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are unpredictable, but you have to be prepared for all and doctors, all those declare message to all of us in the room from persons lensky. and our answer was yes, we are prepared because they are fighting for their independence. but they're also fighting for values which are important for native lament for the sovereignty, the total integrity of every nation on the on. therefore, these matters for our security and our folks now is to support ukraine. this war will out most of the wars at some stage and at the negotiating table. but it is important that ukraine is able to get an agreement on their terms, which is acceptable for ukraine. and therefore, we know that there's a very close link between what they can achieve around the negotiating table, and there's things on the battlefield. and therefore, our focus now is to support them on the battlefield with many different types of
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little unknown, little support doctors the focus. and then of course, we have double started today that natal door remains open and, and we also reiterate the decision made into christ on membership for you train spanish television. welcome to missouri and you don't have a crystal ball. but i was wondering how much longer do you want to take for phil and, and she then to join the nato, since he said, pretty arguments he deleting. thank you very much. what so far? this is her a false t, as a, as accession protocol ever excites impulse as ever. ah, because so a finance sweden applied for membership in may and now at the end of june, a leaders invite them to become members and we will assign the accession protocol on the, on the,
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on the and then we'll domains of course is it there at the vacation in 30 parliaments, i cannot speak on behalf for promise and thing on behalf of 30 different parliaments. but the message in the room is that the throughout the alliance is a strong will to work with parliament so they can do the ratification as soon as possible. so this is, this has moved fall so far. and of course, i expect that the allies, i read it also ratify as soon as possible, but the different procedures in different countries of these will take some time, some different balance global news. canda. thank you very much. a secretary general david, akin global is you are very gracious. greeting the canadian prime minister today, secretary's general before you have been very gracious, greeting canadian prime ministers, but are spending is just awful, ad decrease if you measure by gdp decrease in absolute terms, were nowhere near the 2 percent. it's not your place,
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but i wonder how might you can fence a canadian public, a canadian politician to spend more on defense and secondarily, what then might a medium or smaller military power do contribute with some of this new focused new spheres of influence in china, in asia, as well as the urge price of scary. thank you. of course i expect all as the meet the guidance we have set on. we agreed them back in 2014 for that good up to 2024. on since then, the world has just become more dangerous, and i have been a politician myself for many years, and i understand that it's always easier to invest in health in education and infrastructure instead of alex at the moment for defense, that's very easy to understand. and that, that's also reason why an $8.00 to reduce defend spending, often the end of the cold war. but if we reduce the fence bending when pensions are going to only have to be able to increase defense spending potentials are going up and women and my me live in the more dangerous world. and therefore,
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welcome the fact that the all nasal allies have increased the funds bending and adults are not all allies. so how plans in place a to be at to present but 2024. but the vast majority, it have such plans on more and more allies actually meet the, the, to present the target or very close. so of course, this is a message to all allies, including canada at the same time, also welcome the fact that tamela and all the allies are providing a lot of capabilities. contributions to natal mission celebrations, and kind of a lead the about the group elected. i've been the together with, with that with president a suit we promised to door and also the defense of the, on the, on the for minister. and those are welcome to fact that canada is not stepping up, expresses in ultra, and of course, these also counseled when it comes to contributions don't collect elephants. thank you. that's, i'm afraid, will that i have time for think to jo,
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least to meet out in the pacific pompous. thank you. thank you so much. and that was nato secretary general jens, stolen back there speaking in a news conference at the last summit, taking place in madrid. he introduced the new strategic concept for nato, the 1st overhaul of that strategic concept. for 12 years. he mentioned that ukraine can count on us. he said, count on nato for as long as it takes referring to the ukraine war. of course, he said that a strategic competition is increasing around the world. and he called on he called out china and russia in particular, said they are mentioned in this new strategic concept noting that russia is the most significant and direct threat quote. and that china challenges the interests, security and values of nato. so let's get some analysis here. i'm joined here in
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the studio by d w's, chief political correspondent, melinda crane, and our in house nato expert. terry schultz is following the summit, joins us from madrid. terri, you've been covering nato for a long time. we're looking at a massive overhaul of the alliance planned here. what are the key changes you picked up on? that's certainly true. terry. and all of this, of course, was brought about by russia's invasion of ukraine. so one of the biggest things we're going to see is the number of troops put on high readiness, who could be called in to the eastern flank, if there is a direct threat to nato territory. and the numbers are just staggering. here there's about 40000 of those soldiers are now on high readiness. that's going to expand to more than $300000.00. and all allies are expected to tell nato supreme allied commander, what resources it has. how, how many troops it has of what type that could be sent you within 3 days within 10
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days, within 30 days. so that nato is really not just putting in more people out front, but preparing to back fill those needs for a long conflict. like we're seeing now in ukraine. the other thing that we're going to see is that there are going to be more troops sent right now within the next uh, 6 to 12 months to these eastern flank countries as they've been asking for, you know, we've heard the baltic states in particular, request more boots on the ground, they're going to get some, all along the eastern flank ranging from estonia, all the way down through bulgaria. those, those 8 battle groups are going to be increased up to a brigade size that could be double or triple depending on the number of, of troops they have. now, there are going to be allies pre assigned to rush to the aid of other allies. and this hasn't happened since the cold war, so you're really seeing a huge, huge increase in nato's force, what they're calling that, their new force posture. this of course is going to cost more terry. and they're also talking about more spending well above the 2 percent of g d p. goal that they
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have at the moment. so a nato, a massive increase in nato's force posture. we also know that finland and sweden have been formally invited to join nato. another big step, melinda, how important, how significant are these steps that we're hearing about now? these are the biggest strategic changes that we have seen since the end of the cold war. as the secretary general pointed out, when sweden and finland become members of the alliance, then the baltic sea will become a largely nato see in the sense that much of its perimeter will be nato member countries. and that is a massive geopolitical shift. here in europe. presidents zalinski of ukraine said today to the assembled nato member countries that he essentially is fighting for all of europe, and that russia wants to reshape the european order. and certainly the
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states in eastern europe on nato's eastern flank and the baltic states absolutely share that view. and feel that they themselves are directly threatened by russia's war on ukraine that russia by no means would stop there if it believes that it has won the conflict in ukraine. and for those reasons, we are seeing the shift that terry just described is essentially a shift from what was called a trip wire posture, a deterrent posture, with those battle groups in key baltic countries, for example, essentially a kind of an early warning system that would then trigger reinforcements and so on . now there's a sense that, that deterrent trip wire posture absolutely isn't sufficient to the level of threat that we're seeing and that it has to become a truly defense posture. so those pre assigned forces that we heard him
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emphasizing size, and one of the reasons for that is that they will have trained with the home defense forces in those countries so that they can be effective. the moment their boots hit the ground. so this is an absolutely major change also for the alliance. in many ways, a revitalization. an alliance is very posture because just a few years ago we were debating whether nato had become, in some sense obsolete. very different from now. now the deal on sweden and finland joining nato has been welcomed within the alliance. this will boost the alliance numbers from 30 to 32. by the way, 32 countries will now be in the, in the alliance when that has actually happened when finland and sweden are taken on board earlier today, while speaking to nato secretary general in stoughton park, the u. s. president joe biden had this to say about sweden and villain joining
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prudent looking for the position you are going to get the data was ation of yours. and that's exactly what he did want with exactly what needs to be done to guarantee security for you, or i think if i think it's necessary, looking forward to it. yes, present joe biden. they're describing what he call the ne, to ization of europe. and nato is indeed billing these changes as the biggest strategic shift since the end of the 2nd world war. terry, how do other members within nato feel about this shift? well, if you're talking to the eastern allies, of course, they are very pleased. they've been asking for more forces, but it took truly russia's invasion of ukraine to make the rest of the members of, of nato. really feel that this is in their own interest to reinforce the baltic
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states to reinforce poland from slovakia, hungary, romania, bulgaria. up until now it was, it was sort of, you know, perhaps not seen as necessary. now everyone sees that if russia is allowed to win in ukraine, it will, it will most likely set its ice on other countries and the closest countries to russia. of course, many of them sharing a border are the baltic, states are poland, and so nato has really come to see this as a matter of its own defense and, and sadly, sadly enough that ukraine is the buffer to, to the nato countries right now. so that's another reason wine, this nato summit also announced a huge assistance package for, for ukraine. and as you heard secretaries general stone, virg say that the allies are very much encouraging president zalinski and saying that they will be here for as long as it takes to continue sending weapons to ukraine to send other assistance to ukraine, to send moral support to ukraine. but if you listen to the press congress, you also heard a ukrainian journalists say, when are we going to become a member?
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and that is something still on the ukrainians minds. melinda, with finland and sweden joining day to this is not going to happen immediately. there will be a transitional period until the formerly become members of nato, even though they've been invited to do so now you installed back just in out. what about the interim? what about this time between now and when they actually become members of nato? what's going to, how, what status are they going to have? it's a very important question because they only get that article 5 protection that collective defense protection when they actually are members. so in this interim period, it seems that they are going to be given some forms of i lateral security guarantees, informal assurances that should anything happen or other countries would quickly come to their assistance and her and this interim period
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is nonetheless a period in which there could be a heightened risk and therefore, secretary general stoughton bag has said upon a number of occasions that nato will absolutely be reinforcing it's it's presence in the air in that as in the, on the sea and on land to make sure that any threat is quickly perceived detected and dealt with so there will be a very staunch surveillance, of course, in that time. and then as, as i said, a commitment to try to assist these countries. it's also of course, a time that's not entirely free of the possibility that some form of resistance could then a rece return. we saw turkey trying to block this membership until
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yesterday evening when a deal was broke. heard. so it will be interesting to see whether, you know, this all now does stay in place or, or where, whether there's some bargaining that goes on in this interim period. but yes, so bag has made it very, very clear that this is now going to happen. it is not an if, but simply a when, when to thank you very much, shar cheap political corresponded to melinda crane. here with me in the studio and in madrid, covering the nato summit force. of course, terry schultz, our correspondent, thank you very much to you both you you are watching d. w. news live from berlin, just to recap of our main story. nato leaders have formally invited sweden and finland to join the military alliance at their summit in madrid. a to leaders also declared russia to be the most significant and direct threat to their security. it
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was previously labeled as a strategic partner or russian official warned that expansion would be destabilizing international affairs. and said nato was acting aggressively now to other but related nurse kurt ukraine's president. vladimir lansky has urged the united nations to expel russia as a member and label it a terrorist state. he addressed the un security council after a russian missile attack. ah, hit a shopping mall, killing at least 18 people. russia claims it didn't target the mall, but fired on a weapons depot nearby. according to ukraine, this was the moment to russian missile hit, sparking a fire that left this shopping mall and crab and shook in ruins. and dozens of people dead and missing with rescue work is still picking through the rebel in the city. far from the front lines. residence are in shock.
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oops, of speech for so everything bend. absolutely. everything. like a spark. i had people screaming, i don't know how to describe it. it shocked me if it's horrible. those of it, those if it's terrible beyond words, how many people with their rush hour people who are returning from work which lots of shops and foot if there were always a lot of people in amsterdam versus silly ta get it. i think you're good enough. but rushes defense ministry claims. it didn't target them all saying it struck this near by building instead. according to moscow, it was ammunition being stored here, exploding that started the fire, but both ukrainian officials and locals denied. there was a weapons depot in the area. clue, no residential buildings. the shopping center,
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a football field normally treat infrastructure in 1st to put it on tuesday. present . zalinski urged the un security council to take action in response to the attack. and for the was, while, it is imperative to deprive russia the opportunity to manipulate the un, which it must be impossible for russia to stay in the security council as long as its terrorism continues those up. i see williams, but with russia holding veto power on the council, there's almost no chance for it facing consequences at the un for the destruction and death here in kremlin chuck. earlier i spoke to our correspondent nick connelly who's in crime and short. i asked him to tell us more about the video released by the ukranian government that it says shows the moment the missile struck them. all. that video which seemingly comes from a security camera shows a missile hitting in the foreground. you see some industrial equipment stored. we
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haven't be able to get there yet. we're hoping to get there in the next few hours to see the direction from which it was filmed to make sure that fits the geography here. but certainly, if you talk to people here on the ground locals, they point to the patent destruction behind me of this shopping mall. once i basically fully collapsed, they say that the impact, whereas the other side burned out, the russian version is that a fire spread from the factory behind this mall. and that it's, you know, spread to the, to the mall by mistake to destination. maybe if some of those weapons, the ukraine side dismisses that and puts that there is quite some gap between the area of the factory that was hit and the small that those claims wouldn't of spread . so this is now a question of fact checking out to joe, on the ground, trying to do those calculations, get that information to be able to challenge those narratives. it is also important to point out the russians are coming out with lots of different and mutually conflicting versions. one way, what went on here, some pro russian media was russian government media talking about attack on the oil refinery, which a tankless way. others talking about an attack on the train station,
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which wasn't hit, that is also not far away. and then finally, some russian topic mounts talking about ukraine attacking itself to try and get sympathy and support internationally. so lots of different narratives come here to moscow. conflicting narratives and, and seemingly. yeah, an attempt to try an obscure, well, actually went on when i went on him. nick, we seemed several missile strikes, sir, with deep inside ukraine over the past week. the attack on that mall in crime and chalk is the most deadly. how are people in ukraine reacting to all this? well, definitely, it is shocking. it is scary for people who maybe thought that they are in some kind of safety here. hundreds comes from the airlines definitely. now where the fighting has kind of localized itself along the front lines. and the attack on the rest of the country that we saw in the early part of this war has largely finished. but this is of the reminder that those read warnings are crucial, even if it's very inconvenient every day. basically, you have a couple of hours where those air raid warnings are in place. and most people trying to go about the day long trying to burn living. i just not able to actually
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spend all that time down the seller or hiding somewhere. but this of see a painful reminder if you ignore those warnings that this is the risk and there is no part of ukraine started. it is out of range of these long range russian cruise missiles the russian news agency tass announced that the russian controlled region of cason has begun preparations for a referendum on joining russia proper. could that mean, nick, that russia is planning to annex more ukrainian territory? definitely looks like that as being the war. you remember, the russian said that this was not their intention. they said that they were not interested in occupying biting bits off of ukraine, that this was about d knots upon ukraine. what of that means and demilitarized ukraine? now that is all long forgotten, and it seems like they are now try to hand out russian passports in these areas and you hold some kind of referendum like they did in crimean 2014 referendum that wasn't recognized by anyone outside russia as fair or free to try and justify
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taking that territory. now we don't have much more detention. the timing's when this is going to happen. this is definitely a threat from moscow not only to kia, but also the west that russia is willing to escalate. and if of the then ukraine tries take, but those searches that russia considered its own, then russia might end up using nuclear weapons, defend them. so definitely willingness to escalate, at least in terms of rhetoric for moscow. very much evidence. nick, thank you very much, shar corresponded nick connelly. they're in crime and shook ukraine. it's now been 7 years since paris was struck by one of the, one of europe's worst islamist terror attacks, which killed a 130 people all. but one of the suspected terrorists died at the bottom line, concert hall and other locations around paris. today, a court is expected to deliver its verdict against the soul, living accused attacker, stella abdulla, lum. d, w. met some of the survivors who were following his trial closely
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for the past 10 months. kathleen baton felt. she was in a parallel universe. she's a survivor of the battle, an attack and still traumatized by that night's events. now she has been attending the trial and sketching portraits of those, testifying, including some unsung heroes processes in one year or so while listening to the civil plaintiffs. i realized how these terror attacks have impacted the lives of thousands of people. sampling one police officer michel arrived with his team at the bad o'clock just after the attack began. they got every one who was wounded outside, killed the blizzard. then special forces got there and told michelle and his colleagues to go directly traffic. although they were covered in blood without it, it was only when he testified that people heard how me shall help people that night . look with he and his colleagues had never got any acknowledgment from their bosses. avante corker, oakland, his older father, lawyer ashy. the court case has been hearing how the terrorist killings pre
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unfolded across the french capital. only one of the 10 attackers who were in paris that night survived sola islam. he's become a focal point of the trial that but then while back in the past, i couldn't draw the terrorist sushi i was so unwell after the attacks that my psychologist and i decided i should just see the attackers as monsters. so i illustrated aptis lamb as a suicide belt with a beard, a roar, but as the hearings went on, i got more and more desensitized and suddenly i found myself drawing up the slums face. it's like this court cases finally made me, except that humanity includes the best and the worst it is. if i'm a new courtroom was especially built for the mammoth trial, which has been symbolically important for france, says activity in war himself, a butter clan survivor, and head of one of the victims associations said of wholesale through this trial,
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frances proven its tremors. and what his legislation, even before 2015 was sound enough to judge what happened that night, sort of the court case really has shown that terrorism is a dead end and doesn't produce heroes. that might seem obvious, but some youngsters are still attracted to islamic terrorism. yet i hope this will make everybody understand that there's no future in terrorism and such attacks need to stop. you figure ya can have the along doors through and folks assortment. the end of the trial is an important step for everybody involved. not just because of the verdict, smith die, they can then the so the little who are deeply implicated in the attack, such as seller after slam. i need to get a harsh sentence, sudafed, but the end of the court case also means i can finally be able to stop being a victim. i'll be able to turn to other things sold or domain, that's a big step forward. in palo bessie,
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what. what happened that night at the back line would only stay a pot of curtain, but some of that weight on her shoulder is now finally going to fall away. before we go, just a quick look at our top story this, our nato leaders have formally invited finland and sweden to join the military alliance at their summit in madrid. data leaders also declared russia to be the most significant and direct threat to their security. it was previously labeled a strategic partner, a russian official warned that expansion would be destabilizing and said nato was acting aggressive. you're watching d. w news coming up next in d, w. news, asia. the doors are still open at rosler. the watchdog news website. despite a shut down order from authorities in the philippines and the shrinking space for
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women in afghanistan's media sphere after the taliban takeover, will they be edged out completely? bearish energy will bring you these stories after a short break. i'm terry martin for me and all of us that dw, thanks, watch with
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