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ah, ah ah, this is the w news live in from berlin to night in paris, a verdict of guilty for the only survivor of a group which carried out the deadliest islamist terror attacks in french history. 7 years ago, we'll go to paris to get reaction to this verdict also coming up tonight for the 1st time in his history, nato, calling out washer as its primary adversary. today, nato, and built a revamped strategy. but finland and sweden formerly invited to join the alliance and china mentioned as a challenge to the global order and ukraine's president accusing russia. get more
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war crimes after missiles hit, a crowded shopping mall. it is one of the deadliest strikes on civilians since the war in ukraine begin. ah, i bring up is good to have you with us. we begin with breaking news. a french court has had to down a guilty verdict against the only survivor. the only surviving suspect of the 2015 paris terror attacks 18 other men were also found guilty of planning and aiding the assault. they killed 130 people in the french capital 7 years ago, militants, you may remember burst into the by the con concert hall, killing fans and staff alike. while further attackers targeted other locations at the same time across paris. and the verdict comes after a 9 months trial, the largest in modern french history. the reading is still underway. we want to go
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now to lisa louis. she is at this power. she's at this house that was built actually for this trial. lisa, let's start with what we know so far. the main suspect so law august long he has been found guilty on terrorism. in murder charges. what we learned about the man and his motives during this troy. well exactly. he has been found of terror related charges and the judge has decided to condemn him to life in prison, and that life in prison time cannot be reduced. that is really an extraordinary verdict here tonight in paris, in this mammoth after this mammoth trial on the mesa, it choice, she's terror attacks on french soil after the world war 2 here in france and also the her, the head of the child. you know, tonight he has found that all the 20
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a key 6 of them in absentia, that all have been found guilty of having coped with these terror attacks on french sol sign and only one was found not to be guilty of terror related charges. so looks like it really has been will be a very, very tough verdict on all the accused here in the saw it. we know lisa, this terror attack did continues to influence fridge politics today, particularly domestic politics. what about the victims of this terror attacked or what? what does this troy? what does this verdict mean for them? this, these 10 months have been really important for the plaintiffs here in, in this a terror trial. i've been talking talking to several of them and they really found each other doing these 10 months. cool, very intense hearings. lots of them about $400.00 of them. actually testified in
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front of the court and told everybody about their pain about their loved ones that they lost about what horrible nights they had to go through. on the 13th of november, 2015 and this whole, you know, this whole trial, the different stages of the trial have been really important for them and for their healing process. and some of them also told me that they were terrorized at thinking of today's verdict because during these 10 months they have listened to some of the keys and the keys have told their stories and they, you know that the people i've talked to some of the civil plaintiffs, they told me these people also are actually human beings, and some of them might have been caught up in this and it will be very tough on them. obviously. also, if they are being handed down very top verdicts, okay, the w, we to louis with the latest from this trial, the verdict just coming down for these convicted terrors that you lose.
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nato leader have declared for the 1st time russia to be the main threat to their security. and as part of a new strategic plan that's defined for the military alliance, the new plan extending a welcome to likely future members, finland and sweden. this plan also increases the level of troop rotations in the baltic states. leaders have also made it clear that russia has lost its position as a strategic partner and for moscow's invasion of ukraine. sweden's prime minister magdalena anderson arriving at the nato summit. but if all goes to plan her country, along with finland, should soon put aside decades of neutrality to become members of the military alliance. and this is the man making it possible. after weeks of wrangling turkey's president reject type,
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anyone has dropped his opposition to them joining, giving current members something to smile about at the summit of a full lives is going to welcome finland and suite of historic application for membership and their decision to move away from neutrality and of tradition of neutrality to join, no life is going to make us stronger and more secure, and nato stronger. the summit comes against the background of russia's war in ukraine, which is false nato. to rethink its mission. we face a rather cold change or to our security environments. on saturday, competition is rising around the world. so today's leaders have endorsed nato's new strategic concept. it makes clear about russia's, russia pulses, the most significant and dyadic threat to our security. in the current,
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consult with faith about the russia as strategic partner. she could drive home the point, ukraine's president vladimir lansky was on video lately to remind nato, what conflict with russia looks like. miss olivia mendoza says movie narrows. this is not a war being waged by russia against only a crane. this is a war for the right to dictate conditions in europe for what the future world order will look like. a dream of that is why it is absolutely necessary to support ukraine now, along with weapons funds and political sanctions against russia, which will stop it. being able to pay for the wall. that absolute than the of nato promised it would not tenants back on cave present the landscape made clear that ukraine relies on our continued support. and our message to him was equally clear. ukraine can count on us for as long as it
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takes the u. s. has already said it will increase its now tre, presents in europe, including a permanent garrison in poland. it seems the russian threat is how to make nature look, the strongest it has for years are going to go nail to our correspond jack park. he joins us from that new summit in madrid. it's good to see you, jack. so we know for the 1st time, nato has said that russia is its primary adversary. what, what does that mean and what will change it's an interesting one brand, to be honest. i think what most people are seeing this new strategic concept as they, they do one of these about every 10 years in nature. it's sort of the document of the values that everybody's agreeing to. is that dropping this pretense of a partnership with russian i, they say that while the hostile actions of russia continuing that,
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that the russia and moscow simply cannot be considered a partner anymore. and we've seen that the nato, russia council, which is high, the 2 sides talk to each other, has been pretty much suspended at night for, for a long time, pretty much cynthia annexation of kind of crimea as well. so the big question now is, how do they go forward from this? and really what we're seeing is that nato, his outlining a way to strengthen itself, especially on its eastern border. we know that 300000 troops are being put on high alert, up from 40000, so significant increase. and they're looking at ways to better coordinate amongst each other to try and make sure that those solid as they possibly can be. and what they see as this russian threat, there was another 1st, today, nato calling out china. we're trying to undermine the global order. this sounds like native sees china as an adversary, and yet today, nato secretary general stoughton burke. he said china is a challenge. how do you read this?
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this yeah, was really interesting. was this strategic concept. the 1st time they've mentioned china in it, a lot of countries have been very concerned about this. we've seen the duction, the belgian prime minister speaking openly in the last week or so about they're saying that while rusher is the direct threat at the moment, we can't take our eyes off china. and in this document, there's quite a lot of it is not as hot as the language against russia, but it's certainly not soft language against china. they talk about direct threats of misinformation, hybrid attacks, for instance, against nato allies themselves. this is the 1st time that china has been mentioned in this concept that as i say they do about every decade. so the values of that in grains just another thing, brent as well. they also mentioned the strategic and security risk of climate change for the 1st time in this in this strategic concept note as well, it's very important to mention as well. and of course, there is expansion in the works now finland in sweden have been formally invited to
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join the alliance. talk to me about the significance of this well, it's a major step. this formal invite came after turkey removed its veto. there was an agreement late on tuesday to remove that veto, specifically because of an agreement that said that finan in sweden would consider extradition of people that are considered to be terrorists, mainly kurdish separatists in finland and sweden. and we actually know a little bit more about the price that, that they might have to pay for this. because turkey, the president rhetoric tape around has said that $33.00 i tradition requests will be put him for people that they want extradited back to turkey, to face terrorism charges that the fins have already come out and said, listen, this isn't such a big deal because actually, we already had these extradition requests, and that this all happens through the judiciary. this isn't the political agreements that are being done here at, at some, it's like this one here in madrid. we also know that there's going to be
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a fast track though, a number of the leaders have been saying that they will try and get this app. these applications for finan in sweden, ratified as soon as possible so that they can become members as quickly as possible . could happen, perhaps within a year. did have you checked paired with the latest the are from madrid. jack, thank you. and we want to take the story now to our corresponding manual shawn. she is in the south western ukrainian city of dev, sir. it's good to see you and mine. well, has there been any reaction from ukraine to nato's promise coming from the summit to help ukraine for as long as it takes yet? it is definitely a relief here as seen from your kind. it has a de backing of nato in dealing with russia's war against the country. in fact, the president zaleski has said, is india so made? he has said before that this was not only award that was waged against against ukraine, but to war on a whole set of values,
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a war against nato as well. so this is definitely welcome welcome. he also warned nato members. doctor ukraine was on the 1st stop for russia, and in his opinion of vladimir putin had also other goals. so of course, the decisions made today the nonsense made today data and nato would back your friend for as long as it takes this much way. come here, seen from, from the country, which is actually, you know, dealing with the hardest, the toughest consequences of the war since it pays with the lives of its own citizens. and this must be very welcome news. considering the games that russian forces have made an, or making an eastern ukraine at the mall. of course, the situation is still very dire on the eastern front, in particular, particularly around the city of lazy chance could today, a report from the defense ministry of ukraine announced that russian troops had her
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house, tried again to storm. a village is around the city unsuccessfully. oh, so apparently, but the destiny or for on both sides actually still pretty dire. it is quite a contrast with other parts of the city where, you know, war isn't a raging or to such an extensive, but they're still selling on civilians. are you know, indiscriminately around the country still there, there are some parts of the country that are a bit more, or, you know, of that feel a bit more se is safer than they used to be. you know, a few months ago, i had met in the an old man who had had to flee his home in the suburbs of kia because it was being occupied by russian. and we found him again. he managed to come to go back to his home. so there may be a lead, sir. let's see what's happening with people who are returning to their homes. it's
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been 2 months since we last saw of a lot of me happen. and these time around, he looks much better. back in the screen, he had fled to medieval and taken shelter far from home in the western city of live eve. he said that on his journey, russian troops stole everything, leading him just a note his sister had written, stating he couldn't talk very well. because of a stroke. now back in his village, he shows a surround, or can, you can see room through here. were the broken windows. just were over over. this was where the ukraine and army flirted the area to slow to rush in advance some key if it proved a vital factor in protecting the capital city in what now looks like a peaceful neighbourhood again for letting me his family were so scared, the russians would shoot him, they sent him away and interior to the shedding alone viewed that he lived,
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they fired and fired with a bill to me. it was as if someone like spielberg was directing a horror movies here. and you're just like an extra on that sex symbol. and you thing to yourself now surely it will stop. there won't be anything scarier than that, but no wait, continues listening for a little while. the seller became home to the women for weeks in march as they heat from rush and shelling with i'm usually we will use doors from the stable to make beds with mattresses and pillows on top. oh really? oh, here we sat and there we could lie down. as the russians we treated for lot him, he wanted to come home, but at 1st his family wasn't sure whether it was safe enough. but all the year i was buying my tickets to come back home. but my sister 1st taught me know what i should stay in the worst we will because when our soldiers liberated this place there, good barker, there was still
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a lot of unexploded. rockets and mines left it new to those. there were w now that his back for loudy me says he'll not run again. renew for we'll go, i don't care your for will room. i've already fled once. wrote an aunt, definitely not doing that again. but her just to see for you. for now to happen, family is safe despite frequent air rate warnings, regardless of what happens next they'd faced a future together. hey manuel. you know, we just saw in that report vladimir returning to his home, but with continuous showing going on civilian casualties. mounting, how are ordinary people, how are they able to continue trying to carry out their daily lives?
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moms. now people have, sadly, just getting used to it. of course, went on as sirens. everybody is very much aware, no matter where they are in ukraine, there is a danger for their lives and suddenly this has been confirmed. and with the shelling of a supermarket on monday in the central ukraine tone of clement shook. and you know, daily that there is a selling on civilian. so people are very much aware of that. you know, there's 2 millions of people who left the country. you know, millions who leave that on the opposite side of the country for that particular reason. they do curb is becoming difficult though, and what i've also not is, is that even though they are very resilient, as also amounting, sent him out of anger against russia for is continuing war against their country and against ukrainians, livelihoods it abuse. emanuel charles reporting the monk from odessa in ukraine. thank you. will. as emanuel reported to de ukraine's president zalinski urged the united nations to expel russia as a member and to label it
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a terrorist state. he addressed the un security council just 2 days after a russian missile attack on a crowded shopping mall in central ukraine. 18 people were killed in that attack. dozens more are missing. russia has denied targeting the mall according to ukraine. this was the moment a russian missile hit, sparking a fire that left the shopping mall and cram and shook in ruins. and dozens of people dead and missing. with rescue work is still picking through the rubble in the city. far from the front lines, residents are in shock. superficial, everything bend. absolutely everything. like a spark. i had people screaming, i don't know how to describe it. it shocked me. it was horrible. those of it'll just,
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it's terrible beyond words will cover how many people with their rush hour people who are returning from work which lots of shops and sort of there were always a lot of people in amsterdam versus cylinder. ta get it. i think you have to learn filling a but rushes defense ministry claims. it didn't target them all saying it struck this near by building instead. according to moscow, it was ammunition being stored here, exploding that started the fire that both ukrainian officials and locals denied. there was a weapons depot in the area. clue, no residential buildings, the shopping center, a football field, normally treat infrastructure in 1st to put it. on tuesday present, lensky urged the un security council to take action in response to the attack. and for the was, while, it is imperative to deprive russia the opportunity to manipulate the un,
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which it must be impossible for russia to stay in the security council as long as its terrorism continues those up. i see williams, but with russia holding veto power on the council, there's almost no chance for it facing consequences at the un for the destruction and death here in kraven, chuck. more on the video that ukraine says shows that russian missile hitting the shopping bowl. we spoke with our correspondent nick connelly. he is on the ground in the city of crimean shock. we been trying to work out how far this all stacks up, how to fits. we went to the sites of the factory where that was filmed from that's over there. on the other side of the shopping center and then way behind the impact site for that missiles strike. and we compared the location and compared what we saw on that video that was published by volumes lensky grants present. and we got, we saw and it all makes sense. you've got stuff at the factory in the foreground that is untouched. so that russian explanation that russian version that somehow there was destination at the fact that is spread here just doesn't stack up to look
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find me here that basically devastation in the shopping center. then there are green trees further over there that were not touched. the fire did not spread from that side. this wasn't by that hit this shopping center to behind me they see where the roof of basically taken off. that is where the missile hit. and then suddenly, further to my other side, you can see the bits where the fire engulfed, the shopping center didn't bring the roof down, but basically turned everything that was that to dust. everything was inside that store. and it could be accurate fumes still now and the firefights having to wet protective equipment. but it's just very dangerous looking. it, they've been working nonstop for basically 48 hours and anal basic, largely occupied with trying to find the bodies of about $35.00 people that are still believed to be under those that rubble, that was b w's. nic connelly reporting there. let's take a look now, some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world is really prime minister natalie bennett, says jeanine. he will not run in the upcoming election how his decision comes ahead of a final connected vote to dissolve parliament and election is expected in early or
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as early as october. israel's 5th, in less than 4 years, a former white house aid has given dramatic testimony about donald trump's actions in the lead up to the january 6th attack of the u. s. capital building. speaking at ongoing hearings, the aid you see, you're right there said that the former president knew protesters were armed, that he tried to seize control of his vehicle to drive to the caps were receiving on the 9th of january in northern mozambique in the last month, a series of jihad is related, the tax has forced some $20000.00 people to flee their homes. islamists are targeting villages in parts of the cobbled delgado region that were long considered relatively safe, safe for people and safe for big investments, we have more now dw corresponded. adrian connect creech they just want to leave yet in onqua, the district. hundreds of people are waiting for
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a lift. desperate to get to safety after several villages, where attacked by islamists in recent weeks. many places on now deserted. the village of watch out the edge of the district has been spared until now. residents are discussing what to do next. gov on premier, on the on desert again, i pursue the guys of these events. we need to protect ourselves better. we need to check the identity of the people coming here is wonderful. and we also want to welcome those people who are flee a like in the car and take care of them that in that in but a discount that they have taken in 60 people from neighboring villages so far out there, or orlando, or by attacked our village vulnerable, why 1st they set fire to the villages close by rod, we were surrounded, but then we saw a chance to escape arcadia, so we ran it and thought we survived,
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but they burned our houses to the ground. they, i'm just tired and my feet are swollen and heard. we walked 30 kilometers to get here and it will the lent thou, honey, and we're bullets. we walked for 3 day but spent the night in the bush with our children. now we are tired, but we feel much safer here. oh, so philip leonard, until now they have not received any support from the government. the insurgents have been pushed out of their previous strongholds in the north of the province. and although observers say they are not as strong as previously, the attacks on villages around here is causing fear and panic. they are inflicting gorilla style warfare on communities that were previously considered. safe vaccinate places more danielle and while they ate organization's fear that the conflict could spread, and we were surprised that the config move to the south. that week,
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least more publishers are moving to different places. he always one of the more complex, i think. yes, they got bassetti of the systems, one of the woozy, but i think his boy, we will face some some issues with the largest secondary school in wanted wish is already at full capacity since the beginning of the crisis, the number of students here has doubled to 7000 is new management has had to turn away newly arriving displaced students aluminum moving company. got, you know, some of it. i want to come up with this. it's difficult. some classes have 100 students, some up to 140, but doesn't make it easy for the teachers. as you can see again, it's all about, but there's hardly any room to move. when i want to buffer live, i want to say the number of forcibly displaced people in northern was i'm beak continues to grow. 8 organizations say they expect even more people to leave their homes in the coming days, fleeing the ongoing violence. coming up next on conflict, zoned,
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him, sebastian interviews, ilya on about of a former member of the russian parliament. i'll be back at the top of the hour with more bull news followed by the day i hope to see you then. ah, with ah
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mm mm. mm. mm mm 30 with who entered the conflict zone with tim sebastian in ukraine. the strategic eastern, the city of said you're a gun. yeah. well last week to rush him, forces mocking what some west the next blow cold. a critical point in the conflict . my guess this week has an unusual role in this war. media partner mario, one, stockton, the lower house of russian parliament then became the only member to vote against
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the seizure crimea in conflict with long d. w. with co, mike speaking, how can miss national hatred of a people be explained go upon. oh, a history of anti semitism is a history of stigmatization and exclusion of religious and political power struggles. christian christianity wants to come for that is why christianity used the figure of the june, a civil tesla. it's a history of slender, of hatred. and violence is the puppies memorial and then on the was were considered servants of evil. they simply told you that the most atrocious chapter of
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a 3rd of our people were exterminated $6000000.00 jews like microbes to be annihilated even 77 years after the holocaust hatred towards jews is still pervasive. a history of anti semitism on starts july, 2nd on d, w ah. in ukraine, the strategic eastern, the city of savior at van, yet fell last week to russian forces, mocking what some western experts called a critical point in the conflict. so where does it go from here? at the weekend, g. 7 leaders, restated support for key f. but we'll have a heavy weapons they promised arrived in time to boost ukraine's fortunes on the battlefield. my guest this week has an unusual role in this war. ilia, upon a mighty off one, sat in the lower house of russia's parliament, them became the only member to vote against the seizure of crimea.


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