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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 25, 2022 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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all over the world to see the staging of the biblical story. and this time it's more up to date than ever. oklahoma. go village and it's passion. centers starts july, 3rd, pond, d, w ah ah, this is d w. news life from bud as germany is up to host the annual submissive g. 7 leaders in munich, security is tight. as thousands of protesters converge, all the sissy demand action, global poverty, and climate change. also coming up no way raises. it's tara alert to the highest
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level after a gunman kills 2 people in the hospitals low during pride week and the weekend security services calling it an islamist terror acts and ukrainian troops leap. the city of sierra done yet the weeks of intense fighting official statements, as he is now fully occupied by russian forces. ah, i manuscripts, mccann, and welcome to the program. germany is preparing to host leaders from the group of 7 countries. that's the world 7 largest advanced economies. the summit opens in bavaria on sunday and security is tight. activists, a calling on g 7 leaders to take greater action against climate change and global poverty. harmon, it is
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a both vindicated and discouraged as they march munich. they say the war in ukraine proved g. 7 member countries had been too slow to move away from fossil fuels. and now the world is paying the price when he comes to the environment and war and peace on the other move. so i wish that the real global problems, like michigan, i sold climate protection or nutritional social justice and they said they would take that back home and actually try and change something, hold to name and won't answer tough melva we needed to concrete decisions. apology completely different policies. now with us, we need to exit oil coal. i'm gas dark out the war when ukraine has shown very clearly how dependent we are o. m isn't that i am in the annoy about an interest that dependence on russian natural gas has funded it's war. demonstrators are demanding more than promises from the g 7. they are desperate for concrete results and soon overhauled were demanding keys. we're here for the women's international league for peace and
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freedom via and we need to govern things. we've got a global north can put all the money into weapons and billions and billions. while we have other problems like family or the earthquake in afghanistan, we need to address the balance on the given the g 7 hobbs, 10 percent of the world's population, i'm to put emit one 3rd of global emissions thoughts, which is not ok for an injury. they have to take responsibility for the global south and the global south climate change has impacted harvest. and now the war in ukraine threatens to trigger a hunger crisis. as russia blocks ukrainian grain exports. that time for the g 7 to right wrong these protestors say is now as we just heard, protest as we're demanding greater action on climate and against poverty to day. but we'll g suddenly just be ready to listen. i put that to our dw brussels bureau chief alexander of phenomena is in the town of damage pot and cushion as close to
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where g 7 leaders will be meeting. that's of course dict. key question here. however, we have to say that russia, us war looms very large over there, sir. g 7 meeting and on. yeah. what you can see behind me this ideally scenery here . it's tense in star, conscious to the pressing issues that the leaders are going to discuss. there will talk about sanctions on russia. they will talk how to further help ukraine. the german chancellor proposed a reconstruction, a plan that he leading to the that he likened to their marshal planet helper. reconstruct her, the western germany and other european countries after the world war 2. and there are also going to speak about the economy situation about to soaring inflation and energy crisis and the threat of recession. and of course, a climate change and how to tackle climate change is also on the agenda. so quite
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a lot on the agenda to put it mildly. now of course it's not just the leaders of the g 7 nations meeting here. several other countries have been invited to this gathering, including argentina, india, and south africa. i believe he tell us why they're here. they are invited because according to the german chancellor, it is import not only to focus on the west, it is important in his view to also pay more attention to the large democracy in democracies in asia, in africa and latin america. and of course, they are affected about a direct impact. it's rather a by what is going on. for instance, disruptions in food supplies caused by the war in ukraine and russia, located of the ukrainian ports. and of course they could be and should be part of the solution. when we talk about climate goals,
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that is why they were invited. and in addition, indonesia and india are now the incumbent and upcoming presidencies off the g 20. and the key question here is whether they can be convinced to do more against russia and not to let russia participate in future g. twin t meetings, t w's, alexander phenomena. thank you so much. now no ways intelligent service has raised the country's terror alert to the highest level after a shooting rampage during pride week which left 2 dead and $21.00. others wounded. police arrested a suspect shortly after the incident which they have cooled, an islamist terror act, thousands of people march through the streets of those low in protest against the attack, which took place in 3 central locations, including at a gable. the demonstration went ahead despite police counseling, the gay pride parade for security reasons. and for more on this we can speak to
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journalists, chelsea m a gene in oslo. she's a senior investigative reporter at fat and scan, which is one of no ways largest daily newspapers. josiah, thanks so much for joining us here at the w. now. the wheaton prime minister spoke to the press this afternoon about this shooting. can you tell us more about what he said? he said basically that made on certain if you go tack was i meant to be on the gay community, but they are nevertheless, the victims of this terror attack. and he also was worried about how i had a charge of muslims, of norway are handling this, their fear and their worries. and he told the people have no way to be carrying and considered a very difficult time. why did the norwegian security service feel that it was necessary to raise the terror alert to the, to the highest level of to last night shooting because they're not certain that
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this is over there still, you know, investigating, and most probably this is just a one person terror attack, not sure unless and until they're sure they are heightening the threat level, norway, to the highest level. now the official pride parade was canceled off to the shooting, but people still went out spontaneously on to the streets to protest. can you tell us more about that? yes, and they just wouldn't to come to the fear. and there were thousands who marched spontaneously started with just a few, and then thousands joined them. the march to the 3rd, to the scene of the crime. and they were chanting we are here, we queer, we won't disappear. so it's been a really tough day in norway. today. we can see the pictures of the protest, obviously a lot of emotion. can you tell us more generally? what norwegians, reactions at reaction has been to the shooting. this is
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a dark, dark day for norway. this is a new national trauma after the terror attack 22nd of july, 11 years ago. the white supremacist terror attack took a lot of lives. and this is a, just a new job, much of the nation and people are gathering together and this will take time to kind of digest and the whole of like the royal family has been out there. every member of you know, parliament politicians. everyone is coming together and always a small nation. and you know, they come together in doing events like this. but there's also, you know, a certain amount of rage amongst them read no region people, but this is how norwegian, people react. they. they come together and try to understand and try to console each other. journalists, chelsea imagined in oslo and i thank you so much for speaking to us.
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okay, we're going to take a quick look at some of the stories making headlines at this hour. tens of thousands of people are marching in warsaw as gay pride parade. the event is the largest of its kind in central europe, the ukranian l g b t. community has been invited to take part in the polish capitals festivities because of russia's invasion. protests have been taking place across the united states after the supreme court ended 50 years of federal abortion rights. and 6 to 3 ruling. the court overturned the landmark $973.00 roe vs wade decision that enshrined a woman's right to an abortion. you are states now have the power to set their own abortion laws in several states have already banned it. human rights groups in spain and morocco of food for an investigation into the deaths of at least a seen african migrants who attempted to breach the board offense to the spanish enclave of malala. a local rights group says moroccan security forces used
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unjustified violence. the spanish prime minister described friday's deadly rush as an attack on spain's territorial integrity to the war in ukraine. now, after weeks of fierce facing and severe done, yet, the mayor says it has now been fully occupied by the russians. this is the country's biggest battlefield set back in more than a month. ukrainian army announced it was withdrawing its forces from the eastern city on friday. ukrainian forces are now regrouping to higher ground in neighboring las he chanced, as, according to the head of military intelligence, pro moscow. separatists say, russian troops have entered the city and are engaged in street fighting, but that claim can't be independently verified. earlier i spoke to w correspondent conley, who's in the ukranian capital, keith, and after russian forces seized control of severity on the ask, i asked him how big of a victory this is for moscow? i think if we zoom out a bit and maybe wait for
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a few months to see the real differences of this, it might turn out to be all oh victory. yes, this is a big city. yes, this is something they've been fighting for for weeks, but is it really important enough to have invested so much time, so much weaponry in so many lives. and it seems to be that the grange strategy is as with marable, basically to bind the russians for as long as possible, forced them into those kind of street for street urban battles, of proving incredibly costly in terms of russian lives. and then to pull back or when possible in the last possible moment to avoid losing unnecessary ukrainian military personnel in that battle. i think it's important to remember here that this is basically the only big you, christy, that rush has been able to take in over a month. the last was marable and basically, all the big russian victories were in the 1st couple weeks of this war when ukraine was busy, overwhelmed with lots of fighting on different fronts of the same time. so it is, it is progress for russia, but nowhere near the kind of pace of advance that we were expecting from russia, given their superiority in terms of firepower, manpower, and finances. so yes,
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they're making progress, but ukraine is still and on bass and is not getting chaotically having to leave the battlefield. now, the russians are now expected to turn their attention to the near by city of little chance. can we expect a similar as the air similar scenario to, to play out there in just chance is a bit different. it has a geography busy, some higher ground that makes it easier to defend. yes, the russians are trying to get around that and to have a go that city from more than one side to avoid having to cross the river that divide several minutes from this a chance. and we're also seeing them basically trying to up the pressure on ukrainian force, the other parts of the country to basically forced the cranes to spread themselves more thinly. so we're seeing more shilling in the south mich alive in the north, near had given also bell russian forces are on exercise not to miss all strikes on ukraine from belarus last night. so since the russians are trying to draw away ukrainian forces from the dumbass where they've been defending quite successfully.
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but for now, there isn't a sense that the, the ukraine forces are somehow in disarray. they are getting western weapons. it's not could out coming as fast as they'd want. and in the scale on the scale that the ukranian positions say they need, but they are making a difference. and they are allowing ukraine to compensate at least to some degree for their lack of weapons, or for there are comparative, smaller numbers of artillery stems out on the field. they're able to use that in coordination with better intelligence from the americans and use of drones to basically reduce that russian security to something that still somehow gives the ukrainians a chance of holding ground. he de leon, nick connelly, mt. thank you so much. russian president vladimir to since says that moscow will deliver missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads to better us in the coming months of mobile guided missile system. the escandone em has a range of up to 500 kilometers which made the announcement as a received spell. russian leda alexander lucas shanker. he also offered to upgrade the country's war plains,
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make them capable of carrying nuclear weapons. because jenko told putin belarus was concerned about the aggressive confrontational and repulsive policies of its neighbors, lithuania, and show from 2 to 4. we go a quick look at our top story. this, our security has tightened. the german stations, the barrier ahead of a summit of g 7 leaders, thousands protested gathering to demand more action against climate change and quality. so we have time for coming out next for puerto on location, looks at the free press under pressure in hong kong i menu. thanks for watching the w ah ah.


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