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tv   The 77 Percent  Deutsche Welle  July 3, 2022 1:30pm-2:01pm CEST

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for the results of whipping record a pursuit of the truth lost boys in 45 minutes on d. w. o rearing to read. ah, everyone who loves books has to go insane. ah, the d. w literature list 100 german must reads hello, that are you doing? i'm good to thanks for asking. welcome to another edition of the 77 percent that show for africa's majority. you. i am your host, eddie mike,
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a junior now today we're looking into an issue that affects many young people across the continent. i'm talking about the use and abuse of drugs, or we're not just looking at the problem. and also how young people can support the appears in dealing with it. if what's coming out in kenya, we investigate how heroin addiction has grown in coastal community. we explore how might wanna might become money spinner in mound teams, the social we need to hi kicking, marcia loud actress who knows no limit. now let's start off in kenya, where many coastal towns have become hot, spots of drug trafficking in the wake of the cool, with 19 pandemic. the communities are now confronted with rise in numbers of drug addicts. the world health organization,
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regional office for africa estimates more than half of drug users are between 10 to 19 years old. now that is staggering, our very own either kamani went to see for herself out this worrying trend affects daily life. it's a curious sight, an infant slippers thrown with good waste and drug paraphernalia. then again, this is no ordinary home. it's where i see a bianca and her husband lived together with their son. both parents had drug addicts and the slippers belonged to their little girl who died only 6 months after she was born. and so when we went to bed, she was fine. and then when i woke up, she was foaming at the mouth. i got scared, elizabeth, and hoped when i was high and heroine, that i hadn't placed my hand or leg on her, causing her to suffocate. okay. despite the doctors ruling out her
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fears, as she still carries the guilt of her daughter's death and her 2 year diction. the 20 year old was introduced to the habit by her boyfriend. he would secretly lease her cigarettes with a powder. and by the time she found out she was already addicted like that, oh, i was in pain, yawning, and called in a scam. and that's when i saw him and he said you are going through withdrawn and you've been on heroin. now i'm hooked there and there's no way for me to go to rehab with nearly 3000 active injecting drug users. melinda host, one of the highest numbers of heroin addicts and kenya played most coastal towns in the country. it's used by international traffic as, as a transit point for drugs which are transported from afghanistan to the west. the covered 19th, endemic coupled with a feeling tourism industry has only made things worse for uses in this area.
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i doesn't take us long to see just how bad things can get. mohammed is here to get methadone, a synthetic opioid used for drug addiction therapy, but it's not good news. he needs to reduce his heroine intake further before he can be put on the therapy. i took the opportunity to ask him how he's feeling. i mean, as i look at you, i feel like rubbing you in drugs you to go get to him. because i'm going through withdrawal now. where did i ever use hearing? i have nothing. i'm left with nothing. if you see the wesley marsh, it really had me a outside there, many more active and recovering drug users. when they see the camera, they asked, we can offer them work is a deep sense of despair. here as most you are left with nothing but the murray project, a community based rehabilitation center officials here, one of
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a worrying trend that has emerged with a fin demik when school closed and kids took going to school. so the number of vent group is a short term funded because in molina so many people, if you're not taking catering, then they're taking good smoking marijuana and figuring just a minute. i'm one of just got the pandemic is also pushing recovering addicts to the edge. is unfair, but i have thoughts of the love seat and they're very disturbing. but when i come here, i feel some sense of relief, not to lodging you at some reason. if you go said gully meant to say how the government has forgotten us. home. we are left homeless, sick, sick at home, much or she sick in the streets. so we have no choice but to support each other or new for us here, her only support at the moment is her husband himself, an addict. willie, the young mother cleaning a half abandoned house, a fitting metaphor for a woman struggling to keep her life together. that
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was quite a touching story, wasn't that drug abuse or the huge problem and how many rise in problem across africa for yes. x that see that job losses and school clothes as due to the cobit pandemic, cost drug use to increase. but is that the whole truth about drug abuse in africa? let's joint lives show for some answers. let's start with a quiz. the most consumed drug in africa is alcohol. that's right. that means the most drug users wouldn't even call themselves drug users, because alcohol is illegal drug. and as we know, it's actually more socially acceptable to drink than to smoke marijuana. we'll talk about illegal drugs in a moment, but 1st quick question. number 2, what the african country has the heaviest drinkers?
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well, according to the world health organization, it's the shelves, the average person there drinks a whopping 20 leaders of pure alcohol per year. also in the top 5 is uganda, followed by working at fossil, tanzania and nigeria. okay, let's talk other drugs. now. did you know that south africa is the only country in africa where marijuana is legalized? well, we asked people in ghana whether other countries should follow this path as well. for me, maybe i would go in for a week because it seems dr. domestically a platinum of people are using this. so i think maybe read should really go into my view with smoking. it actually is the my like,
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i think something like mixing. i don't really have a fair idea of i read in geno and using i think maybe to you or something like that for like our friends talking about it. now here is an interesting fact. although most drugs remain illegal, the un estimates that by 2030 africa is going to see an increase if of a staggering 40 percent of drug users. why? well, the main reason is that the population is growing and getting younger and younger. and statistics show that young people take more drugs. there is one elicit drug that is especially famous among young people. marry one, i'm a weed, a kind of is also a popular in the population as a whole. are harrowing, cocaine,
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crystal mask. and prescription drugs like tramadol and coding, and then there are local drugs that are often not captured in international statistics. we also have a plan for the growth in med room in mary's account in kenya that grows a plant called cut me to easily available and therefore other people get their high by sniffing, glue or petrol or even smoking lives are part. what i find interesting is that we africans have some of the strictest laws against drug use, but that is not deterring people from consumption when malice, twice from uganda, believe the laws of his country are too strict. his uganda harm reduction that work has been criticized for offering legal support to those arrested for injecting
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drugs like haron. like if you like best. all right, well, what was going to happen in that is using them look good money community already. if advantage of the community, i found it shocking that some you can have even been arrested for seeking help. according to the 2016 uganda, anti narcotics law, addicts cannot go to rehab or get treatment at the country's only clinic that offers medication assisted treatment or mat without reporting to the police and a judge ordering them to get therapy. so i'm not surprised that many decide to stay in the shadow. on top of that african substance, abusers are not only seen as criminals, but also as thinners. so instead of getting them medical treatment,
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families prefer seeking help and church look for them. they are believing that they should be before they just played hope and then that would be more we run away. so what's the best way to deal with a drug issue? first of all, experts say it's important to inform possible users that drugs can have devastating effects on your physical and mental health. even so called light drugs like alcohol or am i want them. so please make sure you know about these before taking anything. experts also believe that it's important to fight stigma, offer free rehabilitation and medical treatment to those who seek it and treat drug users as people who need medical help and not as criminals. let us know what you
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think. thanks for that info. let's show and yeah, bite in the stigmatize zation of drug use as is a good way to tackle the problem. many african countries are looking into the drug policies, especially regarding the use and production of cannabis, and some asking, legalize it, or not. well, as you would expect, bound mixed opinions on the legalize asian of kind of is across the country. we quest people on the streets of south africa, kenya, and my derrier to sadie, our thoughts with us. so since em cannabis is legalized in south africa when we're looking at the medical perspective, all of it, yes, it does increase your health. it does benefit, it's beneficial to you all. but now that ease legalize legislation is much more lenient. so diesel, it's beneficial to society as well. so any tables, it's not going to be clean or lazy. so in the government use that opportunity. they can is it still? they are dead, so something is the talks by them or not?
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yeah. yeah, i think mary, when i should be legal, i because i will go see 30 uniday legalize. i mean, everyone is doing it with just one that covers, you know, so it's better that we can, we should just, you know, start making something out of it. did the poor people been affecting elko to be in the foot from the legalization of guns, who she because although each company's day of the money and they have the facilities, i think it needs to be put. we put that thing, korea, because there is some mist medicine all way in there. some way it will destroy generation. well, we definitely don't want struck to destroy our generation. dewey. thanks guys for speaking up. so what do you think? so your thoughts? what else on our social media platforms? i find it a fascinating debate. now since marijuana made headlines for its use in cancer treatments, medicinal cannabis has been touted as the next big money maker. but in the soto,
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not everybody's happy about the conditions. let's find out why money doesn't grow on trees, but this buds a 100 years for graham. this is mary fino can obvious. it contains high levels of can now be dual or cbd. a popular remedy against inflammation, pain, and nausea. in 2017 sort of became the 1st african country to legalize cannabis farming from a scene of youth creating a whole new industry for the tiny self and african country point thing behind. they moved from the capitol, my favorite book, into her whole village here in the muscle to highland, to walk for the company, m g help. she never dreamed that she would one day group and before living. first time i had, i won't be. and i couldn't believe that this thing can come here at our feet, but it's happen even live and there's no need of us
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to go outside and look for some dog. listen to have ideal growing conditions now, but. but m g health is still the only company that it's for the medical grade cannot be from the country because it is used in the pharmaceutical industry. the production requirements are extremely high. over the past 5 years, m g health has invested over 34000000 euros in greenhouses irrigation systems and skills training. now the company has set it sites on expansion mean play over 280 people. these are young people, very smart people that were never able to find jobs. and today, you know, we exporting to poland, germany shortly in the u. k. but this isn't good news for everyone. we cannot be set to become a major cash crop for big business. small holder, gro was around the country, and now abandoning the plants once clear for the black market in south africa.
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picky, so come only is the only cannabis farmer left in his village. police raids and price competition from sutherland have made it almost impossible to maintain his club. for him, things were much better for the installation kicked me in my village. every household used to have a field of cannabis running on. why do you mean it was all full here and that's how people made the living. but while i lived in cuz it people didn't even bother to grow. mays parents could send their children to school because of kind of best can i cannot, i will add me to key. so come only walk, said his young neighbour, trouble for local. together, they dry and deceived the but before smuggling them over the border. for low cost, he's no way to make his business legal licenses to grow cannabis around $32000.00 euros. way out of range for small holder grew,
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was well frequently targeted by the police. ah, where you go won't get. i feel very disappointed. things didn't work out the way they said they wouldn't buy gifts, and we thought would be able to grow cannabis legally. but i can buy a license. it's frustrating. i think there should be some form of support like a corporation where someone katrina and help us secure a license of one another. then we all put to get a funding that could help us start our business from the ground. again, our face nathan saw, got lucinda after a long day trimming cannot be plant. my honda is ready to wrap up her shift. 2 years ago, she quit her job in a clothing factory material where she saw jeans for 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. in the greenhouse, the walking conditions are much better and she and twice as much as she used to
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cannot be quite literally change her life. just like the patient who will eventually benefit from her. or that i believe kind of both has a bright future. endless photo, and when i started working in the greenhouse, they told me we make drugs for 6 people. people need medicine, so they need the cannabis room for generations. cannabis slamming was frowned upon, or even punished with jail time. little tore has liberated this one's close space for big business, but small hold a group like for local and kamali. i've left empty handed in this evolving sector. it seems they are still winners and losers. it definitely is an evolving sector that needs the right policies. so no one loses out . i don't know about, she would have had enough of drugs, right? let's move away from narcotics and instead, get high on protecting our environment. in
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a dubia entrepreneur kid asked to spy as company tuba aims to reduce the countries addiction to plastic shopping bags. she's not only challenge in environmental pollution, but also creating jobs in odessa. barbara eco friendly in fair bags for men, women for work or for going out and produced locally in ethiopia. impossible will not for keeter's test failure kit is founded to but if the appear in 2018 in this suburb of addis ababa, he discrete at 31 jobs for women like us. all the women are weavers in work from home. he heaters comes regularly to collect the fabric, the me i said this, we use this for. oh, different they design for bugs. so we combine it, we deliver he does have the idea to start a business 5 years ago. at that time she was
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a student and she was living in this area which is known for this big dumpsite in 2017, a landslide on the site cause the death of at least 130 people. after this event ketone wanted to do something for the neighborhood. one of the reasons why that happened with existence of philosophy sponsoring the garbage dot 3 get the concept of to later about we chose at that time, if we produce environmentally friendly shopping box like paper, bog strawberry box, we can replace plastic box. but she soon realised that the initial capital needed to produce paper or fabric for shopping bags was too high for her. so she looked for another way to create jobs here. and no domains will live around here. and that and also that the incident happened died in this area. so i wanted to create the jo, fortunately for women who live around here. tina knew was one of the 1st employees of keaton. barrister varied,
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and i'm trying to see if she due to the fall break as i want it or as i trained her. so it's ok. all of cada's work is motivated by one idea to create jobs for women. she trains them herself and weaving a skill. she learned from her mother. she has to make different crafting things like coach, i think meeting things like that. so i learned from her, from her to nana, looks after 3 children. this work allows her to provide for a large part of the family's needs. with the money she is giving me, i pay the rent for my house. i also have an extra job during she ruba has to do with the money from that i pay the rest food et cetera. job. and i with the fabric made by the women heated returns to her office in the city center of addis ababa. the bags are then made in this small room. i'm not the designer professionally. so
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i just, when i see something and when any one to do some kind of bug, i just picture of my mind and then i tried to draw it on in and bought out a paper, but then the paper. and then i think i cut alpha beta, she just is not a designer, but she can count on the help of a friend. one of the for experienced taylor's, she is hired all you have with them as you catch up to go to we discuss with kid ist marching europe. mostly i work with leather and we mixed the leather with the fabric from the women worked with in america. there are no to bishops yet, so most of the cells take place at bazaars, small markets for craftsman and they are slowly restarting, after almost disappearing in the last month because of co he'd and a constitutional care there was no, was on the market,
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was very dawn so it was not about food, but now things are getting better. keeter's cells $60.00 to $75.00 bags every month, to cope with the crisis and to reuse the leather scraps she started to sell smaller and cheaper objects, like wallets or bracelets. she also often works at night to sell her products in a concert hall for the future. she dreams of selling more and more bags to create more jobs for women. and in the longer term, she hopes to relaunch her idea of ecological shopping bag. yeah, we should all 5 environmental pollution, especially with fact creative solutions. now come with me to 1000 ia and let me agnes give luca. marcia last actress. she wants to become a movie star as his kicking hard to make this dream a reality. but she knows a healthy work life balance is just as important as
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a story. agnes kiefer. luka is among the 1st actresses in east africa to perform in martial art films. it is rare for women to participate in such movies, nodded. and when you will get action. when i saw that there not too many women here in terms of near who are in action for money on enough, fussy, i'm bo one enough as was walking on the phone. i think of it. i said, i want to take on this opportunity so that i can easily find success that rapes need for women who can act in action film. you can let us young. you sent us the paper that many women act in dramas. so should that what you need to call me, i will be the only one when you sign up in the fact that turns in
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an action heroine trains every morning to strengthen hotel and and her legs. this is the secret to her success. but despite being a boxing actress, agnes also enjoys a normal life. made a fan. it is very easy when i am at home. i am like a mother on a book when issues and when i am at work. i change coconut. this is why people differentiate between home and walk life or accounting, no puny. my shannon by agnes, his dream is to make her country famous for its martial arts, talent. one day she hopes to become known in the global film industry. oh, you know, i that's, i'm mixed martial arts, but how's much younger? but i would not want to mess with hair. that's for sure. got to wrap up this show
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so i can hit the job. but hey, don't forget to hit the subscribe batson on youtube and connect with us on our social media platforms. thanks for sticking with us. as always, we want to play you out with some good music. this time we have nigeria and musician david o. enjoy. and so your next, i believe, is a ah, ah, ah, ah, ah,
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with a treacherous journey into the heart of darkness. jonas travels from finland to cambodia. his mission, to find out what caused the death of a good friend. he documents his search with a camera. the result,
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a gripping record of desperate pursuit of the truth lost boys. in 15 minutes on d. w. o. a sexual assault survivor, a filipino leisure delay agile. for those of us, can we shoot speaker them to step up and say the 2 women in asia, i can see it excusable. don't be afraid to make mistakes. nothing can soften. that is that you're right. i actually the feeling found her
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purpose, the process taking job one is mean her women in asia season to start july 6. go mike's and how can this passionate hatred of a people be explained? your goal, tom or a history of anti semitism, is a history of stigmatization and exclusion of religious and political power. struggles in the christian christianity wants to convert. that is why christianity use the figure of the gym as it is. it's a history of slender of hatred and violence. a 3rd of our people were exterminated $6000000.00 jews,
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like microbes to be annihilated even 77 years after the holocaust hatred towards jews is still pervasive. history of anti semitism this week on d. w. ah, ah . this is debbie news live from berlin. russia says it is in full control of lisa hawkins. one of the last ukrainian strongholds in the east of the country. and the last contested part of the lou hans regent crane says it's still fighting also on the program to taliban want their role recognized. regardless.


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