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tv   REV  Deutsche Welle  June 25, 2022 2:30am-3:01am CEST

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how do we make cities, reader, how can we protect habitat, what to do with them all our ways? we can make a difference by choosing smartness solutions over stains, said in our ways global ideas, the environmental series in global 3000 on d, w, and online. i never thought that my fancy melinda begged miss fright nowadays. no theater. c we are living during the most extraordinary time in the history of transport portfolio electric with red. the auto and
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mobility show lou does the mustangs, pony car dna survive and it's electric gt edition that's a really incredible can sri lanka, rickshaw driver, survive the country's fuel crisis. i think i left away the whole night to get there is hydrogen. the fuel of the future that will help us survive climate change. i can be used for everything, but that doesn't mean it should and meet the world's most expensive car. the mercedes, 300 s l r. and the successor in which its heritage survives. yvonne i the classes here also for aid lobby, most available. mm hm. yes, i initial blog cars and a quest tore survival right now on read
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the ford mustang mackey doesn't like power, but for even more speed and fun thought brought out the performance edition of the mac, the mac e g t. when i think about fought mustangs, i think about loud engines, i think about big engines, and i think about fuel burning engines. but today this is different because i got the mack e g t from ford here today. despite its fully electrification, it should deliver as much fun as the normal must exert. so let's get in and write that pony once in the corporate, the mustang, all wheel drive system and rally p 0 times make little i that aware of how performance oriented it is. and there was some impressive numbers that go along with that feeling. so the mag age, it is the top version of the series. it got an 88 kilowatt hour battery,
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with up to 500 kilometers of range. and we got 2 engines here which combined to produce 487 horse power and 860 newton meters of talk, which are pretty impressive. that means the mackie g t is more powerful and quicker than the legendary 40 t. but it has a lower talk speed limited to 200 kilometers per hour. so let's test out the acceleration of the meg, e g t and see how it performs. therefore, we have to go into the menu and go to an tamped, and then we just accelerate and see what happens. that's a really incredible how fast this come move. 3.7 seconds from 0 to 100. i mean, you're almost as fast as a porsche 911, weighing in at a whopping 2.3 tons. the mackey t t is anything but light, but also surprisingly nimble faxed to the adjustable driving note precise steering,
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fantastic throttle response. and it at the surface that fit every driving situation, even in bad weather. so what's my final verdict on the mustang make? e g t. after say it has the soul of a mustang, but it's not 100 percent a mustang. i missing some emotions in here and all it all. i have to say it's a car for every day drive and you have enough space and enough driving plaza. so it's perfect for the family. all. it's perfect for people who like to drive electrically. prices for the mustang mackey. d t started around 73000 euros in germany. that's about $25000.00 more than the entry level. mackey. with a charging time of 45 minutes to mac e g t base to range of 500 kilometers. unless you've got a heavy foot, but as far as performance in driving fun go, it's right on the button, especially if you need to get somewhere in
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a hurry. i never thought that might be fun, cleveland up like this. right nowadays? no. i haven't done engineering and it's hard to find a job. i wouldn't get my degree it because i have a pending payment to be done. uh huh. so i thought they couldn't afford buy. it's funny auto. and since this problem has been come up, but it's very difficult for me to pay it. of course, fees tends to fuels shorter than started in sri lanka. it's very difficult to find feel so i have said with a true football for 3 weeks and it's really hard on my day to day life. even if i have to get feel, i have to say the whole night that i feel better in the federal state. and
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so i have a vendor, not on them. they're like, nope, it's earlier than because of the fuel law. to be honest, i didn't get that send us. i was like, staying in the queue for the whole week to get better. like if i get told to let them out tomorrow from the day and day after tomorrow to stay in the queue again. because of that reason, so i have to in may skip monday to stay in the queue. i will loosing passengers for the one. no, they don't get burned. and yeah, that's a big loss for me. if they only process going, i really said a bit. so it made me leave the vendors, they go out and they goes up on to price everything and say longer single on may, the prices are normally like every day we used to buy a bid to have the tea in the evening. the price of
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the has been me doing t lake. we use st before. yeah. sometimes i i stop at my 1st place. i think i was more said so it's also our to driver. i have plenty of friends. so drywall. yeah. and i've been kept at their place because they couldn't find, feel right now at my house or you think ellison vocal costa already so really end up to kiddos in the eighty's on realize i end up doing woods like you haven't done engineering and it's hard to find a job. i wouldn't get my degree it because i have a pending payment to be done. uh huh. so i thought i couldn't afford buy. it's funny auto. and since this problem has been come up,
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i made it difficult for me to pay it. of course fees some of my friends like they lever what's out there in the patrol station, like if they see in a process and pumping pitcher, then quickly inform us the automated get to get then lo and stay in the queue to get better. i've come here to bump. it says my friend gave me something and that wouldn't be enough for me that i'm the whole day. and i have blocked my order there . i think i left to wait the whole night to get there. if i'm lucky, i'll get the fuel by tomorrow morning. i never thought that microphone, cleveland update. miss bright, no days, nor theater. there will be a few things here, like go back to the take some time for the country to recover if you are more ref, checkout out youtube channel,
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if you want regular features about new cars and car culture and about my ability around the wild rep can make you very happy vintage, kind of fix and future tech or just some of the exciting content before you subscribe to us at youtube slash dw read. and you'll always be up to speed. it's impossible to talk about future mobility with talking about the future energy source. they can power our cars, ships, planes, and more leaving only water behind as a byproduct. sounds almost too good to be true, doesn't it? and what is this magical substance? hydrogen, hydrogen, hydro jetting hydrogen, wanda's all hodge, it's long been touted as the ultimate clean energy source to solve all our problems
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. any byproduct of consuming that fuel is walter again and the energy that comes with it. this all sounds great. maybe just a little too great. let's take a closer look and see what's behind the hyped around hydrogen. today almost all the hydrogen we produce is used to make other things like fertilizer or petroleum. but it's never made it big as a fuel. it's just always been easier and cheaper to directly burn fossil fuels instead. but that's changing. as the world slowly wakes up to the climate crisis, companies and entire countries are committing to not only reduce emissions, but to reach net 0 that 00 emission net 0. meredith annex is the lead hydrogen analyst at bloomberg. any f a market research firm though it's not 0, everyone has to do something. and that means that you need solutions for areas
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where electricity is going to struggle to provide the solution. and that's where we see the sweet spot for hydrogen. we can use hydrogen to clean up heavy transport. a study show that pretty much all container ships going from china to the united states could run on hydrogen fuel cells. they might only have to reduce cargo space by some 5 percent or at a refueling stop. while there are no hydrogen powered chips crossing the oceans, yet, there are some promising pilot projects. the same goes for aviation. in 2020 the 1st commercial size, hydrogen powered plain to golf. aerospace giant air bus is working on 3 hydrogen models. it says might be ready to deploy by 2035 long hall flights will probably be a challenge. but a new study estimates even running short and medium hall flights on hydrogen, could cut aviation emissions by up to a 3rd. this very simple element can actually solve a very complicated problem. it can help cut emissions in some of our most polluting
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sectors. so we're going to need a lot more of the stuff and this is where the whole thing gets a little bit tricky because not all hydrogen is created equal. in fact, that's a whole rainbow of different ways to make for stuff. almost 90 percent of all hydrogen produced today's what's called grey hydrogen made from fossil fuels, mainly natural gas, meaning the fuel in the future that supposedly so green is actually a pretty dirty business. if we want to use hydrogen as a clean fuel, we 1st need to clean up its production. and there are 2 main ways to go about this. the 1st being blue hydrogen. when we're talking about on blue hydrogen, referring to fossil fuels with carbon capture and storage. now this means we still make hydrogen from natural gas in a process called steam methane reforming,
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which produces c o 2. but instead of letting these emissions escape into the atmosphere, producers claim they can catch them and store them under ground or turn them into other useful materials. sounds pretty right drives and that would be if it worked flu, hydrogen actually has a very, very large greenhouse gas quicker. robert howard co authored a study that made quite a splash turns out that the greenhouse gas footprint of, of the blue arjun is worse than if you simply burned the natural gas directly for fuel instead. but nothing, nothing low emissions about it all. the oil and gas industry often promises it can remove around 90 percent of emissions when making blue hydrogen. but the reality looks different. human rights and geo global witness calculated this blue hydrogen facility run by shell and canada. only managers to catch about half the emissions it creates and this gets even worse when you take into account leaks while the gas
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processed and transported these release methane. a greenhouse gas that in the short term, is more than 80 times more powerful in warming the planet than c o 2. but despite this blue hydrogen made its way into the official hydrogen strategies of major economies, like the u. k. united states, japan and the european union reports show some pretty serious lobbying efforts. we're behind that ah, it's a direct strategy of, of the oil and gas industry, quite frankly. but again, the science doesn't support it's pure marketing and it's marketing. the goal is to be frank as to is to keep selling fossil fuels to the world while pretending it's, it's going to get better. we wanted to hear what the oil and gas industry had to say. so we put these concerns to the hydrogen council, an industry group that counts fossil fuel giants like b,
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p shell and saudi ramco among its members. unfortunately, they didn't respond. thank you. hi, jan is a mistake that will cost us a lot in the future. chris jackson is the founder of podium, a u. k. company that focuses on green hydrogen. but i don't believe that away resolved. that is by arguing about it, i think it's about building better projects and better technologies. and that's what we want to do with green hunched to make green hydrogen. you simply use renewable energy from sources like wind or solar to power electrolysis this produces no emissions, so you end up with truly clean hydrogen. today only a tiny fraction of hydrogen is green and it's actually still pretty expensive compared to the other forms. but that is set to change for 2 reasons. one, electrolyzer is are getting cheaper because we're moving to larger projects with more up scaled manufacturing. ah. so that's, that's the biggest thing and to price is for renewables have been falling and
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continue to do so. bloomberg and yet predicts green. hydrogen will be cheaper than blue hydrogen by around 2030, and cheaper than gray hydrogen by 2015. so if that is problem solved, we just make tons and tons of green hydrogen and then run our anti economies on it . well, unfortunately, it's not that simple. one big challenge is hydrogen's, relatively low energy density. you need about 3 times more space to store the same amount of punch compared to natural gas. so we'll likely have to build a lot of new storage facilities. and how much hydrogen will need is a tricky question. renewable electricity is still a scarce precious resource. we should use it as effectively as efficiently as we can. hydrogen may not be the best way to do that. i g can be used for everything, but that doesn't mean it should. so the feature is finding the balance between what we use battery and what we use. the hydrogen passenger cars are
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a great example. they can run on hydrogen fuel cells, but turning electricity and hydrogen, transporting it to refueling stations, pumping it into a fuel cell to then converted back to electricity is just not very efficient. about 60 percent of the energy gets loss along the way. or you could use the same energy to directly charger lithium ion battery. that power is an electric motor here, only 20 percent gets lost with trucks. it was long believed batteries weren't going to work to move heavy trucks. you need loads in it. and that takes a valuable cargo space and long charging times are great for business. but batteries are becoming more powerful and charging times are going down so much so that a recent study points towards battery electric trucks dominating the market in the future. hydrogen is by no means the silver bullet that will help
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with everything, but it does make sense in some cases. so where do we go from here? we're really at the point at which now a lot of time, a lot of effort, a lot of momentum has been built around hydrogen and 2022 in through. so 2020 sakes are really the years where we now need to demonstrate that momentum is combust it's real assets and real production of the hydrogen. and if we don't see that this day, hey, them are really going to be struggling to hit climate goals over off. now is the time for hydrogen to prove it can really get as big as its height. with the most expensive road car in the world. so for an eye watering 135000000 near us, the mercedes benz 300 esla wouldn't have to pay never before has a ca gone under the hammock. such a massive amount of money at
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a secret auction organized by mistake. the f one engine philip going out perform the previous record, breaking vehicle a ferrari to 50 deal going for 3 times as much. but moral mat later. first me that successor with a spectacular, a empty one. the spirit of the legendary mas cds, silver arrows returns to the street numbers a key, as far as the new hybrid 3 pointed star in the hyper cost guy goes 781 kilowatts, 0 to 102.9 seconds. i'm limited to just $275.00 units each with a base price of $2275000.00. that's expensive on affordable even. clearly, not for everybody. all 275 cars have already been sold.
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the cost for both 195520. 22. both have formula one technology under the hood and drove the engineers to the brink of despair. these a works of off and have pushed the boundaries of the possible 2022 is a special year from the cities. the current truck businesses have been separated and inability have been given. it's very em platform with the e q series and mercedes passenger cars, c e o le coline us is radically trimming. the comic with a focus on profitability and luxury the brand is celebrating its strategic realignment for the spectacular auction of one of only 2 original racing cars, built in 1955 for the roof angle windows. the 300. as al aku pay, designed by the legendary mercedes chief engineer, would've left out ah, diesel, brought me to one technology onto the road. powered by
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a 2.5 liter in $98.00 cylinder engine, but $220.00 kilowatts and a top speed of 300 kilometers per hour. it was considered the fastest car in the world. it was auction off, been a series to an unnamed private collector for the record some of 135000000 euros. the money will be used to promote a young generation of up and coming talent through grants from the mercedes benz fund, thus enabling the development of sustainable and was all saving technologies. and tiny in the spirit of, of school in house with its sale price of 135000000 euros. the $300.00 s ala also decimated the previous record for most expensive cars. at assault ferrari had always led the way in recent years. and 20181962 ferrari to 50 gto help composition. having been sold at sotheby's for almost 42000000 euros.
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the last mazetti sold for a scandalous sum was the 1054 w, 196 r f one which so the 23000000 euros in 2013 but the 3 pointed standalone plan on resting on its laurels is modern silver arrow is a means to continue the legacy. first of the project, one and 2017. after a few years delay the machine is all set for hit the streets as the a m g one. going to one technology that st legal doesn't get any better than this yet. oh, bubbles, we underestimated the technical challenge of making such a vehicle straightly, to be honest to the office of approval. the challenges are manifold. by the hook is a formula. when engine is sim not made for this? a few gamma, though lies to have it perform for 50000 kilometers law. them you 1st have to adapt the engine with by the college, which is not made to operate with road car sensors. in fulton,
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him odl to do this was a huge challenge. ashley couldn't of this new flooring public muffled this far. the 2nd thing of the advent cove, it didn't really help us, emma, because we need to work really intensely together with the special you in a project like this thought of either. you know, if i simply went in and that was of course very difficult really. but a angie we never gave up with this and now we're close to the finish line here. came face to imply that would be so. whose would be on the ok been it's, it's him all called 14. the 4 wheel drive type of car is powered by 5 engines. it's 1.6 liter v 6 combustion engine is supported by full electric moses to on each axle. then of course there is but design it will do not me concept from the aerodynamic concept of the vehicle is really special. stop it to you and a full everything starts here in the front and i the air flows here into this grill
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when and, and then through the cooling system voice. when was yet and what then happens is all in this carving components, must seats you can see it here via we separate the air stream into different directions. seaton as he stolen as a 1st. so allah is the mainstream flows directly over the air intake of the formula, one internal combustion engines i last from form lines for brain was mortal. then get this noticed were more, and then i stream on the side. we won't get you both. that goes over the car, i'm thought so again, lung and hate is the rear wing here. when i untied this heart of the stream, which this air intake is not, i with this carbon elements implies a cooling unit. this is kabul element left and right and, and for motor oil and transmission fluid, and philip mortal earl, and good hebrew, the sin hit the spots again, mortal spots dining, pir, we see the vehicle in the motor sports styling package with special formula, one payments, utilities, and you can see the star pattern audio and each stars you painted on by hands,
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i'm an old handmaid for each customer. had made for you didn't, couldn't i am, he has the, i am g, has changed dramatically in recent years in volume. actually the class car customize over most a bill of homicide. now we have our own sports cars on offer. dot com and then the idea came up. easy. let's do something really crazy. my husband is famous mom and hyper hyper cars. are the pinnacle of car manufacturing, young, soc viaz? and we said we can do that to micha, keeping it with us. hybrids of freedom come and then the engineers came and said, let's take on a formula. one car was high because of football. when does the technical challenge was one thing, but this pushed us to the limit of what's possible and the kind that isn't get blocked by fly spice. after 8 years of development, work the $275.00 units and now be handed over to the m. s. a. m g made the perspective owners prove they earned money. honestly, not feel gotten gains allowed. they're also contractually obliged to keep their com
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for at least 3 years to prevent speculators from we selling. oh, moves that make the a m g one just as valuable as its legendary. and now priceless silver arrow emphasis. cause that in the meantime, the very pinnacle of technological possibilities. and on that note, we promised to bring you even more automotive wonders on the next episode of red ah ah, with
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a to the point. strong positions, international perspective. russian retaliation against western side terms is driving millions of families worldwide to the brink of famine, blockades, offense, grain and gas prices storing is scarcity, proteins, weapon of choice. to look point with on
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d. w. the secret more between iran on the one side and on the other israel and the united states. why does it ever seem to end? for over 40 years old medic efforts have failed. i believe there has never been a real dialogue. in the 2nd part of our documentary, the law is in 75 minutes on d w. the resurrection of jesus christ is obama go bavaria. the world's largest passion play is back. every 10 years visitors come from all over the world to see the staging of the biblical story. and this time, it's more up to date than ever. obama go village and it's passion. letters starts july, 3rd, on d, w. leonardo da vinci's,
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mysterious masterpiece. this perhaps the greatest leonardo masterpiece of the collection of the louvre. it is the virgin of the rocks. was there another symbolic meaning to this beautiful painting that perhaps we just don't understand today? the search for answers starts july 7th on d, w. mm hm. with
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ah, ah ah, this is dw, live from berlin, the u. s. supreme court has down the constitutional rights to an abortion justices overturned. the landmark roe vs wade decision, triggering immediate abortion bands and several states look at what the ruling means. the millions of women in america also coming up a major retreat. ukraine, orders its troops to leave the city of to for the next. after weeks of fighting and relentless attacks by the russians.


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