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republic and the netherlands have announced they will all so many 30 percent commitment. paula romania, estonia, latvia, lithuania are doing more than 2.5 percent, some as high as 3 percent together. deploy more assets and capabilities to bolster our alliances across all domains. land air, c, cyber and space rivers. we reaffirm that our article 5 commitment is sacred and an attack on one is an attack on all and we will defend every edge of nato territory. every inch of nato territory. for our part, the united states is doing exactly what i said, who would do it food and invaded, enhance our forest posture in europe. will station more ships. and here in spain, where station, the more air defense in italy and germany. more f 30 fives in the united kingdom and to strengthen our eastern flank. no permanent headquarters for their army. 5th corps in poland. in addition an additional brigade. 6 combat team position in
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romania and additional rotational deployments in the baltic countries. things are changing to adapt to the world as we have it today. and all this is against a backdrop of our response, the nato's, a to russia's aggression, and to help ukraine defend itself. united states is raleigh in the world to stand with ukraine allies and partners around the globe were making significant contributions. secretary austin just brought together more than 50 countries or than 50 countries pledging new commitments. and this is a global effort to support ukraine. nearly a 140000 an i tank systems. more than 600 tanks, nearly 500 artillery system. more than 600000 rounds of artillery ammunition, as well as advanced multiple launch rock and systems and i ship systems and air
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defense systems. and again, the united states is leading the way we provide a ukraine with nearly $7000000000.00 in security systems. since i took office the next few days, we intend on hours more than 800000000 more including new advance western air defense system, ukraine. more artillery ammunition counter battery radars, additional ammunition for the high mars multiple launch rockets as and we've already given ukraine and more high mars coming from other countries as well. we're also welcome for the 1st time our partners in a pacific to participate in the nato summit. as i indicated to put in this would be his action would call world wide response. bringing together democratic allies and partners from the atlantic and the pacific to focus on the challenges of matter to our future. and to defend the rules based order against the challenges. including
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from china. the g 7 and germany were also launched was started off to be the bill back better notion, but it's morphed into the partnership for global infrastructure investment to offer developing a middle income countries, better options to meet their urgent infrastructure needs. because when the united states and g 7 countries put skin in the game, it help bray helps bring millions of dollars up to by 4. it's all over up to possibly a trillion dollars of private sector money off the sidelines. $600000000000.00 in jest, the next few years. unlike china, these projects will be done transparently. and with very high standards. for example, u. s. government. just facilitate a new partnership between 2 american firms and the government of angola to invest $2000000000.00. building a significant solar project in angola. it's a partnership with help and goal lamita's,
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climate goals and energy needs while creating new markets for american technologies and good jobs. excuse me, in and goal is you heard me say before and i think climate, i think jobs and the g 7 also said we'd work together to take on china's abusive and course of trade practices and rid our supply change of products made with forced labor. we task our teams to work on the details of the price cap on russian oil to drive down prudence revenues without hurting americans and others of the gas pump. we'll seek to use the funds from the tariffs on russian goods to help ukraine rebuild. we're committed, we've committed more than 4500000000 more than half of that from the united states to address food insecurity. and the immediate crisis caused by the russian war. at every step of this trip, we set down
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a marker of unity determination. deep capabilities of the democratic nations of the world to do what needs be done. couldn't thought he could break the transatlantic alliance. he tried to weaken us. he expected resolved to fracture, but his getting exactly what he did not want. he wanted the fender zation of nato. he got the nato, a zation of finland. think about this. that's what he thought. now, nato and sweden are closer than ever to join. this will occur we're, we're more united in that. and with the addition of federal, sweden will be stronger than ever they have serious military. both of them were in increased the nato border by 800 miles along the finish russian border. sweden is all in the point is we're meeting the goals i set out. when
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we 1st the 1st g 7 meeting, we're moving to a place that reflects the realities of the 20, the 2nd quarter of the 21st century. and we're, we're on the verge of making significant progress. now i'd be happy to take your questions. and 1st question i'm told is darlene super bill from the associated press to president to questions please? course america is back was your motto at the 1st nato summit. last year and you've come to this summit here and the one in germany after the u. s. supreme court overturned constitutional protections for abortion. after the shootings in buffalo and texas, at a time of record inflation and as new pulling this week, shows that 85 percent of the u. s. public thinks the country is going in the wrong direction. how do you explain this to those people who feel the country is going in
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the wrong direction, including some of the leaders you've been meeting with this week? who think that when you put all of this together, it amounts to in america that is going backward. they do not think that you haven't found one person. one world leader to say america is going back. america is better position the lead the world than we ever have been. we have the strongest economy in the world. our inflation rates are lower than other nations in the world. the one thing that has been destabilizing is the outrageous behavior of the supreme court of united states. and over ruling not only roe v wade, but essentially challenging the right to privacy. we've been a leader in the world in terms of personal rights and privacy rights. and it is a mistake in my view for the supreme court do what i did. but i have not seen anyone come up to may do anything other than nor have you heard them say anything
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other than. thank you for america's leadership. you've changed the dynamic of nato in the g 7. so i, i can understand why the american people are frustrated because of what the supreme court did, i can understand why the american people are frustrated because of inflation. but inflation is higher in almost every other country. prices and pump are higher in almost every other country. we're better position to deal with this in any one, but we have a way to go. and the supreme court, we have to change that decision by codified robi way. there were some comments by some of your counterparts after the u. s. supreme court ruling. but my 2nd question is g 7 leaders this week pledge to support ukraine quote, for as long as it takes. and i'm wondering if you would explain what that means to the american people, for as long as it takes doesn't mean indefinite support from the united states or ukraine. or will there come a time when you have to say to president lensky, that the united states cannot support his country any longer. thank you. we're
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going to support your great, as long as it takes look at the impact that war on ukraine has had on russia. they've had to renege on their national debt for the 1st time since the beginning, almost well over a 100 years. they've lost 15 years of the games they made in terms of their economy . they're in a situation where they're having trouble because of my position of, of dealing with what can be exported to russia in terms of technology. they can even, you know, they're having to, they're going to have trouble maintaining oil production because they don't have the technology to do it. they need american technology. and they're also in a similar, similar situation in terms of their weapon systems and some of their military systems. so they're paying a very, very heavy price for this. and just today the snake island has now taken over
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by the by the ukrainians. so we're going to stick with ukraine and all of the allies to stick with ukraine, as long as it takes to, in fact, make sure that they are not defeated by, by ukraine m issues in ukraine, by, by, by russia. and by the way, think of this, ukraine has already dealt a severe blow to russia. russia, in fact, has already lost its international standing rushes in a position where the whole world look at and say, wait a minute. all this effort you tried to take the whole country. you tried to take, keep you lost, you've tried to take the dom boss and all of it. you haven't done that yet. the generic point is that we're supplying them with a capacity. and they overwhelming courage. they've demonstrated that in fact, they can continue to resist the russian aggression. and so i don't know what,
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how it's going to end, but it will not end with a brush and the feet of ukraine in ukraine. supposed to go down the list here. jim new york jim tank is the new york times mister president. thank you. this we, you and g 7 allies introduced a plan for an oil price cap for russian exports, which is not yet filled out. and obviously, is a response to the high price of gasoline and that states and around the world. are you confident that that cap would bring down prices for american drivers? and how long as it expect fair to expect american drivers to continue to pay a premium? because of this, for the 2nd part of the question was, would it bring down the price will bring down prices and the war has pushed prices
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up. they could go as high as $200.00 a barrel. some analysts think, how long is it fair to expect american drivers and drivers around the world to pay that premium for this war? as long as it takes a rush, it can not, in fact, defeat ukraine and move beyond ukraine. this is a critical, critical position for the world. here we are. why do we have nato? i told prudent that, in fact, if we were to move, we would move to strengthen nato. we would move to strengthen us, strengthen nato, across the board. look, let me explain the, the price i suggested a while ago that we should consider doing is putting a cap on the amount of money that we would pay for the world would pay for russian oil. and that we would not, there would, we would not provide the west rise. insurance would not insure russian ships carrying oil. we would not provide insurance for them so they would have great
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difficulty getting customers. the point is that we've said to them, here's the deal. we're going to allow you to have a profit on what you make, but not the exorbitant prices that you're charging for the oil. now we've that we've delegated a commission or a group of art. osh sherpa our nasa security people to sit down and work out that mechanism. we think it can be done. we think it could be done, and it would drive down the price of oil, and we're drive down the price of gasoline as well. in addition, in addition at home, i have also called for changes we've, i've released a 1000000 barrels of oil per day from our or a reserve. and in addition to getting other nations to move forward, a total of 240000000 barrels of oil to release from the strategic petroleum reserve . number one, number 2, i've asked congress, would they in fact go and,
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and they temporarily and the tax on gasoline at the pump. and thirdly, to ask the states to do the same thing. if we do these things as estimated, we could bring down to morrow. if they congress agreed and the states agreed, we could bring down the price of oil, bought a dollar a gallon at the pump in that range. and so we could have immediate relief in terms of the reduction of the, of the, of the elimination of temporary elimination of the gas tax. and so i think there's a lot of things we can do and we will do. but the bottom line is, ultimately the reason why gas prices are up is because of russia, russia, russia, russia, the reason why the food crisis exist is because of russia, russia not allowing grain to get out of ukraine. and so that's the,
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that's the way in which i think we should move and i think it would have a positive impact on the price of the pump as well. ah jordan fabian bloomberg. thank you miss. all right, they thank you, mr. president. i also have 2 questions for you. course. thanks. the 1st one is on, on turkey. what assurances if any, did you make to present air to one about is requests for new f, 16 jets for his military. what i said was, i said back in december, as you recall, we should sell them the f. 16 jets in the modernize those jets as well. it's not an interest not to do that. and i indicated to them that i've not changed my position at all since december, and there was no quid pro quo or that there's just it we should sell what i need
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congressional approval to be able to do that. and i think we can get that my, my 2nd question is on your trip to saudi arabia, which is coming up next month. i, as we just discussed, americans are paying almost $5.00 a gallon nationally on average for gas. so do you expect to ask the crown prince of the king to increase oil production? and if so, how will you balance that with your desire to hold them accountable for their human rights abuses? well 1st of all, that's not the, the purpose of the trip of the purpose of the trip of my 1st while i'm starting off on that trip in. and israel mom and the israelis are believe is really important that i make to trip on. and in addition to that,
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what we're trying to do is this is t set as the gulf states plus 3. and so i'm sure that is in saudi arabia, but it's not about saudi arabia. it's in saudi arabia. and so there's no commitment that has been made, or i'm not even sure. i guess i will see the, the king and the crown france, but vestment, that's not the meeting i'm going to, they'll be part of a much larger median. and what we're talking about and dealing with that trip, is that before i go, i'm, as i said, going to israel to meet with israel is leaders to affirm m breakable bond. israel in united states have, can part of the purpose is the chip, the middle east is the deep and israel's integration of the region, which i think we're going to be able to do. and which is the good, good for peace and good for is israeli security. and that's why israel leaders of
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come out so strongly for my going to saudi. but the overall p series, we're also going to try to reduce the desson and the war that occur in yemen. there's a whole range of things that go well beyond and the having to do with saudi. in particular, if you were to see the crown prince of the king, would you ask them to increase oil production? no, i'm not. can ask, i'm ask, there's the, all the gulf states media. i've indicated to them that i thought that should be increase, you know, production generically not to the saudi is particularly and i think we're gonna, i hope we see them in their own interest concluding that makes sense to do. and i know they have real concerns about a, about what's going on in, in iran and other places in terms of their security as well. all of them um
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to rina wall street journal. thank you mister president. i'm going to keep the trend and also asked 2 questions . if that's ok. one on the summit and one domestic questions on the summit. you just said that there would be another round of security assistance for ukraine, after hearing presidents lensky assessment that the war needs to and before the winter. are you changing your calculation in terms of the pace of the assistance and what kind of assistance you're sending to, you know, the work it in tomorrow by the way of russia, stops, is irrational behavior. so you know, when the whirl and i hope it in, sooner than later, but for the end, do they have to be in a position where is the the ukrainians have all that they can reasonably expect we can raise will make sure to get to them in order to prepaid for provide further physical security and their defenses. and so one does
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not relate to the other, they need it, we're going to be providing another i guess i'll announce shortly, but another $800000000000.00 a $100000000.00 in aid for additional web re including you know, weapons including air defense system as well. as offensive weapons, i have a whole list of be happy to give you, but that's the next trash is going to occur. and on the de the domestic question, sir. what further specific executive actions are you considering in response to the ruling? and would you declare a public health emergency as several democrats are calling on you to deal? i'll be happy to go in detail with you on that. and i'm having a meeting with a group of governors when i get home on friday, and i'll have announcements to make them. but the 1st and foremost thing we should
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do is make it clear how outrageous this decision was and how much it impacts my chest on woman's right to choose, which is a critical critical piece. but i'm privacy generally on privacy generally. and so i'm going to be talking to, to the governors as to what actions they think i should be taken as well. and, but the, but most important thing to be clear about is we have to change. i believe we have to codify roe v wade in the law and the way to do that is to make sure the congress votes to do that. and if the filibuster gets in the way, it's like voting rights. it should be, we provide an exception for this. they accept the require an exception to filibuster for this action to deal with the supreme court decision. hang i go one more here. kelly o'donnell, and be say. thank you mr. president. well,
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you just made some new saying you would support changing the filibuster rules to codify abortion rights broadly across the country. right to privacy is not just the brochures, but yes, abortion rights. can you describe for us, sir? many americans are grappling with this. what is your sense to day about the integrity and the impartiality of the supreme court? should americans have confidence in the court as an institution and your views on abortion, have evolved in your public life? are you the best messenger to carry this forward? when democrats, many of them, many progressives want you to do the i am, i'm the president united states of america. that makes me the best messenger. and i really think that it's a serious, serious, ah, problem that the court has thrust upon united states. not just in terms of the
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right to choose, but in terms of right to who you can marry the right a whole range of issues related to privacy and a, i have a written way back a number. oh lord, your articles about 9th amendment and the end of the 14th amendment. why that privacy is considered as part of a constitutional guarantee. ah, and they've just wiped it all out. and so i'm the only president they got and i'm feel extremely strong that i'm going to do everything in my power, which i legally can do in terms of executive orders, as well as push the congress and the public. the bottom line here is if you care the point that is correct, and you think this decision by the court was an outrage or a significant mistake. vote show up and vote vote in the off year and
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vote vote vote. that's how we'll change. all right guys, i know there's no such thing as a quick when i'm out of here. thank you all very much. and that was you as president joe biden, speaking in madrid at the close of the nato summit. here with me in the studio is our political correspondent, julius al delhi and there at the summit in madrid is our correspondent terry short . so terry, let's go to you 1st the u. s. president there giving a lengthy news conference. some of it dealt with the u. s domestic policy, but of course it was primarily focused on nato. and what's happening in ukraine. give us your impressions. well, certainly president biden is very determined to continue supporting ukraine. he says, as long as it takes, and this was in response to questions about basically the potential for domestic fatigue in the united states, but also in other countries with for example,
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the high price of fuel that it can be blamed on the war in ukraine to some extent, and he said, you know, people are just going to have to deal with these higher prices to deal with these inconveniences. because we simply cannot let russia when this war, he says, you know, it, it, it is nato's own us survival. that's at stake here. really, the president, a russian president vladimir putin, will not stop at ukraine if he's allowed to roll on through if we don't help ukraine push russia back. so this was a, my main takeaway is how adamant he was. that there may be a domestic price to pay for him politically, but he is not backing down at this point. thus for sure, the us presence said that war will not end with russia defeating with the russian defeat of ukraine. terry, what did we hear from joe? biden, in terms of further military support for ukraine and also the u. s. pastor towards russia. yes,
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he mentioned that ukraine will be getting another $800000000.00 for weapons purchase as he sort of seem like he wasn't really supposed to say that. but then went ahead and confirmed at the united states, of course, has given billions now to ukraine for, for weapons purchases and increasingly more modern weapons. and that's something that we also heard at this nato summit. you know, at 1st they rushed ukraine. these, this old soviet stock that many countries had is sort of rotting away and at which ukrainians knew how to use without the most updated training. now, not only have has that equipment of been destroyed, it's run out of ammunition because nobody makes it any more. so this is something that certainly the ukrainians will be looking for this money to buy new up to date . and what secretary generally and still timber calls, nato grade equipment. so these will be welcome words for the ukrainians, but president biden also spent a lot of time, basically did trashing russia and saying that, you know, the, the war isn't going the way russia wanted. but neither is the domestic economy that
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president putin over over estimated his ability to go in and take ukraine, and that his country is suffering as a result of all the resources being put into that war. we do know that the economy is, is suffering. so it's certainly not it consumers around the rest of the world who are paying the highest price for this war. but yes, president biden certainly wasn't showing any signs whatsoever that he is fatigued with having to support the ukrainians against russia. julia, we heard president biden there extolling the virtues of nato and describing the article 5 collective defense clause within nato, as sacred. he also praised a number of nato countries who goof stuffed up to the plate, mentioning germany above all, tell us more about that. as we've heard by an already earlier in the week when he was at the g 7 summit hosted by germany praising chance or all of charles and the german government to really stepping up in the face of russia's aggression against
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ukraine. german parliament having approved 100000000000 euros special fund to invest in germany's military, germany, delivering weapons to ukraine, something that was unthinkable of before. and today in his press conference, german chancellor olive chunks also committing a new troops, new equipment to nato's a rapid response operation. to strengthen the eastern flank, also more involved in on land, but also in the air and at sea. and this shows that germany is really committed to nato and to supporting the alliance. and just back to you, terry, very briefly. so we can wrap up here. you've been covering that some that you've been covering native for a long time. give us your final thoughts on this pivotal nato summit. they always say the summits are going to be monumental,
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pivotal most important summit in nato history. but i have to say that after covering many of them, we did truly see more tangible changes in nato's posture than i've ever seen in the years that i've been covering the alliance. and i mean the numbers are really staggering. when you look at what they have been able to, to gather together, when you look at the rapid response, forest going up from 40000, now to more than 300000. and this is something that all 30 allies soon perhaps to be $32.00 allies are contributing to they're all being asked to put at the, at the hands of the supreme allied commander. what resources they have that could be deployed in 3 days in 10 days. in 30 days, and that's how you get to this more than $300000.00 germany itself saying is going to be putting $15000.00 at the hands of the of the rapid reaction force. we have never seen something like this before. a sort of force generation conference, or our operation that didn't require a lot of, of,
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of pushing and pulling by nato to, to remind allies why this was important to their own. well being. this is something that has been made perfectly obvious by russian president vladimir putin invasion of ukraine. and i have to say that this time when they say that they're unified on this. i go along with terry. thank you very much. our correspondent terry schultz there at the nato summit in madrid. thank you very much. and here julia, so deli or political correspondent, thank you very much. both of you are, you are watching the news life from her live. thanks for being with this is it of the near space? you're coming up to date, a leader from a dictators family takes paula in democratic philippines. is an alteration mixed with the official, but not marco's junior stages of dramatic political comeback, but his tarnished family brand. once synonymous with brutality and corruption.


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