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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 30, 2022 6:00am-6:15am CEST

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ah, ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin in paris, a guilty verdict for the sole surviving perpetrator of the deadliest terror attacks in french history 7 years ago today. also coming up with a complete come back for a disgrace dynasty, the philippines. this swearing in a new president, son of the countries ousted former dictator and for the 1st time in its history, nato calls out russia as its primary adversary. alliance unveils and revamp strategy with finland, and sweden, formally invited to join in china, is deemed
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a challenge to the global order. ah, i'm ami a niece of welcome to the program. we begin in paris, where a french court has handed down a guilty verdict against the only surviving perpetrator of the bought the con, attacks in 2015, the deadliest islamist attacks and french history. 19 other men were also found guilty on different charges, including planning and aiding the assault, which killed $130.00 people in french capital. sala, up to salaam, now face his life in prison. the toughest sentence available under french law. he's these so surviving member of the islamic state terrace. so that carried out the deadly attacks in paris. in november 2015,
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the series of gin and bomb attacks killed a 130 people in the french capital. the deadliest incident occurred at the batter club, theatre, 90 concert go was left dead after gunman open fire for those who survived the conclusion of the 10 month trial in miss specially built paris court house is just one step in the remedial process. so small i actually to night on a fly reaction to the verdict law is the i am relieved, but i am not proud because no one has ever prod when people are condemned to heavy penalties is more than i depend with st bottle. bucklin cra michelin. i'm relieved because one part of the process is now behind us auction called, but we're still fighting to be reimbursed for our suffering by the government. other true, natural, chunky was said we will not give up this fight jello on up on until shortly.
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supposedly certainly it was just this for sure, but just this can do everything just this is just, you know, applying the rule of flow and it's not healing everything. we'll see that it will help us here. but we still have work to do of under the 19 people we're also found guilty. that crimes included planning and logistical support. just 14 appeared in court. the others presumed dead or missing. the biggest trial in the history of the modern republic has come to a close, a welcome moment, no doubt, but far from the end for those afflicted by frances deadliest peacetime attack. let me take you now to the philippines where a new president has just been sworn in for an in marcos junior,
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the son of the country's former dictator. marcos junior won a landslide victory and elections last month after promising to boost jobs and bring down prices. his election when was the combination of a decades long struggled by the marcus's to reclaim their political glory. his father ferdinand led the country from 965 until 1986 opposing marshal law presiding over a period of widespread human rights abuses, corruption and poverty. marcos junior has been accused of white washing his father's legacy a major shift in european security as emerging from the nato summit in madrid. for the 1st time the alliance has declared russia to be its main adversary. nato has also officially invited finland and sweden to join. the new strategic plan also increases the level of military presence in the baltic states. and in another 1st line says china's
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goals challenge nato's security as well. it's the dawn of a new era and nato. its chief, he and stoughton burg unveiled the military alliances in new strategic concept for a rapidly changing world. you are very gracious, we face a radical change to our security environments, answered t j. the competition is rising around the world. so today, leaders have endorsed nato's new strategic concept. it makes clear that russia, russia pulses the most significant and died a threat to our security. in the current concert, we states that the russia, it's a statistic partner, sped on by the invasion of ukraine. nature has agreed to welcome sweden and finland into the fold. after overcoming techies objections. russia has called the move the
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stabilizing, but the new strategy also identifies china, and it's increasingly aggressive behavior as a challenge. it was another departure from the previous. now, 12 year old strategy where the emerging superpower didn't even get a mention. so i know it's substantially building up its military forces, including nuclear weapons, bullying, its neighbors threatening pipe on investing heavily in critical infrastructure. including in allied countries, monitoring on controlling its own citizens through advanced technology and spreading rationalize. this information. china is not our adversary, but we must be clear about the serious challenges it represents. while nature looks
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more unified than ever, the rifts in the world order at faces seem to be getting wider. ukrainian rescue workers continue to search the wreckage of a shopping mall. incremental joke, 2 days after a russian missile attack killed at least 18 people. 30 say 20 people are still missing. russia denies that it's military targeted them all, but i witnesses say it's claims don't hold up according to ukraine, this was the moment to russian missile hit, sparking a fire that left the shopping mall and cram and chuck in ruins. and dozens of people dead and missing. with rescue workers still picking through the rubble in the city. far from the front lines. residence are in shock. oh, super feature thing bend. absolutely. everything looked like a spark. i had people screaming,
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i don't know how to describe it. it shocked me. it was horrible with those of it'll just, it's terrible beyond words when cover. how many people with their rush hour people who are returning from work which lots of shops and sort of see that there were always a lot of people in amsterdam versus selena? ta get it. i think you're good enough. but russia's defense ministry claims. it didn't target them all saying it struck this near by building instead. according to moscow, it was ammunition being stored here, exploding that started the fire. but both ukrainian officials and locals denied there was a weapons depot in the area. no residential buildings, the shopping center, a football field normally treat infrastructure in 1st to put it on tuesday. present zalinski urged the un security council to take action in response to the attack.
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and for the was, while, it is imperative to deprive russia the opportunity to manipulate the un, which it must be impossible for russia to stay in the security council. as long as its terrorism continues those up. i see museums, but with russia holding veto power on the council, there's almost no chance for it facing consequences at the un for the destruction and death here in kraven chuck. for more on that video, ukraine says shows a russian missile hitting the shopping mall. we spoke with our correspondent nick connelly who's on the ground and tremendous. we've been trying to work out how far this all stacks up, how it all fits. we went to the sites of the factory where that was filmed from that's over there. on the other side of the shopping center and then where behind the impact site for that missiles strike. and we compared to location, we compared what we saw on that video that was published by volumes lensky grants present. i with what we saw and it all makes sense. you got stuff at the factory in
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the foreground that is untouched. so that russian explanation that russian version that somehow there was destination at fact to the spread here just doesn't stack up to look find me here that basically devastation in the shopping center. but then there are green trees further over there that were not touched. the fire did not spread from that side. this wasn't by that hit this shopping center. the behind me that you see where the roof is basically taken off. that is where the missile hit. and then slightly further to my other side, you can see the bits where the fire engulfed, shopping center didn't bring the roof down, but basically turned everything that was that to dust. everything was inside that store. and it could be accurate fumes still now and the firefights having to wear protective equipment, but it is just very dangerous working. it, they've been working nonstop for basically 48 hours and anal, basically largely occupied with trying to find the bodies of about $35.00 people that are still believed to be under those that rebel t w's nick connelly now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world in doha katara indirect talks aimed at reviving the 2015 nuclear deal with
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iran have ended without progress. after only 2 days stated that us state department said iran failed to respond positively to the u mediated negotiation allies claim. and $2.00 to 2018 us president. donald trump, unilaterally scrap the deal which limited to runs nuclear program in exchange for lifting sanctions for people have been charged after $53.00 migrants were found dead in a truck in the u. s. state of texas. earlier this week, it's believed that people from mexico honduras and guatemala, were among those who died. investigators called it the deadliest human smuggling incident in u. s. history. singer r. kelly has been sentenced to 30 years in prison. the army star was convicted of racketeering in september last year jersey found him guilty of running a criminal ring that recruited and trafficked women and teenage girls for sex. the
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allegations against him go back decades high israeli prime minister enough, talley bennett says he will not run in the upcoming election. as decision came ahead of a final connected vote to dissolve the parliament election is expected as early as october. israel's 5th, in less than 4 years. tensions are high in india a day after police arrested to muslim men accused of murdering a hindu taylor and posting a video of it online. it comes after months of rising tensions between hindus and muslims, and raises fears of more violence. o fire and fury on the streets in india, the sectarian murder of a hindu taylor by 2 muslim men in the northern state of rochester, has sparked outrage across the country. tensions are running high amid several mass public protests in the capital daily. right wing hindu nationalist groups clash for
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police as they vented their anger over the killing me up. i got, i don't wanna take as i can and i, we are protesting the killing among of can i allow one go someone who in spite of asking for police protection, was not given any way. this is a protest against the government out, but this is a protest to get justice for canada. and this is a protest against the ever increasing bahati mindset in the country. they get the help me to get by signing up the demonstrations continued. how can i allows cremation on wednesday, his killers were arrested by police after that film themselves, carrying out the murder in his shop in the city of uday poor. in a 2nd video that threatened the indian prime minister nor end remoting, their apart motive was that the murdered man had recently praised the controversial political figure, new per charmaine, a facebook post, a move for which he was arrested before being released on bail expense, his bereaved wife told journalists, the facebook post was the sole reason for the killing. there was nothing else. just
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facebook. they killed him for such a smooth thing. oh sharma, a well known political figure recently and sends to muslims in india and elsewhere by making derogatory remarks about the prophet mohammed resulting and protests from muslims. the ruling b. j. p. party suspended her as a result. officials and new diaper have rushed to quell the religious tensions before they get any worse. they have imposed a curfew amid clashes with protesters, and i've tried to stop the murder video from spreading further online. but the killing has exposed the sectarian fault lines, which run deep in a country run by a hindu nationalist party, but in which, around 170000000 citizens are muslims. well, that's it for me. our documentary series is up next with
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a look at the rise of shadow wars and those who fight them. don't forget, you can get the latest news on our website. that's d w dot com. you can also find us on twitter and instagram at d. w. news i'm almeni's of thanks for joining us here at dw. ah, leonardo da vinci's, mysterious masterpiece, is perhaps the greatest leonardo masterpiece in the collection of the louvre. it is the virgin of the rocks. was there another symbolic meaning to this beautiful painting? then perhaps we just don't understand the search for answers.


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