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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 8, 2022 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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this very badly free credit that will go with i was born in berlin. he starts july 22nd on d w. b. ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin. japan's former prime minister action so ave dies after being shot at a campaign event. abbe was giving a speech ahead of an election this weekend. the suspect, a former member of the japanese navy,
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was arrested at the scene. we'll go live to tokyo, also coming up brushes vladimir putin and says the warren ukraine is just getting started. our correspondent and keith here is from to ukrainians, living in the russian health city of had a sun life under occupation, and why they decided to stay ah, i'm pablo foley as welcome to the program. former japanese prime minister sions. obey has died after being shot in the city of nara, during an election campaign event. the politician was shot twice. officials confirmed abbe had a bullet wound on the right side of his neck and also suffered a chest injury. he was rushed to hospital wood, but was later confirmed dead. the 67 year old was japan's longest serving prime minister. he was known for his fiscal policy dubbed abbey nomics, but he was
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a controversial figure, often referred to as a revisionist of history for his views on japan's role in the 2nd world war. well for more we can now talk to journalist sonya blanca, who's in the japanese capital tokyo. good to see you. sonya, this is a deeply shocking at turn of events that we're seeing in japan. can you tell us what's the latest? yes. really. just a few minutes ago and it was confirmed by the japanese media that indeed as fear, the former japanese prime minister scenes are passed away after being shot at this campaign events. he was in a hospital and nora. at this moment it's unclear whether his wife had managed to actually see him before he passed the way that the, the, the information is still being gathered. i think it's a huge shock for the country. nobody can see this coming. and you mentioned he,
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while he's been quite controversial, obviously he's also held the country for 8 years. so this is going to have a huge effect on japan. sonya we've been seeing images as well that we're actually taken inara and around the time of the actual death and the shooting of, of our day at deeply shocking him was before people in japan having seen this has been what reaction as well, politically and, and from people there yes. so there's been a number of reactions from politicians, from the opposition party is everybody's condemned. the attack saying that violence is really not a solution or an option in politics. this is an attack on democracy and this can really not be condoned. we've also seen a press conference by prime minister from your key cedar, who has been a man, t of abbey and who with this election wanted to kind of get out of obvious
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shadow to speed. and he looked really shocked and shaken by the news. so it remains to be seen whether the elections will go ahead as planned out yet that the suspect was actually already arrested at the scene. can you tell us a little bit more about him? yes, he's a 40 year old male from not out of the city where the attack to place the police are actually at the moment searching his apartment or, or what looks like a dozen policemen at least on location. he was for 3 years in the japanese navy, a member of the self defense forces, and he expressed a deep and dissatisfaction with abby and also mistrust with regard to our b as a politician. and he said, that's why he wanted to kill of it. now sonya mission,
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so i actually left office 2 years ago, but he was on this campaign trail. and my question is, what was his role within japanese politics? and also from those videos that we saw earlier, what was the, what's the amount of security that you would see say in japan, around big figures like sions, or abby? i would say it depends on what kind of event it is like what, how much security detailed they will send to accompany a politician overall. japan is a very safe country and i think maybe compared to other countries, i would assume that maybe the security is a bit less extreme then than in other places. so yeah it's, it's a bit hard to say whether there was some negligence, maybe on part of the security. and his role there was really to support his party members to support of members of the liberal democratic party. not that they really
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needed it for the election because they've been ruling the country for decades. but despite the stepping down from his office 2 years ago, his word still carries a lot of political weight. and he was using that for his party colleagues. sonya glasgow in tokyo, thank you. you're welcome. while moving on, russian president vladimir putin has warned that moscow's offensive in ukraine has barely begun. he also accused the west of fueling the war and said that its efforts to defeat him would bring tragedy to ukraine. he was speaking to parliamentary leaders. here's what he had to say. to renew my solution. we're hearing that they want to defeat us up william on the battlefield. what can i say is good with let them try more. we have often heard the west wants us to fight until the last ukrainian it that the, it's a tragedy,
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the ukrainian people. but it looks like it's heading in that direction more so those. but everybody should know that largely speaking, we haven't even yet started anything in earnest. 3 of them at the same time, we don't refuse peace talks. but those who refuse should no longer it loss the more difficult will be for them to make a deal with us sledging year in woodson, australia to dw correspondent next by sir hu standing by for us in the ukrainian capital keys. now good to see you. how our putin's remarks being received there, where you are on the ground in ukraine. the only official response we have is from an adviser to president zalinski, who says there are no western powers making the ukrainians do anything. and the only troops that are in ukraine are russian ones who talk to a number of people who are looking at the hawks of russian tanks behind me. here in front of saint michael's monastery asked him what they thought of hooton's statement. one of them said, look, this is mainly for domestic audience. he's trying to show that he's still strong.
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he's still in charge. it's also a message to western powers to, to stay out. another woman said, look, this is just demonic. what he's doing. he is satan to you to use his her words. and finally, young man we spoke to said, all this is going to do is steal the resolve of ukrainian fighters battling those russian troops. now the russians have eased off on their offensive in the don boss since capturing lucy chance. why is that, nick? i think part of it, you know, it, part of the answer lies behind me. the, the, the, the hopes of russian armored vehicles. the russians took a big beating israel called public the beginning of the war. they tried to take the capital, there were 45 minutes outside of it, and then they had to retreat. recently they've made some advances with artillery barrage is basically a scorched earth policy. but they have to get those fighting units reconstituted, so it's entirely credible that they are taking this operational pause to put their gather their strength. and the high command in russia has said that, that, that is the purpose of this,
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of this pause. nick spicer in cave. thank you. wires, a quick look at some more stories making news around the world. the contest who replaced british prime minister bars johnston is underway after his resignation. as leader of the conservative party, he agreed to step down after almost 60 m. p 's quit his government following a string of political scandals. johnson said he'll remain as prime minister until the party select a new leader. in the u. s. a former police officer has been sentenced to more than 20 years in prison for violating the civil rights of george floyd. this is, in addition to a separate 22 year sentence that derek children is already serving for killing floyd a 46 year old black man. floyd died after show of and kneeled on his neck for over at 9 minutes. the g 20 summit has opened in indonesia,
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where foreign minister, so should are set to confront multiple crises, including to warn ukraine, indonesia, foreign minister read no more. sooty, welcomed her russian character parts are gay. laughter off before appealing for unity amongst the ministers and an end to the conflict. hollywood actor james con has died aged 82. he was best known for his role as sony corleone in francis ford coppola as the godfather, for which he was nominated for an academy ward as best supporting actor. he also appeared in films by celebrated directors, robert altman, and howard hawks. the trials of officials in connection with the deadly 2018 bridge collapse in the italian city of genoa has begun. 59 people are facing charges over the incident that claimed 43 lives. the tragedy exposed the crumbling state of the country's infrastructure. germany has approved the applications of
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sweden and finland to join nato. a short while ago members of the german apartment, the bonus tag ratified the accession of germany's northern allies with a vast majority. much to the delight of the representatives of the 2 countries were watching from the gallery. after decades of neutrality, sweden and finland moved to join the western defense alliance in response to the russian invasion of ukraine. the ratification requires unanimous approval by all 30 current nato member states. well more, let's bring in our political correspondent dina has a who's standing by in the bonus tag where that vote took place. nina, good to see. that was quite fast by german standards was not while the process overall was extremely fast, it didn't take the german government 2 days to actually approve the measure officially, which was necessary in order for the governing parties to then be able to draft a law. and that was adopted here today,
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so it's going to go into the other chamber of parliament later today, but it is a done deal. germany, i've been told by some members of parliament here, had intended to become the 1st country to ratify. now estonia and canada were fostering the end, but nevertheless, the signal remains the same. coming out of germany. here it is firmly behind the idea of finland and sweden joining nato. it is something that not just the governing party support. the vote was cast a with a votes, also from the conservatives in the opposition and also from the far right, a f d party. the only party that abstained was the left party. now of course, finland and sweden are countries that germany has worked together with extremely closely over the last few decades even and, and so they have an extremely close relationship anyway on many levels. their fellow, you members. but the idea in germany is that of finland and sweden joining nato would not just benefit those countries because their security would be enhanced in
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light of the potential aggression from russia. but also that nature as a whole, would become stronger. and that, of course, benefits germany. so one by one we're seeing at the yeah, nato members am ratifying, and sweden and finland entry into nato. and what does this mean in terms of the timeline? can you, can you give us a little bit of a timeline? well this could still take a couple of months because not every country is expected to ratify just as swiftly as germany is doing. now. at tech is the big question mark here. of course turkey is anita member, but it is one of the 30. so every native member has the right to veto, and turkey still has ties with russia. and it had tried to block offended and sweden from joining nato. it did give up its resistance in the end, but has since issued demands in return for ratification. so that is going to be interesting to watch, very interesting indeed, whether any individual country might use this process in the rights of veto to
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pursue their own interests. but of course, in the meantime until finland and sweden become members of nato, there were security guarantees. he w, corresponded nina has a thank you. well, some breaking news now. switzerland's federal criminal court has acquitted former fee for president sapp latter and former you way for president michelle patina of charges of fraud. the pair faced indictments of participating in financial mismanagement, as well as fraud and forgery of a document. the charges related to a 2000000 swiss francs payment made by sam flatter to cla tinney in 2011. latina and bladder were banned from football in 2016. for 6 years over the payment both men later claimed was a gentleman's agreement. well, here's a reminder of our top story. former japanese prime minister shinto abbe has been
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shot dead during a campaign event. he was japan's longest serving premier, the suspect a former member of japan's navy was arrested at the scene. well, that's all for now. up next is our documentary series doc filled. i'm pablo foley, and yes god offers will be here from the top of the next hour. and don't forget, you can stay up to date on all the latest news on our website, d, w dot com and you can follow us on our social media accounts. thanks for watching. take care. i don't see very soon with imagine how many portions of love are now in the world. climate change division often stores. this is my plan, the way from just one week how much work can.


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