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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  June 30, 2022 4:30pm-4:46pm CEST

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of religious and political power struggles. interesting christianity wants to come from. that is why christianity use the figure of the gym and it's a history of slander of hatred and violence. a 3rd of our people were exterminated $6000000.00 jews, like microbes to be annihilated even 77 years after the holocaust hatred towards jews is still pervasive. the history of anti semitism starts july 2nd on d. w with this is the dublin years facia, coming up to date, a leader from a dictate us family, takes power in democratic philippines. is in operation makes it official, but not marco's junior stages of dramatic political comeback, but his tarnished family brand once synonymous with brutality and corruption
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plus record breaking temperature sports. tokyo officials are calling on people to safety, electricity as best as they can. i made a power supply crunch. ah, i'm british manager, welcome to the dublin news asia. glad you could join us. sharon crowds in the philippines have witnessed the inauguration of a dictator, son as their president, for a band macros junior, also known as bung bung. macos took the oath of office 36 years after his father's brutal dictatorship was ended by a people power revolt. excellent, ladies and gentlemen, the president of the republic of the philippines president, ferdinand rome, wild is marcos junior. ah. and with that the rehabilitation of the marcos family in the philippines was complete. the new
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president praised the legacy of his father ferdinand costs for accomplishing many things. he promised to emulate him and made his own promises to the people. we are presently growing up a comprehensive all inclusive plan for economic transformation. we will build but better by doing things in the light of the experiences that we have had both good and bad. it doesn't matter. but it does matter, especially for those that suffered under the dictatorship of the president's father . marco senior's rule from the seventy's to the mid eighties was marked by enforced disappearances, torture and police brutality, the victims number in the thousands, the families they left behind even more. and they are determined to tell younger generations about a dictator. no one wanted, and the lasting damage he left behind loved ones
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like candles in honor, or is alina logan. she disappeared 45 years ago, during the reign of philippine dictator for the non marco senior. this wall of remembrance has the names of more than 300 people who fought against the dictatorship. would have been rizza lena, 68th birthday. her family gathered at the wall to commemorate her courage. she fought against the dictatorship. she thought that that was her obligation as a young filipino to join the sensible when ralene is older, brother bonafide sio was imprisoned for 2 years in torture. during marco's reign, he wrote articles for an underground newspaper and poetry, opposing the dictatorship. marco senior rural, the philippines from the mid 1960 s to the mid eighties. almost half of it under martial law. thousands of people were tortured, murdered, or disappeared. by now,
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more than 3 decades after marco's was ousted, his son and namesake has become president. it's a nightmare ah, seeing the son of the dictator become the 17th president of the philippines, it's unimaginable. one of the reasons marco's one, the election is a massive social media is information campaign that whitewashed, his father's record. the majority of filipino voters really born after that of cater ship are too young at the time to remember in the store. the repressive regime is barely address in the school here. i'm glad i know my kennedy my on my pick, our news out this small privately funded museum, is trying to fill that gap. i read the soil is about to graduate from high school. she's part of a group of students learning about through tally of the marco,
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senior regime, her in quite on final to share a lot. and for me, so the other people, especially in my age, i'm missing from nissan. beans are and is spreading across her internet. her session, when a foss, jojo logan says survivors of the atrocities cannot give up on it, is incumbent upon us to connect with the young silva and our stories, and encourage them to keep up the fight. a fight to make sure what really happened in the philippines is preserved in that history is never again repeated. but a part of it is being repeated. the dictator, son is now president journalist and i santos joins me now for me on this. and i, filipinos overthrew marco senior dictatorship in 1986. and now they have elected his son president. how the rash i would explain the victory of mark
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or junior to what i would call on holy trinity. or the interlocking of 3 factors. the 1st being this massive well funded misinformation campaign mounted on platforms like you to facebook and popular blogs. now not only are these platforms and very difficult to regulate, but these are boosted through add an algorithm that push them on our to our speed until they bleed into our consciousness. secondly, there's also the, his media engagement strategy. so market junior be used to engage in any political debate, or he refused to give me the interviews, journey, and campaign. he said this is because he didn't want to cause any more fracture. and the already divided society. but the only thing that it succeeded in doing was
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preventing journal from questioning him critical path. i really needed to, marcia know, or his future plans for the philippines and last the business. but it's got alliance with that that there with now the vice president, she's the daughter of president that there there who for the most part remained until the president. so when you look at the intersections, at least 3 factors, it's like a master class. in how you manufacture lies that look like the true and above all marco's also said of his father. the da gratian today, i good. he got it done sometimes with the needed support sometimes without so would it be with his son. what does that mean for filipinos? what can they expect from bungling marco says government. i was listening to the garrison and reviewing his transcript beach over and over again. and i saw many times that he kept the markets junior, kept on saying, we have to look to the future. we can no longer look to the past. if we want to
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move forward as a nissan, he's brought this many times except when he would refer to the pass achievement of his father. but i will tell you that it does not a lot like marshal. now, over the last couple of weeks we've seen warrantless arrest namely of over 8 the german, this activists and farmers for participating in a peaceful ceremony protest. there was also the shop down of many progressive media outlets, including latin, benoit weekly. and just yesterday, the authorities held up its decision to pro wrap the news outlet that was founded by nobel bar. yes, maria. so anyway, i've been, you know, very good because of the ministration but not marginal law. and it feels like the last 6 years under that there, there. and it's quite killing briefly. and his most immediate challenge is an economy better by coven headwinds. he's promised to improve the situation. but how
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will that happen? you know, a lot of the comic analysts i've been speaking to the last couple of days are wondering the same thing and again, referencing, you know, his and i'll get on the market junior, made the reference to a promise for economic transformation. that's what he called it, but then still now there is no comprehensive plan for economic recovery. he did knowledge that the economy is back there and you know, by the global pandemic, by also the war and ukraine or something of this magnitude. we need something more concrete than a promise of just cannot make transformation to us. we leave it there. thanks so much for joining us today. ah, japan has been sweltering under a heat bed. that's broken all records with the temperature soaring and no rain inside. hospital admissions have been rising as millions of japanese done on their air conditioning to stay cool. fails of an electricity shortage. are growing
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authorities and the talker edgar have already asked residence to conserve energy to avoid a looming park out. the sun is relentless. the heat record breaking. and what's worse, the rains have ended. much of japan would normally be experiencing rainy season at this time of year. but the meteorological agency now says that for tokyo and other parts, it's already over at war get bung. it's too soon for the rainy season to end. i expected an early end to the season and i've been extra vigilant. staying hydrated and wearing a cap when going out. temperatures in tokyo top 35 degrees celsius, 195 degrees fahrenheit, 4 days in a row. the brutal heat outdoors is driving more people indoors, but that's causing other problems. with air cons being switched on around the
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country, electricity demand a soaring in the tokyo area. power reserves are already running dangerously low authorities, asking people to cut back to help avoid possible power outages fits being owning our. we call our businesses and household leak. when are you to save as much electricity as possible, especially during the evening hours warning, i stayed. many businesses have he did the call. display screens went black in the financial district. and many officers switched off their main lights and closed off elevators to save power. temperatures are forecast to stay and record high is for at least another week. for those who can't avoid the sizzling heat, that will mean trying to stay cool by whichever means possible. and from all this i'm drawn by journalists. sonya blushed her in tokyo. sonia we're talking of temperatures in the mid thirty's for talker and we understand this is
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highly unusual. how are people coping? and yes, like you said, it's very unusual for this time of year. we've had the earliest end of a rainy season. it took you ever, and people are coping usually by using this air conditioning without good. it's very hard, especially at night to sleep. then there's lots of cooling products like little sheets that you can put on your body to crew yourself or, and salted candy. also very useful and then you've got the traditional methods of fans, of course, and very traditional, even from the 8th periods, a little belt. the wind makes a 1000 and when you hear the sound, you're supposed to feel cooler. so that's what so now you're certainly very well prepared, but the government is also wanting to refer power shortages. does it have a plan to meet the extra demand? i think the simple fact that they actually ask people to switch off the lights and
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so on. means that they haven't really got a short term plan the, the mid to long term plan i think is gonna be to return to nuclear power. i mean, a lot of their plans have been idle since schumer and i think we'll be seeing more restarts in the mid to long term dallas, nebraska, that reporting from taco. with that it's wrapped for today as ever, these mo, from the region on our website. the w dot com forward slash asia into your back death morrow at the same time to play with sh, understand that i want that tag. and in the end the some me, you are not locked up to you anymore. we will send you back. are you familiar with this with the smugglers with lions of the what's your story
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from. ready he wasn't, i was women, especially victims of vine and seen a lot of them take part and send us your story. the chain always to understand this new culture. so you are not a visitor now the guests. you want to become a citizen in full migrants, your platform for reliable information oh, staff shortages are causing chaos at europe's airports. are foreign workers, a solution that's germany's plan, but contempt really be trained and put into place fast enough to save the summer travel season. also on the show ukrainian refugees, they're searching for jobs across europe. some job markets have more to offer than
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others will visit croatia and ferdinand marco's junior takes office as president of the philippines. can he keep the country on its recovery track? and what about some of his more populous promises? hello, welcome to the show. i'm from beardsley in berlin. it's good, have you with us. the german government says it will fast track the arrival of foreign workers to plug in staffing gaps at airports of airports across the country . the workers mostly from turkey, will arrive on temporary contracts and be assigned to areas like baggage and check in. that's according to german ministers on wednesday, the workers will not be used for security however, which has a lengthy vetting process. staff shortages have led to long lines and frustrated passengers at airports across europe. during the busy summer travel season, andrea paid as a journalist and a long time reporter on the asian industry. under es, thanks for coming on the show. first, give us an overview.


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