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tv   Sports Life  Deutsche Welle  June 27, 2022 10:30am-10:46am CEST

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this d w. imagine how many portions of lunch us heard out in the world right now? climate change, if any story. this is much less the way from just one week. how much was can really get we still have time to go on going on with his subscriber all morning was like oh oh oh oh oh oh, well,
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this was vladimir putin masterpiece. the 2018 well cut hosted by russia. a covers change as well. the perception towards russia war has returned to europe. if you pull remains a major back over 15000 people in arrested for protesting the war. the world cup final stadium. in now, hosting war rallies in for a really, you know, didn't understand how serious play a is the story of how football help to tend to start to walk. how russian sports washing fools the football community through only got money and
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state and companies like gas from ah, that would i use pretty nice and pretty nice full the full institutions leads to like a really long hold. look about how commission to mrs. but let's stop here. fair to say putin has an obsession with sports fishing horse riding judo and hockey. all these images play a big role and how putin portrays himself to the world. but even more importantly, to his own people started so teaching in the future discourse. well since 2007 on 2007, now that was the year when the so to speak. well, why did it russia these yet? which marks transformation of contin, whoever he was at the don in the schools,
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he has gone crazy as a strong leader was capable of leading russia to victory difference. so no wonder who tim was interested in hosting major sporting events. the 2014 winter lympics insult. she was 1st personal mega project. after the collapse of the soviet union, russia could show that they were back in the game as a global power. and it was 2 sins crown jewels using approval rate before getting increased. deborah, just 54. by the end of the year, trying to stay in the low runs, 80 percent only days out to the olympic flame was put out. guten sent his troops to ukraine for the 1st time to annex crimea. russian president vladimir putin casts his shadow across the boundary of europe and russia to night, his troops are holding firm in a corner of ukraine known as crimea. russian dealership is much more interested in
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denying booty on his leadership. on the actually the 60 once a, during the so chilling based on what else killed the 2018 feet, 5 o'clock later agenda, monday will be organized in after such booty landed the greatest show on earth. the football will come together, lead us to make sure that football promotes fair play dough clearance. polena is not interested in football, but he's very interested in and as a consequence, you know, football is played a really significant role over his now what 22 years. it was actually been a very important instrument of the politics of the regime when russia was awarded the well cup in 2010,
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that blancho was still in charge. a fee for that puts in quickly formed a strong bond with latin successive jenny, infant tina ah, the feet of president of all people became hooton's, close ally in 2019 infant. you know, even received the russian order friendship, a gift for a loyal friend. there was several issues surrounding the world cup in russia, from reports of bribery and the bidding process to corruption and the abuse of migrant workers from north korea. but fever and infant ino looked away because they shared a common goal with putin to make the world cup a success with. and that's what they did when the 1st whistle blew. it was one big party all over russia. everyone was excited about football. amazed by the hospitality in those country. so people might label what happened in 2018 is sneaky lation. some people would also want to call
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it soft our i funds going to, to russian thinking, you know, history and i see i like this country. and what's, what's the problem with russia? i see no issues. and that is the essence of so, ah, but the well a cup to scratch the surface pollutants influence went beyond people. he infiltrated other parts of football to might you mean by the 32 lines i should, you know, the ownership of food clubs and the running oh um the shuttle association is completely dormant id account irish to check all of the big football clubs in russia. all here are either owned or controlled by a major stage to shes or upstate companies, all of which are bound to the racy take gas prom, for example, a private natural gas company. but the majority is owned by the russian government . guys prom tucker was in at saint petersburg in 2005 and made the club
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a major force in brush and football with gas bronze backings. and it won that 1st everly title in the, and pinion these they could now make big money transfers and low international stars from the top leagues to russia. guys from also had long sponsorship deals with red star belgrade for sabby. and since 2006 was shaka, one of the most popular clubs in germany with a working class mining background, the russian government and gasoline particularly used. i think they used h in one sense to build legitimacy to build credibility. it was a form of energy politics or energy diplomacy, ready to coin football as a means through which to, to cover all to distract from what you're really doing,
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which is obviously try create gas dependency. germany upon russian sol says by sponsoring shall cup polluted and gas from were able to whitewash their image. while popular figures like former german chancellor got screwed, a lobby for the company to opening the door for huge profits from oil and gas. germany has traditionally being gas prices, largest customer, using gas for electricity and heating in january 2022 alone. germany paid russia 2600000000 euros for oil and gas. and not only germany, the whole of europe has become dependent on natural gas imports over the years. 40 percent coming from russia in 2021. all this help, indirectly finance the russian army. and putins war after the russian invasion of ukraine shock ended the sponsorship deal, an intense public pressure. but gas prom didn't only target clubs. they also went for the big one. the you way for champions lead the most prestigious club
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competition and football orchestrated by gas pro green light of the football gaz official partner of the wafer champions league. it's reports that god promised paid you if at least 40000000 euros every seasons in 2012. the deal included multiple partnerships with the governing body. it took a war to question and then terminate them. but the damage had already been done. gas from became the brand in european football. most people have a question, not it was just kasparov was army champions league night. there was a crimea and various other episodes that was also the ongoing conflict in east of ukraine. yet you still signed that day rather than asking questions and you took the money and i think the teaching and the grant lane on of this new you e 3 east to buy you way to the heart of european circle and for that matter,
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woo shapell. that's will the dates when it comes to money, influence and power? no one beats the oligarchs in russia. the rich businessman not only fond russian football, they also heavily invest in the european gay some of them have close ties to vladimir putin. there was one who changed the modern game for ever by buying chelsea in 2003. it normally says, you know, i think that was very much a part of a brand, which is strategy. he's obviously made his money in nefarious wayne's previous decade. and he appears like, like a normal football fan, and he did, you see jack in his little smaller, not just the of the war brown with himself to do. but i think also enables russia and whoever he represents within russia to do is just to be legitimize politics is and always will be part of football. the question is,
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what kind of politics do we want? we're actually talking nations. i mean, cats are saudi arabia in the u, i. e. 's address. these are not mere oligarchs or independent business people. these, these are purchases and policies that are absolutely central to a nation, states foreign policy. you know, if you look at hungary, for example, we'll talk key west the state of the corporations and state and life business people have come to dominate the ownership for who clubs of companies don't like the running of the football association where stadium building programs using site money has been a while funnelling money to play oligarchs with find groups often shapes in tracy by the regime and mobilized in support for example, and hungry on sort of anti malagra, as at
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a 5 day to protest. so i would say the sort of techniques that the preaching regime was used to control in years i've definitely been replicated. ah, the beautiful game is at a crossroads. russia's war forced football into action. but what would the future look like? will football continue to look away or will it finally listen to his conscience a college? i'm sure he will not be a paid restore. done. europeans will say that because it's now asking very, very difficult question could envisaging a programmer who would massively restrict the power of government and political agencies to a a
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lot of issue when i arrived here, i slept with a single people in a room, 9th and it was hard, i was fair. i even got white hair. is that with fleming? but just my language hit. yeah, a lot. this kids to me and great they'll bunch to nikki, to interact with you want to know their story, migrants verified and reliable information for migrant. people in trucks injured when trying to flee the city center. more and more refugees are being turned away at the border. families, planes all the time to syria for these critical illness with
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demonstrate people seeing extreme around getting 200 people around the world. more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge. yes. why? because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. d. w, made for mines. ah, ah, hong kong was once proud of its free media, but the central government in beijing has dismantled most pro democracy media, leaving hundreds of journalists without work among them. chris and jackie. i'm
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seizing my time to report with our journalist still hanging on and persevering. hightower hong kong was once a colony of the british empire in 1997. it was handed back over to china against the promise that hong kong would retain its rights and freedoms for 50 years. but only halfway through paging grip is tightening. where does that leave pro democracy journalists? and can they find ways out? who why, why, why it has jackie is looking to interview pastors by for report for the anniversary of the piano and square incident in 1989 when china's communist rulers violently crushed, protest, hollow law, homo. hello. can i ask you? few questions. i tell you, i'll show you some news pictures then you tell me whether you recognize them. i.


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