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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  June 26, 2022 9:15am-9:31am CEST

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erase at this hour, ukraine's capital t if has been rocked by several explosions, rescue anticoagulation efforts are underway. residential building at the center of the city was hit key of may i vitale, glitch co says the blasts are a sign that russia is trying to intimidate ukrainians and g 7 leaders have the gun arriving in southern germany for a 3 day summit talks. i expected to focus on russia's one ukraine, other global economy activists that also calling for action on climate change of property values. thanks for watching. ah ah, a new tag, a. this visual hotspots in germany, euro and the world d. w. travel extremely, we're in a. hm
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. ah this week and world stories on the black sea vacationers displays ukraine, refugees on the bowl sucker nuns from the vatican. we begin ukraine. they're
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hundreds of volunteer fighters from bella. ruth are helping to fend off fresh attacks. many of them said their homeland in 2022 escaped dictator lucas shan't go . now d, i put a de, lives in the line in the ukraine. there are no bullets to day, but soon these men will be fighting for the future against the russian army in the south, and they are serving in the ukrainian army. but they're all from bellows. susan, living with them a legacy joined up 8 years ago after them. i don protests when the conflict in the east start ukraine is the last 3 countries of the former soviet union in ukraine had lost its freedom during the my don protest. if they had been repressed and there'll be no future for the whole region and of course will not be crane. and not for that reason. the little
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there are now several $100.00 you fighters in ukraine, enough to former regiment, and he fled their homes in 2020. when fellows dictator, alexander lucas shanker, cracked down on huge demonstrations against this man who didn't want to be identified by name. took part in the protest. no lead up literally not what we were hoping to overthrow lucas shanker by piece for me. but our hopes were dashed out and the regime held on the question, can we? so my task now is to do everything possible to destroy lucas shanker as regime question mark with a booth new student. the idea is that the beller russian regime is so closely tied to russia that a defeat for putin would also be defeated shanker fighters,
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the war. and ukraine is also about the future of their country. and they can't go home until things change that we need to kind of push it over to least still a lifelong imprisonment would await me there. at the worst execution, below, they could pin extremism on me for taking part in the protests in 2020. and on top of that, now they charge me as a mercenary for taking part in the war. i would yell the wine you wasn't. alexi was injured during the 2nd week of the war. was on eric mason's mission in butcher you mind when a shell blew away his leg. for now he trains new recruits waiting for a better prosthetic leg that will enable him to serve closer to the front. again, he says retiring from active duty is not an option. ah,
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millions of ukrainians have fed their country because of the war. some of them to bulgarians, the black sea around $60000.00 refugees have been accommodated in hotels, but that is now causing disputes. the unit time to get moving again. everyone here fled from ukraine. months ago, now they are being relocated from bulgaria, coast to state facilities across the country. how long they will stay is unclear nozzle mad deacon, when it is very hard with 2 children, there is no where i can just leave them there on the move with me. up until june, about 60000 refugees were staying in these hotels along the bulgarian black sea. but just before the summer season bulgaria, we use the compensation to hotel operators from 20 years per refugee per day to 8. the director of these hotel complexes. that's not nearly enough to cover their
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costs. they also took, learn lessons, learned business. it's clear, this is our business tourism. so there was no way they could stay on during the summer season. is wrong. due to lack of seasonal workers, he decided to keep some ukraine and refugee saw carina, and marina potter panko are among those who can stay before the war. they manage to flour business in hockey. now they are getting trained how to set a lunch table. they fled with their children. their husband seen ukraine, could be drafted at any time they say as a chest, it's hard for us to process everything because we are full of sorrow for our country. national fennel will guerria is in dire need of taurus russian. tourists were one of the biggest groups of foreign visitors where they are staying away due to sanction. it's unclear how many welcome,
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but some here are happy that the refugees are now being accommodated elsewhere. but mental, so i think we helped enough it is not necessary to help them any more could have been the issue of ukrainian refugees is increasingly polarizing will gary in society. there's still a lot of solidarity in the capital. sophia, this demonstration is of coal for help marina carino know little about the ongoing debate about their status. they tried to provide moments of joy to their children on the other side of the c ukraine, where the war ages on ah, pernix story takes us to latvia to a singer caught between the fronts. latvian artists in tarsh specialists was once a star, russia. that is now over because now he is singing for peace in ukraine. oh,
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in touch blue soliz was a star in russia. ah, the latvian singer performed on russian state media and even held concerts in the criminal oh. toward the world's largest country. singing in russian, celebrating the language and enjoy the company of his russian friends. oh my god, mister miller, you still can't fully believe it's all over the dish on that's. i might not return may in the next 50 years, and i won't have come success ah, the 24th of february changed everything he told us as we visited him in his home studio. ah, the place where bruce, julie's creative process begins. for weeks he's been working on a song about the war. oh,
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finally bas relief is speaking out. he's been sharing videos and photos of the war on social media. i. his aim to confront his russian fans with the reality of violence in ukraine. ah, death and destruction. images that aren't shown on russian state media, lou, although his fans and russia have seen his posts, many are still not convinced learners problems. it's a paradox. the biggest fans who wrote the most loving comments have tended to my biggest enemies. so man and they have gone crazy and they are attacking me. is god not out is my dad's gob. it's a potentially dangerous situation for the sunni's. hooton's propaganda has also
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played a role in his home country. every 4th person living in latvia is of russian descent. recently, he was verbally assaulted by a passer by in his hometown, interminable soliz wants to change the perspective of his fan swollen some day he hopes to return to russia and perform again, or maybe even bring his kids as well. but only if it's a new russia one without counting, ah, european champion, italy is one of the greatest soccer nations in the world. now the country has added a whole new team. it consists of nuns from the vatican and has big ambitions. soccer is also women's game. thank god. sister emilia gets the game underway. this is italy's national team of nuns.
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it sisters against sisters football in the name of the lord. god, i love football because it strengthens the community. mexico got see we're all from different orders. but here we're united as a team, eco made so. and we have one mission on it or gee, i'm your sister, amelia and regina against g 3. okay. sister amelia has been part of the sister's football club for about a year. there are 18 nuns on the team age between 27 and 52. they train every sunday outside rom, but not every one has permission to play. football. nascar alquon is why they care center that out. unfortunately, there are some orders where the mother superiors have not been shown delight by the
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holy spirit to sandra. some still think it's a sin to wear shorts, ought to play with a ball and cried. i don't think none should show their legs or a lie. so down for 5 a that a gun. but the sisters know they have the blessing of pope francis i playing football is simply following his appeal to not be old maids, but to engage in society. oh sister amelia lives in a convent close to the bacon along with 12 others from her order. maybe their mother superior supports their love of the beautiful game. he. good. yeah, that'll come to see more kanto. i've played a lot of football in my life. i was a primary school teacher for 31 years. my played a lot with school children and the young people in the parish. i thought you, i can never resist when i see that bull quantity dupont or nam, quoted a. so what is his intention?
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nicky kid i don't act for the nuns playing a milan feels almost like a miracle there hoping that the god of football will be on their side for their 3rd match. their coach has complete faith in them up in the attic when they found someone to give them a fresh opportunity, please. so i think it's opened up a whole new world for them earlier. this is a pair of fillmore that they're facing a team, a former top 2 players from monta. there'll be no special treatment for the nuns. after a quick prayer, it's time for kick off with with the opposition is too strong some moss possessions and thrilling to convert their gold chances, not even divine intervention can save them from losing $15.00 to $1.00. they take the result and stride for them. it's a joy to take part. ah,
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