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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 1, 2022 1:00am-1:16am CEST

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i mean her winning season starts july 6th with this is dw news live from berlin. the u. s. supreme court deals a blow to the by the administration's fight against climate change. it rules that the country's environmental protection agency does not have the power to cap emissions from coal plants. also coming up russia abandoned
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a strategic island. it took from ukraine at the start of the war, pending back snake island in the black sea. after months of heavy fighting and the mystery of portugal vanishing sea horses, these waters were once home to the large, the world's largest population of sea horses will look at why the fish have now all but disappeared. ah, i'm only a niece of welcome to the program. the u. s. supreme court has ruled that america's environmental protection agency does not have the authority to limit greenhouse gas emissions from coal fired power plants. the ruling by the courts. conservative majority marks a setback in the biden ministrations, fight against climate change, means the white house will now have to work through a deeply divided congress in its battle to curb emissions another week. another
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u. s. supreme court ruling with far reaching consequences. this one concerns coal fired power plants and the extent to which the us environmental protection agency can force them to quote, emissions. the court ruled that the environmental protection agency is not authorized to make decisions which such serious economic and political implications . today the court put the fossil fuel industries and interests over the over their own people. and that is, that's actually horrible. there is so much consensus right now that the climate crisis is our number one issue and the fact that we're already not doing enough u. s. president joe biden wants to make the u. s. a climate change leader. the plan was to make electricity generation carbon neutral by 2035. but that was dependent on having the environmental protection agency behind it. instead,
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the court says it is now up to the congress to pass climate laws, but support there for biden is far from assured. and our washington correspondents to me. so misconduct says the ruling by the court deals a massive blow to you as president joe biden's plans to limit c o 2 emissions. it is hard to overstate the importance of this ruling from the supreme court. it severely limits the e. p, a, the environmental protection agency from regulating emissions from power plants. the supreme court saying here congress did not give a federal agency the right to regulate on big issues like climate change. and that power must rest with congress. but climate legislation isn't getting anywhere in congress where such legislation has been gridlocked. one of the very 1st things president biden did when entering office was to rejoin the paris climate agreement . he has made ambitious targets part of his administration's plans committing to reducing emissions by at least 50 percent this decade. the u. s. still really relies on fossil fuel class. they make up about
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a 4th of us greenhouse gas emissions. so the ability to rein in that production is very important to president by the climate plans and his ability to use a get executive power has been key so severely restricting the ability of the e p. a here to act is going to be a big blow to president biden, and his attempts to make progress on global warming. and this all comes, i should say, as the countries witnessing devastating weather patterns that scientists attribute to global warming. things like massive heat waves, a droughts, wildfires, and flooding, and the disappointment can be sense beyond the u. s. as well. the united nations are saying today in a statement that it doesn't provide commentary on issues in individual member states, but said quote, we can say that this is a setback in our fight against climate change. when we are already far off track meeting the goals of the paris agreement, so blow a generally to global efforts to curve global warming. nato has ended its summit today with a tougher line on russia and had promised to increase true presence in europe. the
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meeting and spain also concluded with 2 countries, finland and sweden officially invited to become members of the military alliance. pomp and pageantry in madrid. leaders of the 30 major members states have tightened ranks against russia as an attack on one is attack at all, and we will defend every edge of nato territory. every edge of nato territory, for our part, united states is doing exactly what i said, we do it prudent, invaded it hats, our forest posture, your nato agreed on a new strategy, ending any pretence of partnership with russia. then that's like the history. in fact, nato is a defense of alliance. it does not attack other countries and has no intention of doing so. for these, it is not a threat to any one in its own neighbourhood. i know, but in fact, it is pooty and who has made imperialism the goal. and the object of his policy is
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on up political mcdonald from kingston's unapologetic. while some members have announced new deliveries of weapons to ukraine and additional military funding of more than 2000000000 euros chief says it's simply not enough to catch co brothers who represented ukraine here in person in madrid. one that ukraine's fight is a fight for europe. wake up, guys. this happening now. you're going to be next. this is going to be knocking on you door. just in the blink of an eye. nato is also set to grow with the turkish veto against finland and sweden joining having been ironed out, vladimir putin, his warning heel can sit ascending, ballistic, and even nuclear weapons, to russia's border with finland. once it joins nato's ranks. treachery nature, unusually through everything was going fine between us actual, but now there will be tensions that are certainly well using it. this is obvious and inevitable. i repeat that though. if there is a threat to us and federalists and the most though us animal group, nato also drop plans against what it sees as coercive tactics by china. the leaders
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will meet again next summer in the lithuanian capital vilnius. russia says it has withdrawn its forces from ukraine, snake island in the black sea. moscow calls it a good will gesture that shows its not blocking ukrainian grain exports. snake island became a symbol of resistance at the start of the war when ukrainian soldiers rejected a russian warships demand to surrender. i asked you to be as nic connelly and key of what the russian withdraw from snake island means for ukraine's grant exports. are 1st of all, i think, hearing you great least no one really believed that russian claim that they were, this was a good will gesture. it simply was feeling the heat from lots of western weapons and t at and to ship missiles that were preventing russians re supplies, they call and, and those rocket launchers, high miles from the u. s. that were enabling the cranes to hit the island from its own coasts, as for the grain exports and put it in, he does
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a lot because the main problem are still the mines, which there are lots in the northwestern part of black sea. and basically, as it is no private ship own is going to send their ships anywhere near ukrainian ports, even if the ukrainians began taking those mines away. and they don't wanna do that because they just don't trust russia to not take advantage of that situation and send in lots of ships trying take those cities on ukraine's go. so it basically means russia has fewer shops of trying to take even more of ukraine's territory. on the black sea, but as for people starting with high grain price around the world, they're gonna have to wait and for say, now to some of the other store is making headlines around the world. the remains of the independence hero of the democratic republic of congo. patrice the member, have been buried more than 60 years after his death. the member was assassinated in 1961 and his body dissolved in acid leaving only a single gold plated tooth. well that tooth was taken to belgium from where it was repatriated last week. my new congee,
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brown jackson has made history becoming the 1st black woman sworn in as u. s. supreme court justice. 51 year old replaces stephen briar. who is retiring. justice is remain on the bench for life or until they choose to step down. in 3 longer hundreds of protesters have gathered outside columbus main train station. it's the latest mass rally aimed at toppling the government. and economic crisis is hitting living standards. schools have closed because of fuel shortages now to portugal, where scientists are sounding the alarm about the dwindling population of sea horses off the country's coast in just 20 years. their numbers in one estuary have fallen by some 96 percent. they re population effort called project seahorse is underway in hopes of halting the decline. the re a formosa lagoon, and southeastern portugal used to have one of the largest populations of sea horses
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in the world. but these tiny creatures are disappearing. isla meal haven't seen any sea horses here for months or rather years. think of nothing and they used to be everywhere to put the sea level is rising. salt is coming into the fresh water lagoon. a sea horses are leaving, but that's not the only threat of weakness themselves if they go to the main reason for the decline of the c horse population is man who has destroyed their habitats. would all we want to live with? the university of algarve research is the reasons for their dwindling numbers. it also breed c, horses in the lagoons at special protection zones until they are 2 years old. more than the much, the number of sea horses in the new protection zones is much greater. them outside of boats are not allowed in the protected areas, and fishing is prohibited. yet. park rangers still find squid cages like this one.
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if you stop rather good as an illegal fishing harms the see horses that discover because they get stuck in the cage's grandmother and they just die their business because we found this one and just such a cage. franklin peddler by 2030 portugal plans to expand its protections to include not only the re a formosa lagoon, but one 3rd of its marine territory. the ecuadorian government has signed a deal with indigenous leaders bringing an end to almost 3 weeks of protest that brought the country to a halt for that time period. the agreement which was mediated by the catholic church, has cut fuel prices to address protesters, anger over the rising cost of living. 5 civilians and one soldier have been killed so far in the unrest. poland has finished building
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a 200 kilometer wall along its border with bell roofs. construction of the barrier began us thousands of migrants from africa and the middle east attempted to cross the frontier last year. we have to stop 5 kilometers before the polish border with bella luce, where the restricted zone begins. we can't go further unless we have special permission and a traveling and a polish border guard vehicle towards the border where poland has almost finished its new wool. a wool against migrants from africa and the middle east trying to get to poland and onwards into the you. my little mission for my we have information from foreigners that they were encouraged on the belly mercy inside to try to cross the border illegally and continue on to germany. they were also promised that someone would help them get a job there. but 1st, they would have to cross the polish bell russian border, illegally collected guns at boscoe of yellow rosco 5 and a half meters high. and a 187 kilometers long. in may alone,
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there were more than $700.00 attempts to cross the border. the situation might be less dramatic than it was last fall before the wall was built. when hundreds of people were stranded at the border, but time and again, volunteers find groups in the woods on the polish side ordinance that held them. the main accusation against the polish border guards is that they are conducting illegal push backs and forcing people to illegally cross the border back into bell roosts. knowing that they faced torture and violence, their hero, he goes on in thought, a thought of salmon, colleena and other activists try to find the migrants before the border guards do and help them with asylum applications and provide 1st aid against neither, right? we have found people walking without shoes, their feet are often in a pitiful condition. we're kind of stagnant this can end in amputation to jump with that their business is slow in the bought a town of cushion eats because no day trippers are allowed into the restricted zone
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still most are in favor of strict border protection. yes. so does i feel safe? i don't see migrants here in kush needa and now with the wall, all the better of items you're putting. nobody needs to be built to make it safer to keep migrants from coming here able. i think once they are allowed to come in, the pals will thousands will fall of half. and it's dave call just to show sammy migration via bella ruth, to poland and then destination germany. in many cases, the root has found away despite the new wool. before we go, here's a quick look at our top story. this our the u. s. supreme court has issued a ruling limiting the powers of the u. s. environmental protection agency. in a $6.00 to $3.00 vote, the courts conservative majority said the energy regulator did not have the authority to cap greenhouse gas emissions from coal fired power plants. it's a blow to the biden ministrations, fight against climate change. a native leaders have ended a 3 day summit with
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a pledge to continue supporting ukraine. they're committing to a significant increase in forces in europe. the last day also focused on the global food crisis. nato leaders blamed russia for rising food and energy prices. that's all for now. up next. did the business with rob watts and another controversial ruling from the u. s. supreme court. don't forget you can go to our website d, w dot com for the latest news. round the clock. i mommy and isa from me and the rest of the team here. thanks for watching. sometimes books are more exciting than real life raring to read. ah, what if there's no.


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