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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 5, 2022 9:00am-9:31am CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah ah, this is the w news coming to live from berlin. ukraine regroups its forces to defend done matched the region is next in russia's sites. after it captured the bulk of neighboring lu hans residents are bracing to escape cities now on the new
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front. blonde. also coming up i was captured by the as a battalion. even there, i didn't see any fashion dw meets captured russian soldiers, who under watch say they're being treated humanely and are disappointed by moscow's lives. and in the united states, 4th of july celebrations are marred by yet another mash shooting police in chicago say at least 6 people are dead and 36 wounded after a man fired from a roof top during an independent stay parade. the suspect is now in custody. plus, australia expands, it's evacuation orders, as flooding continues, some $50000.00 residents around sidney are told to abandon their homes with the flood risk remaining even as the rain subsides.
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ah, ah. hello, i'm terry martin. thanks for joining us. ukraine's military says his regrouping its forces to defend the donetta region after retreating from neighboring lu hans russian forces claimed complete control of law hans following weeks of relentless shelling. both lou hans and donuts can make up the don bass area, which has become russia's main target. the frontline has now moved further west. russia has increased attacks on the city of slope young ask, where missiles have destroyed homes and killed several people in recent days. rockets have also struck from a tourist prompting the news of the few remaining residents to have to try to get out. but ukraine's president valard melissa lensky said. his forces had reclaimed more than a 1000 villages, and he bowed to continue retaking lost territory. earlier i spoke
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with dw corresponding manuel charles in key of and asked her where she expects the main flash points to be in the done that screech. well, terry, that was sir. very much expected. as it looked more and more likely, dots of russia would install its of forces in a new hands. so to ukraine, an armed forces had been prepared, you know, to have retreated from san antonio, then to have retreated from lazy chance. they could have done so much earlier. but it seems to have been a tactic to also, you know, try to exhaust as much as possible of the russian forces in that area. perhaps to prepare a new line of defense, which is now situated in the area between labianca back more back move in, come out to ask where we can expect again, that very fears fighting yesterday we've had a governor of little have, sadly i had i acknowledging you know that lou house was now under russian control, but it's, he says,
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this is one battle of this warmed determined the outcome of the war momentum on the battlefield appears to be with russia for now. emma, how is that affecting more morale? only ukrainian sought well, like i said, i think ukrainians deed expect a rush hour to make some gains in no house. this has been an objective for moscow from the onset of the war and even more so after they failed to seize the capital. here in p if so, i think these victory for russia doesn't necessarily an odd add on to the morale at the already low morale of ukrainians when it comes to russians invading the account. re, i think there's also a lot of hope, a key from the ukranian side when we look at the se, se in the front or in the direction of harris on in the direction of michel i if,
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where indeed you an armed forces hobbs begin quite consistently to retake villages and also a discount or offensive sees, you know, a lot of western weapons being used to destroy, for example, a russian, i'm munition warehouses and the likes. oh, so there's, there are victories also in a southern. so finding particularly and i think the attention of ukrainians is rather focused on the top of the mountains. it cranes president zalinski. he spoke to ukraine, ukrainians, telling him about the need to prepare for winter. what have you had to say, emma, about the way the war is proceeding? well, yesterday val on him, he zalinski ukrainians. president really focused on the, on the years after the war. he of course, pledged for reconstruction of ukraine that he said this would not only mean the reconstruction of walls, the reconstruction of everything that has been destroyed, he is obliged to ukraine,
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would become the free is european country delivery. and then a message of how to people who very much also need out at a time where, you know, everybody has gone really wary of that situation. this millions of people who are no longer living in their homes who are separated from their loved ones. so those addresses by president zaleski are so meant to be a moral booster for the millions of ukrainian leaving to the school. thank you very much. the w as in manuel shaws they're reporting from kia. well, emma mentioned reconstruction, ukrainian representatives are holding their 2nd day of meetings with international partners to discuss rebuilding the devastated country. the talks are being held in the swiss city of lou gonna ukraine's prime minister told the conference that assets confiscated from russian oligarchy and entities should be used to pay for the war. damage back in ukraine,
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residents are still coming to terms with the scale of destruction. signs of death and destruction everywhere, but also signs of life and rebuilding. this is the village of ya, hidden, ne, in northern ukraine. after the occupiers left, the people got to work. the people here are grieving while our soldiers in the east are protecting us. we are working here in many places. the task is monumental in the city of hockey. after months of russian shelling, scheme of foreign volunteers and local architects created 3 d models of the hundreds of monuments that have been damaged or destroyed. documenting what was there for future rebuilding or? no one thinks that will happen fast. yo do miles do i think it won't just take a year more likely 2 years. the destruction is everywhere. but you should also consider that some of these buildings are architectural monuments. it's not just
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basic repair work with you, but who will pay for it? when the fighting is finally over, the ukrainian economy is in ruins. at the last donor conference, the you pledge just under 10000000000 euros to help, but that's a fraction of the estimated hundreds of billions needed to rebuild ukraine's critical infrastructure housing, vital services, and help the economy to get up and running. was bringing her bristles, bureau chief hero, alexandra from nomine. she's at the reconstruction conference taking place right now in luke gallano, in italy now in switzerland rather, alexandra ukraine says it needs at least 720000000000 euros to rebuild. some would like frozen russian assets to cover a good chunk of that. how feasible is all this? well, i think it's not doable yet. terry, we have to say, even though there's been
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a lot of talk about that with many european official officials and politicians for instance, saying that they are in favor of using russian assets to pay for ukraine's recovery and with the ukranian prime. and it's distressing here, and luciano debt from heath government's point of view, those assets should be the key source. here, however, it is politically and what is even more important, legally, very complicated. freezing assets is one thing based on sanctions. it is an administrative procedure, bad to confiscating foreign assets is only possible when they are linked to a crime and you need a conviction for that. so as you can see, it's see it's very complicated, but many western countries among them members of the opinion on a working to change the legal framework. they're thinking about a declaring current, it, sanctions, evasion,
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and evasion. and you crime and that could make it possible for them not only to freeze, but also to confiscate russian assets. ear commission, president ursula funder lion hersbourne, laying out plans for a ukraine reconstruction platform. how is that supposed to work? it is supposed to carbonated to coordinate efforts among co partner countries, public and private donors and, and institutions such as, for instance, the european development bank at this platform is supposed to map their needs, then it to say would resources can go. but it's just a beginning of a longer process. in the end, they are hoping to mobilize what could amount to 500000000000 euros here, so that is what you cray needs. but at the moment, the european union is more busy to try to get that the money that they already
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promised immediately for a ukraine, 9000000000 euros. so this platform is something that could be reality in the future, but it's still a long process. i would say like, 200 thank very much r t w's brussel bureau chief, alexandra on nomine. there in laguna, switzerland, l. u craner. russia recently carried out their largest prisoners swaps since the war began exchanging $144.00 soldiers each. both countries insist they are treating prisoners of war according to international agreements, but the united nations has called for investigations and to torture allegations on both sides. d, w, it was the pers media outlet to be given access to a ukrainian pre trial detention center. a reporter on a few spoke to russian pier w's in the presence of ukrainian guards. the identities of the prisoners were kept anonymous. russian prisoners of war, a kept on
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a separate claw at this ukrainian prison. the gods say it to protect them from the other prisoners. many of the russians here openly critical about the wall, which the kremlin calls a special military operation. the ukrainian prison gods at present during most about interviews. but they keep their distance. the russians say they had no idea what they were getting into don to your school. we weren't told where we were going . we only found out we're in ukraine when we saw the license plates and flags. like i asked my commander, what are we doing here? i was told don't ask unnecessary questions, keep driving. that was all, many of the prisoners here talk about how russian state television depicts the war as a fight against ukrainian fascists, landry multiple, but on t v in russia, they idealize it. they say that we're going to fight for the right thing regularly, but it's all not true. my eyes were only opened when i got to ukraine,
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super useful from robert colonel. the little clinicals over one. i was captured by the as of battalion, be even there. i didn't see any fascists with them. they fed us or gave us cigarettes. they even asking. so do you see any fascist say like on t v. i feel bitterly disappointed in the russian government and in the people who support it, or not ordering the total for lyrical oh, it's time for lunch. ukrainian detainees, do shout the food to the russians. the schedule here is precise, the russian prisoners of war, i given 3 meals a day and allowed daily walks and showers and they're allowed to read. we aren't told how many russians are being held here, but they seem to be around 50. the prisoners we speak to say they're satisfied with their treatment gravity. do what has become in every day and asked if we need anything or want anything if they are able to provide it, they do,
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whose blanks eula meals a balanced mainly. it's porridge and meet, she will lose the christmas. the cranium government has talked about the importance of treating russian prisoners of more humanely showing their treatment of publicly may be one of the reasons why way given permission to film here. but both russia and ukraine have accused each other of torturing captured servicemen, and according to the un, ukraine's track record isn't spotless when it comes to prisoners of wal. unfortunately, we do have information particularly on capture as they are at risk of ill treatment or torture. i can be subjected to beatings and general age and difficult conditions on upon capture what they are transferred to the pre child detention centers and see those. we understand at least the information that we have is that they are treated without consent in
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terms of treatment captured enemy soldiers are valuable currency for both warring parties. the russian soldiers being held at this detention center can be exchanged for ukrainians if they aren't tried for war crimes. the prisoners here harp, that means they would just have to sit tight and wait. turkey has seized a russian flied cargo ship and is investigating ukraine's claim that his carrying thousands of tons of stolen grain. according to moscow appointed official, the frater left bare, danced in southern ukraine on thursday. the ship then departed for turkey from nova navarro susco in russia. according to the website marine traffic since sunday, turkish customs have halted the vessel at the black sea port of carrasco. the kremlin has denied stealing grain from occupied territories in ukraine.
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let's get more on this from dw corresponded julia han. she's in istanbul. julia turkey has seized a russian ship, allegedly carrying thousands of tons of selling grain from ukraine. what more can you tell us about them? while his russian flagged cargo shipper, the g bag jaw was still anchored outside the turkish port of chorus. who in the black sea that some 150 kilometers at easter, from istanbul, it has reportedly not docked or unloaded to after ukraine requested turkish authorities last week to detain the ship and investigated according to ukraine's the ambassador to talk. he and that is the accusation here. the ship carries some 4500 tons of stolen grain from territories in south and ukraine that are now occupied by russian forces. the ambassadors said ukraine had provided the turkish side with all necessary documents and evidence, and that
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a team of investigators would determine on monday would determine the fate of this ship. ukraine, he said, hoped for the grain to be confiscated, but now it's tuesday, and the turkish authorities have not released to any details about this investigation. we don't know whether it's been fully conducted yet. we don't know by whom. we don't know if a grain samples have been taken for forensic tests to determine its origin as requested by ukraine. so right now we're still waiting for all that information to come to light. a crane says that russia has been stealing its grain from territories captured in the war, rushes accused of trying to sell this grain on world markets. so how is turkey involved in all of those? well, turkey is a key regional player and a gate keeper. the only way for ships in and out of the black sea is through the boss for us here in istanbul, so for russian grain stolen or not stolen,
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the only export route to global markets is through turkish waters. now in late february, after the russian invasion began, the turkish government agreed to close the straits for warships under the international monterey convention. but that does not apply to commercial ships. turkeys also still buying russian produce to grain. it has not joined international sanctions against the kremlin, so russian commercial ships have been coming and going, but the picture would probably change even official investigation now found that stone and grain from ukraine was, in fact, arriving in turkish ports or that turkish ports were even used to sell it off the turkish foreign minister, 2 weeks ago said that this wasn't the case that there were, haven't been any cases of stolen grain from ukraine arriving here in turkey. that there would be investigations. but this whole situation is also quite a delicate pataki, which has been trying to position itself as a mediator in this war, trying to facilitate peace talks. and even
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a grain corridor in cooperation with the united nations to help restart ukrainian foot shipments that were disrupted by the war earlier. thank you very much for pulling us in on this very complicated story. our correspondent jojo honda is stumble to catch up on some other stories making news around the world today. italy has declared a state of emergency in 5 of its northern regions following the worst drought in 70 years. the country has experienced only half its annual average rainfall. so for this year, major rivers are drawing up and the lack of water is now threatening summer harvests of fruit and vegetables. u. s. investigators have concluded the palestinian american journalist sharina of acclaim was likely killed by unintentional is really fire, but the ballistics test on the bullet that killed her as proved,
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inconclusive. the prominent al jazeera journalist was shot dead in may while covering an israeli military operation. in the occupied west, back in the united states independence day celebrations were marred by mass shootings by a mass shooting which are less 6 people dead and 30 injured in the chicago suburb highland park. a gunman opened fire from a roof top striking crowds gathered for a 4th of july parade. after hours of uncertainty, police have detained a 22 year old suspect. it was supposed to be a day of celebration of fun with friends and family. instead, people had to run for their lives. minutes earlier, families with young children had been gathering for the parade. when gunshots suddenly bang out panic,
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perrins trying to protect their children. i remember hearing shootings and i like all i thought about it is you know, getting my daughter to safety and i ran with her. we went to the nearest mcdonalds and you know, she lost her shoe along the way, my daughter answered. you know, she was scared, started shooting again, and we ran behind the building and i put my, my son in a dumpster, and he sit there with his dog. and i went back to look, the rest of my family is horrible. police say the shoes have fired into the crowd from a nearby rooftop. with a high powered rifle, 5 people were killed at the scene. another victim died and hospital. dozens of people were injured among them. children. the attack comes just a month off to 2 mast shootings and texas in new york. it is devastating that a celebration of america was ripped apart by our uniquely american plague.
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a day dedicated to freedom has put into stark relief. the one freedom we as a nation, refused to uphold the freedom of our fellow citizens to live without the daily fear of gun violence, the shoes, and managed to flee before police storm the rooftop authorities issued to stay at home or to for residence in the area while a huge man hunt got underway. meanwhile, police announced they had identified a 22 year old man as a person of interest. he was arrested without incident and taken into custody more than 8 hours after the shooting. a shooting. that means that for some families, july 4th will no longer be associated with celebration. but with tara and grief bow to australia where some 50000 people have been, have back. he waited from their homes after heavy flooding in the country's largest
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city, sidney emergency response team say they made about a 100 rescues over night. hundreds of homes have been affected while cleanup work has begun in some parts of sydney authorities along the countries east coast or warning that the threat is not over yet with many more people. they're still in danger. joy now by environmental journalist a. laura chung in sidney laura, what's the situation in the flood zones now? so i thankfully starting to say as conditions easing tonight and hopefully in to tomorrow, we seen the worst of the conditions, particularly he had graded, sidney, newcastle, and the yellow war regions. as we've seen a lot at least, ice is received more than their monthly average wrinkle. you just 5 days which is 90 are just how much rain for life. gosh. yet that now, as you said, is now moving to that recovery stage. so for a lot of these people involve starting to clean out their houses and they himes using horses and
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a lot of water to get that mud and debris that's flooded into their hearts out. but the important thing to remember is that a lot of these communities we hired by floods only 3 or 4 months ago. and this is about the 3rd or 4th time they've actually been in the last 2 years. said there is a general sense of utterance, question and tiredness. authorities been dealing with all this authorities a used to dealing with floods. it's not something that's completely unheard of in particular in these communities that do live in these flood prone areas. what we don't usually see is floods on this type of scale. so the emergency services have admitted that they are stretched because they are looking after such an enormous amount of land. but what we are saying is people getting rescued. we are seeing that evacuation or is getting out and emergency services a just doing their best to keep ahead of this really dynamic where the front door australians attribute these extreme weather patterns to climate change. laurel they absolutely do. and it's been
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a really important discussion in the late to our federal election just a couple of months ago. and was really interesting to remember is that we've just had a linear weather event around summer, which means that we've seen above average, tranquil, and we're now starting to dig into mast own season. which means that we will see events like this happen a bit more frequently. but we're climate change starts to get worse. we will start to say these events becoming more frequent and more in tim. laura, thank you very much, shaw. that was journalist. laura chung there in sydney italy's prime minister has linked to the melting of a mountain glacier that killed at least 7 people with climate change. thunderstorms of hamper the search for more than a dozen hiker is still missing in the italian alps. after a huge chunk of glacier collapsed on sunday, causing an avalanche. the break left a huge scar in the glacier. drone searched through the night for people caught in
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the collapse, but rescue teams had to pause their ground based search out of fear that more ice would fool who still mean to compete in there. to be clear, it's a difficult situation for the rescue. workers least working there is very dangerous at the moment we chair but equal so my it was early afternoon when a huge column of ice on the face of the mama, loud iglesia, broke off triggering an avalanche of ice and rock that hit at least 2 groups of high cuz the dead and missing from several countries, including italy, germany and the czech republic. it still unknown exactly how many mountain he has remained on, accounted for. relatives have begun arriving to identify their dead loved ones, a gruesome task. the condition of the bodies makes it more difficult as one rescue are described. they are torn apart the chicken, which trying to organize it in a dignified and sensitive way. done that, that's all we can do to help these people know so as said, adequate to push them or feel free to lack of expert say,
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decades of global warming, have likely we can, the glazier italy is experiencing and especially hot summer this year this weekend . so record temperatures, lack of snow in winter, has compounded the problem, leaving the glacier without protection from the summer sun. you're watching dw news live from berlin coming up next, a kick off special meets some of the 1st black footballers to play for germany. i'm terry martin from me and all of us here at dw, thanks for watching. ah ah,
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