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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 24, 2022 3:00am-3:16am CEST

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$6000000.00 jews, like microbes to be annihilated, even 77 years after the holocaust hatred towards jews is still pervasive. the history of anti semitism starts july, 2nd on d, w. ah, this is d, w. news live from berlin. the european union puts ukraine on the map of the path to membership. european leaders have approved both ukraine and moldova as official candidates to join the e. u in future. also coming up. international aid reaches afghanistan following the
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deadliest earthquake there in decades, the countries taliban rulers have been internationally isolated since taking power, which has hampered relief efforts. and the u. s. supreme court rules. americans have the right to carry guns in public. the decision comes as lawmakers are trying to tighten restrictions on gun ownership along several mass shootings. ah, told me a lot of boy, it's good to have you with us. we begin with a historic shift in europe as you leaders approved ukraine's bid for candidate status. the 1st official step towards joining the european union, moldova was also granted candidate status for ukraine. this is a victory in the political arena, as it battles russia's invasion high profile leaders from germany, france, and italy had all bought ukraine's application. but all 27 member states needed to
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give it the go ahead. yes. yes. yeah. we protestors outside the you council building here in brussels, found their views reflected by the 27 european leaders meeting inside. all of them agreed to grant ukraine e. u. candidate status, along with moldova french president emanuel my call spoke glowingly after the vote . the pita plumb usual to complete. as from day one of this conflict, as europe has been reacting in a quick historic and united way body function, firstly with the sanctions. a few, then economic, military and financial support a committee day. and now you know, by this political gesture, i'll suggest. but i think the decision did not come as a surprise. my call along with 2 other powerful e u leaders. germany's olaf schultz and italy's mario doggy had travelled to keith
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earlier in june. were they endorsed ukraine's e u membership bid. many of the leaders acknowledged that russia's invasion played a large role in their decision making. these put the whole european union in such a motion. i will, we see is a result of totally new i would say utmost through with a new open council. it says, i would say this is a new european council at this moment. it's clear ukraine will have to fulfill a long list of criteria before being able to enter the union. a process that could take years even decades. but the possibility of a lengthy wait didn't dampen the spirits of ukraine's president who thank the council via video link. each of these. yeah, ve to show property given us, i believe that the flag of the european union will fly in every ukrainian city that we have to liberate from russian occupation grace, the ukrainian and european flags will be together when we rebuild our country after
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this war, the trouble the slits ye lini ras. you leaders will also have to discuss whether the union is even able to welcome new family members any time soon. many here and brussels agree the block needs internal reform 1st. so europe can compete on the world stage. and believe the war raging on its doorstep makes this even more urgent is on the correspondence? kristin wonder was at the european council in brussels. and earlier i asked for has her assessment of the council's decision? tell me the importance of this decision for ukraine cannot be overstated. this is a country ad that officially began is e aspiration i in 2004, it followed up at a later in 2013 and 14. and it's taken the invasion by russia for ukraine to finally be granted that membership, all that candidate status. you've got to imagine what this means for the ukrainians
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. fighting on the front lines, you could imagine what this means for the ukrainians, who are refugees, a neighboring countries looking on as the enemy advances and appears to be making ground in, in the don bus region. for example. it is a much needed boost for the you leadership here in brussels. this was important at a time where they're struggling for that unity, especially when it comes to punishing moscow with more sanctions. as more self interests are coming into play. that unity was important for the ease leadership and you heard that from francis president emmanuel micron. saying this is sending a message to russia that, that ukraine is being pulled into the western fold. so as to say taking it away from that russian sphere of influence. but this is just one official step towards a post possible membership in the future. what exactly will change for ukraine at the moment going forward after this you decision? that's right. tell me this is the 1st step in, in, in a process that can't take decades. and that's because loads of reforms are required
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. these are deep structural reforms that span policy and, and, and, and in the economy of the country. and as you can imagine with a war raging, very little productivity can be made in, in that regard. what this is, is keep essentially being put on the road to brussels. it might not get they eventually, but what it is is a message to the ukrainians by the e. u. by the 27 member states of the european union that we are willing to let you into the club. i want to leave it there for 9, christine wonder in brussels. thank you. let's take a quick look at some other stories making headlines of this. our russian president vladimir putin says he's re routing trade and oil towards countries from the bricks group of emerging economies. the week of western sanctions over ukraine. the announcement was major in an online meeting of the leaders of brazil, russia,
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india, china, and south africa. police in ecuador as capital of fire tear gas of protesters as they tried to enter the congress building. nationwide demonstrations against increasing fuel prices. the high cost of living have shut down the capital for over a week. 3 people have died in the rest. the world health organization is meeting to decide whether to declare monkey forks, global health emergency. up until may, the disease had not caused sizable outbreaks outside africa. so my experts are unhappy that the w h o is only taking action now that monkey box is spreading in rich countries and announcement is expected. on friday. international aid is trickling into eastern afghanistan a day after a powerful earthquake, but killed at least 1000 people and injured many more spokesmen for the ruling taliban says, rescue efforts. a nearly complete quake comes as the countries already facing
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drought and food shortages. since the taliban took power last august, it's become harder for 8 or 8 agencies to operate in the country. scenes of destruction like these all across spectacle province. in eastern afghanistan, people were still sifting through what's left of their destroy homes. the hope of still finding some one alive slowly waning. most people have lost someone in the deadly quake. some families have been decimated. dogwood is a mother i lost 12 members of my family in my house with that it is completely destroyed the most that everything we had a son goes to santa fe, done the last. everybody gets a dock. oh, those who survive has started a burying their dead. but even finding tools to dig the graves is difficult with the rescue operations as a whole have been challenging. heavy rain in the region has made the dirt roads
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harder to navigate. with rescue team struggling to reach the remote area. with little heavy equipment on the ground, people have often been left to their own devices and their bare hands to dig through the rubble. a little oil as oqueeno. well, no rescue has arrived and everybody was digging on their own. all of them children were trapped under the debris and i went back in to help them out. america supplies have started to arrive, but 8 organizations say they're not enough. since the taliban take over last year, some agencies have left afghanistan over much of the development financing that the country so heavily relied on was also withdrawn. a made conflict food insecurity and lack of health care. this earthquake is yet another humanitarian disaster to hit afghanistan to the us. now, where the supreme court has ruled that americans have
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a constitutional right to carry firearms in public, the court struck down a new york law requiring people to prove a specific needs to carry a concealed weapon outside their homes. the landmark ruling will prevent all the states from forcing similar restrictions, and it comes at a time of intense debate over at gun rights in the country. americans have a constitutional right to carry firearms in public. this was the landmark ruling by the u. s. supreme court, it's 1st major decision on gun control in over a decade. the court took issue with how new york provided licenses to carry concealed firearms. applicants in new york had to prove a special need for self protection to carry a concealed gun outside of their homes. but the court has instead placed that burden of proof on the state. it rolled that because americans have a constitutional rights to carry guns and public states must justified denying
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a permit. while the decision invalidated several states regulations. it said authorities can still restrict permits based on objective factors such as age and training for the plaintiffs who brought the case forward. the ruling was a welcome one. the lawful and legal gun owner of new york state is no longer going to be persecuted by laws that i have nothing to do with the safety of the people. and i will do nothing to make the people safer. but gun control advocates disagree, fearing it could undermine similar restrictions in other states. the governor of new york called the ruling a dark day and warned that it could put millions of lives in danger. have let the supreme court the united states of america has stripped away the state of new york's right and responsibility to protect its citizens. this decision isn't just
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reckless. it's reprehensible. gun rights are a contentious issue in a country still reeling from mass shootings, inova, they, texas and buffalo, new york in the wake of these killings. the u. s. senate is seeking to pass a bipartisan bill on gun control. but at the same time, the supreme court's ruling has forced a rethink of safety measures across the country, making tackling gun violence and increasingly complicated task. drew stevenson is a professor of law at the south texas college of law and houston and elia. i asked him what this ruling means for the campaign in the us for tough a gun control laws. well, it makes it more complicated. the, this specific case actually doesn't affect all that many people because most states in the united states already basically allow
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a carrying firearms in public and in a way that would fit with the supreme court ruling. the thing that's going to have the long term consequences from the court's opinion is the type of reasoning they use. so for over a decade, all the federal courts have been using something, lawyers called intermediate scrutiny, or a 2 step legal analysis. when they review challenges, legal challenges to gun restrictions. and the court today said that they weren't all the courts to stop doing that. the supreme court said that we need to, but from now on, we need to look at whether a gun restriction today is analogous to something that existed at the time of the countries founding. and so that's going to, it could be applied to a wide range of different laws, did expressly leave and placed a number of restrictions, but it does complicate things. what does this then mean for all the sort of legal
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challenges across the country? cuz a lot of different places where people are trying to challenge this issue and, and, and bring about some sort of non control control. so in some ways the restriction won't affect some of our restrictions. for example, the, the prohibition on convicted felons acquiring fire arms or undocumented immigrants or things like that. and the court, it says that they left that those in place or a certain safe places like schools and court houses, or spend the court call some sensitive places. they basically said, right in the opinion that those are fine, those types of rules are fine. but there's a number of other types of restrictions, like age requirements for buying guns or other types of laws on the type of guns it can be sold. that now there's a lot of uncertainty about what courts will do and they're going to have to employ
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a new legal methodology or a new type of jurisprudence when they evaluate these cases from what they've been doing. ok, drew stevens and professor of law at south texas. college of law in houston. thank you for coming up next. a new addition of our documentary series doc, film staging for that. and don't forget our website where all the latest news is up to date. it's d, w dot com, find us on twitter and instagram as well. at the dublin time told me on latino, the back of the top of the on with more headlines. we're all set to go beyond the obvious. we're all in as we take on the we're all about the story.


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