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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 26, 2022 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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our german chancellor will have schultz and you as a president joe biden have been meeting at the annual g 7 summit in southern germany. the lead us of the 7 wealthy countries have been discussing their response to the russian invasion of ukraine as well as issues like climate change. and that is all for now, but we will stay we, we stay, we stay or somebody is just talking into my ear and i didn't understand what was said. could you please repeat? ok. so here we don't go away because we will stay here because as i mentioned, we are now waiting for the representatives to give their press a tom as can we expect more there or will this also be enjoying the view? so if i don't know if not only about enjoying the view, it will be about enjoying the view, but it will be about much more than just enjoying the view. alexandra, until i discuss that as well. all ready mentioned the importance of the you in all
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this when it comes to finding those decisions. and that's relevant because some of the members of the g 7 are part of the you and the you also take part in these multi lateral meetings. and as such, the you represent not only as an institution its interest, but it also represents the $27.00 members that are part of it. and as such, it brings obviously the interests of those $27.00 members to go to the table. so it will be interesting to see what the you actually will say of these are you leaders that are there when it comes to further sanctions against russia? when it comes to the very important issue forwarded off on the line of energy independence of diversifying energy sources. so i think those are key issues that will be discussed here that probably we will hear from those leaders when they talk to the press. exactly, well, actually, what i'm hearing is, as this sir, you presser is under way. we're expecting at the council president charles michelle to hold a press, a statement that will be very shortly. ah, why only the council president? will that make sense?
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yes, it does make sense. so the council president is the, the, the council is what represents the 27 member states. the commission is the executive branch of the european union. so the fact that it's shot michelle and not necessarily also law funded i and means as i just stressed that shine, michelle represents those $27.00 countries, the 27th leaders that are part of the european union. so there is a slight difference when it comes to the counsel represented by shad michelle and the commission represent if i was law on the line, there are several other you institutions. but in this particular case, those are the 2 that play an important all when it comes to, to dealing with your credit present in the common view when it comes to, to foreign policy. it obviously they're out further institutions as burrell, for example, that you, i represent the foreign policy. but in this particular case, it is significant that we're hearing from shawn michelle. and it is significant. what exactly shall michelle will stress when it comes to the position of the european union as a whole, to the current g 7 goals?
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not only ukraine, but or some of the other goals that the german g 7 presidency had like global health economy. and in particular, climate change, one of the really, really big goals are in brussels so far, absolute a and her we have her dw, so political chief editor, mikayla christina, are with us in the southern germany at the g summit there mikayla. so thomas was just pointing out the significance of her, the you counts of president a, shall michelle are being there to basically represent the you and give his statement. there are, you are in a, at the grounds of the g 7 summit to get you already hear something. what kind of state statement can we expect from him? so he's actually due to give a statement founded by now the you of course, in has to sit at the table because a lot of these economic issues are in the competency of the european union. what
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you're seeing behind me is elma castle. it looks like it's not a proper background, but i can assure you it's real. and that's where leaders are meeting and that's why we just saw a german chance that would have salts meet with you as president joe biden, to by the heaping praise on all sorts of leadership on the whole tightened vendor. very one words, both declaring that they will remain united and how important remaining united isn't. that of course, includes the european union, which of course is having its very own struggles on actually showing a united front or so on. entity deliveries from russia, just singing out hungary there who really is making it difficult for you to find a common line to have a full fledged embargo. so you always sits at the table when the d 7, who, after all, were those most important economies in the 19 seventy's when they're founded and sit together around the table. yeah, and a at mckayla to thomas was also just her telling us again about her the european
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union. her struggles very often because our expansion on the one side and but also problems with unanimous decision making which makes the european union very often look as if it's paralyzed and can't really move here nor there. now the, you has awarded ukraine candidate status. can this be more than just a symbolic act a can, but it won't be for a very long time. that's a saw at least years, probably decades. and that's how long a full accessing it could potentially take. there's a lot of ifs and buts because after all, this is a country at war and it is being attacked by russia, which are questions. it's very right to exist as a separate countries. so those are the complete fundamentals. but here at the g 7, and this also is something where leaders like the united states, but also those invited like india who clearly is
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a far beyond the threshold of an up and coming economy. and sometimes so bit of impatience or with the you are at its failure to find a full, a common line here. the stakes are even higher because it is about the economy as a whole. it's about the fall out, the economic fall out at the shudders of concern over entity shortages of a rising prices over inflation and over a looming hunger crisis. so this is something that goes beyond the european union, even a european union lacking on their behalf. now shayla hartline a right to you on the prices i have to run. yeah. rudely. vega like to have michelle doing has their press statement. you will continue to provide rubbish support to your crew, financial humanitarian and political. and we've also mobilized 2000000000 euros to provide military treatment. but ukraine meets more and who are committed to providing more, more military support, more financial needs,
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morkel to support. we are also committed to supporting your crews with restriction on sanctions. you has improved strategies of heart heating, sanctions against russia drab. russia's ability to which war and the most recent are hillary rule been 90 percent of russian all imported into you by the end of this year. diesel is also is shaping the routine human fuel disorder. at our last european council meeting, we agreed to give you crane envil. dover, changed it states use and you're also ready to grant. and he did see to, to busted as he drove enough into ga, once we forms has been addressed. this is a historic moment for ukraine and for the future of europe with g 7 countries,
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we all share the same goals to church, oxygen from worship war machine. why taking care of our eternal east india gentlemen of a partners. you will stand by the people of ukraine for the long haul, to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity, and to sternly defend our turman democratic values. will also this just from to charity. a drawing double concern the kremlin is susan food is a silent weapon, fool. and we must vigorously counter rushes, propaganda, boat, food and fertilizer price rush as dangerous $100.00. james is solely responsible for the global from tries chosen schuster fringe in the poorest turn, threes and low income households, brocade in ports attacking get richer, an infrastructure to an inch field of wheat, into fields or for families. children at which are starvation. the need these food
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know, die is running out and you is working on i to that you food for your training. i better to products, we support strategic algebra. teresa efforts to we open maritime moods in the way that also addresses. you train situated nonsense and we support global initiatives light a global allies for food, security and ease debit footage. we response and initiative use charity working to mobilize nearly 600000000 euros to support the most efficient partners. energy security will also feature, you know, decisions yet. another example of the destructive impact of vs swore it has further destabilized energy market increased prices for families in business. it last week . european so meets we decide on quality response. in the you've decided to face
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out our energy dependence on russian fossil fuels, diversified energy sources, speeding up renewables, and bolstering energy efficiency. and for the long term climate neutrality, east, our g died inch giantess. we will also waste the urgent issue of climate change tech link. i'm a change is both a challenge and matthew paternity on climate. the east, the leader. and we are fully committed to the various agreement into becoming the 1st time into 1220 by 2015. we welcome you idea of a climate clerk proposed by the g 7 presidency germany. it would support the post agreement. we enforce the work of the un if you see a little bit java leakage. we also want to the cabinet industry. so we are ready to engage on just any transition. partnership is gentry's rate $2.00 to $200.00 steps
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to ditch urbanized industry and energy sector. the us and our partnership is south africa los last year. he's a great example. finally, one word on health. we must not forget the lessons learned for the ban damage, so we need to be ready for future fin. the meets the decisions for the future. bend him to swim and i get installed. it finally lives in gentlemen's. g 7 was launched to address the worst greatest challenge is since last july into all the world is changed dramatically. with responded swiftly, decidedly. 8 effectively into the with 49. yes. after the 1st g 7 meeting. no, we all have a special responsibility. the world is watching, let stitch, the right decisions. let's promote ideal values. let's defense the international
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law. i think you thank you, mr. president. we'll be taking a couple of questions. i'll learn. i'll be searching it with me. cases please, please. there's an microphone here. hello. yes, lady over there. thank you. hey, jen from phoenix in china. and my question is, to what extent is china discussion after summits and would it be the impact on the possible discussion? for the 1st element, of course, would have your children to address their geopolitical top vision is why will it also also education to the relationship between the european union and some of the friends and partners in the interface? if each region entry have a clear vision on the you side, we should, it does 3 important elements. no relationship is china. first of all, we will always promote our friend them until values and principles and yards trim
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the clear when we are for your children to, to, to work distortions. we saw the chinese authorities point to wishing data on global topics is important to cooperate with china. the century talk, pizza, health, climate change is, is very clear. it is important to induce china on those topics. and further point we'd finch that it is so needed to we balance the economy. relationships with china on the one hand, a g, u, d stream leo, open we, i says to our single market. on the other hand, we can observe that today we select for simplicity, and it's why we see this important to tween jeffries, china, to be speaking terms with the chinese authorities. a few weeks ago together was a predator mission had to submit to a virtual summit. we saw with china and m transferred into the to, we'd have to change it to following ours in this to districts. we sort of thought us in france a how we can try to encourage the chinese authorities to play a more positive role in the toys together. challenges together with us. so this
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means thank you very much sir. mister president. as you know, united states also you gauge bent again again and, and do you with the g 7 summit expo sal now add to unveil air golden ben on the input from russia. enter, so how do you expect, would it be possible for the leader said you're in the summit to join this sort of thanks. i think they are agreed with 1st, you know, deter, together we said the, the g 7 trends. we said the recent, we refer to latino to coordinate a packages of censure, spoke point one and improvement is important to implement what we have decided and on broad. we are, we are ready to go more into the details and to look if it's possible to, to, to target drop in a, in a manner that would target her originally chinaman, and not in a manner the twitter darted ourselves dizzy. so i become an outcome and purpose are
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tremendous. we want to target to 5 inches by russia of the, of the war. and is why we are ready to, to fine tune to adapt, to clarify when disease, you know, the, to mid showed it. on the one head we, we target, or russia, intuition authorities, or don't do the editor. we took care of our economy and economy of our partners, the financial times, his son thanks them coming from financial times. i'm do you sense momentum at the g 7 and the you behind the idea of a cap, a ceiling on russian oil prices, or do you think an agreement could happen is and, and if i could, um, there are also obviously other a partners here for the cap to work, you would have to have a buy in from a lot of other countries, not just the g 70 you exact example india. do you think that you could get that buy in from partners as well? thinking now to tweet both of them is that the 1st element and confirmed it are we really.


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