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tv   Paradise Lost  Deutsche Welle  June 25, 2022 5:15pm-6:01pm CEST

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is holding up, but it is increasingly dependent on western finance to pay salaries and to keep fighting up front lines. i think the desired fight is the question is whether ukraine will have results going forward. you know, by using the colonic connelly in kia. thank you, nick. you're up to date now on the w. news up next is a documentary called paradise lost 50 years ago. the entire population of chicago's islands in the indian ocean was expelled by british authorities. now the chicago scenes want their homeland back and don't miss a documentary i marian ever seen. i'll have more news for you at the top of the hour of you join us on the green. you feel worried about the planet me to on the old hosting on the, on the green fence post as well. it's clear we means to,
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to join me for a deep dive into the green transformation for me, for you, for the plans with, ah, ah ah ah ah, ah, ah, ah, ah,
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ah, ah, i think it will lead to my dad he's got very safe and at midnight he called me and said he's not very well. sometimes we feed, it's both stress, all the blood pressure,
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the plaster or bus, right. i would like to get it to be more about. why do you figure these? because for a long time ago, my dad hair was low in good, but in a few weeks now, 2 years ago, it started now 140 over a year or so with now to get your blood pressure down. stable. good. even. yeah. the think that you blood pressure one to control the other side? yes. yes. yeah. understand i right here in 2006 in 2007. i just bring him to college to start english lesson because my dad has been born in charlotte. i have you heard about charleston?
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it's in the british indian or territories where the u. k. government give our island to the u. s. government to make a military base and just devoted or the chunk of people from their country to motion and some to say share. so big car return back on the island. no, but we are fighting. that's why i'm real fighting for the right. so
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i think it was thursday, 7th of december, 1972, when the nightmare began loc quickle's, audi ah nose off on the breezeway, the like ours we children were playing in the house. laundry was drawing on the line. the walls of my mother was cooking our meal. english soldiers arrived, came inside and said, you can get out moville, threatening us with their rifles. mossy ali neocons of my unit was for the wall and bought the pores. they made us get on the boat. one by one i didn't want to, they caught me and put me on ball the top one. what about 0
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. okay. one more little mantle. the day had to get on the boat. why was 9 months pregnant? come off, you know, we had to go down into the hold. how much it was wet in. it smells bad, dear. there was light stock down there. i usually, you know, and they put us with the animal lackey, delica. the children were screaming, the women were crying, the men were crying me ship every one was sad to would you want all soccer and we didn't know where we were going. the national gilbert, one b ali it to that please. one morning when we woke up, we realized my aunt phrase lazy had thrown herself overboard, fearfully pretty sad guy, and even more tragic was the child who died when bloss of he done. they put the
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child on a plague, log wrapped it in a white cloth too. and through the small body into the sea. it call now when we arrived in the se shells, then they took some of us off the boat dose to some children were separated from their mother. as the husbands were taken off the vote without their wives in those of us who were being deported to malicious, state locked up in the hold. don't you feel new to? that's how they tore apart our families. a land you want to have. and you love finney, just be a senior ladies and gentlemen, members of the british government, i. sabrina jean, send you of his petition on behalf of the chocolate chip cookies group, yuki, the military lease you have signed with the united states,
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which has caused our secret de bought the ocean. we be expired in a few months. i employ you not during your visit, please, and let us finally go home. but we'll get no got out the bus will drop us off in front of the house of lords from there we can work to the prime minister's office at number 10. we'll start out, protest and march all the way in an orderly fashion. yeah, no, right. it's got out a do not even central can you have a i know i informed the police about our protest, so don't worry about that new law, but now good. don't cause any trouble or i'll go to prison with
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. 6 you might see money to pay people to do it for a while with respect i think showing says that when the lease on dagger garcia is negotiated with the united states, that it will not prejudice a possible future return of checklist islanders to the archipelago. my honorable friend isn't assiduous in his commitment to the chic austrians in his
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constituency, but the challenge is to re settling these low like islands, which lack basic facilities and infrastructure, are very clear as i saw by in march. but we will look at the report we will consider the range of faxes, valley buquet taxpayer, long term continued liabilities and defense requirements of d, j to the u. k. and our ally morris novak was to sit here about the north van arrived in maricia at 7 30 in the morning. look new for me. neither the prime minister nor his foreign affairs minister came to welcome the char garcia and saki. i will be off. so no one came
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the morris. no, not in moorish us. we had nothing. we lived in out of poverty and slum. do we needed money to live, but we had no good luck. we arrived from our islands without a pentagon or sons. and so one time we went for 5 days without eating, i was little and i asked or mummy was going on, why aren't we eating glen, bobby? more than one would she? carla cutters. i was 14 years old when my mother started losing her mind because she couldn't stand the pain of our situation. mamma, one cup of tea near 16 alone on went out. i could so i went to work for a lady for 10 rupees, a man one. i cleaned the 6 rooms last i did the washing and the ironing of it. did
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i see malls if she only gave me a bit of a milk pudding with a little sugar to chill and he served it to me on a dock long that she kept with the other dog rolled shut up. i was not allowed to complain. generally whenever i did, she would say was dirty islander was, why did you come here any way? but we were afraid to say we came from chug us be up. well jeff will. so does that most
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just that building right there. okay. so i will when i introduce you, what should i say? everything, what you should do. so i'll, i'll introduce you and then should we start right away with the video of course, and then you will say a few things and then asked for questions. yes. ok. the joggers archipelago home of the jo sims, diego garcia, the largest island in the archipelago is now the location of a very large u. s. military base. the military base is on the, on jericho, ga, south, a not on or the island. the freeman island is paras, banos salomon and diego garcia, where it is from jiggle gosh, act to good to. there was badness. is 150 miles from where the base ease some images of what are, what were,
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are beautiful tropical islands in the middle of the immune ocean. now home to some of the most sophisticated powerful weaponry in the u. s. military runway air force base, navy based aircraft carrier used in the wars used to threaten iran as well. see i actually at the time estimated the population size of diego garcia as an e g l. negligible. us officials also insisted that they get exclusive control of the archipelago, putting diego garcia without local inhabitants basically, and expulsion order, embedded bureaucratically in a parent's ethical phrase. without local inhabitants. the 2 governments signed the deal in 1966 december 30th, 1966, which the important date with which will come back to that included a payment of $14000000.00 from united states to britain actually secretly transferred so that they could avoid going to congress and parliament,
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so let them know what was going on. the day when it was announced that goes in that they would be removed and would never see their islands again. our job is remember to make sure that they do go back, please. let's brainstorm together. unless it's, you want to, i was wondering if we know who the next u. s. l. celebrity is going to be on the island because if after they've already now, if we've got to way to ga, ga, a month before she went and bombarded her and got her to stay less than i'll perform at a different usaa based. but i don't agree with what's happened here. i'm not going to chop house. i mean, that would be or to go in there because we don't want to go there. and then we don't want to write penalized military and veterans. and all the people who are in armed forces, but to go there and to say, okay, when i'm on stage and i have cameras and people listening to me, i'm going to ask about that. you go students, i do think approaching people that have a voice and have an interest. and don't maybe,
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don't even know. maybe she doesn't even know what it's about and should be surprised to hear. but we're also developing a letter that we're going to ask nobel laureates to sign, urging the obama administration in particular, but also the british government to allow them to return. what we wanted to know is if you all have started reaching out to laurie and how kind of it had been proposed, the best way to go about this would be, like i said at the meeting of the lease would be end at the end of december. we need to be very careful about sending it as quick as we can. so that should be our 1st goal. yes. for shall margaret cruise. you'll have his contact info, a detailed address of stieglitz. i could contact them or
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anything we need to buy in the united states or you need their credit union. and if you want to get their company, then you can dial running a receipt for us. we have a nice, really nice nose, a whole or a tip on the street here in virginia, which is jody williams. we have torres anymore progress industry because we have lots of coca cola employees, fishermen, content. we can do every feel of very confident but why? we've got the charge you book and it island oh my god, for me is daniel barn and see what we can do for for the jungle, said prometheus to return back home for business afford from the united nation commissioner in the initial don't care about toggles, said people,
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even though other you could government also ah no, no it did not have a good day. it was so hot evening it was june responsible
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for the full bulls. if we don't call me to ask where they are, i'm not responsible for you back my bag. i my, the coach, i think they go on go on, come on line by gene in with them and we can just round, but you've got to talk to players that the contribution could be sure yes. a look at the list. my new, my new address. it to where i you, i used to little bit. oh, we're already on the pitch, but i looked it up if you want to come to the world cabinet. glad to know the loan is a dash
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in. ready every weekend, thousands of illegal immigrants are trying to break to britain stowing away on trucks and northern frogs to make it across the english channel. christy game laid out in the shadows of the highest stakes. his desperation, your forty's, the responders with increased security of the brute force hulu, but these vibrant suppliers with
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thank you and then it does look like it. never forget your culture and we are ready to go know our bus is ready to take us. what's it?
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what we'd like is for you to keep your grandparents culture. don't forget your origins. bobby, get the kids. yeah. when i left parish's the england people, i never forgot my father in law's would make him go back to deborah. go speak creole with your children. it's very important for dogs. sometimes people make fun of korean because they don't understand either negligible golf course. they don't be ashamed. it's your culture. it's your language that gaudy ah blood wanting to learn this. so when you go to chicago, so you can make birds, you ok boy. oh, what he was old on cell. i'm on ordering this other way. no, no,
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no my her mother was. your mother wasn't born in the se shells. no, it's like i landed, her family came from diego garcia, but instead of deporting her to maricia, they deported you to the sea shells. look, i love your grand parents or world say shall. why either will they were to go see how this in the see saw it obama to watch, would watch this in. when you lost your family, you went to the say, shall supply me please carry on. i like once you get over the damper on mind, your hand. dasa
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goose, said den bother jacko's islands were paradise. to dead larvae, we had a beautiful life, which we will never forget to move off of anybody. we had a happy life as children in chicago's each. do know at high tide, my for cousins and i would go swimming at viet black. we would laugh and swim completely naked, nature noisy. no gay watching us already on vinny, noisy when we were done swimming, we'd box when we learn to fight girls versus boys boys versus girls. so i loved that agenda. fabulous. so i spent the mornings with my mother and we go fishing, clutched it, we catch lots of fish and share them. i'm glad to know that again was we grew vegetables too big and bulky. and if they didn't grow up, i'd ask the neighbor for vegetables and he'd give me some people didn't want. da
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sagel in the cha goes islands. we never needed money for anything. whatever we did, we did it for free. debt didn't exist. good on on. ah . my oh grandma, what badly mall maggie my godfather of yankee, sit down for good evening. dear friends, come out. i saw a great pleasure for us to know that the chug was football association. team has qualified for the state las people's world cup in casa, in guided kip wiser. could you mourn dot up, guys? yeah. good my, how did we get into the cornish a world cup? not participating, thanks to all of our contacts asking way. no, no, no,
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no. i do exactly. it's well tame, so qualified. there's not up cause yoga by daniela. hi daniela, rachel, i lasha was island n somali lanton code is 10 pon john night united koreans in japan. this up mean the ro, many people now and the armenian diaspora. good. right? yeah. we're good yellow. a family is about to love. i love chuckles. islands are among those names. i know which is a great honor, especially since of all the football teens in crawling, even the biggest ones. none has ever represented crawley in a world cup. we're a small community, but we did it and we are very proud. it won't be easy for us to go. the airline tickets will cost $10000.00 pounds plus the visa, the aetna, what we'll do, everything necessary to take this team to the world class. i'm excited to blah dob
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jamal. more up, our goal is to use this world cup and the international media to pressure the government not to renew the military lease office said that we can at last to go home and look up out of all k a b o
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o. what are you taking? of i just my c k. yeah, i do. bye good . wow. what about on the month? i do better to watch. i better like best buy was she that? oh no one. he is the hunchback. right. i don't want to see anyone running like this . i have to run like this last week. i haven't got no one runs like this. i don't
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want to say that i go on a one. does everyone does that one with on his up don't leave, but his base empty good job dylan no go for it. that's great. going wrong. well, we're not a good many people in the war. don't know much about it. i was, i learned, you know, and some people will watch these for neetha woke up and they will be like, who are these people? what do you want them to know about it? when they see your t shirts, when they see you blame what they want them to? i want him to, to remember how to go back in the night to the sixty's will helping to apartment does how walk while want them to know will just representing
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that country that day. it's hard to make them vanish from the world. so imagine you. yeah. you representing your country that you never went? yeah. you don't even know how to treat look like like how to see the glass or was it the all the champion of human rights, but where is a right? a with
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me we've got to kill the life today. a warm up guys. come on. i with oh, i got a a. i'll go with sabrina one.
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we did little bit sure to return back on and then we always find a way to with i'm talking to my care about holes but especially so my dad a about what they have to our family
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should say dot gov to recommend a hot check up going i just want money. 129 pounds. i'm not going. 6. 150.
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ah. them. the minister of state farm over a week or the islands of the chain goes archipelago had been british territories and 1814. when they were seated to britain by france, in 1966, the u. k. agreed with united states to make the british indian ocean territory available for the defense purposes of the u. s. and the u. k. and the to gulshan people were removed from the islands. we must, however, now look forward not back on decisions about the future of the british indian ocean
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territory. the government has now considered all the available information and has decided against the resettlement of which gulshan people on the grounds of feasibility, defense and security interests, and the cost to the purchase tax. but the costs of being estimated to, to vary from anything between 55000000 for a me a 50 people going back to anything like 256000000 pounds for one and a half 1000. it would then also trigger the obligation of majesty's government to pay on an annual basis, the cost of sustaining the population. and in fact, when there is no hospital available, no, no care urgently that can be delivered to people. it is in my view on the sustainable to expect a community of any supp size to exist in such a setting. rosendam, mister speaker, bridger shook off should have the rights of self determination just as we afford to
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all of her majesty's subjects who rightly expect the protection of the crown, which is being denied that to them to day wilson. mister, stay as the speaker, i fully accept my old friends passion on this issue, which he has demonstrated for many years and he has indeed become a champion for this issue. however, as he will appreciate, i am the government to not agree with him on many of the issues he's mentioned. firstly, we do not consider that the right of self determination actually applies to the trickle fins. and on the question of self determination, the legal advice we have received is actually the chic options. we're not and are not a people put that on birth comments of commerce for the purposes of international law, and hence self determination. okay. oh
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hello, how are you? oh yeah, good in. yeah. yeah, it is a big of things i would like to talk to you about. we have been thinking me and some are natives in. you care about a board trip to chunk las that sounds exciting. we would like to a rebuild it houses and we don't want to return back and how many people in total would, would be on the boat for the 1st time. or we can say not more than 67. maybe we can't do a lot for now because just don't let them know it need to be a secret one. 0. but you need money for both. unless someone donates about.
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oh wow. it sounds like a lot of planning. you said the you with maybe we can have a fair resettlement. they always said that we have been waiting, waiting, waiting, but has not been called me. but we have, did the fair is a 2 man bye sabrina has been keeping me in the 10 for a long time. and then finally, she told me that quite exciting but challenging idea to find a boat that will take a small group of to go fans to charge me $56.00 people that i would, i would suggest,
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although would be very difficult to take a lawyer with to let somebody on that boat be a lawyer, but also have your lawyers like me home waiting to hear about what's happening so that we could file immediately for your, for your, you know, lawyers in the u. k. maricia and the u. s. prepared to seek your suit as are apprehended, but a lawyer on the boat could help sort of, you know, make sure that your rights are being respected every step of the way. but if we think about which, why we, we got bullets you. but if i get arrest that i can help you, if you're picked up by the american forces, they could charge you with some sort of espionage act or some trees in this act. i'm trying to infiltrate a u. s. base. and if they were to get you 300 miles off. sure. then granted, they have it. they have total reason to believe you're trying to get on the base or
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doing some sort of active direct activism that you're trying to get on the base and trying to sneak on the base and that concerns me because it would leave you very little opportunity. and it would be a great risk to your, to your safety, honestly for you to challenge them so openly. if you were to, to try to escape them. they'd forgive me, but they would hunt you down. i buy the modem at the ah, no, i don't want to be buried in the land of the colonizers. who do i want to dine? my native soil, where i will be surrounded by nature, creature, fish shadows, turtle. grace, silks, napa, ruby, snap. ha ha, saddle grouper babylon and be among the bustle. so t tans. ye naughty yahoo! this sheer waters canaries sparrows. see that one old ones. animal and among the animal weight dawson donkeys,
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horses. he wanted among the trees. shill, owl to monica, pistachios. pena and silk trees. dubois abdulla rounded by those trees, animals, birds, fish, bury me in my home, the woodland barrows panel, somebody's year, that is my wish was that my soul can rest in peace, but not in england, in the land of the colonizers. that is my wish, some policy ah
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well, making the headlines and what's behind band d. w. news, africa. they show that both the issues shape in the continent. life is slowly getting back to normal. yeah. well, in the streets,
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to give you enough reports on the inside of our cars fund that was on the ground reporting from across the continent and all the trends stuff. my talk to you in 30 minutes on d, w o. d, w. crime fighters are back to africa. most successful radio drama series continues . all episodes are available online. and of course you can share and discuss on d. w, africa's facebook page and other social media platforms, crime fighters, tune in now. the resurrection of jesus christ is obama. go bavaria, the world's largest passion, play his back every 10 years. visitors come from all over the world to see the
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staging of the biblical story. and this time it's more up to date than ever. obama go village and it's passion letters. sports july 3rd on d, w ah ah, this is d, w. news live from berlin, germany gears out to host the annual summit of g 7 leaders. thousands of protesters are in the bavarian capital to demand action as global poverty and climate change to pulse on the show.


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