about that? because back lang titling was so like a standalone around i see power all. oh so more in the music. yeah,
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we knew that to was a stigma different with now. of course, yes, it's a mainstream now, it was a mac landers, so this is called to get them access to, to be attached to are there what kind of style did you start? i used to do a painting of my recent award on my power color is kind of like black, yellow rad, and bright colors as well. and, you know, make a new thing. take the lines for them both and the packing dollars. i'd like to know how you don't mind. are you going to teach me? sure. that the challenge. yeah. my going to do it on my own skin or what did i do now maybe for what fruit is not moody. an orange is not good. orange with sorry, ma'am. please take
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a deep breath. said, all right, let's just say this is a snake. that's it. and i don't know what that is, but it should be something at the end of it. this is the machine. yes. this your station i hope you know that i'm afraid of me that all right. how many times you've been doing this? i'm not going to watch. let's see it. oh man. there's no needle different into this. yeah. yeah. oh yeah. i think i missed that. ah.
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how do you do shading? wow please, what do you think is like that? tell me the meaning of a good question. a very good question. ok. the meaning of it is that we know there's a dog. we know the snake. we know there's a dragon like a realm where, where the dog dragon and sneak can live. ok, so you have to show the symbol in order for you to enter that. well it's, it's all adding mom and it's magical. there you go. so. but what do you think for his daughter, for the 1st time? not thank you so much. yeah. not moderate and skin art and that doing as a movement and industry is becoming far more mainstream and socially acceptable. it
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no longer has the same stigma and negative connotation associated with the past. the ability for individuals to where there are it's a positive change in the community. thank you for your time. i thank you. since i am in the neighbourhood, i decided to pop into godaddy. i see the mob. the mall has come footed, a part of its retail space into a public art gallery. i'm glad that i managed to squeeze my time to come here in the mall to see all this great national well known sculptures. as you can see here in em all. the go, or stanley is a master of fine arts, graduated from the university of the arts in berlin. his artistic style he shaved my living and working in both europe and indonesia. not only has his art has been acquired by many private collectors, museum and major corporations. but in the case of his sculptures,
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it has also been executed locally and now installed in the underwater rel sometimes her paper appreciate her 2 hours c's and how, what, how little benefit to the oxygen. see your brain almost 70 percent contribute by the seeds by, by the coral. this is my motivation. why? i do think this will be for our children for the next generations to come on. well, i want to see how you do it. maybe for it. maybe i can try, i will, i will teach who i'm excited that the group authentic is going to give me a master class. on creating an artificial re sculpture, the go caused them domus, which in latin means house. this is the greedy are designed
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of almost long was the use to have for 86000 kilometer coral rates in all over our concerns higher. and now we only have 6 percent left. so from the day one we deployed it this already the texas for diapers. this is an artwork which can open a lot of the economy, a protocol community, that's how the community, because the benefits of my i see, i have to learn how do i want to see why admitted to, let's do that. which way go ok. ok. ledford, of course, with enough good. all right, so then we can move,
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this gets transferred in under a company lesser with let's go to the workshop workshop brand new welding. let's do it. oh, okay, alex so, so i have, you have everything new. this is the letter you look it i see so from both side or one side is on one side 1st. all right. yeah. yeah. i did it. yeah. yeah. and yeah, yeah. local. so when this is done,
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where are you planning to put this or not? so isn't i thank you for your master class today. i much and judging from what i've learned today, if it's a 5 stars in my profile, every house i'll star. all right, that's a good start. a ok. i will try to stay creative. yeah. though that means don't. don't worry mistakes. don't worry. what mistake you the man but you the man. thank you for today. thank you. i doubt it. ah. in the heart of jack got a cd is r o t l dominant. you can't leave the trademark style of jack. i street. he's not a boy who was commissioned to pain his. i can excrete months or that wraps around the hotel. i'm here to meet up with the glass on the field audio who has
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invited me for drinks at, but one of the job that's called a super bars that is popular with the art see community tell me in 3 words what it feels like to work and live here as an artist, fath ah, dead line deadline, as our prices. oh, there be a lot of them, i'm sure. so what your plan, i want to continue my for a well, if you need help, let me know. i'll blow some kind of. i'll tell you that i'll go down. yes, i mean, oh, there you go. okay, thank you. yes, sir. well, what are our than our future? okay. i've been inspired by what i experience the last 48 hours. i oh, into those great artists is, would challenge our perspective towards our standard of living. i mean, who would have imagined that article can be home to him or in life and be useful
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for the community? i moved by those visual artist that comes together and inspired our sign of living . well then we'll just have to see how my ard will be useful for the community. until then me, alex, i about saying goodbye from jakarta. with with
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ah, [000:00:00;00] with the dirtiest rivers in europe flowed through the u. k. the accusation,
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privatization of and completely outdated infrastructure. a truly dirty reality in the united kingdom. focus on europe. in 30 minutes on d. w. conflict zone with harass vanity. russia and ukraine are taking heavy casualties in the don bus, but has ukraine already lost the east? my guest this week believes that is likely the case in burma is a political scientist and founder of the eurasia rope thing going to happen. and believe the russians had said it will at all this and more on this week's conflict loan with 90 minutes on the w ukraine. lou with
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come, mike speaking, how can miss national hatred of a people be explained gold hon. oh, a history of anti semitism is a history of stigmatization and exclusion of religious and political power. struggles in the christian community wants to come. that is why christianity used this figure of the jew as little tesla. it's a history of slender, of hatred and violence. is the book is smaller than on the jews were considered servants of evil. we simply told you the most atrocious chapter. a 3rd of our people were exterminated 6000000 jews, like microbes to be annihilated. even 77 years after the holocaust hatred towards juice is still pervasive. a history of anti semitism starts july 2nd on
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d w. ah, ah ah ah . this is dw news live from berlin. disaster in afghanistan, a powerful earthquake leaves a 1000 people dead and many more injured. now it's a race to get a to survivors also coming up. ukrainian president vladimir zalinski urges allies


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