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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 29, 2022 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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1000000 jews like microbes to be annihilated even 77 years after the holocaust hatred towards jews is still pervasive. history of anti semitism starts july, 2nd on d, w, a tooth ah. this is dw slide from berlin. historic nato summit is underway in madrid. leaders arrive ready to expand the alliance and boost its capacity. nato's chief says it's facing the biggest challenge since world war 2. also coming up,
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accusations of war crimes after a russian missiles stripes. the shopping mall in ukraine. president laudermill zalinski calls on the un to expel russia. ah, i'm glad alpha. welcome to the program. nato leaders are meeting in the spanish capital madrid at this hour for a historic summit. they're expected to expand the alliance inviting new members and boosters, rapid deployment units. nato secretary general. yes. stoughton bar called russia the biggest threat since world war 2. i expect that so when they disagree, the strategic concept, they roll a state clearly that the russia pulses, sir, a died extra tori security. and of course, that will be there for be it afflicted throughout of the strategic concept. and also the, all the decisions we take france, the su, ah,
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in this more and also to earn a upgrade and strength, nor collect of the fence on the outer turns on the fence upholstered at this summit . nato members are expected to formally invite finland and sweden to join their ranks. turkey had initially opposed their bid to join, but now agreed to support it, saying it had gotten the concessions it wanted on day one of what has been described as one of nature's most important summits in years. a major breakthrough in turkey dramatically dropped its opposition to finland and sweden becoming members of the military alliance. turkish president regis tie it at owen, had blocked the nordic countries. membership bids because of what anchor a perceived as their support the kurdish militant groups. it designates as terrorists, but a meeting between nato secretary general yen stilton berg and leaders of the 3 countries at the start of the summit in madrid, quickly bore fruit. innate thought we have always shown that whatever our
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differences, we can always sit down, find common ground under sold, and the issues naples open door policy has been an historic success. welcoming finance and sweden into the alliance will make them safer. naples, stronger under you'd, atlantic area more soccer. the countries signed a joint memorandum on their common security after the meeting, felons and sweden's nato membership now appears to be a formality. it's a big boost at the start of a gathering which nature will use to set out its strategic agenda for the next decade. shortly after arriving in spain, u. s. president joe biden emphasized the importance of the meeting to the host country's leader. and mister president, you're hosting a truly historic summit. the key moment or allies when russia's unprovoked invasion of ukraine was shattered piece in europe,
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and shattered every norm since world war 2 has been in place. ukraine. another significant moment on day one being today, dalton berg announced that the organisation plans to cut it civilian and military greenhouse gas emissions by at least 45 percent by 2030. and be carbon neutral 520502050. but the resolution of the round, sweden and finland is a show of nato's unity and it's growing strength at a moment when it badly needs both. that's bringing the w corresponding terry shoal. she's in madrid at that nature sanitary. so after weeks of turkey objecting to finn and sweden joining, how did they get to this deal now? last night at the very, very strong urging of nato secretary general. yeah. and still timber. there was a meeting between the 3 leaders when they got here to madrid. and there they were able to finally hammer out
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a trilateral memo that addressed some of turkey's concerns. while turkey says it addressed all of the concerns it needed, answered before allowing them to start the accession process and largely from finland and sweden's perspective. this is merely restating policies that already existed. they already viewed the p k. k. this kurdish organization as a terrorist entity, as does the entire european union. they have very strong counter terrorism laws. some of those have even been amended, but not related to their nieto bids. they also said that they will take into account turkish information when looking at extradition procedures. now this is something that in both of these nordic countries, is a very separate procedure from the government. so i don't expect to see them affecting their judiciary at all. but nonetheless, a 2nd president air to one was reassured, he also believes that this agreement will lead to both arms exports and imports loosening up from finland and sweden. so that's something that he had sought and
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which also still john burke had said should be the case between nato allies. so we understand that there was very likely some nudging from the united states on the edges of these negotiations, although that was not explicit. but it was enough to allow nato to go into this summit saying they have perfect unity. now, when meeting with natal chieftain scott, back this morning, a u. s. president joe biden welcomed the expansion of nato. let's listen to what he had to say. who's looking for the position you're going to get the data was ation of yours and that's exactly what he didn't warm for the secular needs to be done to guarantee security for you. i think it's i think it's necessary . i'm looking forward happen now, terry president by that is driving what he call the ne toya zation all europe. but nato is getting ready to announce its biggest strategy shift in since the end of
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the cold war. tell us about the main changes it will undergo. that's right, and this would not have been possible, had russia not launched war on ukraine, because many countries were not willing to put more resources at nato's hands. i would not have been willing to increase their defense spending and we are going to see those things happen at this summit. but the most visible changes are going to be that the number of troops that are on high readiness, that could be deployed very quickly in case of a direct threat, is going to rise from 40002300000. that is massive. and these are going to be troops provided by all nato allies, and they're also going to be stationing some ammunition and some heavy equipment in the frontline states where there are now 8 battle groups posted instead of for all of these things happening, thanks to rushes, recent actions, we're also going to see a new assistance package for ukraine announced here. and just to go back to this point, nato allies are going to be pushed to spend far more than the 2 percent of g d p.
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that has been the goal up until now, so none of these things would have been happening. had russia not taken the actions that it did from the day to summit and madrid that w's terry's shoals. thank you very much. her. the current president obama zalinski has addressed the united nations security council, demanding that russia be labeled a terrorist state. he also released the video claiming to show the moment when a mis, i'll struck a shopping mall and cremeans shook on monday, killing at least 18 people to lensky said. the video is evidence that russia deliberately targeted civilians. the video cannot be independently verified. russia claims it fired precision guided missiles at the weapons depot. as lensky herbs, the security council to expel russia from the united nations, shall then it is imperative to deprive the russian delegation off the opportunity
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to manipulate the un. it is imperative to make it impossible for russia to stay in the un security council until it stops committing terrorism. you must, it is imperative to establish a tribunal to investigate everything that the russian military has done to the ukraine. yes. and it is imperative to give the legal definition of state terrorism as you in level 3 rushes actions must be investigated and global sanctions imposed for russia's destruction of the international legal order even on europe. b . earlier i spoke to the w correspondent, calmly, his incremental book, and i asked him about the video released by the ukranian government, which it says shows the moment of the explosion was this video that was shared among others by present zalinski is of you see missile strike in the distance and that we built a believe is the mall. and in foreground,
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you see the factory that is not hit. and obviously no one has, since that video was released, been able to go there and to verify that all those kind of locations stack up were hoping to get the factory in the next few hours if we are allowed. and there was also a version of explanation that was spread by the russian authorities who say that actually the factory was hit and that the fire spread from there to the small that something the ukrainians dispute say is totally absurd. and they point to some of the damage to the more behind me and say that is impact that is not fire simply f, causing this mall to fall to pieces. so hopefully in the next few hours, we'll have a bit more clarity about the kind of serious events and how it all fits together, but for now of the, the ukrainians trying to draw as much touch this possible. and to really show the internal community. what impact this war is having on civilians? hundreds. come swiftly for lines. now it's 2 days after that attack. what's the mood like in commentary? i think a lot of people here just can't quite still believe it. they did kind of think that
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now this war had focused on those front lines that the time was when bessie, all of ukraine was under attack, that we saw in the beginning of this war in march and april, excuse me, that that was over. but this of see has brought that back into really sharp focus. and i think they, this is the question now of all the air raid alarms, which often can be on for about 34 hours a day. or people really get an hour basically go to their sellers every time they hear a siren. but it does make living an ordinary normal life going about your business going about your job very, very difficult. so people now really face the stark choice between maximum safety and potentially not be able to go about normal life and earn a living and you know, falling those safety precautions. alec, i want to talk to you about this. so the russian use agency task just announced that the russian controlled ukrainian region of care song has begun preparations for a referendum on joining russia. what do you know about i think this is the 1st and foremost threats. this hopefully is a reminiscent of what rushes in crimea host holding a referendum that doubts i'd world of see ukraine. first of all,
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does not recognize as fair or free, or it's a threats i think, to ukraine, that if it carries on, trying to advance in that part of ukraine, the southware actually ukraine is making quite different advances that russia will basically call this region part of russia and then threatened to use nuclear weapons to protect it against ukrainian volts as part of russia's core territory. i think it was a threat to the wider world with so dr. ukraine, you know, picking up and in recent weeks we've had increasing promises of deliveries, of really high tech, western weapons, rushes increasingly feeling the pain from those strikes in don't bass. so i think for now this is a threat if it happens or not, it's not emily going to happen. it's most likely can take some time. but definitely russia putting up the dramatic pressure and showing the outside world and ukraine, that it's willing to escalate across on an economy they're reporting from, from an shock in ukraine. thank you. nick in washington, a former white house aid has given dramatic testimony about donald trump's actions
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when riotous storm the u. s. capital building the aid said trump new protest as it were, carrying arms and try. he tried to seize control of a vehicle to drive to the capitol. she was speaking at ongoing hearings into the events of january 6 last year and, and raise her right there. having previously sat for for clothes, dog depositions with former white house aide was about to throw political grenade into the select committee investigating donald trump's role in the storming of the u. s. capital may be seated. cassidy hutchinson told the hearing. white house officials had been warned about potential violence and that donald trump was aware rioters were armed when they arrived in washington, d. c. is hutchinson. is it your understanding that mister or nato told the president about weapons at the rally on the morning of january 6? that's of miss renate relate to me. what followed was an excoriating account of an
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enraged president on the day of the capital siege. the president says in the effect of i'm yanking president, kicking up the capital. now the present reached up towards the front of the vehicle to crab act. the steering wheel mister angled grabbed his arm, said sir, and to take your hand off the steering wheel. we're going back to the west way. we're not going to the capital. mister trenton used his free hand to lunch towards bobby angle. and mister when mister or not, i had recounted a story to me. he motioned towards his clavicles. he's probably the remote, he rings to follow in the coming weeks. but this is a close if the investigation has come to the inner workings of the white house. on january 6, the day american democracy came close to collapse. ah,
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what cindy w. news, he has a quick look at our top story of the south. natalie does out today meeting of the spanish capital madrid expected to expand the alliance by inviting new members and boosting its rapid deployment deployments units. nato secretary general, yes, store back, hold russia. the biggest threat since world war 2 and that's it from me and the new steam phonology jerry martin, will have an update for you at the top of the office. berlin, thanks for watching leonardo da vinci's, mysterious masterpiece. this perhaps the greatest leonardo masterpiece of the collection of the louvre. it is the virgin of the rocks. was there another symbolic meaning to.


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