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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 25, 2022 9:00am-9:16am CEST

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for another symbolic meaning to this beautiful thing that perhaps we just don't understand. a switch for answers distorts july 7th on d, w. ah, ah, ah, this is did all the news live from berlin? the u. s. supreme court strikes down the constitutional right to an abortion justices overturn the landmark grow versus way to decision triggering immediate abortion bands and several states. we look at what the ruling means for millions of women in america. also coming up a major retreats ukrainian troops leave the city of several don yet after weeks of
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fighting and relentless attacks by the russians. and protesters in ecuador clash with police for the 12 consecutive day. soaring food and fuel prices have pushed tensions to boiling point. as the violence escalades, the president accuses protesters of an attempted coup. ah, i monica jones. welcome to the program. it's been described as a constitutional earthquake. the u. s. supreme court has ended 50 years of federal abortion rights. in a 6 to 3 ruling, the court overturned the landmark 1973 roe vs wade decision that enshrined a woman's right to abortion. you are states now have the power to set their own abortion laws and clinics have already closed in several republican runs. states
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that had anticipated the ruling, the decision trigger emotional reactions on both sides. why then march, in defiance? nationwide americans have taken to the streets to protest the supreme court decision. overton revealed weighed. with this ruling, american women will no longer have the constitutional right to an abortion. i really know what you're doing and they know that what they're doing with the body freelance activists take a different stones to them this day is a cause for celebration. ah, several states across the u. s. have already enacted immediate bands on the
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procedure as of this morning and abortions performed in oklahoma or solicited in oklahoma are illegal. this is not only a victory for unborn children. this is a victory for everybody who believes in our system of government. one of right on the other side, the latest a 3 west coast states, california, oregon, and washington have promised to fight for abortion rights. that's why california oregon and washington are building the west coast of tech patients successfully will work with their legislator with our providers, with a patient evidence we will continue to protect patients from any state who come to our states. abortion here in just one day, the u. s supreme court has ended protections that stood in any half a century. now the buffalo begins to reinstate the you and calls of basic human
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rights. jim ronald is a lawyer and a u. s. presidential historian, we asked if the u. s. supreme court is looking at rolling back even more rights, while the majority opinion written by justice, a leader said that they're not doing anything but addressing abortion in a concurring opinion. justice thomas said no, no, no. i want to look at other things like other rights that have been established like the right to same sex marriage. and i think it is a real slippery slope right now that we've got a 5 person majority that can run things in one of the people who's sitting there should be married. garland obama's nominee who is blocked for almost a year and a half. so you've not only got a problem of the court that is doing things that the majority do not want in this country. but there's a real question about whether it's a legitimate court, and that's a really awful situation to be in because courts are only as good as their live
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legitimacy. and this is really being called into question with this opinion. today, the supreme court decision in the united states has drawn a lot of international criticism. canadian prime minister just intruder tweeting the news, coming out of the u. s. is horrific. my heart goes out to the millions of american women who are now set to lose their legal rights to an abortion french president, him on the way my cause that abortion is a fundamental right for all women. it must be protected. and in scotland, 1st minister nicholas sturgeon said, friday's ruling mock to one of the darkest days for women's rights in her lifetime . to ukraine. now where you, crane and troops are retreating from the eastern city office, several don. yet after weeks of fighting against invading russian forces, a regional official said, ukraine's units would move to stronger positions. reason days are seen, russia make significant gains around the strategic eastern city. russia is trying
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to encircle ukrainian forces and sees the entire don bass region. local ukrainian officials say the fighting is intensifying and nowhere in the east a safe anymore for residence. so is the withdrawal from a civil don yet a admission of defeat. earlier i put that question to our correspondent, give nick connelly. i think it's definitely an acceptance that 7, it was not a city that ukraine could hold on to with acceptable losses for any longer these quite exploring their how long ukraine has stayed in control. the city experts been talking about the city being taken by the russians for basically the best part of the month now. and ukrainian just kept on holding on, kept on forcing the russians to basically lose huge numbers of soldiers to invest a huge amount of firepower, pulling away weapons and resources from other parts of the front lines. just to gain a couple of streets at a time. and now in a situation where, so this is basically the only ukranian stronghold on the northern side of that 70
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given its river, where the bridges behind them have been blown up. ukraine has now said that they are going to try and pull people out how they're going to get them out without bridges, without a situation where they're upon tunes. we don't know, but that seems to be the plan now. and yet it's a blow. but i think it's a situation where you created, basically tried to do the same as it did with mary paul to turn this into a pyrrhic victory for the russians. a hollow victory where they basically invested more resources than that city is worth. but they obviously are desperate for some kind of victory, some kind of game because of rule. now in our 5th month of war, the russians have pretty little to show, given the huge resources and given a huge, a security in fire power to show for all their efforts. and how do we know where the new positions of the ukrainian forces are a will be? so the expectation have been the durability chance, which is basically 70 units sits sister city. just on the other side,
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the river bank which has kind of a geography topography that would make it easier to defend. you've got high river banks and lots of ways to basically shoot people trying to get across that river. but we have seen that recent days, the russians trying to come at least a chance from the other side, from the south in a way that would avoid them having to cross that river. in the past, we've seen the ukrainians when inflicting huge damage on russian attempts to cross that river in other places. so a sense that maybe the ukraine's will have to draw back a little further. but if you just zoom out and look at the bigger picture, these are still pretty small movements over a much bigger front line. the ukrainians are facing off against the russians over basic 2000 and slumped is of territory. and overall, ukraine is still in control of a big chunk of don bass. it lost most of the ground in the 1st weeks of the war and was basically overwhelmed, swamped with the tax all across the country. and now in recent weeks, those movements really haven't been that big. so yes, it is a tactical withdrawal. but in the big picture, ukraine is still holding on to its main centers main cities in that part of the
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country and is basically trying to minimize its losses. now, unlike the russians where we've seen pretty significant willingness to do pretty risky, military maneuvers that have cost, the russian soldiers looked flight i. d w. next connelly their reporting friend, kia, thank you so much. let's take a quick look now at some of the other stories making headlines at this hour. at least 2 people have been killed in a, shooting at a gay bye. and my clip in norway capital are slow. 14 others were injured. a suspect was arrested to ever seen police say they are treating it as a terrorist attack, organizes of the osman pride festival, say they have cancelled their parade following the shooting us lawmakers of approved bipartisan legislation on gun safety. they are the 1st significant federal laws to be passed and decades. the reforms will make it harder for young people to buy weapons. the measures come in the wake of a spate of mass shootings including one out of school in texas that left $21.00
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dead. thousands of people have rallied in the georgia capital tbilisi to show their support for the former soviet republic joining the european union. protesters are angry that you lead us this week, refused to grant a georgia candidate status. they're calling on the georgia government to resign or implement the 12 points listed by the you for its application to be reassessed. america says 18 people died in an attempt at a mass crossing from its territory into the north african spanish enclave of mila. around 2000 migrants try to breach the border. miller is a popular crossing point for migrants from sub saharan africa. tried to get into europe now the europeans unions decision this week, grant ukraine's candidate staters marked her what brussels called the beginning of a long journey that the 2 sides would walk together. but supporting you trade will come at a cost for europe in the form of soaring energy prices, t w's christine wand,
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while reports by the time that you use $27.00 heads of government began day one of their summit. it was all about certain that they would announce the decision to grant ukraine candidate status for e u membership. a 1st step in a long process that puts keith on the road to brussels. the importance of this decision for ukraine cannot be overstated. it is the european union saying to the battled country we want to with us. just imagine how much of a boost that is to the ukrainians fighting on the front lines. but it was also important for the use of leadership who desperately needed a show of unity and to send a message to moscow that they ins high a. you was still strongly in support of ukraine and it's aspiration to join the west. but there is economic trouble in the west and that dominated day 2 of the summits agenda in solution is to measure concerned for all of us russia swafford russian is pushing to the pros of energy,
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foot intermodal tease. and all of these are so dirt impact on us citizens and business. the e. u has sought to isolate russia for its invasion of ukraine. and since the war broke out, the block has delivered 6 rounds of sanctions targeted at russia's economy. e. u leaders say moscow is retaliating by restricting gas supply to the e. u. by now it's 12 member states that either have been totally cut off the russian gas or partially, and therefore the best is always hope for the best prepare for the worst. that's what we're doing right now. the worst case scenario is russia completely cutting off all of its gas supply to europe. the impact of that would be devastating for members, states like germany and others, whose economies depend on russia's energy to ecuador now wear protest. this and police have clashed for a 12 consecutive day as a nationwide strike tons increasingly violent. indigenous groups are leading the
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demonstrations triggered by soaring fuel prices and the high cost of living. with tensions at boiling point to ecuador president is accused the protest leader of trying to stage a coup. ah, police and protesters square off in ecuador is capital quito. several protesters have died in scores on both sides have been injured. the economy has taken a massive hit all while the country citizens struggle to feed their families. yoga iron minimum wage. $425.00 a month and i have 4 children and it's not enough, but another. food prices have sword. even basics like cooking oil in the sea in december, it cost $2.00 and we sold 3 bottles, the $5.00. now it cost football is $45.00 tuttleton, but what they think the protest began over fuel prices, but have grown to include
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a number of demands for economic relief. ecuador, as president, has offered some concessions. but now says the unrest is a threat to his government. a 2nd, but allow, it has been proven young that the true intention of those who were violent is to generate a cou a saddle. he pulled it off and that is why we call on the international community. are now to warn against this attempt, the to destabilize democracy in ecuador, that lisa law, they will garcia in a while. but leoni does isa, in the indigenous organizer, who called the protests, says he's not interested in toppling the president. he wants solutions for ecuador is poor little thing. the mean looking people you will just element is it really is a harsh reality. what is happening filled up? that's why at this moment the ecuadorian population has risen up unless it's not because of mad men or vandals, you, i want you to understand it's poverty right now. many of our young people are being
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recruited by drug traffickers and hired assassins working because they're offering economic opportunities. frustration has reached a boiling point. what began as a protest movement has turned ugly as protesters fight with police. several embassies, including germany and the u. s. have asked both sides to negotiate before the situation deteriorates any further up next school. it's life how football health vladimir putin start. a war. i'm monica jones for me. the tina berlin, thanks for watching. ah, people and trucks injured when trying to flee the city center. more and more refugees are being turned away. order families please. all the reason for these correct only is with demonstrate.


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