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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  July 1, 2022 7:02am-7:31am CEST

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aah! this week at both the g sub and in need of some it's world leaders repeated their message, almost like a mantra. we will support ukraine against russia as long as it takes. there was applause in kiva forward by yet more requests for more weapons. no leader, not the head of nato, not the u. s. president. no one this week. offered a prediction for when this war could possibly end. and that is what voters on both sides of the atlantic want to note. polls suggest that they are not willing to wait, as long as it takes. i'm forgotten berlin, this is the day. ah! in sweden or southern nations, they have the right to choose the impulse to join the we are welcome them into our
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lions to possess a pulled and repelled by his violence and his aggression. of course we had to expect and some kind of surprises from boosting. we of course, prepared for any eventuality, and the attack on one is an attack on all i. we will defend every inch of nato territory. it is those others. i agree that an iron curtain is already descending. the west should be careful not to get something jammed in it shoots. if this becomes a full scale war between russia and natal, then we'll see suffering, damage, death, destruction also coming up, i'll talk with nobel peace laureate maria, russia. the filipino government is trying yet again to shut down her newsroom and the new president. he is a former dictator son. not a friend of the free press. it's a nightmare ah,
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seeing the son of the dictator become the 17th president of the philippines. ah, it's on the margin of us or to our viewers watching a p b s or the united states into all of you around the world. welcome. we begin the day with the one question, nato and g. 7. leaders are not answering. when could the war in ukraine come to annette today, wrapped up a week of high level summits and high stakes assumptions. g 7 leaders vowing unconditional support for ukraine in its war with russia and nato leaders saying that the alliance is prepared like never before in case the war widens. but what about preparing for a possible peace to day before he boarded air force one to fly home? he was, president biden told reporters at the nato conference in madrid that washington and
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its allies are committed to helping ukraine pushback washing forces for as long as it takes. now, does that mean months should we be bracing for a war lasting into 2023? to those questions biden and his counterparts offered no answers. we have this report tonight from that nato summit in spain, pump m pageantry in madrid. the 2 days of the summit of the 30 leaders in nato have seen the military alliance tighten ranks against russia. and the attack on one is an attack at all and we will defend every edge of nato territory, every edge of nato territory. for our part, united states is doing exactly what i said we were do it food, invaded it, hatch our forest posture. your natalie disagreed a new strategy for the alliance at the madrid summit ending any pretence of partnership with russia. then that's likely his state not on a difference, even in fact, nato as
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a defense of alliance. unless it does not attack other countries of and has no intention of doing so on diagnose it is not a threat to any one within its own neighbourhood. it, in fact, it is putin who has made imperialism the goal of his policies, and the object of his policy must handled some game which trans unapologetic russia continues to wages war against ukraine. and while a number of alliance members have announced new deliveries of weapons, and additional military funding of over 2000000000 euros cave says it simply not enough. the coach, co brothers, who represented ukraine here in person in madrid, warm that ukraine's fight is a fight for europe. wake up, guys. this is happening now. you're going to be next. this is going to be knocking on your door. just in the blink of an eye, the nato alliance is also set to grow with a turkish veto against finland and sweden joining having been lifted here. putin though is wanting. he'll consider sending ballistic and even nuclear weapons to
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russia's border with finland. once it joins nato, the nato lead is also designated to plan to protect against what is sees as coercive tactics by china. a strengthening of the alliance is growing concerns around beijing's international intentions meters will meet again next summer. in vilnius lithuania. as a more i want to bring in now professor charles cochin, he is a senior fellow at the council on foreign relations and a professor of international affairs at georgetown university professor. it's good to have you on the program. again, i know that you have written, you've argued that nato should now push for a diplomatic solution to the war and ukraine, you say partly in order to protect trans atlantic solidarity, but also to guard against to home grown threats to liberal democracy. i don't think these ideas are going to be very popular in keep to you. i would say that's an understatement. he,
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at least as far as we know from public statements wants to keep fighting. they believe that they can attain military victory to find is expelling russian troops from all of ukrainian territory. and if not, that at least getting back to the february status quo of a territorial line that began before this new invasion. you know, i don't think that kime is on ukraine side. i think that the war has shifted its momentum toward russia. it's going to be very hard to push russia out from the areas of done boss they've taken, so i worry about more death and destruction in ukraine. and i also think we need to keep a close eye on inflation. and the potential for gas storage is in the united states in europe that contest the patience of our democratic electorates for a long war that drags into next year. do you think need those priority? maybe then should be not only solidifying its protective
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flank along it's eastern border with russia, but also maybe trying to convince the ukrainians that a negotiated piece is going to have to include giving up some of that territory. possibly the entire don't bass well, i'm strongly supportive of everything that was decided at the summit. more troops on the eastern flank, finland, and sweden joining the alliance more us troops being deployed to europe. this is all a necessary response to russian aggression. what i would do is try to get the war 2 and a cease fire. stop the killing, stop the destruction get ukraine's ports open. so their grain starts to flow and then create a diplomatic format to discuss territorial issues. i would not prejudge the outcome
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. i don't think that ukraine should abandon its territory, but i think we need to see that this is a war that could cause more and more damage. we need to end it and start talking. but the, do you agree though, that perhaps the united states, the europeans, should be at least whispering into zalinski is here. you know, you have to be open to the fact that you may have to give up some territory here to have a lasting peace. i'm guessing that that conversation is already started. i'm in france, germany, italy. they have made it clear that they think it's time to begin to pivot to a diplomatic strategy. washington has said we're not there yet. we stand by ukraine . we're not going to tell the ukrainians when and how to negotiate. but zelinski himself said to the g 7 summit just before the nato meeting. let's try to end this war by the winter. i think looking at the gas shortage is in germany. people can't heat their homes. so people are starting to have this conversation
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behind closed doors. i'm guessing we'll start to hear more about it in public in the coming weeks. we hear a lot here in germany about the, the warn ukraine has really created all these paradigm shifts, particularly when it comes to security defense spending. but if i look at the numbers, the u. s. military aid to ukraine, so far it's been about $24000000000.00 in europe. the biggest donor is the u. k. 2.3000000000 euros. i mean, the gap here is huge. is europe really anywhere close to being able to stand up for itself in terms of defense? if, for example, after jo, bye, we have a return to trump style isolationism. the short answer to your question is now, europe is not ready to stand on its own. 2 feet and you're right that the u. s. has given, not just the lion's share of a sits assistant to ukraine,
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but most of the weapons are coming from the united states. yes, europeans are doing their part. the big question in my mind is, is this turning point, what the germans call the site? and is this going to lead to a europe that is more capable that can in fact stand on its own 2 feet if and when necessary. i think the answer to that may be yes because germany really is waking up from a geopolitical slumber. what a lot will depend on keeping them momentum going and making sure that the good intentions turn into hard military capability. let me ask one more question. before we run out of time professor had that support for ukraine been left to the europeans alone, kiva might, will be in russian hands by now. do you agree? i don't agree. i, i think that there have really has been a remarkable, a set of initiatives,
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resolve staying power across europe despite the fact that europeans are looking at shortages of gas shortages of crude oil, high prices, millions of refugees. i mean, look at that at how generous europeans have been. so this is a game changer in terms of european political attitudes. and i would add, we see enormous transatlantic solidarity going back to early in the year. could europe have had, had, had this much impact on ukraine alone? no, but do we see remarkable resilience in that transit atlantic relationship and supporting ukraine against russia? yes, i'm very impressed with how how much support and how solid the coalition has been since february 24 visit shows corruption professor at my alma mater, georgetown university professors always. we appreciate your time and your insights . thank you. good adjoining russia says that it has withdrawn its forces
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from ukraine's snake island in the black sea. moscow calling it a good will gesture that shows that it is not blocking ukrainian green exports to make island became a symbol of resistance at the start of the war. when ukrainian soldiers rejected a russian warships, demands that the surrender. here's our correspondent connelly and keep on what the russian withdraw from snake island will mean for ukraine's grain exports. or 1st of all, i think hearing you correctly, no one really believes that russian claim that they were this was a good will gesture. it simply was feeling the heat from lots of western weapons, anti air, and to ship missiles that were preventing russians for re supplies, lake island and those rocket launchers high miles from the u. s. that were enabling the cranes to hit the island from its own coasts. as for the grain exports on foot, and he does a lot because the main problem are still the minds of which there are lots in the northwestern part of black sea. and basically,
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as it is no private ship own is going to send their ships anywhere near ukrainian ports, even if the ukrainians began taking those mines away. and they're not gonna do that because they just don't trust russia to not take advantage that situation and send in lots of ships trying take those cities on ukraine's go. so it basically means russia has fewer shots of trying to take even more of ukraine surgery on the black sea. but as for people struggling with high grain price around the world, they're gonna have to wait unforeseen. that was the currently reporting from keith . as rush continues to make games and eastern new grain fears are growing that the city of lucy shots might soon become the 2nd major city to fall to russian troops in a matter of date. he w's nic carly, who we just saw there, takes a look now at whether weapons applied to your grade by the west, or helping to turn the battle in ukraine's favor. these american built rocket launchers, a key of new pride and joy, finally delivered after months of increasingly desperate requests and able to hit
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targets 8 kilometers away with greater accuracy than any artillery ukraine or russia for that matter currently have in their arsenals. that means ukraine can now hit russian positions that fear of return. fire is only one problem. ukraine has 4 of them. for mostly though, this war is still being fought with tactics that haven't changed significantly since world war 2. much of the equipment is more than 50 years old, except the russia has a lot more of it. and ukraine is starting to run out of ammunition. ukraine says the russians have 10. how it's, as for each of there's western intelligence sources, put the number somewhat lower, but a greek here is hopelessly outgunned or that these ukraine, unable to hope to do much more, the slow down the russian advance results. so a clear, this is what russian forces have done to separate the nets in its surroundings. ukraine estimates they were firing up to 50000 grounds a day. this region used to be home to hundreds of thousands of people thought clear
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how many may remain, or what they might have stayed for. ukrainian armies now left and present, zalinski sprouts, the city quote dead. this is what happens when just one shell comes down near an apartment block without even a direct hit. 3 months ago, the russian army was just 10 kilometers away from the streets and cave. no matter how well soviet era shall dreamed this simply not accurate enough. putting civilians at risk, what their little, let me be sure, the russians have much more artillery than we do. so it's as simple as that officer . obviously our army is facing losses that evening, but it's our cities that are really bearing the brunt additional green. they're being wiped out by russian artillery extra. if the west wants to help us, they should send us enough for us to gain the upper hand. or what if we just receive drips and drabs, the russian will be able to destroy the shipments. it won't be worth doing the boise of the month of delays and political wrangling, these german built houses have finally made it to the front lines. all 7 of them.
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if that sounds insignificant, it's actually almost a 5th to what germany has available and ready to use. but it's a drop in the ocean when trying to fight back the russian invasion of a 2000 kilometers front lines. fear that western om supplies are only just enough to stop ukraine's army from collapsing. enough to allow and haughtily ukrainian retreat rather than stopping the russian advance. let alone a major counterattack. ah, ah. to night in the philippines, a picture of a popular new president who bears the family name synonymous with gross corruption and national disgrace. ferdinand mark his junior has been sworn in as president of the philippines more than 3 decades after his father. ferdinand. the former dictator was ousted from power and it appears the son will not have to suffer for the sins of his father. judging by marco's juniors landslide victory markers junior is taking over from rodrigo to charity,
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a politician responsible for his own chapter of controversy. he peered in and rewarded madica's union. he floated 36 years after his father was forced into exile . fighting on marcus junior is taking the philippines. tough job back, i think. a month ago, the 64 year old who's better known as bung one. the countries presidential election by a landslide. now his promising to take the philippines forward and we will build but better by doing things in the light of the experiences that we have hud, both good and bad. it doesn't matter. no. looking back in anger or nostalgia in the road ahead. the immediate months will be rough, but i will walk that road with you. marcus supporters are ecstatic. he's going to continue the legacy of the thank bank to fight against. i drugs indicate given belt
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again, medic, everything yes. like is that mark a senior vote. the philippines from the mid 1960 s to the mid eighty's. almost half of it on the marshal law. thousands of people were tortured, murdered, or disappeared. this wall of remembrance has the names of more than 300 people who fought against his dictatorship. this manchester was one of those who disappeared under the former president's reign. it's a nightmare saying the son of the dictator become the 17th resident of the philippines. it's an imaginable marcus junior takes over from rodrigo to take them another controversial leader known for his bloody war against rocks and his attacks and critical media. his daughter, though, was service marcus, his vice president, creating a merger of 2 political dynasties. that is
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a partnership that some feel with further reduce their freedom, making their life in the philippines even harder. we have a special guest now. maria russel, she's a filipino journalist and author. and she's also a nobel peace laureate. the 1st person from the philippines to win the nobel peace prize. you joins me the night from her. why maria, it's good to have you on the program is good to see you smiling. there are let me ask you about it. is there a reason to smile? we will let our viewers know that one of the last items of business carried out by the do territory administration in the philippines was ordering for your investigative website rambler to be shut down. what's the status of that now? you know, grand, 1st of all, there is only are you into smile, although what happened in the philippines really is a cautionary tale and shows you the word and dramatic collection, the impact of discharge formation of information operation in
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a democratic and what can happen. we essentially saw history changed in front of our eyes from when the 1st operation, when they get the election in our team. this is expected 2 days before the end of the district administration. we received an order from the security exchange commission in our country to essentially shut out. and as you know, what i did here and on the kiddos that trig open the media center i, i said we will continue to follow the legal as of law man law and we will fight this in court. i'm heading back to manila precisely to do that. i think i'm, i'm optimistic and let me put it this way. right. we did watch president mark last stages of office yesterday. and his speech as his campaign has proven, you know,
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when he 1st that his 1st campaign rally, it was a 20 minute speech. and in those 20 minutes he said the word unit 21 time. well in his inaugural speech last night he emphasized again, you know, extremely good kind of, you know, i believe in you. well, he now is going to have to prove to what we should believe in him, and i hope, and i appealed to the mark, let's administration to strengthen the law. right? that's where it all begins. journalists are knock their enemies. we are there to help him govern the country better. well, let me, let me pick up on that, maria, you know that marco's he did not make himself available to journalists during the campaign, and he relied more press releases and social media. you've been opened in your criticism about what social media is doing to our democratic political systems. i am wondering, considering he won by such a landslide, do filipinos, do they have
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a clear idea of who they have voted for? it depends on who you speak with. i mean, you go to some of the lower in our neighborhoods, bonilla and baby, and this was part of the disintegration that started you tube and was spread on facebook. they believed that if they voted for mark loss, that they would get good. that's obviously not true, right. but look at this way and he's now president. and what he did to get a all of this will, i'm polite, at some point. it was a crossteck storm of 2 different things. right. a very, very complex, coming out of a pandemic, millions tons of millions who have lost their jobs and therapy knows, wanted, like many people around the world, simple answers lenny's don't want to. they just want to use word and, you know, it was also to have that liberal democracy in many ways this trickle down theory of
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economics didn't trickle down in. so you had that. and then you have the, the mom of, of technology, right? this, this kind of information operations literally changes what we think before we go to the pulse. we're here. i smile because regardless of what has happened in the past, as president marco said, this is a new moment in time. it is ironic that 36 years after years after people powered that, another mark loss. it's name state his junior. it's now president, but whether he is good or or not, what he will do or not do this is to do do. and i hope i sprang from school of law and i think everyone will agree with you and that i want to get to take on this. i heard that went to day comparing his election to the election of donald trump in that the political systems in the us and now in the philippines have become so compromised that the best that they can do is produce some one in the u. s. case it
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was donald trump, in this case it's the son of a former dictator to run and become president. that is, that the state of democracy today? i think it's far more dire than even that i think germany should be any democratic country around the world. news to be worried about the impact, our information, these technology platforms that are the world's largest distributor abuse. and yet it spreads lice, least with anger, faster and further than right. so what that does is it's become a behavior modification and used by my leaders and to have no conscience next democratically elected. and then once they democratically elected, they crumbled power from within. i mean, i don't have to remind you, it was radically and here we are again in a very similar moment in time when people want simple answers where leaders popular
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leaders promised us against where they were men, anger, and hate so well, we are all ward but we can do better, and we must rearrange her eloquently said, we will be following you. we wish you all the best and as well, to wrap up, we hope that things go well for your news operation and for the future of press freedom in the philippines. we appreciate your time and your insight tonight. thanks for taking the time to talk with us. well, the day's almost done the conversation, it continues online. you'll find us on twitter, either a dw news, you can follow me on twitter at brent golf t v. i remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day. we'll see that it with
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