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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 23, 2022 8:00pm-8:15pm CEST

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was, will people, we should light on the opaque world? who's behind with wine a day, a threat to whistle open equals this week on d, w. ah, [000:00:00;00] ah, this is d, w. news live from berlin, afghanistan, reales off to a deadly earthquake rescue teams raised to get a to survive as a day off to the powerful quake left
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a 1000 people dead and many more injured. also coming up the u. s. supreme court rules, americans have the right to carry guns in public. the decision comes as law makers try to tighten restrictions on gun ownership. following several math shootings. and the e. u is set to put ukraine on the path to membership. but this frustration among western balkan countries who say they've been left in the waiting room for way too long. ah yeah, man, you campus mckinnon. welcome to the program. rescue efforts are underway in eastern afghanistan off for a powerful earthquake on wednesday. at least 1000 people were killed and many more injured. international aid has now started arriving after tough weather conditions . initially, hampered access to the remote mountain region. since the taliban took power lost
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all, it has become harder for 8 agencies to operate there. and the country is already facing drought answered shortages survivors digging for survivors in collapsed mountain villages in a country where millions already faced the misery of hunger and poverty and health care system faltering since the taliban takeover. it's hard to imagine what could be worse than this. one of us are my children are dead, some or hurt. the other good in this house and 35 members of the family were martyred among the bodies on my sunday and grandchildren. when our entire house is collapsed, everything has been destroyed. the can't enter the house,
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trying to figure things out to taliban can help us. not one of the one rotted. the taliban government has managed to mobilize and move some supplies in and some of the injured out. but this is one of the most remote regions of the country. those 8 organizations that kept staff and f canister and after the taliban takeover are doing what's possible. the evacuating people with the medical facilities. so i've got to start at the moment, is that how systems come on the strain over the last again, connected to the development assistance in state assets have been frozen as those affected wait for aid to arrive or the chance to be evacuated. local medical facilities, what do what they can but graves must be dug.
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the dead must be buried. c, u. s. supreme court has ruled that americans have a constitutional rights to carry firearms in public. the court struck down a new york law requiring people demonstrate a specific need to carry a concealed weapon outside their homes. the landmark ruling them prevent other states from enforcing similar restrictions. president joe biden has said he is deeply disappointed by the decision a washington bureau chief in his pul, told us more about the significance of this ruling. our, this position has far reaching implications, particularly in cities that had thought actually to address gun crimes by putting restrictions on who can carry them. but with this decision it will loosen gun control measures. and that allows actually for more people to have access to guns.
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so the new york law was basically intended to protect people in more densely populated areas of the country. but now with this ruling, people will be allowed to have a concealed weapon and in public spaces, even for example, on times square in new york city. now, congress is currently in the process of trying to pass gun control measures after several recent horrific shootings. how big of the blow to gun control advocates is the supreme court decision. indeed, this ruling comes as congress is really looking to pass its 1st made for a gun restriction law since the early ninety's. so this significant others is so assistance significant because it under lines and it is a clear signal that 2nd amendment advocates have a strong support sitting on the highest chord in the land in the supreme court. and even as lawmakers, as you just said, attempt to make changes,
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the court can now loosen or even strike down other gun control laws that have been in the books. we heard that the president has said that he is deeply disappointed by this decision. what other reactions had there been to the ruling? right, so there was really a strong reaction from the president of the united states to a ruling from the supreme court. new york leaders obviously are also condemning this decision calling it a both reckless and outrageous. the new york city cities, mayor eric adams, a said earlier that the ruling will put in forwards him here, new york was at further risk of gun violence. and according to him, the city will now try to define code of sensitive locations where carrying a gun will be banned in the future as i quote him here again, the mayor, he says, we cannot allow new york to become the wild west. he w in his bull in washington,
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dc. thank you so much. now, european leaders meeting to day are expected to grant ukraine official candidates status for membership in the you. now proving ukraine's bed would be the 1st official step towards membership. the european parliament has already passed a resolution calling on member states to grant you crane candidate status without delay. yes, yeah, yes. yeah, roaches outside the u council building here in brussels, made it very clear what they expect from the 27 year leaders. that all of them should agree to grant ukraine your candidate status at their 2 day meeting along with moldova. and just before the start of this crucial summit, many leaders had already given reason for hope to read and we will again show solidarity with ukraine. and we will also take an important decision for ukraine's european perspective perspective,
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though crane and germany's chancellor shoals, along with 2 other powerful you leaders. francis in manuel mccaul and italy, smarty draggy had travelled to keith earlier in june weather indoors to ukraine's u membership bit. others, however, have been more skeptical to to issue sling to corruption and the rural fuel. but the war has loomed large and discussions. they are now at a stage where a gram change kind of their status as possible. and of course, given the geopolitical situation since you have a very good orbit. oh, please you despicable aggression of russia against you, friend? of course it is also part of the say do this information in which we discussed it. it's clear ukraine would have to fulfill a long list of criteria before being able to enter the union. a person that could take years, even decades, for many ukrainians would see the step as
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a sy in the country belongs to the european family. even during such a brutal war ukraine democratic institutions have been preserved. even now we're extending the reach of the europeans. those ear leaders will also have to discuss whether the union is even able to welcome new family members. anytime soon. since many here in brussels agree, the block needs internal reform to compete on the world stage. and believe the war raging on its doorstep. next is even more urgent. and for more we join now by d. w. brussels bureau chief, alexandra fun. nomine. alexandra. so it's sounding like, there's really no chance that keith won't get candidate status. you're right, it looks like that. and i think that it's so difficult to imagine that there could be a members state ready to do a,
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the whole summit and ready to block this decision on ukraine. even though we have to say that the discussion is taking longer than anticipated. the leaders started discussing the situation in ukraine, but some of them felt apparently that it is important to inter length this discussion with her the situation of the western balkans because they felt that the meeting with those countries to day some of them already have a candidate status, some of them are potentially ready to get this status. so the leaders, some of them felt that the said meeting in the morning was not successful. so they wanted to have those discussions going on about in the and i think that we will have a does. this is a decision on ukraine today because it's so important to show unity. i had a chance to speak about that with as tony and prime minister kaya carlos,
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who is one of the vocal supporters of ukraine. and she told me that it's now time for the you to be all in to support ukraine. let's have a listen. we have to defend our help, but ukraine defend themselves, so we have to give them military aid, all the support that they need. so that aggression is pushed back. but it also means that the crimes we see are ongoing in ukraine will go not or will not go unpunished. and so that the genocide, the war crimes, the war criminals are held accountable because we have done that mistake already in the past in georgia, crimea. don bus, where, you know, there was a peace treaty and then everybody went on with their business and all those crimes for never punished. we can't do that mistake again. strongly supportive of ukraine, eh, but even of ukraine does now get you candidate status of of course, the process of becoming an actual member will likely take years. so tell us why
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this would be such a significant development right now. it will be a significant decision and also something that is already being described as a historic decision. because that would mean that the for the 1st time indeed, the european union is clearly demonstrated that they are, they want to be regarded as a global player. that they have geopolitical reasons to make decisions and at this decision would also send a strong powerful signal to kia and also a message to moscow that the, you, ian, it's not breaking down that they are ready to support ukraine, whatever it takes. and they are a, were there to ukraine, is a fighting and the people that are dying for european values d, w is an example of phenomena brussel. thanks so much. now,
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while leaders in brussels moll over whether to award ukraine, you candidacy status. russia is putting erect ukrainian forces under renewed pressure in the east of the country. the governor of ukraine's law hunt screech and says troops may need to retreat from the front line city of little chance to avoid being encircled. ukrainian military has confirmed the loss of 2 settlements, some 5 kilometers from the city, and said that russian troops were trying to surround its forces. their drone footage, released by russian television purports to show shelling close to the city on wednesday. how sportswear giant nike has announced it will completely withdraw from russia over the coming months following other major brands such as mcdonalds and google. the u. s. company had previously suspended operations in all its russian based stores. following the invasion of ukraine will now gradually scale down locations will fully supporting its employees. night gets less than one
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percent of its revenue from ukraine and russia combined. the company has a track record of taking a stand on social and political issues. now something completely different because a large walrus has been causing a stir in a norwegian coastal town. hundreds of kilometers from her home in the arctic circle . the walrus, who is known as freya, has taken a fancy to sun bathing on boats, and most of the vessels are let say on the small, aside for the 700 kilogram mabel in an attempt to prevent further damage. local authorities planned to lou freya on to a floating doke and carry her to a new home further along the coast. before we go, here's a quick look at our top stories. at this hour. response teams are racing to reach survivors of a powerful earthquake and
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a remote part of the eastern afghanistan. at least 1000 people were killed and many more injured. the taliban lead a government has appealed for international support and european leaders, a meeting today over whether to grant ukraine status as an official candidate for membership of the european parliament has already passed a resolution pulling on member states to grant ukraine candidate status without delay. that you're up to date coming up next, a documentary opaque worlds, the power of undercover agencies. i'm a new chemist mckinnon. thanks so much for watching d. w and


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