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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 9, 2022 3:00pm-3:16pm CEST

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of our people were exterminated $6000000.00 jews, like microbes to be annihilated, even 77 years after the holocaust hatred towards jews is still pervasive. history that he semitism this week on d. w. ah, ah ah . business d w. news alive from berlin, sri lanka, capital in turmoil after the presidential palace as stormed for testers and raged by the countries unprecedented crisis take over the compound. they blame the president and his family for skyrockets, and prices like huge shortages deal unmasked, drops his bed to buy twitter,
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the wells, richest man says the platform allows to many boards and fake accounts with analysis, it aims to take legal action class ukraine abuse for more weapons as eastern regions are bombed, quote, incessantly ukrainian civilians in the next region are once again caught in the middle as russia presses, it's offensive by the u. s. s. pledge and more military held for keith. ah, eddie micah junior is the name welcome to the program, so long as capital columbo is in town while after protest, a storm that a compound a president go top by our roger oxide. security sources say he left the area elia for his own safety, public conga, other countries, huston mountains,
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you in the countries unprecedented economic crisis. people i enjoy acute shortages of fuel food on medicines. with a country unable to pay for impulse, chris explained the hardships own or rather coxa and his family, who they see are corrupt. meanwhile, the prime minister's office says he's willing to resign. yes, now talk to milan audio singh gage, senior assistant editor, or the him mouse up ation in columbia. hello, madeline. so tell us the latest i what's the latest mountain the latest he's been getting up. i'm thinking reports that the prime minister is going to resign because there was an all party leaders meeting which was held earlier. i headed by the speaker and agreed that the president must resign and also the prime minister. i've been getting from
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thinking reports older than us other than the primate might resign. and then just now it was reported that the prime minister has decided to resign a dom and the place. so we're not really sure, but is actually going on. ok, we keep in touch on it, but tensions were longer have been high for months. so what do you think cause a situation to get to this point? yeah, as i said earlier, i think the 9th day off a month of the month has been considered to be some some other are especially significant because after the may 9, but we've had a pm mind the raj, a box resigned. and then on june 9th, was that i said, nation off my back in roger, the financial minister and are now and so this june 9th. but as for organized,
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a labeling, it has like a final push to personalize the president go to the site. so this is why the have a people from all over the island coming in to put the capital in a completely unprecedented manner to demand the designation of the president and the prime minister. there clearly is a lot of uncertainty. now where do things longer is headed? ah, although does a lot of uncertainty, i think the people are of that behind the middle of i can make crisis and that we are we are i think of bad that the next 6 months is going to be really, really difficult. and you know, until we get the i m f deal in place, but i think the disease of for the people it's, or it's more about voicing that concerns, voicing that be sent to us is gone and,
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and this precedent and is pm. so. so i think they were hoping for some sort of respite and hope so that they can go on and you know, we can see them being resilient after ok. marlin aria singer thank you. thank you very much. tesla ceo, ellen mosque has dropped his bit to buy twitter. he's accused the social media network of withholding information about fake accounts and threats up last su, mask to make him completes the 44000000000 dollar deal. ah, does the world's richest person have buyer's remorse. ellen must attempt to pull out of buying. twitter adds yet another twist to a saga that is gripped wall street and silicon valley. and it's one of the craziest business stories ever. and i think it started off as
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a circus show and attending as a circus sher ah. the story started in april when musk announced his intention to buy twitter a move 1st opposed by the company. they eventually reached an agreement with musk, seeking billions from other investors to fund his bid. but within weeks he said the deal was an ice citing concern about the number of bots and fake accounts on the platform. twitter states that less than 5 percent of its accounts, the spam musk says he thinks it's closer to 20 percent. the company isn't giving up without a fight. put his chairman brit. taylor tweeted that the board plans to pursue legal action to enforce the merger agreement. he wrote, we are confident we will prevail. musk once claimed to have big plans to grow twitter, the republican leaning billionaire wanted to let former us president donald trump tweet again and argued for looser freedom of speech rules and less content restrictions. for the entrepreneur behind electric, cars and spacecraft. it could be a costly crash landing. the company could seek
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a break up fee of $1000000000.00. let's get more from the w reports. archer. well do roy, who's been following this story? hello joel. i mean, i have no idea where this is headed. how did we get it? this has been described as a corporate soap opera, and the person who has written every single twist and turn in a soap opera is even mosque himself. let's not forget, it was his idea to try and buy twitter. the company didn't see him out. then he offered a share price, which was 40 percent above what the market was then asking, but he didn't actually have the money. he had to go and try and raise it. he had to sell off billions of his own tesla shares and asked other investors to support him . he still actually hasn't gotten all of the money together. and all along the way he's been tweeting positively, negatively, bizarrely, and most interestingly, the announcement that he made about canceling the purchasing or his attempt to cancel it. he didn't make that on twitter, came from his lawyers in an official public statement. if there's
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a surprise that is the most surprising part, but he's claiming he was misled. what you make of that argument? well, he's going to have a hard time standing up that up in court, a according to legal experts, because twitter has made it already public that they have this bought problem. they've put the numbers around 5 percent. and even mosque himself used to tweet about twitter is bought from before he launched his, his bid to purchase the company. also, twitter said that it has given lots of data to must could help him understand what the numbers are on the inside. and they are saying they're going to fight all the way to court, which is itself another twist, this company which 1st rejected his takeover bid, is now trying to get it legally enforced. now they might be trying to aim for some kind of negotiated settlement. there's some speculation that you must, might be trying to drive down twitter share price in order to try and purchase it again later for about half the price or that he might be trying to distract from other problems. he has. it is main company, tesla because testers having problems of its own share price has taken a dive and they have halted production at their production site. here in germany,
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also mosque is facing personal issues. there are reports that he has father to child with one of his employees, so he has plenty of other problems going on right now. so is all this good or bad news for twitter and it's uses? well, it's certainly not good use for twitter board or it's shareholders. there's speculation that when the market's reopen on monday twitter share price could fall by as much as 30 percent. but as far as it's users goes, there are some who will be very relieved. because nila mask has a very absolute view on freedom of speech, he had plans to loose and twitter content moderation and let people say more. and there were fears that this would turn twitter into a cesspool of extremism of hate speech of conspiracy theories. and of course then there's donald trump, there are very some people who are very happy that trump will not be given back the microphone of twitter for his future ambitions. but the saga is not yet over. and if there's one thing we know about it must, it is his capacity to surprise probably even himself wondering what the next
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surprise is going to be to. well, do roy, thank you. ah, yes. a quick look at some more stories making news around the world. at least fancy people have died in flash flats in kashmir, while taken part in the pilgrimage to a himalayan cave. every rain swept through e. com sites, wash and weighed thousands of tents. the cave located in indian controlled territory draws hundreds of thousands of devout hinders. one, despite highly fuel costs and onward tradition has returned to france, massive traffic jams, a school holidays begin oceans, leaving the capital cost this back up near. lemme friends, schools do not stag idea holidays as those in many other countries do all thousands of muslim pilgrims of cast pebbles in the stoning of the devil ritual in saudi arabia is the climax of the hearts program age and marks the start of the eat
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. alada, holiday. 1000000 people are taking pat this year, following restricted numbers during the pandemic o. meanwhile, inside ukraine authority see the eastern region of to nats is, and i quote, relentless russians shelling moscow's troops are pressing the offensive air after capturing the neighbouring region of your hands. ukraine souls are wanting more russian troops are madison for a future. assault grenier and civilians are caught in the crossfire. almost all these people are waiting to collect their pensions. even as the sound of bombardments creeps ever closer. oh, and every day we are being evacuated that we have nothing to go on, no pens and no place to go. we sit around and wait him with maybe somebody will give us something. gerald, yesterday we received many tyranny, aids
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a car arrived and gave us bread as well. russian forces are stepping up that offensive and at an yes, korean, after capturing key cities neighboring low hunts. meanwhile, ukrainian troops are digging in, hoping to turn the tide and push back rushes advance, but they're counting on receiving more weapons from western nations. with elizabeth, it depends on the number of weapons we will be provided with karen on what we have is only enough to stop the russians for some time artificial mamma, but we can't throw them back yet. more them are people to bring up another which auth alicia ritual for the vulgar you, greens, president bullard me, zalinski visited the front line to boost morale among the san jose. today i worked all day on the road and in upper and in the region,
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i was in the front lines of a defense in the juniper petrov st region. i listened to the reports of the commanders and thanked the boys and girls who hold the regionals for my oldest. he also hang the efforts of the troops involved and regaining control of sneak island in the black sea a much needed when for the ukrainians. i'd now in tennis, defending champion no voc joker, which has booked his place in sundays wimbledon final beaten britons. cameron murray, 3 sets to one job which lost the 1st set but managed to recover from the slow start . once the assets at his dominance, there was no stop and a 20 time grand slam winter he would take on a new key risk for the trophy will be joke of its 32nd. the grand slam final in the woman's singles owns job is one when away from making history. the 1st she has to be russian born cars are player elaina or be kina in saturdays,
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woman and final that will make java who's from tenicia. the 1st are an african woman to win a grand slam title in the open era. a few days ago, she became the 1st to reach a major final after beaten gemini start sienna maria, back in a home country of tenicia is already winning over many new fans. some me, but i never had a love for the game of tennis. i washed it a little, but i didn't have a special love for this game. but since aunt deborah started playing this sport, i watch it all the time. she made us love the game of tennis with denise. oh auntie, defy the odds and i salute her for her perseverance. and i said to her aunt, you have enlightened us when you have shown a beautiful image of tenicia to the whole world. i never heard. as a reminder of our top stories protest as the man in the resignation of sir lancaster, president of storms, his house, and office in the capital colombo, military sources say he had previously left the building for his own safety. public
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anger at go to buy russia. pack sack has been mountain during the countries unprecedented economic crisis. that's all for now coming out. ok. respondent talks to witnesses of alleged russian war crime. scene ukraine. that's one of wild stories. don't forget you can get the latest news and information on our website. that's the www dot com. i am eddie maga junior, thanks for watching. by this more at the top of the out with every day counts for us and for our planet. global ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation.


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