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tv   DW News Africa  Deutsche Welle  July 9, 2022 1:30am-2:01am CEST

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ah, listen carefully. don't know how to do it, go. ah, feel the magic discovers the world around you. subscribe to d w documentary on youtube. this is deed of the news africa coming up on the program. fresh clashes on the blame game between we wanda, on the d. c. with cross border shelling force and tens of thousands from the homes in easton, d. c. we find out what's behind the resurgence of the m 23 rebel group and asked
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how tensions between rwanda and the d. c. will be east. also ahead. seeking an old, tentative as the war and ukraine disrupts that billable supply of wheat. one entrepreneur in been in has found her own way to make out for the show for what's it gonna take to get millions of kids in nigeria, off the streets on mac in class. the un wants that the children's lack of education is a disaster in the making. these graceful creech as in bob, we are growing by the number of that's terrible news for rural as well as because thousands have been killed by elephant a i am eddie micah junior and you are welcome to the program. after weeks of rise intentions due to increase in rebel fighting in the east in democratic republic of
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congo, rwanda under d r. c. have now agreed to de escalate extensions. the agreement reached our talks mediated in an gola entails an immediate end to hostilities. the revival of the congo re wonder commission, and the retreat of m. 23 fighters from congo. the aim is to normalize diplomatic relations, as precedents of the 2 countries explained, you're looking hard to create. we're looking forward to creating a normalization between our 2 countries. by also resolving issues that are on the ground around that have led us to this point to this point. i really hope and expect this process to bring about an immediate cease fire or end the withdrawal of this m 23 group. i'm
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a while obviously waiting for the road map that will lead to peace, stability and confidence. now that the r, c alia, accused rwanda of support in the m 2 to 3 rebels operating in the forest, along the border between the 2 nations. scores of civilians have been killed and the flare up of violence since april has displeased more than 160000 people in the region dw correspondence, mario mueller travel to goma in east in congo to meet some of those who fled the fighting. the sound of a bomb blast made that amazon he at edi fear for his life. it exploded near his home in the village of the honda eastern congo. he knew instantly that the m 23 rebels were coming on my visit. it was around 2 am. we were all afraid because it
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was not small bullets. there were bombs where we knew it was an attack. so everybody started fleeing. he got shot in the crossfire between the m. 23 rebels and the congress army. 650 families have found refuge at this school near gama. not cables. capital conditions are deplorable. people sleep in classrooms, and they tell us, there is no food or medical care. 160000 people have been forced to flee since the clashes began in april. the m 23 was pushed back by the congolese army, begged by you and troops, and surrendered in 2013. but in november last year it re merged. the militia group claims to protect the tootsie minority in east and congo, and accuses the government of failing to observe a previous piece deal. kinshasa says the m 23 rebels are backed by rhonda. but kigali denies the accusations or more explicitly or how do you explain the
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resurgence of m 23. what with big caliber weapons with equipment which can destroy plains we, there's a or that is the m. 23 capable of buying missiles and long range mortars that did the moxie apple render this alvin. we met a king. a claims rounders goal is to occupy darcy's territory and exploit its mineral riches milligram. is this whether the law, rwanda is among the biggest exporters of gold and colton for thought, but there is no grain of golden, rwanda one. they keep the insecurity in congo in order to get the minerals for a cheap price or even for free. i promise you all gutted more according to the u. s . treasury, more than 90 percent of congress gold is smuggled to regional states including ronda. it also says that the gold trade is a major driver of conflict. people and gama attired a violence since may anti round and protests have been held regularly across city
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or sea. but anywhere 30, from a wonder, the uniforms were wondering, the guns are a london, they are shooting indiscriminately. local activists and goma feel let down by the international community. local mover, the international community doesn't say anything because they don't care about our insecurity. they don't care about our well being for them, it's only important who's the guardian of fed geopolitical interests, engineers, and that is your pointed. a sentiment shared by residence and gama. natalie thought our country is rich, but we don't benefit at all. we can't really say we are rich as we don't see anything of it. no longer want going a bit. we can't pass a year without hearing that somewhere around gama enabled massacres or a ward take place or was it was it done at amazon? he has had enough of war. he now only has one wish, and that is a safe home to return to from on this,
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i am now joined by in them by the sword. he's a lily. he is director africa program with a center for strategic and international studies. hello, amber. welcome to the pull right now, we just saw in the report a young man that's hoping for the end of the ongoing conflict. but what is really behind the long last intentions between the d r c. and we wonder if thank you for having me. it's a, it's a long lasting issue that actually goes back to the general side in 1994 in rhonda . we're arm groups, particularly the armed forces of rhonda, are you located in d, r c? and that led to the collapse, if you will, the over trove them over to regime and eventually cause this political congo into 3 areas of interest. one, influenced by uganda, which email c on the jump member, one influenced by rhonda with the r c d. what they call some remarkable little democracy. and then of course,
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the 3rd part was controlled by the kinshasa regime after the peace process that took place in 2003 and arm groups are fine ongoing, were supposed to leave the country, the r a, c, d, a transform into a political branch, meaning the political party did not do well in the election, and eventually some of the, some of the old element of the r a, c, d creator able movement called the c n d p. if a fellow name laquonda, if you remember that, then the r a c d in 2009 and collapsed and more into a political party. laquonda had been arrested or taken into rhonda wasteland house arrest. and then some of the troops on the r a, c, d, i from the sea and the p became, they were integrating. the call is army and had a peace deal. the march 23 peace deal. that's where the name m. 23 today come straw . ok, some of the soldiers then decided the peace process did not work for them. and they
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took up arms and became the m $23.00. can you tell us who exactly are they and what did they want? the m 23. our soldiers will claim that they were not fully integrated into communities army. and now do want to, we negotiate that deal and we integrated communities army. they also claimed that they are taking up arms to protect the rhonda and kin miranda speaking. people in easton, d r. c. well unfortunately, you know, some people are caught in the crossfire. so something must be done about that situation. but a day after the president of congo and rwanda agreed to deescalate diplomatic tensions. the m 23 attacked again. the robert rebel group says it is not bound by a ceasefire, as no one negotiated with them. so what must be done to end the conflict? what must be done is a full comprehensive piece process between the d r c and rwanda. they are lot of
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grievances that have just been longstanding. we cannot have peace without a cost piece comes that the price comes at the political price. in other words, did a ship in both the r c and rhonda, have to explain to the people, what are you trying to achieve and why? and good the legitimacy of the people behind this deal. b, it's need to bring that to the, for all the grievances in the case of the r c. they need an international tribunal . they want they need truth and reconciliation in case of rhonda n d r c. they need to bring to the, for all the grievances that rhonda has all the grievances that the d r c has. and then hammer those out in the way that germany and france did in 1945. okay. and the way that in the country that is made pieces done in the past in van bar pesos is a lily director of the africa program. i the center for strategic and international studies. thank you. you welcome, eddie. ah,
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the ongoing war in ukraine asked disrupted the shipping of going to global markets, threatening food security in many parts of the world, including across africa. so what's the alternative to the shortage of wheat? well, in been in some have switched to planting flowers instead. demand for the cook and banana as high it's a busy harvest period in the fields, just outside ports on over city in burnett. plant in is now in high demand, so as you'll see, an order new needs to source as much as she can. the plant in is sorted, cut and then dried before it is ground into flour. a fairly straightforward process. but the major would do them at the beginning, i produced about 20 kilos per month. this good the other because at the 1st i dried
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the project selling in the sun there. yesterday. i mean, after that, i bought a small dehydration here, which allows me to produce better quality flower or her dim and not a day. i have a bigger di hydrate her and my produce has increased her on monday, my poor this year. and at this rate, the growth of her business is likely to continue as more people turn to plant and for flaw due to the scarcity of wheat. was that in hulma? well aligned with unity, the generally we use wheat which comes from abroad to, to go after layla kelly's. now that there's this crisis in ukraine left out under blue, wheat flour is becoming hard to find in markets. me was i will abandon so, so expensive to north america. we have been on is plant tains at our disposal layla
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. we can produce it bananas. and so that's why planting flower has value and that value makes it 3 times more expensive than wheat flour. but it's available, it's gluten free, and proving to be an able substitute so far. getting the thumbs up from bakers a bad battery with a plant and flour. we can make pies cake, a lot of things. by monday, cynthia radical plantains already a staple in west and central africa. and its versatility is coming in handy at a crucial time. it could be an important option for food and business, both in benet and beyond. you're watching did of the news africa still to come? the grow an elephant population in zimbabwe is a threat to some locals because 45 people have been killed by the gentle giants. so far this year a less firsthand to nigeria where more than
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$18000000.00 children out of school. that's according to unicef. it's a figure that has almost doubled since last year and has driven by continued kidnappings, an attack on schools and parts of the north. the u. n. childrens found warrants that 18500000 children not receiving that education is a crisis in the making. many of them flee further south and end up on the streets of lagos. as our correspondent, america acoya reports. they should be in school, but instead these children spend all day begun every year old. i mean i used to be appeal pillar. now she has to help find money for our family. it is how this survive. i own it. i came from can oh, i'm looking for money to get to school, and i love, i've been here since morning begging my mom can afford to get me back to school.
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and that's why i have to beg good. as a designer, margareta, amino was only in her 4th year of primary school. when in surgeon's attacks have village of nothing kind of steep. the experience falls to have found to be to move over a 1000 kilometers south to restart demise. now about a cloud, i'm a current about my we're glad i seen i would love to send my children back to school. thank you. so i dounia, i do not prefer to be a beggar, but my husband died in the crisis up north piano pulled up. was i? when i came home to i don't have any one. we lost everything that we do. yeah, that is why we came to lagos. i am begging with my children but not by choice. i wish somebody saw you young yuki, i when she was hoping for a better safe our future. but this was 4 years ago. amena has been on the streets ever since or been that one day. she can return to
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a classroom 60 percent of our school children are girls which means 10000000 girls are now other school in nigeria, most of them up north. but due to the crisis in that region, they are forced to come to places like legal incessant attacks and schools by criminal gangs, and must have doctors or students by bandits has largely affected school in, in them off since vocal her on terrorists, abducted over 200 school girls in the north eastern town of tobac, bruno state in 2014 dozens of all the schools have been targeted units. so says last year alone, about a $1500.00 students were kidnapped by gunmen. the insecurity is a big, big problem that we have to overcome. i'm and that must be looked at for the children's sake, it's criminal. the bandits are allowed to go into school. kidnap 300 girls,
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an escape and not meet justice. the crime of those girls is unimaginable and then must be addressed. nigeria is feasel, an education crisis that if not address urgently, will have a severe impact in the future. and on educate a generation could further disturbing those. the country major is going through a demographic bulge. so in 10 years time you have more young people in the, in the workforce. if they are uneducated, if they are illiterate or, or enumerate. if they don't have the right level of life skills, they will not be able to contribute sufficiently to the economy and they become a burden on the economy. amina is safe in everything she can to pay her school fees . i want to go to school so i can become a doctor that i am, i got the dream in b, like many other children, her age,
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in spite of the challenges life has presented her. i mean a, i'm other niger and children. we need syfor spaces for quality learning because the future of a whole generation and that of a country is as teak. let's get more on this from ben ben gong. he is direct our press on public relations administer of education and idea who jasmine are from our boudreau. hello, ben. it's is staggering. number 18500000 children in nigeria are not receiving any education. why has your ministry allow this to happen? there? you have a choice to believe what sir some international alleges is c, r. bolivia, warden or drunk. i've been to say and i think we're in a position where on the ground to know the number of outdoors good children in nigeria i. we have done that. we have turned as up several years ago. well,
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between 10 to 14000000 out of school children. dodges the picture. that is a true picture. 18 is an exaggeration. okay, we can go back and forth about the numbers as though we all agree that that's too many children out of school. the question now is, what are you doing to ensure that these kids get back to school? ah, quite a number of majors. i've been taken at one of them is introduction of a school miss. it achieved where would naturally be attracted to where they can go and get good food. so web introduce school feeding. ah, home grown school feed in that is to see all the, the, the food, the food items being used on the program to feed these children. ah, made in that julia are producing nigeria. that is what we mean by a home grown school feeding. so it on that on is attracting
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a large number of children or to, to, to, to, to school. and number 2, we have also increased. but let me let, let me finish. number 2. we have also walked on ah, infrastructure development, where bio woo vasqua establishment of basic more basic schools in states and local governments in was and out to ensure that schools are brought to the doorstep. you know, what is the proximity of some convenience to these children? so that they can be road in school because one of them are issues responsible for out of school children, east, the distance that she didn't have to cover between the, our homes and the school there to attend. do you believe all these measures? you mentioned? i actually working and i get and more kids into school gradually. do you believe that? oh, oh yes. when i eventually tell you the number,
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that's the top 10000000 as drops to you would you use that? we believe we know that the majors are walking, but i have not, i'm not even done all the videos. videos in a drug government is say, taking. there has also been an integration of the islamic education into our curriculum in such a way that yes, you can start doing you, let me get education. you've got stocks are the level of nazario does the begin us the kindergarten and eventually graduate into the mainstream or primary schools. so there's no conflict annabelle, any longer to so if you're doing our big indication, you can do western education that has also been taking care of. so the numbers are dropping by the day. every romance shows a significant improvement. ok,
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ben, bam, gong director for media relations or the minister of education. thank you for your time. ah, now these elephants may seem like gentle james to some but to others. they are killers who have taken away their loved ones. over the past day and a half, elephants have killed more than a 100 people in zimbabwe. as humans take up more and more of the elephants natural habitat. the south african country is struggling with a growing population of over $100000.00 elephants. conservation is say, this is more than double what the land can support. the w correspondent, privilege was shanty we visited one of the affected communities in was at our bonnie, north of zimbabwe and filed this report they might look like gentle giant, but many people here in the rural zimbabwe,
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nor them is the killers of their loved ones. unlike other countries, the elephant population in zimbabwe has been ballooning thoughts thanks in part to successful conservation efforts. but that success is escalated. the conflict between humans and wildlife and people are paying the price in a territorial dispute. during the dry months, elephants move in sake of water in food. while on their move they attacked people in communities that lay in their path. 68 year old beatrice when jerry, a victim of an elephant attack, was buried here in enemy. he brothers, caesar manella. she was knocked down by a bo elephant while harvesting. yes. so gum crow. i did you bridget under. but as it went in as innocent, this incident really shocked me with i'm still in pain. so we are aware that wild animals like elephant sca i treasure to the contrast guy was
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a guy. but when they kill people they and now it threat ah, didn't get the shadow. niema is no afraid of waking in these fields. the place where his sister was cute and rural farmers like him are losing more of their precious crops. but this is predominantly and i read region where small grain crops like these ones do well. but now the competition is now stiff between wild animals like elephants. we're constantly coming to destroy these crops. these ranges from a private safari company have tried to help when elephants attack, but they overstretched half the time. they are lead to arrive at the scene of attack because of the distance is they have to travel. we are being overwhelmed by 5, these are just tracing calls because if like, and say, are for the last couple,
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couple of miles or we have it all over. maybe 30. did some calls to us just alleging either above t, v human and wildlife conflict that is happening around the area. the zimmer with parks and wildlife was very displeased. he doesn't have the resources it needs to do with a problem. effort to move the elephants to less populated areas are costly. the best solution to us is to d populate. with more animals, we re populate wordless animals to long term view. but for communities like these that live close to pugs, these no short term solution. this human wildlife one, he did national restrictions on elephant killing when i voted trade amid the country cannot drastically reduce head. so, zebra was elephant population continues to grow. and that's how we wrap it up. thanks for your time. i
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lose . ah, with
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who? electric motorcycle. li reno's mom says to 1000000 berlin. yes, trade show for a metric to lead is presented with trends on the well the mouth,
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a reporter with them and share with us read in 30 minutes on d, w to the point. strong opinions, clear positions, international perspectives. h o has responded to russia's will offer aggression against ukraine with a new strategy. and one of the most sweeping reforms in its entire history. on to the point today, nato versus putin going toe to toe, would be aggressive to the point. even 90 minutes on d w. ah, how many push it out in the world right now?
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climate change, if any cost the story. this is my flex the way from just one week. how much was can really get we still have time to go. i'm going all with his subscriber all morning with rearing to read. ah, everyone who loves books has to go insane. with d. w. literature list, 100 german must reads go, mike, how can this passionate hatred of a people be explained? your gold con? oh, history of anti semitism is
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a history of stigmatization and exclusion of religious and political power. struggles in the christian christianity wants to come from. that is why christianity use the figure of the gym as a guitar? it's a history of slender, of hatred and violence. a 3rd of our people were exterminated $6000000.00 jews, like microbes to be annihilated even 77 years after the holocaust hatred towards jews is still pervasive. a history of anti semitism this week on d. w. oh ah, this is do you have any news? these are our top stories, u. s. president joe biden has added to world wide condemnation of the murder of former japanese prime minister sions. obey by this has. he's outraged and sat.


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