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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 25, 2022 6:00am-6:16am CEST

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subscribe to the w documentary on you to ah this is deed of the news live from berlin. the u. s. supreme court has struck down the constitutional rights to an abortion justices overturned. the landmark roll versus wade decision triggering immediate abortion bands and several states who look at what the ruling means of millions of women in america. also coming up a major retreat to create orders its troops to leave the city of the very next. after weeks of fighting and relentless attacks by the russians. and protesters in
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ecuador clash with a lease for the 12 de running, soaring food and fuel prices of bush tension to boiling point, as the violence escalate. the president says protesters a trying to stage a coup. ah, i'm told me a lot of boy, it's good to have you with us. the u. s. supreme court has ended constitutional protections for abortion. in a 6 to 3 ruling, the court overturned the landmarks. $973.00 roe vs wade decision enshrining a woman's right to an abortion. that leaves it to the u. s. states to set their own abortion laws around half of them are now expected to restrict access to abortions . some have already announced outright benz ha,
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the moment they've been waiting for anti abortion activists. thrilled by the new ruling but abortion rights activists are furious, and president joe biden criticized the decision in no uncertain terms. now with ro go must be very clear. the health and life of women, this nation. now at risk. the supreme court's $973.00 ruling on roe. v wade was a landmark decision. effectively legalizing abortion across the united states. the case focused on jane ro, in reality, norm m a canvie, a texas woman seeking an abortion. since state law only allowed it in cases where the mother's life was in danger. she was denied. the justices ruled 7 to 2 that a woman's right to privacy superseded
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a states right to ban abortion. that decision set off a fierce legal battle. the republicans added an anti abortion stance to their platform and effort to enlist support from the religious right. oh donald trump's presidency was a major victory for republicans looking to tilt the balance of the supreme court. in just 4 years, he was able to appoint 3 justices, giving the court a $63.00 conservative majority in the dissenting opinion, the 3 liberal justices said the court is putting its legitimacy at risk with sorrow for this court, but more for the many millions of american women who have to day lost a fundamental constitutional protection. we dissent this cause. many politicians and observers have criticized the supreme court for becoming too political in post
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ro, america. more than half of the 50 states are expected to quickly ban or severely restrict abortion. that's likely to galvanized democrats who want to keep abortion available across the country. a position recent polls suggest is supported by a strong majority of americans. jim robin ald is a lawyer and a u. s. presidential historian, i spoke to him earlier and asked what this supreme court ruling means for women in the united states. well, thank you for having me. it is a radical decision. this is a complete change of law that has existed for 50 years. given women the right to choose how they deal with the pregnancy. and so this has enormous consequences. it also has consequences well beyond abortion as now attacks will come against same
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sex marriage in all sorts of other issues that fall under constitutional protection . so make no mistake, this is a radical decision. polls suggest that the majority of americans support the right to abortion. so is this the final word now all can americans, for example, lobby their lawmakers to adjust or to amend the constitution? it's not the final word. congress could pass a law that recognizes ro, or some version of ro, i would argue that they should recognize a version that draws the line, maybe in about 15 weeks. and as the line beyond which a state can prohibit abortion, but congress can pass such a law. now the problem is you're going to need a pretty big majority of democrats in the senate right now. they're deadlocked, almost 5050. and unless things change in this upcoming election,
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it's not going to be possible to pass that sort of legislation. in fact, if the republicans gain the majority in the senate, the senate may want to do just the opposite, which is to be an abortions in all states, even those that currently allow it right now, despite this court. and the supreme court has a majority of conservative judges, i'm guessing from your earlier comments, you expect them to continue along these lines with future rulings. yes, in fact, well, the majority opinion, written by justice leaders said that they're not doing anything but addressing abortion, and concurring opinion. justice thomas said no, no, no. i want to look at other things like other rights have been established like the right to same sex marriage. and i think it is a real slippery slope right now that we've got a 5 person majority that can run things in one of the people who's sitting there
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should be married. garland obama's nominee who is blocked for almost a year and a half. so you've not only got a problem of the court that is doing things that the majority do not want in this country. but there's a real question about whether it's a legitimate court, and that's a really awful situation to be in because courts are only as good as their legitimacy. and this is really being called into question with this opinion today. right, jim ronald, thank you for speaking to us. thank you very much. thanks for having me. and the supreme court decision in the united states is drawing a lot of international criticism. canadian prime minister just introduce tweeting the news coming out of the u. s. is horrific. my heart goes out to the millions of american women who are now set to lose their legal right to an abortion french president, my normal cross saying abortion is a fundamental right for all women. it must be protected. and in scotland 1st
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minister nicholas sturgeon said, friday is ruling month, one of the darkest days for women's rights in her lifetime. after weeks of fierce fighting, ukrainian forces have begun retreating from the eastern city of the very then ask to move to stronger positions. as according to regional official recent days have seen russia forces make significant gains around the strategically key city is trying to encircle ukrainian forces and take control of the entire don bass region . local ukrainian officials say the fighting is intensifying and no way in the east is safe any more residents. deed, of course, one, an economy is in ukraine and told us more about the significance of the retreat from severity and ask this is obviously a big deal. definitely, this is talk news here in ukraine, but it's sort of expected. i think the crane government has prepared public opinion and world opinion even for this 4 weeks now. and distress you will,
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along as basically been to make the russians pay as high price possible for the smallest possible gains. similar to what we saw. and mario will really make them fight for every street for every meter of ground. and hope that basically they exhaust themselves in a situation where obviously they still have huge superiority in terms of the weapons available. and we've heard different figures. ukrainian government figures talking about 10 times more artillery in the russian or the russian side on the ukrainian side. so you can really having to choose its battles carefully and to use what little equipment it has as cleverly as possible. now they've made a decision to withdraw from sort of this can soon, i guess from this a chance to in the hope that they will minimize losses to their own forces. and really they give themselves a chance of continuing this battle without losing in non controlled and kind of dangerous celtic way. now let's take a quick look at some other stories making headlines. at this hour. thousands of
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people have rallied in the georgia and capital tbilisi to show their support for the former soviet republic joining the european union protest as a angry event. unlike ukraine, georgia was not being given candidate status. calling on the judge at the jordan government to resign or implement the 12 points listed by the you for the application to be reassessed. the u. s. senate has passed bipartisan legislation on gun safety, though described as modest if the 1st significant gun control legislation to pass the senate in 3 decades. now. it is also receive the approval of the house of representatives also has the chief the united nations says, israeli security forces fired the bullets that killed al jazeera journalist, sharina. actually, the un human rights office said the palestinian american was not killed by indiscriminate firing from palestinians. clare died while covering and he's really army operation in the northern west bank last month. morocco says 18 people
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died in an attempt at mass crossing from its territory into the north african spanish enclave. of malea. around 2000 migrants tried to breach the border. but he is a popular crossing point for migrants from sub saharan africa, trying to get into europe to ecuador in our protest, dozen police of class for a 12th consecutive day as a nationwide strike turns increasingly violent indigenous groups leading the demonstrations triggered by soaring fuel fuel prices and the high cost of living with tensions and boiling point, equities president is accusing the protest leader of trying to stage a coup. ah, police and protesters square off in ecuador, his capital quito. several protesters have died in scores on both sides have been injured. the economy has taken
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a massive hit all while the country citizens struggle to feed their families. you can, i am minimum wage at $425.00 a month for them, but i have 4 children and it's not enough, but another food prices have sword. even basics, like cooking oil in the, in december, it cost $2.00 and we sold 3 bottles, the $5.00. now it cost $4.45 tuttleton. but what do you think the protest began over fuel prices, but have grown to include a number of demands for economic relief, ecuador, his president, who has offered some concessions. but now says the unrest is a threat to his government. a 2nd, but allow, it has been proven that the true intention of those who were violent is to generate a cou a saddle. he pulled it up, and that is why we call on the international community. are now to warn against
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this attempt, the to destabilize democracy in ecuador, that really sada law. they will garcia, intellect waller. but les wanted us isa been the indigenous organizer who called the protests, says he's not interested in toppling the president. he wants solutions for ecuador, his poor little thing, the mean people you, what element is it really is a harsh reality. what is happening? that's why at this moment the ecuadorian population has risen up. it's not because of madman or vandals. i want you to understand it's poverty right now. many of our young people are being recruited by drug traffickers and hired assassins working because they're offering economic opportunities. frustration has reached a boiling point. what began as a protest movement has turned ugly as protesters fight with police. several embassies, including germany and the u. s. have asked both sides negotiate before the situation deteriorates any further. turn into sport now and with wimbledon,
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just around the corner. all eyes will bills on serena williams as she returns to the tennis court after a year away. the american start will face french debutante hominy time in the 1st round. williams was unseeded for the tournament which begins on monday, but avoided any of the big names and fridays draw. the 40 old is targeting and unlikely 24th grand slam title. williams lost both the 20182019 wimbledon finals. in women's football, denmark have defeated brazil to one in a friendly march showing bill be a force to be reckoned with of the upcoming euros $21000.00 fans, turned out for the victory and were rewarded in the 1st half when jani thompson thompson scored and stunning opener, brazil did manage to level the scores. but denmark who were runners up at that 2017 euros, found a late winner through miller dial. the danes on the group of death,
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and next month, euros coming up against germany and spade. up next wild stories looks at ukrainians, returning home to country, still at war, never even keep up with the news at dw, the account until realistic law for myself and the team working with in many countries. education is still a privilege. hardy is one of the main causes some young children work in mind. jobs instead of going to class others can attend classes only after they finish working
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with millions of children over.


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