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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  June 28, 2022 10:30pm-11:00pm CEST

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the finish with the millions of children all over the world can't go to school with. we asked why? because education makes the world more just make up your own mind. d. w made for minds. leaders of g 7 countries spent the past 3 days discussing how to bankrupt the russian invasion of ukraine. the latest plan, placing price caps on russian oil. moscow continues to export crude. it just will generate revenues to finance award. today, the focus shifted from markets to the military, how best to deter an aggressive russia, and push it out of eastern ukraine so far, that deterrence is looking like this. more weapons for ukraine. more us soldiers
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stationed all along nato's eastern border. the americans and the russians facing off here in europe. yet again, i've heard golf in berlin. this is the day. ah, ukraine though, phases of brutality which we haven't seen in europe since the 2nd world war. this is about an invasion of an independent sovereign country. the human cost in ukraine is tragic because even the g 7, as you know, stands closely and unwaveringly by ukraine site. we spoke the most powerful democracy is invo out. who supports our country as long as necessary until we win. russia cannot and must not, with also coming up
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a gruesome find in texas near the border with mexico and abandoned truck left in the scorching summer heat inside migrates from central america. at least 50 of them have died. so the plight of migrants, city refuse is always a humana area crisis, but tonight we are dealing with a horrific human tragedy. so i would urge you. busy to think compassionately and pray for have ceased to our viewers watching on p b. s. in the united states into all of you around the world. welcome. we begin the day entering the 5th month of the russian invasion of ukraine. and what seems most certain to night, there will be many more months until an end to the war becomes plausible. and possible. the planning and the decisions made this week by western countries could all have long time horizons. g 7 countries have agreed to place price caps on
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russian oil sold abroad, and the plan is untested. but if it works, it could deal the final blow to vladimir putin's ability to finance the war in ukraine. the changes at native could also be in terms of years, not months. nato announcing plans to increase its rapid response forces from 40002300000. and that will include a sizable increase in the number of us soldiers stationed along natives, eastern flank, where the alliance in russia meet head on. will discuss the pros and cons the risks and promises of all of this and just a moment. but 1st, this report that begins at the end of the g 7 summit in bavaria, unity among close allies. that is the symbolic message. the g 7 ain't to send to the world despite a litany of problems facing the planet. yet the spirit, the final session on tuesday seemed relaxed. on monday,
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ukraine's president joined by video link russia's war dominated the talks. the world 7 largest economies of the e. u. determined to support ukraine for as long as it takes that the summit also looked forward to the time after the war, especially says that we want the most important thing is that we want to get together from the perspective of the g 7 and also with others including the european union to discuss the question of reconstruction, protean, we need a martial plan for ukraine and it needs to be well planned and developed. that is what we've set out to defendants. fulton across the globe. countries are feeling the knock on effects of the war. so it was good that leaders from the global south joined the summit. nations like india, indonesia and senegal, among their concerns the fight against hunger. to address that, the g 7 and the you have established a global alliance for food security, pledging over 4000000000 euros this year to help those facing the worst shortages.
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another major focus of this summit, the battle to protect the climate. schultz put forward a plan for a climate club, open to all nations willing to commit to the goal of limiting temperature rises to 1.5 degrees and becoming emissions neutral by mid century. this, that visits ally, we all agree what the future holds, which is not gas. this is particularly true for germany. we want our economy to be c o t neutral in 2045. and that has consequences for the question of the use of fossil resources. whether it's cold, oil, or gas gases, the fact that climate activists, some of whom protested near the summit, venue. se extending use of fossil fuels, even for a short time, is the wrong response to energy shortages. we are angry that leaders at the ent, a commit to long term targets, but not commit to the immediate measures needed at to give
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a clear frame to the industry to face old fossil fuels. and to enter into renewable energy in a much more rapid way. close arguments will continue, but for now shalt said the g 7 has demonstrated what democratic alliances can achieve from the bavarian mountains, the world's richest countries standing in solidarity against a backdrop of uncertainty. and my 1st gifts tonight is mister roderick. he's a better he is a member of the german parliament for the opposition, conservative christian democrats. he is also a member of the german parliament's foreign affairs committee and he's also a former member of the german armed forces, general staff, mister keys, veterans, good to see you. again, i want to pull up a tweet that you post it. i'm ahead of the g 7 summit. you tweeted this, my expectations of g, southern nato, and the e. u at the upcoming summit meetings finally understand the urgency of massive arms deliveries to ukraine. who were you writing to their the german government?
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good evening, mr. goff. yes, and also the german public because we need really to convince our people that this will be a long war of attrition. and that that what is needed was not decided on the summit to deliver more heavy weapons. and mr. gov, the challenge is that they all said we support your crane and we stand with you and you define the end of the war. and the poor prime minister put to a president said he needs an end by the end of the war by the end of this year. but nobody is providing the necessary weapons like leper tanks. like i'm a protected we because like heavy, massive artillery germany delivers free amaris rocket launchers, 7 punts, i hope it's a 2000. so we are under ambitious. and how should we change the game?
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not at all. so there will be a war of attrition and presidency. lensky might be kicked out of office. you to his own enemies in his country because he comes not to grips to receive more weapons. i am quite concert. just give it or are you saying that g 7 countries, nato countries, they're, they're, they're failing in what they basically need to do, and that is to double down on deliveries of weapons to ukraine. and at the same time, if they do that, then ukraine can start talking realistically about ending this war with russia. it's not a question of to have a conference with russia. that's not the question, because russia is not willing. they sent a messiah against 1000 civilians. when the saw summit was yesterday evening, so that the aim is that they regained serenity about the country and the borders of
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january this year. and therefore, they need to pull out russia, russian troops from ukraine. and this is only possible with a massive western support. it is helpful to sent money. it's helpful to make a wise declarations. but what is needed is not only medical care. it is needed to pre went medical care by sending heavy weapons witness give it if you are convinced that this is a matter of numbers, you are convinced that if enough weapons are sent to ukraine, the ukrainian military will be able to push back the russian military yes, i am really convinced because they are very experienced and they ask since 4 months now and we are hampering the process. on the other side negotiations, yes, they will be necessary. as soon as russia remarks that they were not successful, they only wico will go to the negotiation table if they see that they fail. but now
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they, they were winning every day, square miles by square miles. i'd like for you to take a listen to what nato secretary general un stockton beck said earlier today, take a listen, will agree a new strategic concept. the madrid said strategic concept that will be the blueprint for nato in a more dangerous and unpredictable world. we will agree a fundamental shift toward the turns of the fence with more high redness forces with more forward or defense with more preposition equipment. so mister keys, events or nato wants to increase its rapid reaction force from 40002300000. that is a huge increase. what role would germany have in there? well, this is really a very good sign, but natal will become a fortress and ukraine will become an unsecure 5. so it is not defending with these on forces ukraine. we must be aware. germany's part is at least
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a share of 10 percent and 10 percent means that we will bring in about $30000.00 from these 300000. this was a promise from the last defense minister last year. and i believe this is a fair share. also fairburn sharing, which is needed for german credibility, that means at least 10 percent 30000. so just in this and the ref new. ok, so the number of soldiers there are 30000. what about the money? is there the willingness right now in the, in the german book talking in the german government to, to write these big checks. i mean, i know we've got a 10100000000000 euros special fund for the bond is fair. but that is just the beginning, isn't it? yes, this is true. but on the other side, we will have 10000000000 each year in our budget for procurement and investment. so within the next 8 years, we will not only deliver the 100000000000 euros for the armed forces,
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but also in addition, another 80000000000 euros to 180000000000 euros within the next 8 years. that's really significant and helpful. i missed it better before we run out of time. let me ask you is, do you think there is an acceptance across mainstream politics here in germany, but also in german society for the country to take on a much greater responsibility leadership then it has done in the past 80 years. yes. i believe that at least 80 percent of the parliament and about 60 percent of the population icon winced. that we need to change our attitude that we have to develop a strategic culture and to become a security provider instead of a security receiver. i think we have learned this lesson well and we all know that the war is going on. and if you crane is failing,
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then moved over and the baltic states are the next to fall. therefore, we need to defend them. and we are ready to do this also in the family, georgia, in our society. and this is really a good step forward. yeah, it is a major paradigm shift that is for sure mister keys of it is always we appreciate your time and your insights tonight. thank you. thank you. good night. ah. when l to a tragedy in texas authorities in san antonio have found the corpses of 40 people inside a truck that had been abandoned and left in the scorching summer heat. they were all reportedly migrates from mexico, watermelon, and honduras. more than a dozen survivors, including children, were taken to a nearby hospital. the truck, we understand, was about 250 kilometers from the u. s. border with mexico on a major transit route for human traffickers. normally quiet san antonio road, transformed by tragedy. authorities were alerted to the scene in
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a city south western outskirts, on monday evening, after work and a nearby building heard a cry for help and found the trailer, with its stools ajar, and dead bodies within officials said, dozens of people thought be migrants from central and southern america without dead at the scene. while multiple survivors were taken to hospitals suffering from heat related conditions. the patients that we saw were hot to the touch. they were suffering um from heat stroke, heat exhaustion, ah, no signs of water in the vehicle. it was a refrigerated tractor trailer, but there was no visible working ac unit on that rig were not supposed to open up a truck and see stacks of bodies in there. um, none of us come to work imagining that. so we're working through the uh, behavioral health for our folks right now. san antonio ma'am,
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was also at the scene on monday. so the flight of migrants, city refuse, is always you humana, terry, in crisis for tonight we are dealing with a horrific human tragedy. local police said they have taken 3 people into custody, but it isn't clear if they were directly connected with the incident. a federal investigation and just who left these people to die in a hot trailer is under way of a more now we want to go to our very own in his fall, she is in san antonio, texas right now eunice, you are at the scene. just tell me, i mean, what are you seeing they're rented. it wouldn't be for the college. for journalists, it would be hard to imagine what just happened to your less than 24 hours ago. there's only a one little side or 2 little crisis which some groups it's held. migraine is to
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point out here. nothing else. there are no flowers. there are no candles. there are no vigilance. this kind of is shocking, but it is also kind of a rule how you as usual here, san antonio region are to migrant spying by those lines across the border in are we any closer to understanding to night? um exactly how this happened. well, the big question is why this rock was parked here. it's, you can see that behind me it's a little dirt road very close to the interstate turn. you fly, which is really a route for many smugglers. or, you know, that's where they bring her migraines, undocumented migrants, because this is a fast way to get away from the highly controlled order region. it's not clear why the truck stopped near and why the truck drivers left these 405060
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people in the, in the truck without letting them out. so they died. as we just heard of feet strokes. this is totally unclear. what we know is that 3 people got arrested, but we don't have any further information yet yet. you know, we can see the, the mud puddles there behind you. are that belies the fact that it is incredibly hot, where you are. it was a $101.00 degrees i understand yesterday in san an tonio, texas, we can only imagine how hot it was inside that tractor trailer. what do we know to night about the victims of all, you know that 46 people died in the truck and 16 were brought to local, has the highest or a local hospital or 10 died in these local hospital several children. we know that when we, through our soul, came from mexico all my life, some came from honduras and it's all, those are the same story brand. these people risk their lives to come to the united
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states to seek for a better life. and they depend on smugglers, which take me very risky routes also in these very hot summer days. and that show is how i know which pressure these people are to, to leave the country and take this high risk to find a better place to live. yeah, a we also understand that the driver of the troy have still not been apprehended. there were some survivors. have they been talking to authorities about what happened? yeah, they get interviewed sir. those who are able to talk because as you just thought to point it out, i mean imagine they've been probably in this call for hours and there were just exhausted. there were a d hydrated, and so they will or are getting interviewed. but we don't have any further information as for now, brent and what is this?
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tell us in general enos about the situation at the southern us border. i mean, you hinted at it earlier, i mean, this is a tragedy, but at the same time it's, it's not a, necessarily a surprise, especially to people who live along the border. no, absolutely not. and many, many people who are really warning that this is going to happen, you know, a good oral international audience and a bit of a context, your dollar john put out the so called article $42.00, which made it much harder to get processed. you get like if you cross the border illegally to get into the cross as to apply for asylum. so people get sent. thank you. by the way, this article. a i fill out that so by a president who is now in the white house, was not able to put it down. so experts say those who work was migrant. say that this is just really a matter of weeks to come,
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that we see more people dying because it is so hard really to get legally it to the united states by now are very on is for with the latest on the situation there in san antonio. texas, innes, thank you. oh, well, it's a male been 7 years. and since paris was hit by a series of terrorist attacks, claiming a $130.00 lives or but one of these suspected attackers of the better clung concert hall than other locations around paris died in the attack. after several months sala up this law will hear a verdict in the case against him as early as tomorrow. the w news met some of the survivors who are following his trial coach close for the past 10 months. kathleen baton felt she was in a parallel universe. she's a survivor of the battle, an attack and still traumatized by that night's events. now she has been attending
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the trial and sketching portraits of those, testifying, including some unsung heroes process. it's in one yell. so while listening to the civil plaintiffs, i realized how these terror attacks have impacted the lives of thousands of people, and that is amply one police officer michel arrived with his team at the battery plan. just after the attack began. they got everyone who was wounded outside till the implicit then special forces got there and told michelle and his colleagues to go directly to traffic. although they were covered in blood without it. it was only when he testified that people heard how michelle helped people that night. look with he and his colleagues had never got any acknowledgment from their bosses. avante coca whole goodness, all the found, the yoshi, the court case has been hearing how the terrorist killings pre unfolded across the french capital. only one of the 10 attackers who were in paris that night survived . selah islam. he's become
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a focal point of the trial. so much then while back in the past, i couldn't draw the terrorists if i was so unwell after the attacks that my psychologists and i decided i should just see the attackers as monsters. so i illustrated aptis lamb as a suicide belt with a beard. a roar, but as the hearings went on, i got more and more desensitized and suddenly i found myself drawing up the slums face. it's like this court cases finally made me except that humanity includes the best and the worst. it is a, i'm a new courtroom was especially built for the mammoth trial, which has been symbolically important for france, says r tilden, war himself, a batter clad survivor and head of one of the victims associations said of host through this trial, frances proven, its damage said that his legislation, even before 2015 was sound enough to judge what happened that night. the court case really has shown that terrorism is
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a dead end and doesn't produce heroes. that might seem obvious, but some youngsters are still attracted to his lamp terrorism. yet i hope this will make everybody understand that there's no future in terrorism and such attacks need to stop fisher yogato, viola, doors, and folks apartment. the end of the trial is an important step for everybody involved. not just because of the verdict, smith die, they can then the so the little who are deeply implicated in the attack, such as sola at the slam. i need to get a harsh sentence, sudafed, but the end of the court case also means i can finally be able to stop being a victim. i'll be able to turn to other things, school, or domain. that's a big step forward. it is it palo bessie. what happened that night at the back line will always stay a part of kathleen. but some of that weight on her shoulder is now finally gained
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to fall away. ah. the succor woke up is about 5 months away, and for the 1st time ever female referees will be on duty at the men's tournament. japan's yo shima yamashita will be one of the. she says that she will feel the pressure when she stepped out on to soccer's big stage, but she hopes to remain in the back room. running into the unknown. a female referee has never taken charge of a men's will cut football much before. but japan's yashimi jamita hopes to do just that in cats are in november. she is one of 3 women nominated as referees for the 1st woke up in the arab world. despite the potential landmark, she wants to go largely unnoticed and is keen to let the football flow. and also buying boston la, pulling up her as one of the big targets for referee is to bring out the beauty of
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the game. and of course, i will do my best to make that happen. yeah. that all of them are not on there. if i need to communicate with the players, i will do that a bar. yeah. to pick it up or what if i need to show a card? oh, show a card with y sealed out of the less that rather than control and thinking about what i can do to boost the appeal of soccer unit or can i will kill and look up there on your civic young population. katara has been busy this week trying to show it is enough accommodation for the world cup, including floating hotels as prices saw. but the pressure is not just on the host nation as yamashita well knows. the pressure on what it all came on. why must she started back in a 2nd? of course i think the pressure on me would be huge. i have a lot of responsibility, but i'm really happy to take on this duty and the pressure. i try to take it as a positive and something which will make me happy. male referees will still be in
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the majority and kata, but yamashita will change football history. yamashita the days i was done, the conversation continues online, your playlists on twitter, either at d. w. 's, you could probably read got tv, and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you that everybody ah ah with
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you a syria . 2013. a brutal mass murder filmed by the perpetrators themselves. specialists and amsterdam have been trying to uncover the circumstances of the crime for years. who are the offenders? who are the victims asserts that gets under your skin close up in 30 minutes on d. w. ah,
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in may of 2021. both the german and the median gov ms finally struck a deal on what to do about it in this country by the former colonial power. the question asked me to do is, is it really possible to pay for just a general size pay the reparation need to look at it in the doesn't look forward to what the future holds for all of the 77 percent 90 minutes on d. w. leonardo da vinci's mysterious masterpieces, perhaps the greatest leonardo masterpiece and the collection. the lou it is a virgin of the rocks. was there another symbolic meaning to this beautiful painting that perhaps we just don't understand today? the search for answers starts july 7th, and d, w. i making the headlines and what's behind them. dw news africa. they show
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the issues in the continent. life is slowly getting back to normal. yeah. on the streets to give you enough reports on the inside. our cars funds is on the ground reporting from across the continent and all the french stuff. the mazda u. t. w is africa every friday on d. w. a frank food hot international gateway to the best connection, south road and radio, located in the out of europe. you are connected to the whole world experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and try our services. be our guest at frankfurt airport city, managed by frappe waterloo.
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ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin tonight, a nodded tomato, turkey lives, its opposition to finland and sweden joining the ally turkeys president here to want saying both of the door to count is have his support. his reversal removes what was considered to be the only hindrance to nato expansion. also coming up tonight, many of those leaders also wrapping up the g 7 summit here in germany. your machines are off sholtes to date fledging that the g.


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