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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 26, 2022 6:00am-6:16am CEST

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united even 77 years after the holocaust hatred towards jews is still pervasive. the history of anti semitism starts july 2nd on d w. ah ah, this is d w. news live from berlin. high level talks in bavaria g 7 leaders, a gathering in the german alps for the groups annual summit. the discussions are set to focus on russia's war in ukraine and troubles in the global economy. but the thousands of protesters are demanding action on poverty and climate change. also
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coming up, standing up to the enemy with stand up comedy, praise and money to have a flat key. if mo emory is in my power ukrainian comedian is trying to weaponized laughter against the russian invaders. ah, i'm tom your logic. well, welcome to the program. g. 7 leaders have begun arriving in the southern german state of bavaria for the groups annual summit. us president joe biden touched down in munich late saturday on his 1st trip to germany since taking office earlier french president, my normal crowd received a traditional bavarian welcome. the 3 de talks are being held at elm, our castle in the german alps. brushes war in ukraine and troubles with the economy
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a set to top. the agenda. the summit officially gets underway on sunday and security is tight. thousands of activists of also gathered to demand action against climate change and global poverty. i'm an artist, are both vindicated and discouraged as they march and munich, they say the war in ukraine proved g. 7 member countries had been too slow to move away from fossil fuels and now the world is paying the price when he comes to the environment. and war in p if you remember. so vincent, rusty, i wish that the real global problem has difficult, like piece o climate protection or nutrition or social justice because of getting that they would take that back home, also name and actually try to change something. so can the for end and paula, we need concrete decision sounds completely different policies. we need to exit or
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of colon gas after the war against ukraine has shown very clearly how dependent we are, the ambient up english cousin. that dependent on russian natural gas has funded its war. demonstrators are demanding more than promises from the g 7. they are desperate for concrete results and soon over hardware demanding keys. we're here for the women's international league for peace and freedom via and we need to govern things. we've got a global north, can't put all the money into weapons, billions and billions. while we have other problems like vanity where the earthquake in afghanistan, we need to address the balance on the given the g 7 hobbs 10 percent of the world's population. i'm but emits one 3rd of global emissions thoughts, which is not okay for they have to take responsibility for the global south. in the global south climate change has impacted harvest. and now the warring ukraine threatens to trigger a hunger crisis as russia blocks ukrainian grain exports. that time for the g 7 to
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right wrong, these protestors say is now no way has raised it's terror alert to the highest level. this comes after 2 people were killed and more than 20 wounded in a shooting, rampaged urine pride week in oslo. lisa arrested one suspect and the treating. the incident as an act of islamist terrorism, saturday's pride were rate in the city was cancelled, but a protest march was state instead of protests on the streets of our slow in support of l. g. b t q writes, following an overnight shooting near a gay bar in the country's capital. gunfire erupted at around 1 am local time in the cities busy night life district. a 42 year old man is in custody. police say the suspect a norwegian citizen, originally from iran, was known to them a young special and what a li perpetrator has
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a long history of violence and threats. a new age and police security service has known him dating back to 2015. when there were concerns that he would be radicalized and joined an extreme islamist contact network in norway miss disk contact network key login authorities are calling it an islamist terror act on the advice of police organizers and called off osler's pride march. due to take place on saturday, it's a very dark day in sun, the all slo, because we are expected are a lively and ah, answer sassik parade and through our streets, or people celebrating bright after 3 years or polemics on other standstill. instead we have a dark day where terror struck offload this night. lag it is on there. it's cruel. it's very sad that people have to go around being afraid of being who they are.
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ah, with you getting most get like know about high and we'll just hear even louder and show even more people. what we are, who we are. we should be proud of that, where thousands of people took to the streets in a spontaneous march of solidarity despite the pride parade being canceled. police, the suspect is being held on suspicion of murder, attempted murder and terrorism. the motive is still under investigation. now to sum all the stories making headlines, at this hour protests against the rising cost of living in ecuador have triggered a no no confidence hearing against the president. the government hell talks with indigenous leaders of the protest. for the 1st time on saturday, 6 people have been killed and dozens injured. over almost 2 weeks of violence street, protests, human rights groups have called for an investigation into the deaths of at least 23
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african migrants who are trying to enter the spanish enclave of malea. they were part of a mass attempt to climb the border fence. local rights groups as moroccan security forces used unjustified force to stop them the you and iran say nuclear talks will restart in the coming days. the block is hoping to salvage a 2015 accord between iran and world powers international nuclear watchdog recently warned that iran was only a few days away from having the material needed for a nuclear bomb it with my you, danny had gone through a heavy sandstorm, hit the city of air bell in northern iraq, sandstorms are a regular occurrence in iraq. but this severity has increased due to soil degradation, high temperatures, and a low rainfall linked to climate change. days after afghanistan was struck by a deadly earthquake, the ruling taliban as appealed for international help,
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thousands have been displaced by the 6 point one, magnitude earthquake that struck on tuesday. and the steep death dull is still climbing over the power and killed many more left homeless in afghanistan, east, the scars of tuesday. the earthquake are still fresh buzz new but a drought boy. so it was after midnight. we're so thing that it sounded like something exploded on, the ceiling fell on us, and my son was killed in the last. so uncle hospital is our vend in the aftermath of the deadliest earthquake to hit of god has done into decades. internationally. it will be crucial to the relief effort. and unlike in the past, the ruling taliban have promised not to interfere with a distribution. with millions of of guns already facing acute hunger. the
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taliban is seeking a layout of international isolation. if i'm assuming the world to give us the most basic right, which is the right to life and that is through lifting the sanctions. and i'm freezing our asses. and also giving assistance of the destroying life for 20 years . afghanistan is grown toward quakes, and people in julie diaz with poorly built homes, i'd especially vulnerable many more to religious life, flattened communication line. scott, even as many here mourned the loss of loved ones. i've got a son is still a long way off from knowing the true human toil of the disaster to ukraine. now, where the mayor of severity and asks, says the strategic eastern city is now fully occupied by russian forces. if the
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country's biggest battlefield set back in more than a month, the ukrainian army announced it was withdrawing its forces from the city on friday . now those forces are regrouping to higher ground in neighboring lizzie chance. according to the head of military intelligence, pro moscow, separatists, a russian troops have entered the city and are engaged in street fighting. but the claim cannot be independently verified. dw correspondence nicolai is following developments from the ukranian capital keith, he told us about the importance of seas in control of severity and ask for the russian campaign. i think if we zoom out a bit and maybe wait for a few months to see the real differences of this, it might turn out to be all oh victory. yes, this is a big city. yes, this is something they've been fighting for for weeks, but is it really important enough to have invested so much time, so much weaponry in so many lives? and it seems to me that the grange strategy is as with marable, basically to bind the russians for as long as possible,
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forced them into those kind of street for street urban battles, of proving incredibly costly in terms of russian lives. and then to pull back or when possible in the last possible moment to avoid losing unnecessary ukrainian military personnel in that battle. i think it's important to remember here that this is basically the only big you, christy, that rush has been able to take in over a month. the last was mary paul. and basically all the big russian victories were in the 1st couple weeks of this war. when ukraine was busy, overwhelmed with lots of fighting on different fronts of the same time. so it is, it is progress for russia, but nowhere near the kind of pace of advance that we were expecting from russia, given their security in terms of firepower, manpower, and finances. so yes, they're making progress, but ukraine is still and on bass and is not getting chaotically having to leave the battlefield. ukrainian comedian is raising money for the war effort by performing in a cave comedy seller, which also doubles as a shelter during russian bombardment. dw rebecca ritters went to meet the man who's
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fighting back against the invaders, with laughter. yeah, this is our comedy seller in ukraine. all my conscience seller now do tell the truth because of bombay and rog, guess all this stuff. so it's really easy to find audience 1st and are because you just gov and people here. oh, ukrainian stand up comic, anton tymoshenko, his weapon ising, his comedy fighting russians with jokes on youtube lim, last 10 years of my life, i was raising money to have a flat. so in key, if mo, emery's in my intervene or there sir, he hopes his set in english punch lines will help raise money from abroad. but here in this comedy club in central keep his war. if it is live o, twice a week, he takes to the stage to perform for a local crowd who show up air raid sirens,
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not they lap up ukrainian language versions of gags like this one. the finest country in europe is germany, because when we ask for a weapons to jeremiah serve, we don't have enough urban to share. oh, come on germany. ah, come on. my grandmother said you have a lot of her. he's comfortable joking about an old war, but his mindful of what's happening outside his comedy seller. it's difficult to joke about maribelle for example, about butcher or about sir. the most soldiers i'm in lot of for sign is staff can be on a battlefield by her. i'm not on the battlefield. their army defense me. that's why i can't joke if either one and joke about them through ticket sales and donations. he's raised more than 2000 euro sending the money to friends on the front lines.
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the shows a hit with pumped his to, i know is horrible and the only way we can, you know, survive is to say, positive about like something. anything really helps us to, you know, to stay strong in, survived such a hard times. you know, i mean you bring our nation good sense of humor and we are relax to real, we're up to mystic. this is like music. even fasciitis and tom says he hopes his humor can be healing, but admits to me after the show, the whole thing is taking it's toll people tired and i'm tired to about the room like 2 months ahead. lot of energy to say and brother couldn't believe it's you mario jr and stuff. and when you hear this more for, for more of them gone and more and more and more, start to feel sorry. and i even sometimes start to see less. maris nostril is not result in our dogs are not helping but he has more gigs plant and for now his show
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will go on and ukrainians were among the thousands of l. g. b. teach you activists who took to the streets of warsaw on saturday, due to russia's war in ukraine keeper pride was held this year in the polish capital in conjunction with warsaw and will equality parade organizer say. this year's aim was to keep the spotlight on russia's war, aggression. and that's it for now, you can get more on our website d, w dot com. totally illogical. thanks for joining us. ah, what people have to say matters to us. but me. that's why we listen to their stories.


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