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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 29, 2022 5:00am-5:16am CEST

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in south standing shopping and dining office, enjoying our services. be our guest at frankfurt airport city managed by fraud. mm hm. ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin. a breakthrough for nato turkey gives it support to finland and sweden joining the alliance. turkeys president ada one gets concessions from the nordic countries and paid the way for another nato expansion, also coming up allegations of war crimes and ukraine after
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a russian cruise missile hit the shopping ball. president lensky calls on the un security council to expel russia. and mexico's president says, poverty and desperation lead to the death of at least 50 migrants on the major trafficking group. police are still investigating the incident, which is one of the deadliest and recent history. ah, i'm ami a nice if welcome to the program. we begin with a green light for nato expansion. after weeks of debate, turkey has given the go ahead to finland and sweden in their bid to join the military alliance. the reversal came after the 2 nordic countries agreed to support turkey in its crack down on kurdish militants. on day one of what has been described is one of nato's most important summits in years. a major breakthrough in
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turkey dramatically dropped its opposition to finland and sweden becoming members of the military alliance. turkish president, wretched tie of aragon had blocked the nordic countries. membership bids because of what anchor perceived. a support for kurdish militant groups. it designates as terrorists, but a meeting between nato secretary general yes. stockton berg and leaders of the 3 countries at the start of the summit in madrid. quickly bore fruit in they thought we have always shown that what ever our differences we can always sit down, find common ground under sold, and the issues naples open door policy has been an historic success. welcoming finan. i'm sweden into the lions, will make them safer. naples, stronger under you'd, atlantic area more secure. the country signed a joint memorandum on their common security. after the meeting,
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finland's and sweden's nato membership now appears to be a formality. it's a big boost at the start of the gathering, which nato will use to set out its strategic agenda for the next decade. shortly after arriving in spain, u. s. president joe biden emphasize the importance of the meeting to the host countries leader who's to president. you're hosting a truly historic summit. and the key moment in our alliance, when russia's unprovoked invasion of ukraine was shattered, piece in europe, and shattered every norm since war, war two's been in place. ukraine. another significant moment on day one, huge talton berg announced that the organisation plans to cut it, civilian and military greenhouse gas emissions, by at least 45 percent by 2030. and be carbon neutral by 2053, 0 by 2050. but it's the resolution of the rail on sweden and finland, which is a show of nato's unity. and it's growing strength at
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a moment when it badly needs both leaders of the g 7 countries have promised to support ukraine for quote, as long as it takes that was at a 3 day summit, dominated by russia's invasion. the final communicate that they will provide financial and military help to ensure russia is defeated. there were, however, disagreements on how to limit energy reliance on russia and stop european money flowing to the kremlin. leaders also agreed on the need for a martial plan to rebuild ukraine. following the war chancellor, olaf shoulds says, germany is working with the european commission to organize a conference in support of ukraine. just assume the most important thing is that we want to get together from the perspective of the g 7 and also with others, including the european union. to discuss the question of reconstruction. we need a martial plan for ukraine and it needs to be well planned and developed. that is what we've set out to do. ukrainian president followed him as
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a lensky has released a video claiming to show the moment a missiles struck a shopping mall and credential killing at least 18 people. zelinski said the video is evidence that russia deliberately targeted civilians at the mall. russia claims that fired precision guided missiles at a weapons depot, which then detonated and later set fire to the shopping center. the video cannot be independently verified. our correspondent nick connelly is in the city of convention, where he visited the side of the attack. the 4 hours since this attack on cramming shook, and as you can see, the rescue efforts are still carrying on here late into the night looking for some of the estimate 35 people still accounted for. the hope of finding the live is a plea waiting for, for you is not normally a place where a lot happens. this is a city that is hundreds of elements away from the front lines. this attack came is a real shock to people here. we thought to somehow the, with the fighting that affected most of this country would now be over,
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that they would be in safety behind the front lines. in a virtual address to the un security council, zalinski urged its members to take a much tougher approach toward russia. and it is imperative to make it impossible for russia to stay in your security council until its terrorism continues. it is imperative to establish the tribunal for investigating everything that the russian military dom gets to gradients. and it is imperative to give the legal definition of the notion state terrorism at the u. n. level. old russian next should last receive legal assessment and global sanctions for the fact that russia is destructing international legal order. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. bulgaria has ordered 70 russian diplomats to leave the country by the end of the week on
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suspicion of espionage them. bulgarian prime minister said the diplomats worked quote directly for foreign agencies travel. it's the largest single expulsion of russian diplomats from the balkan country in recent years. frances parliament has elected a new speaker, yell brown tv is a member of president mack holes party and the 1st woman to hold the post. vote came during the national assembly's 1st session since my colon lost his majority in parliamentary elections, british socialized gillan maxwell has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for helping sex offender jeffrey epstein. abuse teenage girls. maxwell was convicted on 5 charges, including recruiting, grooming, and trafficking under age girls. the lawyer said she will appeal to sentence by a fire at a prison. columbia has killed over 50 inmates. 30 say it broke out during a riot. they have now opened an investigation into the incident prison in the city
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of to lua as more than 1200 inmates. former aide to the white house chief of staff, has testified that ex president donald trump knew his supporters were armed when he encouraged them to march on the capital. on january 6th of last year, cassidy hutchinson made the commons at the latest hearing, investigating the attack on the u. s. capital, and in raise her right there. having previously sought for fall close dog depositions or with former white house aide was about to throw political grenade into the select committee, investigating donald trump's role in the storming of the u. s. capital may be seated. cassidy hutchinson told the hearing. white house officials had been warned about potential violence under donald trump was aware riots as were armed. when they arrived in washington,
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d. c. is hutchinson. is it your understanding that mister or nato told the president about weapons at the rally on the morning of january 6, as a miss or not relate to me? what followed was an excoriating account of an enraged president on the day of the capital siege. the president says, in the fact of, i'm yanking president, kicking up to the capital. now the president reached up towards the front of the vehicle to grab at the steering wheel. mister angled grabbed his arm, said sir, and take your hand off the steering wheel. we're going back to the west way. we're not going to the capital. mister trenton used his free hand to lunch towards bobby angle and listen when mister or not. i had recounted a story to me in motion towards his clavicles. he's probably the remote, he rings to follow in the coming weeks. but this is
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a close if the investigation has come to the inner workings of the white house on january 6. but day american democracy came close to collapse. now to a tragedy in san antonio, texas to mexican nationals have been charged in connection with the deaths of $51.00 people who were found dead and abandoned tractor trailer. the victims included migrants from mexico, guatemala, and honduras. more than doesn't survivors, including children were taken to a nearby hospital. the truck was found on a major human trafficking route from the u. s. border with mexico to water bottles. part of a spontaneous memorial honoring the migrants who were found dead in a trailer. on this remote street, just out of san antonio, 50 people died of heat stroke and dehydration making this one of the deadliest
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border incidence in recent history. but it's not the 1st tragedy here, just 240 kilometers from mexico. i feel fair, you know, because those people come to you with fe to look for their dreams, you know, and some people find them and some people not. but they, they don't find that review of, they find him inside that plato have dead, you know, they come over here tonight, is there to make a better living and they pay a lot of money. get here. and then people, you know, abuse them. texas governor abbot put the blame squarely on the president, saying the tragedy was the result of biden's open board of policies. technically, the border is still closed, for most migrants, part of cobit restrictions that are still in place. president biden finds himself in a difficult situation when it comes to migration policies. and this is dangerous for
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him because his challenges will make migration a central topic in the midterm election this november and also in the presidential elections in 2024 african fashion is getting top billing at london's victoria and albert museum for the 1st time in the institutions, 150 year history. a new exhibition opening this weekend tells a story of the continents clothing and its profound influence on global fashion shining a spotlight on the best of its contemporary designers. african fashion is claiming its place on the world stage. after years of being viewed only through the post colonial lens, the exhibition showcases the vibrant depth of african design from the beginnings of the continents liberation in the 1950s to the present day. on display are more than
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250 objects, including the works of 45 designers from over 20 countries. as part of a wider pushed by the victoria and albert to acknowledge colonial histories within the museum. it's a timely show. it was really important that she vital to half the sex mission right now, because we see is the african creates as the shifting the landscape of global fashions . that's how important that impacts is right now. so they demand to be seen, they demand to be heard. and we see the impacts spitting out to cross global fastens. preparations for the show took more than 2 years, and included a public call out for rare designs, family, portraits, and pieces of clothing connected to personal stories. designers themselves were also involved in deciding how their pieces would be displayed. we really see fashion as a capitalist switch to tell d, her rich expanded stories about the myriad histories and coaches across the
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continent. and so we hope that offices will come away feeling inspired, and perhaps some assumptions might be challenged as well. creativity, ingenuity, and a multiplicity of traditions. from morocco to nigeria, ghana, to south africa, africa fashions, celebrates a continental fashion scene with unstoppable global impact. to sports now where a tennis legend, serena williams has been knocked out in the 1st round of the wimbledon championship . the american had been out injured for a whole year and was making her singles come back at the grant. a grass grand slam . she lost in a final set tiebreaker to frances harmony, 10 after a dramatic match. the 40 year old williams was targeting a record equaling 24th grand slam singles title. and staying with wimbledon, there are already big problems with the corona virus just 2 days into the tennis
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championships. top mens contender material bare a teeny was, has to withdraw after testing positive italian one to warm up tournaments before wimbledon and was runner up the grad, grass grand slam last year. fellow men's singles player marin chillin has also tested positive and pulled out. there are no extra corona virus restrictions at the tournament this year, so close contacts do not need to warranty. rob, what is of next with your business news? don't forget our website that has all the latest news around the clock at t w dot com. i'm on the need to thanks for joining who's good morning and how can this passionate hatred of a people be blamed? he'll go upon a history of anti semitism is a history of.


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