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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 25, 2022 6:00pm-6:16pm CEST

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the world to see the staging of the biblical story. and this time it's more up to date than ever. obama go village and it's passion. factors. sports july 3rd, 4th d w ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, germany gears out to host the annual summit of g 7 leaders. thousands of protesters are in the bavarian capital to demand action at global poverty and climate change. to pulse on the show, norway raises
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a terror alert to the highest level after gunman kills to people in the heart of all flo during pride. week dinner reaches security services, calling it and islamist terror act and ukrainian troops leave the city a severe to the nurse after weeks of intense fighting. local officials say the city is now fully occupied by russian supportive forces. get the latest from our correspondence. ah, i married evans dean, thanks for joining me. germany is preparing to host leaders from the group of 7 countries at a some of that opens in bavaria on sunday. security is tight as hundreds of protesters gather in the state, capital, munich, and a town near the summit venue to make their voices heard. activists joining marches planned by green, peas, oxfam,
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and numerous other non governmental organizations. their calling on g 7 liter is to take greater action against climate change and global poverty. our chief political editor, michelle christner, is in garbage part and kitchen, which is a town close to the summit venue. i asked her earlier what issues are on the agenda of this g 7 meeting? well, the initial plan, when johnny took over the g 7 presidency, was to talk about climate to put together a climate club to get more countries rich and poor, to really get them draw together all their forces and the intention to tackle climate change. but of course, it's about ukraine, it's about ukraine when they talk about the economy. it's about ukraine when they talk about the future of international video transactions, internationally, economic issues and when you talk about food security and that's why we saw the food security conference take place in berlin. a just on friday in the run up to
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the g 7 at which it really, it needs to find a way to not just symbolize unity but also to so that it really means it. and we heard from you a secretary of state yesterday in berlin, that he said that this unity would continue as long as necessary, so not a whatever. it takes, a statement there from antony blinking. but this unity is here to stay. that the west really means it. and at the same time, leaders here need to make sure that those top into the dust realised nations the most powerful nations don't at the same time, send a signal that it's the west and then there's the rest or other parts of the world that yes, are affected by the crisis in ukraine, but certainly don't want to be a party to it and really expect
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a stability to be provided by the richer countries. all of that will be talked about climate as well. of course, there's still a pandemic going on, but that almost is no longer new top of the agenda. now me, her, we should mention that it's not just the g 7 countries that are meeting but several other countries were invited to this gathering, including argentina and indian south africa among others. was behind that it's exactly the signal that allah salts with germany holding the d 7 presidency wants to send, that it cannot be that it's the rich, the nation's standing up to russia. and is that the rich nations also seek not just backing from other countries, african countries for whom ukraine is a place very far away. and that the g 7 also want to be part of the solution to
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attack or the energy shortages to tackle the food shortages, the huge famine that threat of famine that the united nations is warning off. and that's why we see the head of the african union that senegal at the moment we see a latin american leading countries. we see south africa as a key economic power in africa. but also, these are all democracies, and that's very much how the jam presidency is framing this. that is, the market receives, including india, who now need to also find the common voice need to determine common interests. while at the same time, we see russia and china on the other side at trying to use this global crisis as a way to increase their sphere of influence. he doubly as we had a coupon for us. thank you so much. mikaela. norway's intelligence service has raise the country's terror alert to the highest level. that's after the shooting
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rampage during pride week which love to people that and $21.00 others wounded. police arrested a suspect shortly after the incident which they have called an islamist terror act . hundreds of people march through the streets of all flow and protest against the attack was took place in 3 central locations including a gay bar. the demonstration went ahead defined police cancelling the gay pride parade for security reasons. we want a short time ago as journalist tina i listed in offload. what the norwegian prime minister addressed in his press conference this afternoon. so we reminded us that we were supposed to celebrate the year since the criminal criminal on the patient of that sex between men. that is actually the sort of the gay rights movement in norway. but we were supposed to celebrate that and love. today we are in stand in
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deep sorrow because the tragedy and also tonight last night and why has a terror alert been lifted, raised to the highest level after last night shooting. so in the beginning, we realized that this was the one man who came down the street and show 2 people and killed 2 people. there's always a discussion. and if this tree is the political is about us to choose and have crime. and the police came out after a few hours and said that it's probably a mixture of psychiatry, but also have crime. he has been known to the homeland police because of extreme attitude because the sympathizing with it and they are just saying that knowing that we see that some people can be inspired by this crime. and we have to raise the terror alert because we appear that other people will be
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inspired by this. that was journalist, tina i listen to joining us from all slow. thank you so much. let's take a quick look now, some other stories making headlines. this. our tens of thousands of people are marching in warsaw is gay, pride parade. the event is the largest of its kind in central europe, ukrainian, l g b t. community has been invited to take part in the polish capital festivities because of russia's invasion. he was president joe biden has signed sweeping the gun safety legislation into law, through the 1st significant federal law to be passed in decades and will make it harder for young people to buy weapons. bipartisan measures come after us, fate of mass shootings in the us, including one at a school in texas. that left 21 daniel chicago. it's about to sign the law. the u. s. supreme court has ended 50 years of federal abortion rights. in
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a $6.00 to $3.00 ruling, the court overturned the landmark $973.00 roe vs wade decision that enshrined a woman's right to an abortion. the ruling is being described as a constitutional earthquake. u. s. states now have the power to set their own abortion laws around half are expected to restrict or completely ban access to abortions. i choice no longer this misery became the 1st state to ban abortions as roe vs wade was overturned. this clinic in st. louis had been the last place in the state to perform abortions . for me, it's tragic because we thought so far to get this one in 1973 way. and finally, when the victory now 50 years later, damn job is away from the abortion campaign is celebrated
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outside the supreme court. or today i'm so grateful for them. and their mir and i'm glad that i can be on the 2nd generation i now 13 states had so called trigger bands. that meant that abortion was immediately banned as the ruling came through or it will be banned in the near future. a dozen or so other states could also be binding abortion soon. the end to roe v wade was made possible after former president donald trump appointed a record 3 justices to the supreme court. in his ruling, the court argued that abortion was not what it hold deeply rooted in u. s. history and traditions for vice president, comedy harris. those words sets a dangerous precedent. that theory then calls into
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question other rights that we thought were settled such as the right to use birth control, the right to same sex marriage the right to interracial marriage, ah, on the streets of new york city and elsewhere, supporters of the rights to abortion showed their anger in a country without universal health care and little or no parental leave for them, it's a matter of privacy and of having the right to choose for oneself to the war in ukraine. now, after weeks of fierce fighting and see that of the nest, the mayor of the eastern cities says it's now been fully occupied by the russians. the crating armed forces said, troops have withdrawn, rushes, trying to encircle ukrainian forces and seize the entire don bus region. locally, crane and officials say the fighting is intensifying and nowhere in the east is
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safe any more for residence. i spoke earlier to our correspondent connelly who's on the ground for us in key of and i asked him if the fact that ukrainian forces are pulling out of city or the next signals, a major victory for russia. it's a victory. sure. but it's been a very long time coming, and it comes with a huge price in terms of a manpower last and in terms of weapons and basically a prestige busy. all of russia's military might have been thrown at a very small section of this very long front lines, and it's taken them weeks to take the city. it's busy turn into 2nd marable. yes, they're taking it, but at the price of making no gains are along the other front lines and allow you grain even to counterattack, other places, ukraine of seas and a lot of pressure as a democratic country to minimize losses. and all these families of people who out there fighting, paying very close attention to decisions, being taken by ukraine's military leadership and critical of anything that would endanger them. so yes, this is
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a controlled or controlled withdrawl is something that vs will celebrate given they haven't had much celebrate in recent months, but it doesn't cardinal in a huge kind of strategic way. change the situation in don't bass. ukraine still controls a chunk of don bass and most of what it's lost was lost in the 1st 2 weeks of this war. when the russians are now expected and turned their attention to the nearby city of las ish ask, can we expect a similar scenario to play out there? as of that announce for now, it seems like this is going to be a st street fighting. this is going to be long, nasty, protracted, thankfully, most civilians have been evacuated and some who are still there, have been getting out in small groups without much in the way of publicity. basically doing under the radar. m, ukrainian authorities were very vocal in the weeks, months adding up to this to people should get out while they still have a chance to do to so in safety to avoid seemed like we saw in marable. and there had been expectation that defending as
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a chance would be easier for ukraine because the river there between 70 than escalates a chance and some geography, which makes it easy to defend. the russians have now been coming towards us a chance for the south avoiding that river, so potentially a plays into their hands. but if the bigger picture is still a fact that russia, in spite of its huge security in terms of weapon, the terms of boots on the ground is making very slow progress and nothing. it would really suggest a collapse in ukraine's position for now. and this war has now entered his month. nick, how are the people holding up in ukraine? it's a very mixed picture here where i am in care of, you know, sometimes you walk around and you kind of can forget that we are in a country at war. you hear the air raid sirens, people stay in the cafes, stay doing what they're doing, trying to live some kind of normality on her hand. the streets are still notably empty, and sometimes it feels like there's only about half the number of people on the streets that you saw before the war, people savings running out. now,
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lots of jobs have fallen away, and people, maybe he would want to return to care from poland, from other places in western europe, and central europe where they fled to and are often themselves if they can afford to come back, even if it's safe. because they're not sure about their jobs, the government for now is holding up, but it is increasingly dependent on western finance to pay salaries and to keep fighting on the front lines. i think the desired fight was their question is whether ukraine will have resources going forward yet later in the colony connelly in keir. thank you, nick. you're up to date on d. w. news on mary evans team from me and the entire news team in berlin. thanks for the company. sometimes the best he's just right out at you. our tv highlights for shouldn't read a book every week. snuck him up several did in wide wing extremist. so we have.


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