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aging of the biblical story. and this time it's more up to date than ever. obama go village and it's passion. letters starts july, 3rd on d, w. ah ah, this is d w. news coming to live from berlin. a show of unity by the world's richest democracy's g 7 leaders look to increase pressure on russia over its war and ukraine. they're expected to hear an appeal for more help from the ukranian president as he joined their annual summit via video link. also coming up after
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russian missiles rock kia for the 1st time and weeks ukraine's president has a warning for moscow's pilots. those responsible will be found. and the mysterious tragedy in the south african township authorities are investigating after $21.00, teenagers are found dead in a tavern where they were celebrating the end of school exams. no calls was yet been found. ah hello, i'm terry martin. good to have you with us. ukrainian president, below them years lensky has joined the g 7 summit in southern germany by a video link. the leaders of the world's richest democracies were expected to offer their long term commitment to supporting ukraine. as concern grows over divisions in the west approach to the war. on the 1st of a 3 day summit, leaders did agree to invest hundreds of billions of dollars and global
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infrastructure. they are meeting in the tranquil surroundings of the bavarian alps . the top of the agenda is, of course, the war in ukraine and the world wide fallout we've just tried to overcome the global pandemic, and it shook the global economy. and then, as the global economy was just recovering, wash as vicious attack on ukraine happened. driving prices up everywhere from food to energy and casting deep uncertainty, especially in the most fragile countries. as host german chancellor, olaf sholtes says the world is facing economic difficulties just as big as the problems of the 19 seventy's. when the g 7 was starting out, thinking of oxygen falling growth rates, rising inflation, draw material shortages and supply chain disruptions for these are no more
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challenges and we must share responsibility. u. s. president joe biden announced a $600000000000.00 g 7 initiative to boost infrastructure in developing countries with the aim of countering china's growing global influence. but developing countries often like the central infrastructure tell, navigate global sharks like a pandemic. so they feel they impact more acutely and they have a harder time recovering in our deeply connected world. that's not just humanitarian concern. it's an economic and a security concern for all of us. tight security has so far prevented any unrest at the summit, but protest as have gathered on the fringes, mainly climate change campaign as and activists opposing germany's plans for a big rise of defense spending. the leaders are considering more measures to punish
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russia for the war and ukraine. the u. s. canada, japan and britain of all announced to ban on imports of russian gold. the overall message is one of unity in the face of aggression. d w correspondent, alexander phenomena is at the summit, i asked her at the g. 7 leaders are united in their approach to the war. and ukraine holy has been a remarkable united. so since the beginning of the world of the war, we have to say, and that is something they say they're determined to continue. they have already pledged billions of euros to help ukraine. a can't. the country needs about $5000000000.00 every months to save of full blown economic collapse. and we can expect them to speak about to father helps for ukraine, long term help. and today will also speak about sanctions, d, u, as together with the u. k. japan and canada,
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canada has already pledged to ben russian. gold imports are very important assets for the russian central bank and the 2nd largest russian export after energy. and the european union, however, only said that they are considering such a band. so it will be interesting to see whether we will see all the leaders united in announcing as such as step driven chance. we're all of shawls. who's hosting this summit. he said he wants to discuss a marshall plan for ukraine. could we see that coming out of this g 7 of extent? well, i think that this is forever, something that they will discussed, but this is a decision at that will be taken in the future. would say. now it's important for them i think, to show that there are united with, with regards to their approach to short term hold. and of course there will be also
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speaking about military held for ukraine and sir about sanctions. as i mentioned, however, we have to stress that for ukraine, for president zalinski, he will be addressing the leaders this morning. it is not enough. he is calling for a ban on all energy deliveries from russia for a ban on russian gas. so vladimir putin will not have enough revenues to finance his war on ukraine. however, such a ban is at the moment rather unrealistic, because as you know, the european union, and here in particular, germany is so dependent on russian gas. and it's not quick enough to replace russian gas deliveries with gas or other energy deliveries from other
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countries. alexander, thank you very much. that was our correspond alexander fun. nomine. well, ukraine's president below the muse lensky has warned that russian pilots, her, he has warrant russian pilots, that he will find those responsible for multiple explosions at rock. the capital key of over the weekend authorities there say more than a dozen crew, russian cruise missiles hit, the city strikes damage residential buildings and a nearby school on sunday, killing one and wounding several others. as the cleanup continues in the capital, ukraine's military says it's pushing back against russian forces around the strategically important eastern city of lucy chunks. c w is nick conley is in kia. he told us how people reacted to sunday's rocket attack on the capital. think definitely a shock. this was the 1st attack for weeks and the 1st for much longer than that, that really hit a residential area. so close the downtown about to clamped is where i am standing
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now. i heard the last of the blasts, and definitely you had messages on your phone for people around city. everyone who kind of tried to commit themselves that they could live some kind of normal life, couple of 100 kilometers behind the front lines. now brought back to the reality of war very quickly. and also this of the showed at how on precise the weapons of the missile systems, all that russia is using. there is a factory where in the past the some weapons did she were produced. i think no one really believes that there was anything going on there right now, given the logistic situation. ukraine, given the vulnerability that everyone knows they have here. but this hits residential air is kindergarten. quite some meters away from that factory. so no sense there that russia really even fit claims to wants to hit military targets is able to do so without significant collateral damage to it will re people sleeping their beds at 6 in the morning on a sunday morning looking further. east naked seems our russian forces have now taken the key city of sierra jeanette's is ukraine losing the battle for the
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dumbass? i think the bigger picture is, know you can is holding on. it is causing huge losses to the russians of fortunes. really fight street for street for every city. if you think about it, 7, the next is the 1st big wind. the russians have to show for all their efforts and basically month the previous one being mario pollen. the question is, all those hollow victories of those cities really worth the expended lives, resources, and basically political capital as well in russia has focused all its efforts on a very small part of frontline and is making progress. but given the huge difference in terms of rushes resources in terms of rushes or military capacities and boots on the ground, it's pretty modest stuff. the strategy here in ukraine seems to be to but try and get the russians to tire as quickly as possible to basically play for time in the hope that those western weapons that have been promised. and that have been slow and coming. finally, turn up in the quantities needed to really make a difference and until then to basically try and reduce ukrainian losses and keep the russians waiting to get basically give you crane that chance to regroup.
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whether that'll work is, is a different question, but it's definitely not the kind of huge success and the kind of walk through that at lots people expected. once the russians moved away from kevin, sit concentrated on what essentially a couple of 100 kilometers are in this huge country. nick, thanks so much is always our correspondent nick connelly there in the ukrainian capital. keith, stay look at a couple of other stories making headlines around the world today. turkish police have released around $400.00 people detained during an outlawed pride. march in central is stumble. to he's largest city has banned the l. g b t q. march since 2015 but large crowds. none of us gather every year to mark the end of pride, week, look, residence, bank pots and pans in support of the martians. rescuers has saved more than $160.00 passengers and crew from a philippine ferry that caught fire authority say at least one person died,
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and another is missing. the fire broke out. as the fairy traveled in waters off the central island of bo, whole. nearby boats helped in the rescue operation in ecuador, blah, makers, or to bathing the fate of president key m a law. so amid nationwide protests over his handling of a political crisis, driven by high food and fuel costs, lasso has announced a cut in gasoline prices, but it's short of the reduction demanded by powerful indigenous leaders. they undeterred and keep coming back for weeks, some 10000 people get the he and the capital key to every day to protest let by indigenous groups respond by rising fuel prices and leaving costs. but you know, we've come with their heads held high with their hands up. i don't think we come to demand and to claim our right. because our economy is in deep crisis. that's what we've come. early in the week, the demonstrations turn violent,
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at least 6 people died and schools were injured with a 2nd, but allow president gam lasso has accused your position of plotting it to in an apparent sign of easing tensions, a state of emergency was lifted on sunday and government officials and indigenous leaders held their 1st talks. i could not get enough of the protest organized by the powerful confederation of indigenous nationalities, credited with bringing down 3 previous precedence. they say the protests on not only about them, but then after a year of trying, we now denounced the government for their unwillingness to engage in a meaningful dialogue. our demands are not based on ethnic lines, but come from the white population, from low income neighborhoods. the women, the workers and the pharmacy, you know,
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kudos economy was just starting to recover from the corona virus pandemic. but weeks nationwide, protest will now make that recovery even harder. south african authorities are investigating after $21.00 young people were found dead at a tavern. the teenagers were celebrating the end of school exams at the venue in the southern coastal town of east london. the. busy cause of the death is not yet clear. inside this unassuming venue, a tragedy of to locals raised the alarm in the early hours of sunday. police arrive to discover multiple dead bodies. among the dead teenagers, as young as 13. the bars owner who wasn't on the premises at the time, said that young people had come to mount the end of school tests. and then is my
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place closed at the right time that it's expected to close. what happened is that this function started after midnight with the arrival of more kids from other places. coming to celebrate the end of exams, living with forensic investigations or, and away. but authorities have ruled out a stampede, saying the dead want visibly injured. that's left grieving family members waiting for answers at local motor. is anthony duncan and slowly get on to the silly we have a child that was there who passed away at the scene. that's the information that we have received on it that we didn't think of if that child was going to die this way . i'm happy. this was a humble child, respectful daniel and she listened. but as we know,
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kids will always be kitchen for now and angry and grieving community is left wondering exactly what happened to leave. so many of its children dead. you're watching dw nurse up next. doc film takes us back to the late 19 sixty's when the entire population of the child goes islands was expelled by britain. of course, you get all the latest news and information any time you want on our website. that's d w dot com. i'm terry martin. thanks roth, with the green and then you feel worried about the planet me to i'm the old hosting the on the green fence post and to me it's clear we need to change joy.


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