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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  July 8, 2022 3:30pm-3:46pm CEST

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yes, when in asia and to see if it's too simple, don't be afraid to make mistakes. nothing can soften. that is that you're right. i am actually the ceo and found her. so take the job. yeah. his new her women in asia season to this week. ah, this is d w news asia, i'm jared read coming up to day anguish and shock after the assassination of for my japanese prime minister. sions are our bay. japan's longest serving leader was shot in broad daylight and lighted, died after frantic efforts to save his life. world leaders past and present,
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expressed their grief. we'll have more on the life leadership and legacy of shin. so our base class will also take a look at tie one's home growing efforts to bolster its defense capabilities. as china holds military combat exercises around the self ruling island. ah, it was have stood. it was with great dismay that we just found out that japan's former prime minister has di, doctor, being shot. what, i'm shocked for. sure. my and all our thoughts here or g. 20 meeting are with his family by his friends resigned. and in deep mourning, we send our respects and to the people of japan and albert and on braga, ya pans, german foreign minister, and a lena bear box here, one of a long list of global segers and world leaders expressing their horror and shock at
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the killing of shins or our bay, the former japanese prime minister was gone down to day following a campaign event in the west of the country. the 67 year old later died in hospital police arrested a suspect at the scene during his time in office. the conservative ave beef dark japan's military and post for ambitious reforms to stabilize the struggling economy . he helped forge key diplomatic relationships abroad, but was a controversial figure, often referred to as a revisionist of history for his views on japan's role in the 2nd world war. after a year plagued by political scandals and election losses through his party, they quit his office in 2020 the cause of ill health. we can go now to tokyo and speak with journalist michael pin there. michael, welcome to d w. news asia schanzer. our bay was japan's longer serving prime minister. how did he shape japan during his time in office?
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well, i would say that the 1st thing he certainly did was he provided a long period of stability, precisely because he was in office consecutively for over 8 years. and it's worth remembering that before him, there were actually 6 consecutive years with new prime ministers each year. so, you know, japan's sort of international profile, it's, it's ability to sort of take leadership in global affairs was i was very weak. and so he came along and he had this long premiership heap, travel very widely. i think that's a certainly among world leaders. and he was the japanese person. they knew the most . they saw the most. so you know, and for them he was essentially the symbol of japan for a long time. you've talked about stability, sions, or obey. i should, in what we know, as i been know, makes these are his policies to trying to revive japan's economy. could you explain this particular type of fiscal policy on its effects on japan?
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well, it was essentially a very strong effort to create growth in the japanese economy of the population of japan's declining the, the population as aging. and it was a sense, it was an attempt to use sort of fiscal and monetary policy to really pump up japan and to sort of put it back on a growth trajectory. but although very famous looking from the point of view of 2022, it was not that it didn't really succeed in its own goals, except for the fact that it did before the pandemic. a really, really booster tourism to japan. and that was one area where obey nomics was certainly a success. but in most of its other goals, it fell short of what it had hoped. ok, let's look a little bit more broadly to, to the region. what kind of legacy did he leave for the rest of asia? and particularly looking at china and south korea here. oh, okay. oh,
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so i think it would be fair to say that our bay was probably a lot more popular outside of the immediate region of japan than he was with the immediate neighbors, like south korea or china. in the case of south korea, i think the, there was a lot of tensions in relationship ave was very dedicated to the idea of sort of playing down and revising japan's pre world war 2 history of, of the conquest of asia. and this did not go down very well with koreans who spent 50 years as a clone equal possession of japan. i with the case of china, is that also was an aggravating factor. but also the fact that jip ave was very dedicated to tour of a re militarize ing and building up japan security policy that was sort of one of those very constant themes. and so obviously from the point of view of beijing, this was not welcome that japan was sort of rising as
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a possible military challenge to, to china. so growth in the region. let's go into defense a little bit more. how would you characterize a bit more broadly, his agenda on defense and what he achieved? wiling. office. well certainly at almost every year he was prime minister, the defense and military budget in japan grew and he certainly helped to consolidate the relationship with the, with washington united states. you know, even with president trump, who was very difficult for most rural leaders to deal with av a sort of i handled him very, very well. most people would say in the sense that he prays trump all the time and, and kept on his good side. so yeah, but in terms of the sort of the holy grail that all bay was searching for which was to revise the pacifist constitution, he was never able to,
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to achieve his main goal. and we've got about 30 seconds left. michael, i just want to ask you, particularly about guns, how common are shootings and gone violence in japan. remarkably rare, you know, this is, you know, this is completely different country from say the united states gun violence here is very rare, even seeing a gun knowing a person who owns a gun. extremely rare. and i think that this is sort of, you know, you remember that the person who did shoot ave, apparently use some sort of homemade device. it wasn't something that was bought at a store. okay. that was jen las michael penned in tokyo. michael, we really appreciate your time. thank you. thank you. oh, china has been holding military exercises in the sea and a space around tie, one saying day in response to quote, collisions and provocations by taiwan and the us. now, the statement came just ahead of, of a visit from a senior u. s. senate to, to tie,
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pay for talks with the president, sy in when china claims taiwan as it's on terry tree. he is us senator rick scott speaking to reporters in taipei. i think we've, we all have, don't we all realize when we watch what put in did in ukraine that the world is changed. we all have to put ourselves in position that we can make sure we defend the freedom we all believe in. and i think it's important that our, each of taiwan, japan, and south korea here about their own security that the united states and our free freedom loving countries across world do everything we can to help us, senator rick scott day will taiwan main time has been bolstering its own defense capabilities in light of the ongoing chinese threat. it's armed forces are mostly equipped by the u. s. bond president, sighing when has made developing an advanced homegrown arms industry a priority. the self governing island has just unveiled the newest addition to that
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. if it t w's, joyce lee has more from taiwan. ah, brand new military, just kick off from t hung air base near the eastern city of ty, tone. they are t 5 brave egos. the fuss at fonts, trainer, jazz, he signed and made in taiwan for aircraft, have entered surface and pilots are undergoing training to fly. then you want to let you know, don't know what, thanks to this new aircraft. our training model has become more efficient. we're working closely with the manufacturer to improve the systems. you see this is a milestone and i believe there will be more home grown aircraft in the future. you . i met growing stress from china, taiwan. it's more than icing. it's military by producing its own weapons. the brave ego is suitable for training air to air and air to ground combat missions. it can also suffer combat ro in war time. that he thought, brave ego can carry miss oath and bond more than 60 more death will be produced in
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the next 4 years. taiwan used to rely heavily on the us food f. 5 aircraft. but these have h after 3 decades in service. and there have been a series of fatal accidents in recent years. the brave ego is such a fool. they replaced the s 5 as the primary training aircraft in 2 years time, parroting a new era of weapons made in taiwan. now loneliness is something most of us experience at some point bought data suggests seats especially wide spread in japan . a recent survey, they found that 40 percent of japanese people felt loneliness during the cove at 19 pandemic. and feeling a line has become a serious health crisis. the japanese government has even established a cabinet office to tackle the problem, but the search for help is also taking other directions as our next report shows. oh correct. ah, the other one particularly popular belief in japan is that almost any problem can
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be solved using technology. but behind every robot and tokyo's cafe dawn, there is a real human being 25 year old euchre controls the robot from 400 kilometers away. she can't really leave her house without help. over now to congress, i can meet a lot of people that i normally wouldn't allow. it's great fun for me. and walk along. this is not a business transaction, rather it's all about living with others and society. something many people solely mess, especially since the covet pandemic plan are given. i'm not that good at making contact with other people, but here there's absolutely no pressure at all because of the robots. i can strike up a conversation with others more easily and exchange ideas. i don't like loneliness is rampant in this the world's largest metropolitan area of some 40000000 people.
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and it's not just since covered 19 khaki or thought i felt isolated as a child. that was until he finally felt ready to confide in some on since then, or sorta has been fighting unwanted solitude with his own voluntary organization that takes calls for help via a messaging service. these days they receive about a 1000 a day. the flashing light means there's a risk of suicide. mcginnis loneliness is often dismissed. as a private problem, people are expected to solve it on their own without help if it's even considered a voucher. this pushes those affected into a corner. in japan, loneliness is managed. since last year there's even been an extra government ministry, which is supposed to coordinate all offers of help and support. this is because loneliness is now considered one of the nation's biggest health issues. so that if we want a society where it's possible to talk openly about loneliness,
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to do that, we need a support network. the ministry says everyone can manage law newness as long as they not themselves caught in a vicious cycle of despair and shame and a robot cafe could be the perfect place to come into contact with people again nazi for to ne, on t w, use asia, a small from the region and the killing of since obey on d, w dot com, forward slash asia and on social media t w news. i'm jared read way back on monday. have a good weekend of i imagine how many pushes lunch. turn out in the world. climate change very often story. this is my plan, the way from just one week. how much was can really get we
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still have time to act. i'm going with it is with all say will gray, he will be ah, can china and australia repair their damaged trade relations? talk? diplomats from both countries meet for the 1st time in 3 years. at issue china's unofficial trade stuck on australian goods and in coal and wine. also in our show,
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the british economy is without a rudder and facing rough waters. ahead. we'll look at the challenges facing london . and soaring food prices are leading to pressure on biofuel producers. to put their crop lands to different use. hello, welcome to the show. i'm see from beardsley in berlin. foreign ministers from some of the world's top economies are meeting today in indonesia under the g 20 format. russia's war and ukraine is a central focus of discussions. chinese trade relations are also on the agenda. countries. foreign minister was scheduled to meet his counterpart from australia for the 1st time in 3 years. the 2 are expected to discuss b jane's unofficial trade, embargoes on australian coal and wine among other products. china took those steps and reaction to australian politics that were deemed critical of beijing. here's australia, foreign minister on how she planned to approach that meeting. that we all know we have our differences. there are challenges in.


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