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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 8, 2022 9:00pm-9:31pm CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin to night, the world stunned by news of the assassination of former japanese prime minister shinto abi, i'll be, was shot and killed in a political rally on friday. police say, the suspect is a 41 year old,
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who was armed with a home made gun, will get reaction to the death of a giant in japanese politics. also coming up tonight, russian president, putin warns at the war in ukraine is only just getting started. as his foreign minister, 2nd lad rob lashes out at rushes, critics saying there's no point in talking about peace. and that has drawn fire from germany's foreign minister at the some of the g. 20 ministers. she's accused lab rob of failing to address the global suffering unleashed by the will. oh, lou. i bring. gov is good to have you with us on this friday. japan's former prime minister shins obey was shot and killed earlier today. i'll be, was speaking at a political rally ahead of this week is parliamentary elections. when police say a 41 year old man, armed with a home made gun,
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opened. our bay was the country's longest serving prime minister and was well known for his strong economic and defense policies. his killing have shocked japan. a country where fire arms are strictly regulated and where political violence is rare . oh ah, the moment shin, so are they? we shot twice, a suspect man, handled to the ground. what appears to be a weapon lying on the road near by. people run to the age of japan's former prime minister as he lay seriously wounded. he was quickly transferred to a helicopter and flown to hospital. at this point, his condition was described as critical,
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but doctors were unable to save him. mister shins obey was taken into emergency care at 20 past 12. he was in a state of cardiac arrest. he was given intensive care, but unfortunately he passed away to day. but 3 minutes past 5. when he arrived, he had gunshot wounds on 2 parts of his body and was in a state of cardiac arrest, probably induced by damage to the hearts unto the altar. is the area in the city of nora, where this veteran politician had been giving an election campaign speech is now a crime scene, was the assassination has shocked japan. a country wag, gun violence is rare, images, shaggy nor mrs. a dastardly sam, barbaric oddity. to knock out it took place in the
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midst of an election. isn't a bunker regarding this is the basis of a democracy to stay and is absolutely unforgivable things. i would like to use again, the harshest words to condemn this act. you know, he does most shin, so our bay was 1st elected prime minister of japan in 2006, making him at 52 the country, his youngest ever premier. oh, it proved short lived a year later he quit following a string of party scandals. he was also suffering from health problems, but he wasn't gone for long in 2012. he was back promising to revive japan's flagging economy. following years of deflation. abilene there,
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he even put his own name on the plan up in nor makes ave was also hawkish on defense, expanding japan's military role after years of pacifism, that proved a controversial policy. and he failed to formally rewrite the country's pacific constitution. he did though, bolster japan security alliance with the united states are bay was considered a strong leader on the world stage. but in 2020, he again resigned, citing poor health. so to get us politics though, was always in his blood right. up until the end of morning we will bring in nancy snow from california state university. she was a full, bright scholar in japan and she joins midnight from new york state in the us. it is
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good to have you with us. you spent many years in japan. what kind of reactions have you heard to dates and news of this assassination? well, i actually live in japan. i retired early from cal state fullerton, and i've lived in japan off and on the last 10 years. so my entire fellowship era there has really coincided with the return of obey in the 2nd term. and i've written extensively about ave, in his leadership sometimes critically. but never about the man as a leader on the global stage. he's been extraordinary. this is a terrible loss for japan. and for the world, he had a personal style in dealing with other leaders from trump, to modi. to even working closer with g in the pre coven era of 2019 china and japan had closer relations. so this is
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a shot to the system to the national psyche of the japanese people. they do not expect this type of violence to happen internally and to this statesman, this representation of japan. he's really the biggest political leader for japan in this century. and it's about what will his legacy be then? i mean, he was a polarizing figure, but at the same time he demanded that japan move forward didn't well, yes, he was polarizing and, and that's why there were political protests at the time that he was trying to revise your update japan's peace constitution. he spoke his mind and now he had many, many supporters. and he had detractors as well. but notably,
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he really helped to put japan on the global stage. it was his marketing of foreign policy. the abbe nomics, the women nomics, the 3 arrows. it was all readily understood. he was on many national covers of magazine saying japan is back. he was able to get the tokyo olympics to japan. so i can't even gras yet. oh, what a loss. this is to the country. the legacy will continue to grow. frankly, he was just $67.00 born in 1954 and that's relatively young of him in japan year. so we're just coming to terms with this that we're in a state of morning and i will head back to japan very soon and meet with my friends and more with them. minutes we knew the addition to obey hugh wanted and he didn't succeed at this. but he wanted to have the constitution changed. he wanted japan to
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be able to be again, a military power in asia, and also to take responsibility to a peacekeeping in the region. what are the chances of the constitution being changed after his assassination? well at this moment i think it's quite remote because you're not going to see any major change. the japanese people largely do not want that change, although they recognize that east asia, northeast asia, specifically as a very dangerous neighbourhood. and so there has to be perhaps some changes gradually, but it won't happen any time soon because we have to 1st come to terms with what is just happened. and cuz she'd, i'd like to add ms from hiroshima. he was talking about having a meeting with eminent persons from across the globe to discuss the abolition of
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nuclear weapons. so as much as there is a movement toward raising the security profile of japan, there is also this recognition that the piece brand for japan world wide has really done it, done it some good in terms of good will. many people want to come to japan because it's seen as such a piece for beauty. i used to visit nancy snow. we appreciate you sharing your memories in your insights with us tonight on news of the assassination of former prime minister sions. obey. thank you. thank you. but here's a quick look now at some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world. the contest to be the next british prime minister is underway, boris johnson announced his resignation. thursday, after almost 60 mph quit his government following of string of political scandals. johnson plans to remain prime minister until his conservative party select
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a new leader and go as former president jose edwardo santos has died at the age of 79 once in independence fighter. the fuel, the oil, or he ruled the oil rich central african nation for almost 40 years, is tenure was marked by civil war in ramping corruption. he died in spain, where he was being treated, following a prolonged illness. russia has vetoed a un security council resolution to extend aid deliveries into rebel held areas of syria for another year. thousands of age trucks have passed through the bob al holla, crossing into the id live region this year. russia proposed a rival resolution with a 6 month extension instead, but that also failed to pass were now to the latest from the war in ukraine version. president putin has warned that his military campaign in the
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country is only just getting started at warning comes as russia continues, it's offensive in the eastern province of don. yes. you crane says at least 12 civilians have been killed and dozens more wounded by russians shelling there in the last 24 hours since the war began. he crane has faced unprecedented construction, but russian president vladimir putin says his troops went just warming up latisha soon. you must lucian, we are hearing that they want to defeat us up. will you on the battlefield? what can i say we discussed with let them try. museum the we have often heard the wes wants us to fight it until the last ukrainian is the threats and tragedy the ukrainian people look, behold, but it looks like it's heading in that direction more children. but everybody should know that largely speaking. sure that we haven't even yet started anything in earnest. despite that sinister statement for the moment,
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it's believed that russian troops are taking an operational pause after having captured the city of liz a chance earlier this week, and consolidating their grip on power. in ela hans region 2, but not everywhere. and ukraine is seeing a lull in fighting shelling continued internet screech, and overnight hitting several cities. but on the score of with i called an ambulance because someone was killed. you right? what are we supposed to do? how we supposed to survive rid you put me in your berries, no explanation. then when you mark, i do not understand why there's no help. you could quibble, nobody came to investigate. i do not understand why i can't leave my house. it's in
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ruins. you should use the creeper patients warning that more of this is on its way comes is just another blow to an already batted country . or let's go to our corresponding nick spicer. he is in keith to night. nick, has there been reaction to this morning from president boot and backed this war is just beginning i think the ukrainian leadership, brent is used to this kind of sabre rattling, let's remember putin was talking about the intimating the risk of nuclear war at the onset of the conflict that there was an adviser to president lensky who made the only official comment that i said, echoing hooton's statement about western forces at work in ukraine thing, there are no western forces, or only russian troops here in ukraine. but as you talk to ordinary ukrainian says, i have done to day you here pretty much everybody, you know, rejecting putin's comments. one man said, look, he's talking to a domestic audience trying to show his power to the people at home and trying to
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show the western countries that they have to keep their hands off ukraine. one wilner and i talked to said, look, this is just plain diabolical. i referring to potent statement, another man of draft age said to me that all this could do was steal the resolve of the ukrainian fighters at the front line. and nick, you know that a brush appears to have eased off somewhat from it offensive in the don't boss ever since it captured the city of lizzie chunked. is that correct in? why is there? absolutely, and there have been statements to, you know, just recently from high command that they are having an operational pause and the reasons that are simple. you remember of course, at the beginning of the war, there was this pushed towards the capital. and these long columns of russian tanks and armored vehicles were decimated by anti tank weapons provided by weapon. countries where those battalion, tactical groups left the area, they wit regrouped, and it conducted their operations in the east of the country,
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but they still have to be reconstituted and put back together. the gains the russians have made, have been made with artillery barrage is not fighting street. the street and house by house. they don't have the soldiers they need organize in the way they need to actually conduct a proper military campaign. they're just operating as sort of scorched earth policy . so yeah, the are on the offensive, but they have to get their manpower organized to really do anything consequential. d. w 's expired with the latest to night keith's in ukraine. nick, as always, thank you. or me, my russia has taken control of the ukrainian city of his song. last month, the occupying administration announced plans to hold a referendum on joining russia, though no date has been specified, but many of the cities residence will not be around to vote. tens of thousands have reportedly left the city since it was captured. it's all but impossible for independent western journalists to get to this area. so dw correspondent,
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nick connelly. he made contact with 2 of the city's residence and they told him about living under russian occupation. now, musician, at the beginning, we all thought the occupation would be over in a week. it was only a few months in that we finally understood that the russians were here to stay. it's still very similar to what it. ready was in the 54 as i was a little window, a red flag the hanging. ready those look very soviet lazy, all my friends have left. the other generation is gone. only the pensioners have stayed here. there's so many people in need of a mountain. now these people are not able to get the money that they have on their gums. a lot of people. ready are trying to get the russian, so those 10000 rouble did this a b q together, right? so i think that they give this
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a normal by condition. there are some i only heard about the plans for a referendum to join russia from the ukranian press with that no one's talking about it here for home. it also why and daily and on, and before it got fully milder vehicles. but in fact, there are many places where we're asking julia dorothy, and of course you don't hear about that many people working left. i see also many authors on the seeds on facebook telling him that this or that person is missing. when the russians came on, we were expecting things would be as bad as in mary. you, paul? mary, look know we were scared to even look up the window. it was sheer panic was saying that the was the year to damage the fact that we can leave the house and buy food.
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we seems like a miracle. unluckily or is it just a 2nd baby girl was i always try. good. yes. if. if directions are short, being or on the ukrainians are covering russians was the was shelling if nothing changes. i'll also end up leaving with only my parents and my grandma that are keeping me here for now. i was sure did the graham's delivery. the question is how and when, and we got the idea that it to become a marathon rather than a spin a foreign ministers of the g 20 developed in emerging economies have met in bali, indonesia for a summit, overshadowed by the war in ukraine and an international food and energy crisis of
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summit host indonesia has urged an end to the war in ukraine. tensions ran high at the summit with critics of moscow's invasion, confronting russia's top diplomat, sergey. lab rav. that prompted lab roth to get up and to walk out of the route for more i want to bring in now, simon, kosher. he's a professor of international security at zeppelin university professor. it's good to have you with us. what do you make of what we just saw there? seygar lab, rob getting up and walky out, obviously in, in anger, and having been criticized for the war in ukraine. well it's, it's pretty clear that russia has isolated itself by just having that was rushing 40 minutes to walk out the door without least even listening to the counter arguments. on the other side, i think we have a situation now not just within the g 20, but in the world at large that on the one hand, we have
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a very united front against the war crane. the world is very nice against and for ending this war and went vote on that has clearly shown that on the other hand, the world is clearly divided on how to, how to end the conflict, especially on the issue of sanctions and has been again, become very clear at the g 20 some of that. there are some, a lot of countries, china, brazil, india, they're still willing to talk to russia in, still willing to engage with russia on certain issues. and that said, what do you make vin of the us call for russia to be excluded from the g 20? do you think that that is going to get much traction, especially after what we saw? you know, with surgery leverage at the meeting? i'm not sure how much traction such a decision such a move could actually have because rushes as clearly not really at certainly not
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being impressed by that. and i'm not even sure if it really summit energy 20 form is actually the right for him to deal with these issues that you 24 was actually invented more at to deal with financial and economic questions. and konami can financial corporation questions for and peace are much more the domain of the un security council and, and so i'm not sure how much leverage the 2 g 20 summit can actually have here. especially given the harden stance and position on both sides, which is seen some do you think possibly though, that it could actually serve western interest b. because with russia, they're having representation at the g 20 it is forced to be confronted with all of the criticism and this united front against it when it comes to the board and ukraine. well, as were seen, russia is clearly a willing to evade that confrontation and just simply walk out the room. it's,
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it's, it, to me, it's very is, it's amazing how, how easy it seems for russia just a simply yeah, just stick of the head in the sand and just not listen to any criticism that's out there. and that will make it extremely difficult to find a diplomatic solution on the conflict in the current worn ukraine. and it is really bad news for you trainings and also the world large because there seems to be no quick end to this conflict. and just as before, we run out of time the, the foreign minister of indonesia called for an end to the war, urging a negotiated end. how suited is indonesia? host of the g 20 summit to be a mediator? i think it should be commended for offering that role to mediate between the coffee parties. and there's certainly potentially certainly try to do that. but at this point, and we've seen this very clearly at the summit. again,
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there simply isn't anything to mediate if people don't even talk to each other and not even listen to each other as we've seen g 20 summit, no one can me get anything at this point. and so indonesia roles and mediators very limited at this point. we'll have to see how things develop until the g 20 summit in november when the head of states and prime ministers will actually meet. but for now, that meeting, median role is very limited, indeed, professor simon, kosher we appreciate your time and your insights tonight. thank you. thank you. taiwan is moving to bolster its own defense capabilities to counter any potential threat coming from china. the country's armed forces are mostly equipped by the you worse, but taiwanese president site in gwen has made developing an advanced home grown arms industry a priority. the self governing island has just been built its hardware showing it's
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well on its way towards that goal. w's. joyce lee has books ah brand new military jazz to call from t hung air base near the eastern city of ty, tone. they are t 5 grave egos. the 1st a font trainer, jazz, he signed and made in taiwan for aircraft have entered surface and pilots are undergoing training to fly them. he also that he knows on bear knowledge, thanks to this new aircraft. our training model has become more efficient. we're working closely with the manufacturer to improve the systems vc good. this is a milestone and i believe there will be more homegrown aircraft in the future. i many growing threats from china, taiwan as more than izing, its military by producing its own weapons. the brave ego suitable for training air to air and air to ground combat missions. it can also suffer combat ro in war time . the teeth are brave. ego can carry missiles and bombs more than 60 more death
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will be produced in the next 4 years. taiwan used to rely heavily on the us food f 5 aircraft. but these have h after 3 decades in service. and there have been a series of fatal accidents, and recently, the brave ego is such a fool. they replaced the s 5 as the primary training aircraft in 2 years time parenting a new era of weapons made in taiwan. i. sports is now in tennis. if any chevy, nova joke of ish has booked his place in the men's wimbledon final after beating britons cameron nori 3 sets to one choke of it's lost the 1st set but managed to recover from the slow start. once he asserted his dominance, there was no stopping the 20 ton grinsley in winter. ill face nick curios for the trophy on sunday. but for all his accolades, the serb has never beaten kiddos will sunday be different. here's what joke of it had to say about that. we haven't played for, for,
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for some time. i've never want to set off him, so hopefully, hopefully he can be different this time, you know, it's a, it's, it's another final for me here in wimbledon. we're the tournament that i love so much so hopefully the experience can continue working. my favorite time will tell you watching the w. zip next is eco africa. i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day, or have more coverage of the assassination of shin. so up to see that i ah,
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with who go africa. these are the new speedsters on the streets of uganda.
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cargo e bikes from, for cruising. ah, the international cooperative has high goals. reduce the c o 2 and create new jobs. eco africa. next on the d. w. oh. hello guys. this is the 77 percent. the platform for africa, you to repeat issues and share ideas. ah, you know, or this channel, we are not afraid to happen delicate topic because population is growing
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