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tv   Art. See. Asia  Deutsche Welle  June 30, 2022 5:30am-6:00am CEST

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largest passion, plague is back. every 10 years, visitors come from all over the world to see the staging of the biblical story. at this time, it's more up to date than ever. obama go, but village and its passion for letters starts july, 3rd, pond d, w ah, with my name is alison me. i'm in the actress and the photographer. i lied to observe this world. and i love modern art. i live in taipei, a very modern city with a rich history. many of the artist live here and finding ways to keep tell us unique cultural traditions alike. over the
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next 40 hours, we're going to me some of the great artists who live at work in taipei there. so he's buy my cd. this is mike oliver of guy who type, hey, i am ah, 1st i'm going to look for an artist who are hidden in this gorgeous city, working finely in an old building. these 2 artists studded grass lin, where larry, using their own method to preserve tradition t culture and make our family. ah, oh yeah, i love your booter at the lid. oh, that's good, the best the way to get around and their road leads off all the time. oh, you're going to offer me a right. awesome. silly
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has invited me to forage for grass and weeds to make into art. we are now on our way to me, her partner, tiffany: i do private garden. tiffany: is of her age, an artist who recourse grass and weeds in mandela drawing by using brushes she makes. this is unusual for me. as a photographer, i record my memories with my camera. i am looking forward to this unique art experience. oh, to renee. it was really a chunk of real out here. wow, this on this plan, extra friend. this is why we took a taste better when it's wrong, but when you cook it completely, leno,
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the sweetness comes out. you can also observe that, wow, does it have been, does perla and you can observe that the friendship is very common to use and power needs? her ability. oh, yes. and are weighty and fact because it's found all over taiwan and sweet lily. okay, then i'll take it. well, it's still better. it's sweeter compared to the wild letters. these are all common weeds in taiwan. and we define weeds as plants that are grown by us. so unlike the bay, so here you can take a closer look at this. them than the and the power of the plant, because you have a challenge later. wow, this is our t and our space. this space was built in the japanese colonial h i. c, that's around for years history. so it was given to us from our,
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my grandparents and a lot of the furniture here, like this furniture is off of my grandparents. this is our week. i was told him the oldest brush as well. now police find them. and then you can see the different things and it's all from the commentary. over here you can see the original painting. and here maybe you can see the one of the plans that we saw just now. this is the wow letters. exactly, we try to show everybody different, the unique, different outlooks of every plan, to show them that there's a really big biodiversity among the we, even though we think of all of them as unwonted nuances to draw with montela paintings. this is a challenge. i'm going to do now why this is michelle and the wall. let's go.
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a man della is a spiritual and ritual symbol in asian cultures. tiffany and julie have challenge me to show the grass and weeds. we force today in the form of men della as a visual representation of the universe. we can observe the different shapes of the and the flowers. so you can make a more detail drawing later. and can think about how you're going to compose it. and to amanda, now there is going to work like that doesn't have to be exact, can just whatever your imagination that a go with. so what's the idea of the central idea of men dollar our work at the little universe of every piece of land that we've been to, even if we go there twice, it would be different to every time we do it in a way, it's a record,
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but in another way, it's kind of just to appreciate all the different plans on that piece of land and appreciate every moment. yes, even it's repeat moment. it's still to friends. machine complete. oh, your painting, it's really amazing. i can't believe it. your 1st time you can really feel the details and the liveliness of the different plan isn't yes, we'll hold on while let us use the remaining leaves to make tea. after a complicated procedure, we finally drank a sip of the tea. i made this whole experience of creating art with the grass and weeds. we forage love a peaceful feeling within me. chairs sir.
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ah, we're here at she medina. this is the hot spots 3 quarter. i'm fashion today we're here to me, authors years old. these are international war winning authors who come by difficult manga and traditional english panting altogether in his work, push rings, the ancient techniques to behold era. i wonder how he made a i know they sell dollars until obamacare through community follow very well, they tell their daughter out of those. how do you come out the wrong one. your building has been opened for more than 50 years. it is an iconic place for young
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creative people to hang out in type. hey mr. mark is located in the shima dean. and it is the center for manga comics, toys and pop culture. and try to come on the phone because of the real thing going on. but my wife and daughter i was at home though, and i the room. my mom was, oh, come on, man. i was, i'd say man, because it, it will also doesn't. you were kind of going also so as i shall home on the way it's a good so is it inspires angel leads us away. good my honda day. yeah. i was in the middle and chilled altima you home invited me to his studio. i am excited to see his brush. i work up close. an impressive ah see says is his father who is again go there does old or my wife lawyer. ah, i'll modern holding her. she did we all that down was all you. it's the most that
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how that these a zones. i yell to warsaw or it made no sense. i'm young, the 0. 0, the sound for the cool. so she's had a funny well, so more was as well it cases seeing way. she's actually in your was also come on walk. now, you know, you're in the more in the, or i own story, more of all those who changing out the now or dollar. darcy, this is the whole was or cases do done. zillion joe, don't go and why the thing? sorry, i was i on don't go want to go to amongst you. want them coming down a little does it bill changing? so the thing is, is john jennifer was around the course that if you don't know how you digest is all a i tell all fall long bought loyal friends to them on hold oil new york more. how the more so bianca susie, insurances no more less of you used to call while i'm in there. yeah. i was wanting
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your new you know, has she's going be hasn't yeah. they'll be able to want to be bought a job on that. one is all the, all about things and told her that my mom wasn't megabit watching eating those a young thoughts. i'll jingle with one, you know, then why does the other job behind language? i think it will do so this is a male does any, until we go, you will be with you on the scene, gainesville, georgia, georgia home can easily john renting it. i'm impressed with comic style, which seems to preach the traditional and the contemporary art world. the way he applies engine techniques from japanese and chinese art works well in today's popular culture. ah, ah,
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it is the end of the 1st day sitting by the river. i recall the surprises up today . all sewing and you at home are trying to preserve the fading techniques and scales ballier unit ways. and this is how they express this beautiful 15 now eager to explore more ways of preserving traditions in this modern city. the next morning the city is food of all kinds of cells, as people are waking up and getting work. heavy men station is one of the knows this parts of the city at this time of day chanting makes her art from all those noises chooses some artist who scars the city, trying to find and combine different sounds from the c t. and she's agreed to take me on a sound tour of o type. hey, hello. hey, hi,
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are you? hey, i've got all this equipment we're going to do with this as my recording equipment. okay. and i'm recording that said he found us. you're saying now like the big sound. yeah. and our so yeah, it's just a typical sound of let's say i often use this equipment to record sounds everywhere . you know, they live okay. like in the city in nature, everywhere. everything also in nature, not only just the t i and i also use the sound of mine in my own. i do. yeah. i ready to explore more. i'm still ready to explore without that job. yeah. go with
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. okay, so here we come to the scene. so i was born here and i feel like in the past 10 years, i've done nothing for my hometown. you grew disconnected and i think those blacksmith masters and i was so that is the blacksmith industry was taking so important role on great economic role in taiwan. they were like he rose behind the thing. so that's why i come back for doing the project blacksmith project because i hope people can review it like on
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the local mental workers are very used to showing up and be quoting the cells they make. she's been working on this project for weeks now. after looking sounds easy for me to her exhibitions base where she is working on a new installation. as part of the blacksmiths project series, it is just around the corner of shame. street yeah. as well. coughing through the space of my upcoming explanation. it's called ever burning, ever burning. i call it a brand name this time because i think of classmates trade in new and more participate perspective now. i think everybody's always moving on and they angie up
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the street and the black made masters. well, all western man there right perez over dice. that's true. so transducers advise waste, convers, one energy on to another. so like now i'm standing a sound signal here. so if i had had changed on anything or any part object, right? i can turn off into speakers. so now you can see it's speaker. it's making sound because it's vibrating t. yeah. and it's actually the electric code signal. and actually this sounds on recordings from back to mid 3
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are those are tech and it's also very moving. these are the sounds of a world that is fast disappear, read in my city. i am going to meet tackle own a master in landscape handy. he has suggested that i meet him at the traditional market before we go to his studio. i noticed mark, you're well, but it is fascinating to see it through the eyes of another artist. he's, i'm in some was a good service. i have it on my way home in. can you some guam or the phone? i'm going to close. i'm a father with those. i fought. not funny. it's all, it's all summer long. it's awesome because of tackle and master degree in fine arts from the university of still america span. he's in the artist. he's
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worked as widely collected by all galleries and private. he uses acrylic and spot to law for beauty houses to paint. he has agreed to give me a master class in his studio. and so i saw it so much. i know you've been the guy you're told only got you ever. so i don't do the hots it. so if i'm with bob, oregon, joe hood hood, what is the union say so what's your employees that don't posing junior fontanello? so his intake shaneeda it, well i just, i need to say it was she going on to the concert i took a c o u n c g. so i thought mom opened this bill about a thought, oh oh, she says she still has a waiting shell to so anyway, so not now, does it go up there? said bob was out. it goes,
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so she's young with the one out she she plea with doesn't well well, well, well not shop long. one's on the decision on which of boxes you the it is one month tony told i started off tackle has agreed to give me a master class in creating teachers using he's techniques. and now brash inside felt, you know, from 2 to 2 i, i know that her knowledge in his own is in want to put in the gym outfits, india. oh, i'll shoot you. india. how then ability not even, i don't know they're dealing with that. that's why isn't phone call somebody so it's hard for young a with
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ah, the smelling anamosa. so different from my photos. somehow the pictures just emerged from all last mice that looks so random. i don't understand how to happens, but i would love to learn a little or once
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in a titles and i'm going to talk your housing is a pop boy to you. i was in the animal since all fun home. also with alicia succeeds as well, is with no 100000000. now that has an associate will feel that was in some way you see not as a whole whizzing lot. manson solar. that's it. that's. it goes to whole, which has a couple approach on a jungles. very tom meals, a face house with a function of much as a 100 that along quite a ways to get that. ah,
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this is the temper of mad. so she is the protector of the ocean. the tempo features many divide beings and varies and that's what inspires the bright drinking fantasy works of the way home. her work was selected for taipei fine arts awards in 2019. it is one of the most important for looking and them like leisure awards. for contemporary art and taiwan the realm has asked me to meet up here as she loves fairy tales and temple culture. how do you become so familiar with all those fairy tales and the temple culture? and what is the personal connection for you to the temple? i always live tempo life because my gwin and my mind like to take me to, to the tempos or to so that they have some connection with my family. and then i
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like to look all a story anxiety paul, because they are obsessing with the 1000 value thing side of him. pope and i even going to join a temple in china and they have a very beauty compact. i have a challenging to you. yeah. challenged really yes. oh yeah, i know you go then follow graphing. so to day again, work together and i you take song picture out the and i go to go back to my studio and i using your picture can make some big go do the child. yes. a year ah,
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i like the sky and the cloud thing isn't and i guess the not right now we can go back to mess with wow, look at all those are collection and is this to growing? oh, now as for coming showing time they found museum. they going to have a good shaw fowler at his found 90 certainties in taiwan. so they are very famous enough years. i know this guy is the 1st 1st photographer ever in taiwan pen railey. i know him in a mary hall is
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very fond of kalash art and she has challenged me to make a piece of collage our work using the photos i took today, like the camera that's put in hand with how am i doing so far? good, really good to ha, i do a really good job because so far is good. so i've been following. usually we're using the omega of having an image come out of people, but you for the you meet their pictures taken by you of been meaning to as a
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my work in the yeah, i solos a lot for your word as your style. right. if my signature ah, i've met a lot of very different artists is 2 days, but i think they all have one thing in common. they see how typing is to rush info into the future. and each one of them is trying to capture some special from the i am glad that i took pictures of them at this moment in time for my personal memories. because what special about i paid in art, as well as life, is how well the old and the new get on to get a melissa lien. good bye friends have hey, a
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with awe with
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ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin in paris, a guilty verdict for the sole surviving perpetrator of the deadliest terror attacks in french history 7 years ago today, also coming up a complete come back for a disgrace dynasty, the philippines. this swearing in a new president of the country is ousted former dictator and for the 1st time in its history.


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