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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 9, 2022 5:00pm-5:16pm CEST

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our people were exterminated $6000000.00 jews, like microbes to be annihilated or even 77 years after the holocaust hatred towards jews is still pervasive. history of anti semitism this week on d. w. ah ah, this is need of the news live from berlin, lank as leaders on edge after the presidential palace a stormed protest as on good by the countries unprecedented crisis take over the compound, the blame, the president and his family for acute shortages and sky high prizes ellen mosque
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drops his bid to buy twitter. the richest person in the world says the platform allows to many boards and bank accounts. now twitter says it's planning to take legal action. green up use for more weapons as eastern regions are continuously bumped. ukrainian civilians and the next region are once again caught in the middle as russia presses, it's offensive by the u. s. s. pledge and more military. 8 or key. ah, eddie mike, a junior is the name. welcome to the program. the leadership officer lanka is in doubt, protest us in colombo storms, the compound of president roger pox. security source is c l he, i left the area for his own safety, public anger. the countries needa has been mountain during the unprecedented economic crisis. people undoing acute shelter, just a fuel food on medicines,
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the country unable to pay for in force for to explain the hardships on russia, coxa, and his family who they are corrupt. meanwhile, the prime minister says he will resign to make way for unity, government. maldonado yesenia is see me, our systems editor, the he mouse operation in colombo. we asked him why the situation has now reached this point. after months of protest, i think the 9th day off a month of the month has been considered to be some, some especially significant because after the main line, a pm on the roger bucks resigned. and then june 9th was that i said nation off by roger. the financial minister and are now so this june 9th, but for all the nice, i labeling it as like
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a final push a people from all over the island coming in to put the capital completely on president and mana, to demand the designation of the president and the prime minister. there clearly is a lot of uncertainty now where do things longer is headed? ah, although there's a lot of uncertainty, i think the people are of that behind the middle of i can make crisis and that we are we are i think of bad that the next 6 months is going to be really, really difficult. and you know, until we get the, i am a feeling place, but i think the disease of the people are, it's, or it's more about wasting death and sans voicing that descent, who was his gum and, and this precedent and is peon out. so i think they were hoping for some sort of
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respite and hope so that they can go on and ain't on. we can see them being resilient. optimum ok marlin aria singer. thank you. thank you very much. tesla c o l and mosque has dropped his bed to buy twitter he's i can use the social media network over holden, information about fake accounts, a twitter blast su mask to make him complete the 44000000000 dollar deal. ah, does the world's richest person have buyer's remorse. ellen must attempt to pull out of buying. twitter adds yet another twist to a saga that is gripped wall street and silicon valley. and it's wanted the craziest business stories ever. and i think it started off as a circus show and attending as a circus sher ah. the story started in april when musk announced his intention to
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buy twitter a move 1st opposed by the company. they eventually reached an agreement with musk, seeking billions from other investors to fund his bid. but within weeks he said the deal was an ice citing concern about the number of bots and fake accounts on the platform. twitter states that less than 5 percent of its accounts, the spam musk says he thinks it's closer to 20 percent. the company isn't giving up without a fight. twitters chairman brit taylor tweeted that the board plans to pursue legal action to enforce the merger agreement. he wrote, we are confident we will prevail, must once claimed to have big plans to grow twitter, the republican leaning billionaire wanted to let former us president donald trump tweet again and argued for lucy, freedom of speech rules and less content restrictions for the entrepreneur behind electric cars and spacecraft, it could be a costly crash landing. the company could seek a break up fee of $1000000000.00. let's look at some more stars making headlines
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around a wild 11 people are now confirmed to have died after an avalanche in the italian house last weekend. rescuing said that all victims have been identified and there are no indications that any more people were involved in the incident. ah, thousands of muslim po, grims of cost pebbles in the stoning of the devil ritual in saudi arabia is the climax of the hatch pilgrimage on mocks. the start of the aid allowed a holiday. 1000000 people are taken pass this year after i restricted numbers to independent mich. at least 16 people have died in flash flats in kashmir, while taking part in the pilgrimage to way himalayan cave evergreen swept through e. com site washin away dozens of tens, thousands of into pilgrims wowza rescued. thousands of people remain missing. you will have gotten the houses. despite the high fuel costs, an animal tradition has returned to france, massive traffic jams,
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a school holidays begin. origins leaving the capital cost. this back up nearly mom, friends, schools do not start, got the holidays as those and many other countries do. japanese police have admits at their ware, undeniable flaws in measures, protecting the countries us us and need that form our prime minister sheen. so abby was gone to down at an election campaign rally in nata, the cities top of these official has said there's been no big i regret in his decades of service for the body of shins, or are they returning home in a hus after he was gone, down as a campaign rally in the city of nora, 2 shots from the home made guns of his attacker that abbe fatally wounded and japan in morning in
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a country where gun violence is extremely rare. people a shocked and saddened with mourners coming to pay their respects at the scene of the shooting vocal. i'm just in pain. i thought the least i could do was to come here and lay some flowers. so i hopped on a plane here this morning. so it's just chucking and i'm so sad. i was feeling really restless at home. and since i live near by, i dropped by to lay some flowers, to pans, prime minister for mucous sheeta expressed grief at the death of his former mentor symbol. my little neat are based on her saying is a great misfortune, and i have no words to say. i would like to express my condolences from the bottom of my heart when we say only world leaders,
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including us president joe biden were quick to pay tribute service to his country, and his people was in his boat even after he stepped out for public officers focus on his health, he stayed engaged the care deeply. i alderman graves back with a math police investigation already underway. election campaigning has resumed. politicians avowed not to let the assassination of japan's best known leader stop democracy. authorities in ukraine see the eastern region of damascus and our quote relentless russian shelling was close. troops are pressing the offensive bare of the capture in the neighbor in region of 2 hands. ukraine is also wanting more russian troops on marson for a future assault green as the villians are caught in the crossfire, which will drop her off. these people are waiting to collect their pensions. even
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as the sound of bombardments creeps ever closer every day we are being evacuated that we have nothing to go on, no pension and no place to go. we sit around and wait him with maybe somebody will give us something jerome, yesterday we were thank you. many tearing aids a car arrives and gave us bread as well. russian forces are stepping up that offensive and the done yes. korean, after capturing key cities, neighboring low hunts. meanwhile, ukrainian troops are digging in, hoping to turn the died in pushback, russia's advance. but they're counting or receiving more weapons from western nations. a, it depends on the number of weapons we will be provided with carrington. what we have is only enough to stop the russians for some time artificial mamma,
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but we can't throw them back yet. mortimer peoples of another job alicia, mutual or the vulgar greens president, bullard, mia zalinski, visited the front line to boost morale among the san jose. today, i worked all day on the road and in upper and in the region. i was in the front lines of a defense in the do not repeat trust region. i listened to the reports of the commanders and thanked the boys and girls who hold the regional job for my hold was he also tying the efforts of the troops involved in regaining control of snake island in the black sea. a must needed when for the ukrainian side on, on the doorstep of the ukrainian capital keys, airplane, and deity, month of violence, at the hands of russian forces, or the spouse of the war. some of those who fled have been returning home to pick
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up the pieces for happens, young people that also means trying to regain some sense of normalcy and football training is helping them do that. even when i'm football training amidst the remains of their bombed out stadium for these children in air pin. now you cranes capital keith, it's a much needed distraction from the horrors of war. it's just more so i'm very happy i can play football with my friends, work on my skills and i'm having fun you. oh and chancellor out. so i'm very happy that we can play football now. ah. instead of staying home, playing games and watching stupid videos on the tablet, it all taken though as far as the children play. they're surrounded by the scars of intense fighting when russian forces invaded killing hundreds of civilians and
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devastating the quiet leafy town. on the pitch holes left by motor bombs have been filled in with sand. the stadiums was riddled with bullet holes after rushes, brutal month, long occupation of air pin. the kids football coach threw himself into getting the young players out. training again, doors is when we saw the stadium along with the people who arrived right after the liberation. it was very grim. there was shrapnel and rubbish everywhere. i took part in cleaning up to restore everything as quickly as possible. so we could start working with the kids to distract them from everything that had happened or because of. so i needed to assure that everything was fine on the outside. so the kids wouldn't feel my emotional exhaustion fishing. these kids growing up amidst war and now able to get back to a semblance of their lives,
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he's leaving and hope they can spend the rest of their childhood, not being bombs, but instead, scoring goes and in tennis, russia born cassock, alene out of a kena, has defeated onstar bear of tenicia to win wimbledon. bertina battled back to beads . java in 3 sets neither player had ever reached the grand slam final before wimbledon. but it was the 23 year old russian born cossack, lean out of the kena, and claimed and made in major title as a rabbi. and how about top stories for testers demanding that resignation of land? because precedents have stormed his house, an office in the capital colonial military source to see you had previously left the building for his own safety public and got a buyer wants a box that has been mountain during the countries unprecedented to become a crisis. test the seal mask ass dropped his bit to
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by twitter. the well switch us person accused of social media. and that's where both withholding information with us as the last few mosque to compel him to make it good. to make good, i should say, in the 44000000000 dollar deal. that's all for now. next is don't present in betsy business with such a chilly and community fighting for compensation from the swedish fram, responsible, but local talks at least contamination. don't forget to get the latest news and information on our website at the w dot com. i. eddie micah junior speech and the more news and the top of the out. imagine how many push it out in the world climate change can be very hard to story . this is my plan, the way from just one week. how much was can really get.


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