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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  June 30, 2022 11:15pm-11:31pm CEST

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dynasties, that is a partnership that some feel with further reduce their freedom, making their life in the philippines even harder. and before we go, here's a quick look at our top story, this our nato leaders and then did a 3 day summit with a pledge to continue supporting ukraine, the committing to a significant increase in forces here in europe. the last day also focused on the global food. christ native leaders are blaming russia for rising food and energy prices. you want u d. w. news, my colleague rob watches up next with dw business news. i will see you again, right here on monday, 3 people and trucks injured one, trying to flee the city center. more and more refugees are being turned away. order families, involvement, taxes. the reason for the credit on it is we litigate administrative
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people fleeing extreme ross getting 200 people hassan from the agency around the world. more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge. yes. why? because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. d. w. laid for mines. ah, the white house calls it a devastating decision has supreme court ruling clips the powers of the us climate regulator. so what does it mean for america's energy sector?
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under pressure to help ease soaring energy prices, the opec plus oil cartel agrees to press ahead with moderate monthly output rises. as for non non mark us junior, takes office as president of the philip philippines. can he keep the countries economic recovery on track? it's either we business on robots in berlin. welcome to the program. now it's a blow for jo biden's efforts to turn the u. s. economy green. the supreme court has curb the powers of the country's top environmental regulator. the court's ruling restricts the environmental protection agency's authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. the decision also throws up the possibility of further limitations on the president's power to intervene elsewhere on environmental policy. i'm put into doubt biden's plans to push businesses to act in an environmentally responsible manner. the white house says it's
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a devastating decision that aims to take the country backwards. for more on this, i'm joined by louise osborne from d. w. environment in the syria. iler is thanks a lot for join harrison. can you just explain to wasn't a bit more detailed. exactly. what's happened here. ok, so this is a decision that is going to make jo biden's life even more difficult than it already is. it's basically limiting the government's ability to tackle climate change. it limits the power of the environmental protection agency to curb carbon emissions from power plants. it basically the supreme court made the ruling that the e p a had no competence to make this decision by themselves or to, to do this by themselves. and that only congress had that competence. quite a lot of sort of yeah, legal wrangler going on that. but what does this actually mean ultimately for businesses in the us? ok, well if you're running a power plant, obviously this is great news for you. for everybody else. there are companies that
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have invested a lot in green, changing their company to be more green. for example, this is going to be bring a real atmosphere of uncertainty for them. they'll want to know what's going to happen next, who is really in charge, who is making the decisions that there is also a limit that is being put on the federal government and what they can bring forward . and this could run to anything from standards about clean air, water, consumer protections, banking workplace safety. so this really has wide implications as a precedent, doesn't it? so that's for businesses, but presumably their implications well beyond that as well. for the environment, for example, i mean the u. s. is the 2nd largest emitter and any curb on that, it's ability to reduce its carbon emissions are going to have implications for everybody. president trump, for example, had already abandoned the paris agreement, which would, is the global effort to reduce temperatures,
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to well below $1.00 degree since grade celsius. sorry. and before like above, pre industrial levels. and president biden brought the u. s. back in. and this is going to be a problem in terms of them trying to keep their company emissions low so that they can meet their goals under the parts agreement, supreme court, not too popular with the, by the ministration at the moment. so i thought, well, louise osborne from d w environment. thank you very much for bringing us up. take takes the oil cartel. opec and its allies will increase daily output by 648000 barrels of oil in august as announced on thursday. opec plus is it's known which includes saudi arabia, russia, and other major producers is sticking to a plan of moderate increases despite growing cause to counter rising fuel prices by raising out by more light boost is expected to do little really,
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to relieve the energy fuel inflation plaguing the global economy across to our financial correspondence in new york to the australia on this teddy or is there any reason to believe that the soaring energy prices that the u. s. among all, many, all manner of countries is experiencing it goes, be brought under control anytime soon. these short and unfortunate answer is no concerns still loom despite these promises to up production, the war in ukraine in the global supply chain. disruption have really wrecked havoc on the energy supply. the problem at hand is whether or not opec plus can actually meet its promises. now, we just saw a report yesterday that it is failed to meet its quota as by about 3000000 barrels a day. that's quite significant. earlier this month they had promised to up their production by more than had been anticipated. now in 2020 actually when there was
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the demand shock of these countries have struggled to up their production since and go beyond what's needed right now. so concerns, yes, there, they're still looming in terabyte in is to, to visit saudi arabia during july, another or a big producer of oil was having to achieve during the visit. well, the u. s. is struggling with these high prices just like everyone else, the biden administration would like to lower them. and this is, he's going to saudi arabia in july, as you said, despite the political tensions between the 2 countries. yeah, he's actually getting some criticism for it. but why? well, we just were talking about the countries that can't meet their quota as those are countries such as nigeria and angola. well, saudi arabia and u, a. e, they are the only countries that have the spare capacity to actually increase oil production. however,
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that spare capacity is shrinking so even after this they may struggle. okay, to the, the new york stock exchange for us. thank you very much for bringing up to date on that. let's look at some of the other global business stories making news around the world. ukraine has received a loan of a $446000000.00 from the world bank. united kingdom has agreed to guarantee almost the entire amount. the country's finance ministry says that on a set on thursday, the funds would be used to pay public sector employees. amazon is limiting purchases of emergency contraceptives to 3 units per week in the united states. the decision comes after the supreme court overturned a long standing ruling that declared abortion a constitutional right. amazon says it aims to prevent retailers from stockpiling birth control products, visors. german partner biotech says the to pharmaceutical companies will start
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testing a new corona, virus vaccine on humans. this year the shot has been designed to protect against a wide variety of corona viruses. they have universal dose or better protect against on the chron and it's various. now ferdinand marcos junior has taken office as president of the philippines marking the return of the country's most infamous family to its highest office. marcus used his inaugural address to say he wanted to talk about the future, not the past. for the countries economy, that means recovery from the pandemic and a battle against inflation. you know gratian of ferdinand marco's junior marks and astounding return for the son, whose father was ousted from office 36 years ago. but in his inaugural address, the new president instead focused on post pandemic, economic revival hours was the fastest growing economy in us, ian my ways. now all they did, i want to build on success that's already happening. we will be presenting the
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public with a comprehensive infrastructure plan 6 years could be just about enough time. no part of our country will be neglected. mark, also known as bumble, won a clear victory thanks to a massive social media campaign. he succeeded in casting his father's era in a positive light, despite the murder and torture of those who opposed his government. the new market is inheriting a growing economy. the government expects to expand gdp up to 9 percent this year. but while the country may be emerging from its covert, downturn, filipinos struggling amid rampant inflation. much like elsewhere, rising prices and energy shortages, a wreaking havoc, michael vital challenges. the new president will be hard pressed to address that
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germany has seen a visible uptake in its latest jobless figures. jew to ukrainian refugees. may them are registering as jobs seek as pushing germany's unemployment rate up by less than half a percentage points to 5.3 percent in gene countries. federal labor offices, as the number of been employed increased by a 133000 across the job market. saw in a variety of states in croatia as an especial especially strong need for workers. that's why that's partially why ukrainians are being well. summer, her son and the see here on the coast of history in croatia. the hospitality industry expect so record season this year. oh, lena collier cova fled the war in ukraine. now she already has work as a waitress here, i guess bob murphy, people they ought to climb. they understand the situation. then it was nice on that
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to me from ukraine, even they help us. even they see that i some seen her from god. arlena has been working here for a month, and she's already learned some correlation to very important for all of us who are problem ukraine. because the week if have an opportunity to walk into the money. and we are in, in a pace who plays the hotel as welcome ukrainian workers for years it's been struggling to find staff situation has dramatically changed. so it's changing rapidly, especially now industry. the few reasons for that, for some people from croatia moved out to germany to ireland. ah, some people are definitely changed their probation sonia was forced to leave ukraine because of the war. she was the 1st to be housed here in cory, nita,
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and helps other ukrainians look for work with a lot of people agreed do ever seem because don't want stay in their home, but douglas and general hospital and of course need to do something on. meanwhile cassini, a husband hired as a refugee coordinator by the local authorities senior, doesn't plan on staying here. she wants to return to her family and ukraine. so croatia might have to find other solutions to fill it. skilled workers shortage. that's all from us cuz i ah often it is just to raise a blade that destroys women's lives. although genital mutilation is forbidden in france. many women are affected. what can be done about it?
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the gynecologist had a hot tim and her women's shelter fight against this brutal ritual to focus on d. w. oh is the end of the pandemic in site. we show what it could look like return to normal. and we visit those who are finding it difficult with successes in weekly coping 19 special in 60 minutes on d. w. o. a davinci,
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mysterious masterpiece. this perhaps the greatest leonardo masterpiece in the collection of the louvre and no, it is not the mona lisa. it is the virgin of the rocks, 2 versions, multiple copies, and a hidden drawing. was there another symbolic meaning to this beautiful painting that perhaps we just don't understand? the search for answers starts july 7th on d, w a . hello and welcome to focus on europe. thanks for joining us today. now.


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