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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  June 29, 2022 5:15am-5:31am CEST

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and it's championships top mens contender material bare a teeny, was asked to withdraw after testing positive italian one to warm up tournaments before wimbledon and was runner up at the grey grass grand slam last year. fellow men's singles player marin chillin has also tested positive and pulled out. there are no extra corona virus restrictions at the tournament this year. so close contacts do not need to quarantine. rob watts is up next with your business news. don't forget our website that has all the latest news around the clock at d. w dot com. i'm on the any, so thanks for joining come mike, how can miss passionate hatred of the people be explained? your goal tom, go. a history of anti semitism is a history of stigmatization and exclusion of religious and political power
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struggles in the christian christianity wants to come for that is why christianity use the figure of the gym. as in peter, it's a history of slender of hatred and violence. a 3rd of our people were exterminated $6000000.00 jews, like microbes to be annihilated even 77 years after the holocaust hatred towards jews is still pervasive. the history of anti semitism starts july, 2nd on d. w ah, ah, the g 7 vows to end its dependence on china after meeting in germany, world leaders condemn beijing's trade practices. are they right to accuse china a distorting markets? may, while the you discuss is when will be the end of the road for combustion engine cars
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. it's an issue that splitting european governments and as companies decide whether to pass on rising cost to their customers, or how some firms are choosing to shrink their product. instead, this is d to be a business on robots in berlin. welcome to the program. the g 7 summit in germany has ended with condemnation or china's trade practices. a strongly worded joint statement from the leaders of the 7 major economies. accusers paging of deliberately distorting markets g 7 members also place to reduce their strategic dependencies on china as they put it. western nations are becoming increasingly wary of being over reliant on chinese trade in light of the countries failure to condemn russia's actions in ukraine. let's discuss this further with financial correspondent in new york. teddy australia. teddy vs has
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long been critical of china's trade practices. but what exactly is it that the g 7 is objecting to? yeah, the g 7 has certainly made clear that confronting china is a big part of its mandate. and we're seeing similar frustrations as in recent years . one of them is reneging on commitments to the w t. o. but primarily the overall in dependence of these group of 7 nations on the country after all, china is a lead ex border and dumps cheap product all around the world. in here in the united states biden has made confronting china a cornerstone of its trade policy of its foreign policy. and there have revealed, there has been some tensions revealed. of course, there are reports that the binding ministration is going to lift tariffs on chinese goods that were 1st imposed by the trump administration in its trade war with the
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nation. but some would say that this would not help the u. s. goal of increasing domestic production as well as increasing competitiveness with the nation. biden has also resurfaced that proposal from last year, which was called the build back better world initiative. it has a new name that has similar goals, and that is for the g 7 nations to commit $600000000000.00 in infrastructural investments around the world. and this is to contest chinese. the chinese is belt and rhode initiative. so what we're looking at are similar frustrations, but also perhaps a similar standstill on what to do about it. we're going to hear a bit more about that infrastructure spending actually on the program shortly. but i want to talk more about the united states and, and his relationship with china. because today we've actually had yet more firms put on the u. s. black, less to trade blacklist over 30 of them, including chinese companies. so what we're sort of companies are being targeted by
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the us. yes, it's not only chinese companies, it's companies in the u. a and vietnam, and even the united kingdom, it's companies around the world. 5 chinese companies have been blacklisted. these are tech in logistics companies, which makes sense because this blacklist is for companies that are providing so called entities of concern that is support for the russian military. it's defense, an industrial base in its war in ukraine. and this, as you said, is part of a broader strategy by the u. s. in the west to constrict the russian economy through sanctions on individuals on companies and to punish if leader vladimir couldn't. now you, the u. s. has declared that china has more or less been complying with restriction, but it seems the these 5 companies have not okay to the austro in new york for us. thank you. and i said he was mentioning the g 7 nations also say they want to
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invest almost $600000000000.00 in low income economies, especially in africa to count chinese domine. there many african countries are heavily indebted, debating for capital they needed to expand the infrastructure. they become financially dependent and repaying the immense debt is proving difficult. a farm in tanya africa's largest producer of avocados. these are ripe for export. most go to europe, but china is signaling it will buy more canyon of condos. that's what these farmers are hoping. the fall out of our taina, we did an emerging market that as a high population means that you have are a market, it is so hard to satisfy. and with that, you know, you can be able to encourage, grow as them to even continue expanding their orchards earlier this year. can you
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sang an export deal with beijing to export avocados to china? but sales have yet to take off. chinese authorities insist on strict inspection of production that costs time. the requirement differ a little bit like for you. we do not are required to go and do the orchard inspection. we only do the exit inspection, but now for the chinese we need to do a orchard. we need to do a park house and we need the fumigation facility kenya's economy needs. the chinese market. nairobi is borrowed heavily and owes beijing billions now can years trying to offset its trade deficit with china by securing export contracts for kenyan products, such as of ricardo's. but a huge trade gap remains much like it does for other african countries. moving on e u countries are struggling to agree on the fate of the traditional combustion powered car environment ministers have been meeting to discuss
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a french proposal to ban new pachel and diesel vehicles by 2035. germany's ruling coalition says it will now back that state that countries opposing the plan reportedly hardened their positions. during the course of cheese days talks, italy has issued a counter proposal. there would see new fuel burning cars, banned by 2040. it has the support of portugal and bulgaria among the remembers. i correspondent marina strauss has been following developments in brussels and gave us this update. as always, when $27.00 ear members days in this, in this case environment is just, are coming together to decide on an issue. there are very difference. few points, for example, the italian and the austrian. environmentalists are when they arrive this morning they will said we will vote yes, we want to band combustion engine by 20 of 35. at the frenchman, it's even said this is an issue of credibility for the european union than we had the polish environments environment minister. and she said, no,
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it's far too early. our population is not ready yet. our industries are not read yet. and then we have romania, bulgaria, and they won't ship his pony date. $22040.00 marina strauss and brussels for us there. now let's have a look at some of the other business stories making news around the world. siemens says it's investing more than a $100000000.00 in folks bargains electrify america vehicle charging stations. it'll become a minority investor through his financial services arm and take a seat on the schemes board seem as says electrify america is part of a much larger investment is making in electrification markets this month, u. s. consumer confidence dropped to the lowest level in more than a year, as inflation dampens american views on the economy. according to a new survey, is what prices rose at the highest facing for decades in may. u. s. fed plans to increase borrowing rates or so likely to delay big items. buying. germany could
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turn into an island of high energy prices that could endanger steel, chemical and paper companies. that's according to a new paper from policy institute, said he w, it survey $21.00 countries in places like france and switzerland price increases have been moderate to to nuclear power and less dependency on russian oil. and the shrunken government is opening up, is nationalized oil industry to oversees competition. the cash strapped country is in desperate need of crude supplies, as it battles as severe economic crisis. on monday to announce a 2 week banum, sales of pachel and diesel to protect its emergency reserves. companies around the world are debating how best to deal with rising costs. many of quickly passed them on to their customers by making them pay more, but in brazil, so could shrink flashin has become attractive of choice. where companies downsizing that products to keep prices from going up. rising fuel prices are
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a major problem in brazil, especially for cab drivers. i handed my salary keeps dropping because the cab fares stayed the same way. i know of 70 percent less income said that that was simply product some supermarket shelves have also become more expensive. other items are sold at reduced weight. these include everyday products like cocoa, rice matches and suites for weeks. now, economist leases race has been noticing more and more products that are selling at the same price, but with reduced weight any a visual meal thout instead of raising prices because of inflation lee companies are reducing the quantity or weight of the contents. in detergent, for example, instead of one chemo suddenly it's only 800 grams as good ellis. in the case of these wafers, the weight has been reduced by nearly 38 percent. what
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do brazilians think? every one we talked to is outraged. our found the reduction in small print on the packaging that's bad reading. i so he go, well either this is how industry makes profit. it's capitalism. capitalism. well, but not because it's bad for us consumers why we're buying less anyway because of inflation for gail, but i would say kind of was inc leases races calling for action to protect consumers. oh, support the stadium. all of these products should be offered on separate shelves. what are some otherwise few shoppers will notice the difference in weight if had them, which is people in lower income brackets. notice at least the researcher says but the reaction is written in small print, but we usually only pay attention to the price and divide below. but if the researcher also warns that there were other kinds of tampering with product during
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periods of inflation. unless i had to sell the timely to split the in addition to weight reduction by some companies degrade the quality of their products invasion this sucker. fair thing like coffee for example, is often stretched with plant residues identity or garvin little stones. why did the at the bad that it, that it would add that e will test quizzes in times of high inflation. it's the consumer who loses out. that's all from me in the business team here in berlin promoting had over 2 websites, tito, it'll come flash business the next on the cap ah, be to african with climate change with lighting the lives of ivory coasts, pharmacy their crops are especially vulnerable
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a possible solution i grow forest tree more and more farm as i'll warning up to it, but how sustainable is this new system? eco africa with next on d w. more it's powerful and mysterious. to stay. it's close to the vatican. supposedly has connections in politics and the world of mentors reported manipulation and the secret in 41. 0 sometimes that this is josh out at u t. the highlights for shouldn't be in boxes
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every week. not them up the resurrection of jesus christ. in obama go bavaria, the world's largest passion play is back. every 10 years, visitors come from all over the world to see the staging of the biblical story. and this time, it's more up to date than ever. obama go village and its passion for letters starts july, 3rd on d, w o, [000:00:00;00] a for months now, and millions of tons of grain have been stuck in ukraine sports because of the


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