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it's a history of slander of hatred and violence, or even 77 years after the holocaust hatred towards jews is still pervasive. a history that you semitism starts july 2nd on d w with ah, this is dw news coming to live from berlin. g 7 countries seek to put more sanctions on russian oil. the german chancellor full of shorts ends, the g 7 summit pledging to drive up the cost of war for russia. leaders also plants to fight the global food crisis and bring you the latest. also,
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russian missile strike, a busy shopping mall in ukraine, at least 18 are dead and doesn't still missing. ukraine's president calls it a brazen act of terrorism. and dozens of migrants are found dead in a truck in texas. at least 46 people perished in sweltering conditions in an abandon trailer, near a known migrant smuggling. ah hello, i'm terry martin. good to have you with us. the g 7 summit has come to a close here in germany where the pledge to explore further sanctions on russian oil member countries also agreed to spend billions to address global food shortages and help ukraine export its grain. german chancellor, all of sholtes closed the 3 day summit, sang g 7 actions would drive up the cost of war for russia. she accused of causing
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a worldwide hunger crisis. leaders pledge to reduce fossil fuel subsidies, but also allowed public funding for natural gas projects due to the effect of war on energy supply. german chance will also set the world needed to help ukraine rebuild. here's some of what he had to say. well, let's cross straight over to the summit where our chief political correspondent, melinda mckayla. kupta has been covering events that mckayla tell us, 1st of all you are you followed all the events there over there, the past 3 days? what are your main takeaways from the summit? main takeaways that really it was at the united states dominating this us present, joe biden, and having the ballpark figure of 600000000000 put on the table for an infrastructure program that all sounds a bit lengthy. it doesn't sound very acute,
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but it's very important to the united states to set something against the chinese belt and rhode policy. but of course, and the overarching issue was ukraine and that we is so left salts at basically declare that there would be a conference that we will team up with commission present fund a line of the european union to have such a conference to pledge money for the reconstruction of ukraine. having said that, he was asked specifically about the situation about relations with ross on to that he responded that that it still is no end of that will incite and going into that press conference that he held behind me when it wasn't raining to. so while ago he did say that there was a time of uncertainty nearing and those challenges need to be tackled. so it's a very gloomy message here from l mile castle in this spectacular scenery. this g 7 also cast a global spotlight on old of shoals in his 1st year as chancellor. it put
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a global spotlight on his leadership. how did he do make it while it kicked off? well, her with joe biden praising him for his leadership, but also saying that there were some concerns about what the transition from angola michael to him would be like. but that he clearly proved a very strong leadership from germany. that was thanks to him that the west was so united and then we thought divine really dominating also in a separate profit press conference. the only one he held was on that infrastructure project that the united states cares about so much. now that also illustrates how much so by needs to predict power also to his home audience, because he is under pressure in the united states. and all i've sold very much a mediator here, a both amongst the g 7 who are quite a bit apart when it comes to how to best tackle climate change. the mechanisms to you to trading is very much seen as something european, not specifically american,
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but a very successful bridge builder towards those of partners states invited here at, namely india and indonesia, which holds the g 20 presidency and also south africa and then a goal. so he was a bridge builder and recognizing that really the g 7 times are coming to a close, that the g 7 no longer is representative enough to really change the course of policy in the world. that is not something he said, but that is something that is becoming very clear here. seeing what we used to call the most powerful nations in the world, sit together and really struggling to hold things together in this era, this new era at that site. and then there's all sorts called it after russia attacked ukraine, diminished g 7 as it were now, some g 7 leaders want to stop their countries purchasing russian goals. they say
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they'll also work or towards a price cap on russian oil. all of this, of course, is to try to reduce funding for russia's war machine in its war against ukraine or any more details of the price cup on russian oil and stopping of buying russian gold. have it any more details? come out on those what we see not in the statement and there's a determination to put that into action. but the nitty gritty was not resolved around the table here, particularly when it comes to the price cap on oil there. we learned that the french wanted to see an oval price crap, not just on russian oil, but worldwide. now that you know, that is simply not implementable as many experts the same, but also they're sitting around the table that a lot of risks attached to that. so that was postponed towards another day. clearly a focus on strategic issues, also crossing own red lines and that is heavily criticized by n deos that are here. am on climate change by it really back tracking on previous
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assurances and saying public money can now go into the exploration of new sources of fossil fuels, if, because of the extraordinary circumstances it created by the ukraine will. well, this really somewhat undermines the credibility of the g 7 who's development was wholly fueled on emitting c o. 2, that, that kind of development should now happen in other poor countries who have that development ahead of themselves, a completely climate neutral. while these countries are struggling to live through a crisis without tapping into more fossil fuel, so that really is left hiding in the air. here as a leaders did re commit though, to their own climate goals. mckayla. thank you very much. archie political editor mckenna, kirk no, they're wrapping up a rather gloomy g 7. so while g 7 leaders also condemned russia for carrying out a missile strike on a busy shopping mall and central ukraine, calling the attack a war crime,
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at least 18 people were killed on monday when missiles hit the building in the city of crime and shook around a 1000 shoppers were reported to be inside mall at the time. it crane has requested a united nations security council meeting over the strike rescue services worked through the night looking for survivors still trapped in the collapse mall. dozens of severely injured victims, somewhat life threatening wounds have been taken to local hospitals and credential . they describe harrowing scenes just after the russian missiles struck you but you yeah. actually through the air and shrapnel hit my body bother the whole place was collapsing. then i landed on the floor and i don't know if i was conscious or unconscious. i didn't understand anything. i opened my eyes and i saw a big piece of rubble was in top of me, and i started to scream, help me q for my heat, your official say. the missile struck one over
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a 1000. people were inside the shopping mall. hundreds of rescued emergency service workers are still scoring the rubble searching for survivors or for purple. but according to the preliminary police report, they're still people inside the shopping center in the zone them. so you credential is an important transportation hub and home to the countries biggest oil refinery, ukraine's president below the mit zalinski described to strike as a terrorist act. designed to coincide with the most business hours and cause maximum loss of life data there. i can't remember what that will only absolute psycho terrorists who should have no place on earth. can launch misses at such an object. and it's not an incidental hit by missiles. it's a precise russian strike or exactly on the shopping center. some would say the
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robot any russia has recently stepped up, its missile strikes across you crate, shall in ohio, keep on monday, killed 5 people and we'll do 22 more, including 5 children, according to authorities. the northeastern city has suffered heavy bombardments as the very start of the russian invasion on february 24th on the eve will never such explosions. i don't even know how to describe them. windows was shaking nibble of normal. someone told me something happened to my father in law. i came closer. he was laying down still alive as it is, literally within 10 minutes he started leaving so much and that was it. despite russia's claims, it isn't targeting civilians, it's once again, ukraine's alarm population. that's paying a heavy price for the russian invasion. earlier i spoke with our corresponded manuel shaws in chia and asked her for an update on the shopping mall attack. well, terry yeah. over 20 over 20 people on no accounted for ad dare. dr. de
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steadly. i me, so try can to just give you an idea as to how just, just how terrible destroy falls. well, the bodies are so foggy, that they will only be identified to dna testing. there's 60 over 60 people who have been injured some very badly and there's thousands of people still missing with the auto re t's. now, as it was mentioned in a report, quantifying this locked as a terrorist against population. and i know you're also monitoring the reaction to this attack of it's been widely condemned, of course. so tell us to tell us more about international reaction to this. well 1st it reactions here in q was that of a very strong shock and emotion among the population. and unfortunately, they have been accustomed to a horrible report such reports of shedding of civilian spots on the international
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stage. they have also been quite a few strong reactions, not least doth of the g 7, b dos. we issued a statement condemning a brutal attack. they said they also said indiscriminate. a type of attack on innocent civilians come to constitute a will prime. and this happened. they say are, as the, are russia unfolded and unjustified war of choice since february 24th against ukraine are so important reaction from the united nations, which it said yesterday in his statement that whatever the number of casualties ends up to be the attack on the shopping mall, any attack on the shopping mall is actually deplorable as we're seeing these strikes on russian on a, on ukrainian cities by russian forces. so we've also seen a strike earlier in in cube. oh, the fight, of course, in dawn boss in the east of the country is continuing. what's happening in don bus?
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well, i'm sorry, the situation is as it was for a few months now as it continues to be very dire in the dumbass region, in the city of musicians at rush insurance to our to store mean buy it from to southern flank up to city civilians are urged by ukraine armed forces to flee east as they can. but terry, yesterday some of them were trying to get water out of time because they no longer have, you know, running water running electricity that's just goes on to show you just how dire the situation these while even severely i was trying to get water. where as shell, there have been at least 7 people who died during dust talk and another 22 injured . it just seems that it's a never ending at a horror just unfolding of their country. and there's so much to feeling that no, a new credit really is safe and i am
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a thank you very much. that was our correspond. manuel shaws there in q. well, world leaders are going straight from the g 7, gathering to another major meeting, the nato summit, which is starting today in madrid. members of the western military alliance will discuss expanding the number of troops available for rapid deployment. as nato members state gather for a critical summit in madrid, general secretary young stoughton bag met the press. and he praised how much nato had transformed itself new since the start of russia's invasion of ukraine. all this constitutes the biggest overall o collect of the fence on the tenants. since the cold war was on, about nato is shifting focus to smaller, more mobile units. as part of the nato response, force. well equipped, highly immobile troops that can be deployed at a moment's notice. so far,
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$40000.00 soldiers belong to the force nato. now, once more, to guide our own, we will transform the nato response force and increase the number of our high read this forces to well over 300000. these troops will exercise together with the home defense forces, and they will become familiar with local terrain facilities. am our new preposition stocks. the nato response force as already been placed, an alert status, meaning it's ready to move. if the call comes, unit members are under the command of their national governments. but they can be deployed by nato forces if necessary. stilton bags as nato's eastern flank is likely to be expanded. alliance members are
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to vote on the measure in madrid later this week. they'll also hold talks on a new strategic framework in force. 12 years ago, russia was considered a strategic partner we speak about today. nato is singing a different tune sweeten, but also for i expect it to roll. make clear that allies consider russia as the most significant. i'm bardic threats to our security. members also planned to draft a new support package for ukraine, who's invasion by russia has made nato more unified than it has been for a long time. say, look to some of the other stories making headlines around the world today. permanent russian opposition figure election of only has appeared at a court hearing via video link. it's the 1st time he's been seen in public since being moved to a high security facility. earlier this month, yvonne, he was arrested and sent to prison shortly after returning to russia. last year, a german court has sentenced a former nazi concentration camps guard to 5 years in prison. yoseph shoots seen
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here, and file footage was found guilty of being an accessory to murder at 101 years old . he's the oldest person to go on trial for their part in the follicles. at least 3 people are dead and dozens more injured after a train derailed in the us state of missouri. the train was carrying some $243.00 passengers and a dozen crew members derailed after hitting a dump truck at a level cross i trip. indigenous groups in ecuador have met with the government to try to put an end to the 2 week long nationwide on rest marked by high living costs . the protesters have rejected the government's newly announced fuel price cuts. they say they're insufficient and have vowed to continue. the demonstrations japanese capital tokyo has recorded its highest june temperature in nearly a 150 years that the router top 35 degrees on tuesday with the heat wave set to
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continue in the coming days. authorities urging people to try to reduce electricity use in order to avoid power cuts. now to texas and a terrible tragedy authorities have discovered the bodies of at least $46.00 people in an abandoned truck. first responders were called to the truck on the outskirts of san antonio after a cry for help was a hurt was heard. michelle say a further 16 people, including 4 children, were taken to hospital location is 250 kilometers from the us mexican border. and it's a major transit route for people smugglers normally quiet san antonio road, transformed by tragedy authorities, where allows you to the scene in a city south western outskirts, on monday evening after work in a nearby building, heard a cry for help and found the trailer with its stools, a jaw and dead bodies within officials said,
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46 people thought to be migrants from central and southern america were found dead at the scene. while 16 survivors were taken to hospitals suffering from heat related conditions. the patient that we saw were hot to the touch. they were suffering from heat, stroke, heated soft in ah, no signs of water in the vehicle. it was a refrigerated tractor trailer. but there was no of visible working ac unit on that rig were not supposed to open up a truck and see stacks of bodies. and there are none of us come to work, imagining that. so we're working through the behavioral health for our folks right now. san antonio, ma'am, was also at the scene on monday. so the flight of migrants, city refuse is always you who man, it's aaron crisis, but to night we are dealing with a horrific human tragedy. local police say they have taken 3 people into custody.
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by that it isn't clear if they were directly connected with the incident. a federal investigation into just who left these people to die in a hot trailer is underway. at least 13 people who are dead and 250 more have been injured after a tank filled with 30 tons of corrion gas ruptured. and jordan's port city of kaba, the tank fell as it was being loaded, releasing a poisonous cloud of chlorine gas to quickly spread across the harbour. how you as it has therefore, a moment of horror. look at storage tank carrying 30 tons of chlorine falls from a winch and slams into the deck of the ship below, causing an explosion of lethal yellow smoke state tv round video showing the moment the tank exploded. sending dock workers at the red sea port scrambling to escape the toxic cloud that had been in bill as it came to cool. jordan's prime minister be share, i'll cassini visited a hospital where the sick are being treated. smith,
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i heard from the director of the hospital that admissions, the number of cases are decreasing. how the local this is, thanks to god and your efforts when you receive the 1st batch of people and provided them with the necessary care. busy oh, i signed the interior minister to head a team to hold an investigation into the incident. his majesty and the crown prince are following. authorities initially described the action to the gas leak. the area was sealed off after evacuation. the injured and specialists were sent in a widely used disinfectant and water purification agent. florian can be fatal if inhaled in large concentrations. health officials urge people to stay inside and close windows and doors. the nearest residential area is 25 kilometers away. i live that occupies on the northern tip of the red sea. next is the israeli city of islas, which is just across the border when hello,
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united nations secretary general antonio guitarist has declared that the world is in the middle of an ocean emergency. speaking at the opening of the un ocean conference in portugal, he urged governments to do more to restore ocean health. quoterush said some countries have been holding up protection efforts out of egoism. the un conference is expected to adopt a long delayed declaration aimed at protecting the world's oceans. though such an agreement would be voluntary and not legally binding. un secretary general called on all countries to do their part to make a difference. o at ocean's id shook an s o s. they are struggling, heating, and se defying. corals a dying go slow echo system such as mangroves, c, grasses and wetlands are being degraded. fish, cities are being depleted and the ocean is choking in blood. the
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ways we must work together to write these wrongs. turtles are among the ocean dwelling animals under threat from human activity. normally they live long lives. now, researchers have found that the reptiles are able to halt the aging process staying physically young, even as they old as they get old. the discovery is challenging assumptions that bodies must inevitably deteriorate with age. turtles have some of the longest life spans on the planet. from infancy to death, some totals and tortoises can expect to live over 100 years old. researches in denmark wanted to find out how the animals age. so they analyze data from more than a 1000 zoos. so what we did was then used these really high
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quality data and find as many species for which we had enough data to run the kinds of analyses that will let us measure longevity, but also aging rate. they found that the animals age much slower than humans. in fact, of the 35 species of female turtles and tortoises that the research is analyzed. 75 percent of them didn't age at all. and for the $31.00 species of males, they looked at this figure rose to nearly 80 percent. so if age doesn't kill them, what does their risk of dead? he's never 0 and and and so, so whenever we find species that have negative negligible senescence, it only means that that the risk of death increases very, very slowly with age or he doesn't increase with age, but they are still, they still have diseases. they still have a number of problems that,
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that will affect them and will eventually kill them. so it doesn't mean that they will become their will, will, they will forever. so while they are alive, totals and tortoises keep producing offspring right up until the end of their lives . they also keep growing right up until they're death. whereas humans stop after hitting reproductive age. after reaching that age, the mechanisms in a human body that repair the constant stress and damage afflicted on cells and tissues gets weaker. this translates into increased mortality as the years go by. the fact that some turtles and tortoises hardly age at all indicates they have more efficient mechanisms for making these repairs than we do. and that's something scientists could learn from to help understand what makes us age. if we manage to find, to find ways to actually improve, improve our,
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our capacity to, to, to repair damage, cellular damage. tissue damages by actually starting all the species that can do it . well, that would be a huge leap in our chances of living much, much longer understanding aging bet i could help develop therapies for the diseases of old age, such as dementia. and it's all thanks to the humble total she for go a quicker reminder of the top story. we're following for you this our g 7 leaders have ended their 3 day summit in germany with further sanctions on russia. german chancellor, olive shalt said g 7 members had agreed to impose more costs on russian. oil exports are also pledging several $1000000000.00 to address a global food crisis. and at least 46 people believed to be migrants have died in sweltering conditions. in an abandoned truck, in texas,
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dozens of survivors are being treated in hospital. the truck was found in san antonio some 250 kilometers from the us mexican for watching d w. news coming to you lot from orlando coming up next week. got it. documentary film for you on atrocities committed by the asa regime in syria. of course. get all the latest news information any time you want on our website. that's d w dot com for me. terry martin and all of us here at the w. thanks for watching with ah, with
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aah! with assyria 2013 a brutal mass murder filmed by the perpetrators themselves. specialists and i'm to
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dom have been trying to uncover the circumstances of the crime for yes. who are the offenders? who are the victims? a search for that gets under your skin. close up next on d, w o m i will interest the global economy our portfolio, d w business beyond. here's a closer look at the project. our mission. to analyze the fight for market dominance. good is step ahead with the w business beyond the up to date. don't miss our highlights. the d w program online
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